Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Specialist and General Knowledge 30 Jan

I should point out that the published questions are just as they are presented to the Questionmaster, with very few changes (obvious typos) and some formatting for the sake of clarity.

Set By:
The Baths Hotel


Q1. Which famous sitcom actor provides the voice of Sideshow Bob, Krusty the Clown's original sidekick in `The Simpsons'? Al. Kelsey Grammar

Q2. John Torode and Gregg Wallace are judges on which BBC2 TV programme?
A2. Masterchef (Goes Large)

Q3. What was the name of Arthur Daley's minder played by Dennis Waterman in the TV show `Minder'?
A3. Terry McCann

Q4. Actor Burt Ward played the sidekick Robin to whose portrayal of Batman?
A4. Adam West's

Q5. The actress Pam Dawber played whose sidekick in the 1970s / early 1980s
A5. Mork's - she played Mindy (accept Robin Williams)

Q6. Samwise Gangee is the sidekick of which literary character?
A6. Frodo Baggins

Q7. Whose sidekick is 'Donkey'?
A7. Shrek's

Q8. Which cartoon sidekick lived at 303 Cobblestone way and had a wife called Betty?
A8. Barney Rubble


S1. Although commonly known by his surname, what is the forename of Inspector Morse's sidekick, Lewis?
AS1. Robbie

S2. Waylon Smithers is the long suffering sidekick of whom?
AS2. C Montgomery Burns (the Simpsons)


All the questions relate to events which took place in 2006
QI. In February 2006 the largest cash robbery ever in Britain took place. What was the name of the Swedish security company whose depot was robbed? Al. Securitas

Q2. In October 2006 who became the first UK act to enter the top ten of the UK singles chart on downloads alone with their song 'Something Kinda O000h'?
A2. Girls Aloud
Q3. Which TV show featured both the actor and actress who won the Most Popular Actor and Most Popular Actress awards at the National TV Awards in 2006?
A3. Doctor Who (David Tennant and Billie Piper).

Q4. In April 2006 a painting called 'Giudecca,, La Donna Della Salute And San Giorgio' set a new record auction price for a British artist when it sold for over 20 million pounds. Who painted it?
A4. Turner
Q5. What was the last song to be featured on Top of the Pops in July 2006?
A5. "Hips Don't Lie" (by Shakira it was number one when the last show aired)
Q6. Name one of the three England footballers who missed their penalty in the shoot-out with Portugal in the 2006 World Cup.
A6. Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard or Jamie Carragher

Q7. In March 2006, which former political leader was found dead in his cell in The Hague?
A7. Slobodan Milosevic

Q8. Which American politician said in February 'I'm the guy who pulled the trigger. I shot my friend."
A8. Dick Cheney – the American vice president shot his friend Harry Whittington in a hunting accident.

SI. Which celebrity couple released a charity album in 2006 called "A Whole New World"?
AS1. Katie Price (Jordan) and Peter Andre

S2. Who won the Young Personality award at the 2006 Sports Personality of the Year Awards in December?
AS2. Theo Walcott


Q1. Which German physicist invented the mercury thermometer in 1714? Al. Gabriel Fahrenheit

Q2. Which gas used as a liquid to fill stink bombs, smells like rotten eggs?
A2. Hydrogen Sulphide

Q3. Which acid substance is combined with bicarbonate of soda to make baking powder?
A3. Tartaric acid (accept cream of tartar)

Q4. What are produced by trees which are described as being nuciferous?
A4. Nuts

Q5. What name is given to the swelling in an artery wall caused by a weakness?
A5. Aneurysm (do not accept embolism, which is a blockage)

Q6. Which scientist first used kites to study the property of lightening?
A6. Benjamin Franklin

Q7. Where in the human body is the trapezium bone?
A7. The wrist

Q8. Where in the human body is the soleus muscle?
A8. In the calf — it flexes the foot to point the toes downwards


S1. Which creatures are studied by an ichthyologist?
AS1. Fish

S2. Which plant when crystallised is bright green in colour and used for decorating cakes?
AS2. Angelica


Q1. Where would you find an abyssal plain? Al. Under the ocean (accept seafloor)

Q2. The island of Zanzibar forms part of which African country?
A2. Tanzania

Q3. Of which country was Memphis once the capital?
A3. Egypt
Q4. Which of the world's capitals lies closest to the equator?
A4. Quito (the capital of Ecuador)

Q5. In which country is Lake Volta — the world's largest manmade lake?
A5. Ghana

Q6. Which bay is also known as the Sea of Cantabria?
A6. The Bay of Biscay

Q7. What is the longest river flowing entirely in England?
A7. The Thames
Q8. Which country has the greatest number of international land borders; 14 in total?
A8. China

S1. Which capital city is located on the island of Zealand?
AS1. Copenhagen
S2. On which river does the West Yorkshire town of Ilkley stand?
AS2. The River Wharfe

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT - LEADING MEN All the questions have a political theme.

1 Q) Who played the US President in the film 'Love Actually'? A) Billy Bob Thornton

2 Q) Who played MP Jim Hacker in the shows 'Yes Minister' and 'Yes Prime Minister'?
A) Paul Eddington

3 Q) What is the name of Niccolo Machiavelli's 16th century book in which he outlines
qualities political leaders should possess?
A) The Prince

4 Q) Which poet and novelist was the cousin of Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin? A) Rudyard Kipling.

5 Q) George Bush Senior once said he wanted American families to be more like the Waltons and less like who?
A) The Simpsons

6 Q) Which politician was famously replaced on 'Have I Got News For You' by a tub of lard?
A) Roy Hattersley

7 Q) What is the name of the US TV series in which Gina Davies plays the president?
A) Commander in Chief.

8. Q)The 2006 film 'Good Night and Good Luck' told the true story of broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow's efforts to discredit which US Senator during the 1950's?
A) Joseph McCarthy.

S1. Q)Out of whose hands did MP George Galloway pretend to lick milk during Ibis now infamous cat impression in the 2006 series of Celebrity Big Brother? A)Rula Lenska

S2 Q)Which US President is featured in the film 'Annie'?
A) Franklin D. Roosevelt (must have first name and surname.)


1 Q) Who was the last team other than the big four of Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea to win the F.A Cup? - A) Everton (1995)

2 Q) What word refers to both a winter activity and, in cricket, the verbal banter between batsmen and fielders?
A) Sledging

3 Q) In which sport are Finlay Mickel and Chemmy Alcott Britain's highest ranked male and female participants?
A) Skiing

4 Q) Against which team did David Beckham score what looks like being his last goal for England?
A) Ecuador

5 Q) People may have been surprised when comedian David Walliams swam the channel last year. But more surprisingly which celebrity chef achieved the same feat when he was 16?
A) Antony Worrall Thompson

6 Q) Who won the 2006 team of the year at the BBC Sports Personality Of The Year Awards?
A) St Helens (Rugby League)

7 Q) Boxer Amir Khan has a cousin who is also an international sportsman. Who is he?
A) Sajid Mahmood (England cricketer)

8 Q) Joe Calzaghe's next opponent, Peter Manfredo, came to prominence after finishing second in which US reality TV show? A) The Contender

SI Q) Which now retired cricket umpire used to stand on one leg when the score was on Nelson (i.e. 111, 222, 333 etc)? A) David Sheppard

S2 Q) In darts, hitting a triple, double, and single of the same number in the same throw is referred to as what?
A) Shanghai

The theme of this round is Britain's relationship down the centuries with our
cousins on the other side of the English Channel i.e. France

Q1. Which Frenchman once said that Britain was "a nation of shopkeepers"? Al. Napoleon the First (or Napoleon Bonaparte)

Q2. What was the name of the round, brick, fortified gun positions, over a 100 of which were built in the early 19th century along the south coast of England to repel an expected invasion from Napoleon?
A2. Martello Towers
Q3. What popular name has been given to the wide-ranging political and trading agreement which was signed by Britain and France in 1904?
A3. The Entente Cordiale

Q4. Which Frenchman made the first heavier-than-air flight across the English Channel on July 25th 1909?
A4.(Louis) Bleriot

Q5. Which strategically important bridge in Normandy was captured by units of the 6th British Airborne Division in the early hours of D Day on June 6th 1944?
A5. The Caen Canal Bridge, later renamed Pegasus Bridge. Accept either answer.
Q6. What codename was given to the evacuation of British and French troops from Dunkirk in May/June 1940?
A6. (Operation) Dynamo
Q7. In the late 18th Century many French Protestants fled to England to escape religious persecution. By what name were they known?
A7. Huguenots
Q8. In 1295 France signed a treaty with Scotland against English expansionism. By what name has the treaty become known?
A8. The Auld Alliance
S1. Which group of mainly British dancers first performed at the Folies Bergere in 1932? A. The Bluebell Girls
S2. In which year did B.A. and Air France first fly Concorde commercially? A. 1976 (Accept 75-77)


This round is on various topics, but the answer to each question is also the name of a village or town near to Macclesfield, or a district within Macclesfield itself.

Q1 .Christian name Shirley, this actress famously appeared in the the film Goldfinger. Al. Eaton

Q2. The first part of the name of the home of an East London football club.
A2. Upton (Park).

Q3. The location of the CIA headquarters in Virginia, USA
A3. Langley

Q4..The new name of the pub on Black Road formerly called the Beehive
A4. The Hollins

Q5. The name of the park in Cheltenham where the racecourse is situated.
A5. Prestbury

Q6. The surname of the Welsh Guardsman who received horrendous burns when the Sir Galahad was bombed in the Falklands War.
A6. Weston

Q7. This is a cryptic one; damaged cruciform.
A7. Broken Cross

Q8. The vegetable Allium Porrum, related to the onion and having a white, slender bulb and dark green leaves.
A8. Leek

S1. The forename of the winner of the 1907 Nobel Prize for Literature. AS1. Rudyard (Kipling)

Q4. Christian name Chris, this Premiership footballer now plays for Aston Villa. He has played for several ,other clubs including Celtic, and was transferred for a then record fee of £5million when he went from Norwich to Blackburn in 1994. A. Sutton

Set By:
The Cock Inn

1. What is the second highest mountain in Scotland? MACDUI
2. Where is the National Library of Wales? ABERYSTWYTH
3. Which John won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1932? GALSWORTHY
4. What was the first Agatha Christie book in Penguin paperback? THE MYSTERIOUS AFFAIR AT STYLES
5. Who followed Lloyd George as Prime Minister of the UK? ANDREW BONAR LAW
6. Who was the first science graduate to become Prime Minister? MARGARET THATCHER
7. Who asked the questions in "Ask the Family"? ROBERT ROBINSON
8. Who was the first regular female captain on "Call my Bluff"? SANDI TOKSVIG
9. In which city is Interpol's H.Q. LYON
10. On which river does Amsterdam stand? AMSTEL
11. What was Billy Cotton's theme tune? SOMEBODY STOLE MY HEART
12. Who had his own series "Do it yourself" in 1957? BARRY BUCKNELL
13. Which part of France does Cantal cheese come from? AUVERNE
14. A rhyton was a drinking vessel in the shape of what? RAM'S HORN (Accept horn)
15. In 1903 Panama was seceded from which country? COLOMBIA
16. Which industry was first nationalised in Britain? COAL INDUSTRY

17. Which sitcom resulted from a one-off play called "The Banana Box"? RISING DAMP.
18. What is the "day-job" of A.RP. Warden Hodges in "Dad's Army"? GREENGROCER
19. How are Boston or pinto beans also known? BORLOTTI BEANS
20. From which country did liquorice originate? EGYPT
21. Which English town has stations called Central and Bank Quay? WARRINGTON
22. Where, near Calais, is the French terminus of the Channel Tunnel? COQUELLES
23. Which folk song was the "Z Cars" theme based on? JOHNNY TODD
24. Which medal had Detective Inspector Frost won? GEORGE CROSS
25. Which English monarch had a horse called "White Surrey"? RICHARD III
26. What nationality is former world motor racing champion Keke Rosberg? FINNISH
27. Who would issue a letter known as an encyclical? THE POPE
28. What type of animal is a Suffolk Punch? A HORSE
29. What does the Australia word "dinkum" mean? HONEST
30. Which area of France is famous for its white horses, bulls and nature reserve? THE CAMARGUE
31. Which former racing driver set up his own international airline? NIKKI LAUDA
32. Which order of monks is noted for taking vows of silence? TRAPPISTS

33. A mercer would have traded in which type of goods? TEXTILES/FABRICS
34. What is the alternative name for the plant mimosa? WATTLE .
35. Who assassinated Senator Robert Kennedy in 1968? SIRHAN SIRHAN
36. "Luncheon on the Grass" caused a scandal in 1863. Who painted the picture? MANET
37. What was the name of the Suffragette killed when she fell under the King's horse in the 1913 Derby? EMILY DAVISON
38. What is the process by which plants use light-energy to form sugars? PHOTOSYNTHESIS
39. In Egyptian mythology who was the ruler of the underworld? OSIRIS
40. Who is the present Queen of the Netherlands? BEATRIX
41. What name is given to a short pithy saying with a moral, such as "In for a penny, in for a pound? PROVERB
42. Which shellfish are used to make the dish "Coquilles St. Jacques? SCALLOPS
43. Which TV characters ate Blue String Pudding? THE CLANGERS
44. Who is the most senior member of the Queen's Household? THE LORD CHAMBERLAIN
45. In which George Elliot novel does the character Tertius Lydgate appear? MIDDLEMARCH
46. .Who was known as America's Sweetheart? MARY PICKFORD
47. What is the inscription on the George Cross? FOR GALLANTRY

48. In which Charles Dickens novel does Mrs. Pardiffle appear? BLEAK HOUSE
49. On which river does Baghdad stand? TIGRIS
50. What was the first bird Noah released from the Ark? RAVEN
51. In the Old Testament of the Bible which books follows Psalms? PROVERBS
52. In the New Testament of the Bible which book follows Acts? ROMANS
54. What is a tee-tee? A MONKEY
55. What is the capital of Swaziland? MBABANE
56. What is the capital of Tanzania? DODOMA
57. Which river runs through Durham? WEAR
58. Which river runs through Winchester? ITCHIN
59. What was the first name of Sax, who patented the saxophone? ADOLPHE
60. US President Gerald Ford had what middle name? RUDOLPH
61. What is the more common name for Hedera Helix? IVY
62. What is the more common name for VISCUM ALBUM MISTLETOE
63. Burghley House in Lincolnshire is the home of which family? THE CECIL FAMILY

64. Whose home is Has Newydd? THE MARQUIS OF ANGLESEY
65. Which mythological creature had the head of a lion, body of a goat and tail of a serpent? CHIMERA
66. Which mythological creature had the body of a lion body and an eagle's head? GRIFFIN OR GRYPHON
67. In the human body where would you find the medial meniscus? THE KNEE
68. In the human body where would you find the rotator cuff? THE SHOULDER
69. Who composed the Pathetique Sonata? BEETHOVEN
70. Who composed the anthem Zadok the Priest\? HANDEL
71. In what year was George Orwell's novel 1984 published? 1948
72. What vegetable is vodka made sometimes made from> POTATO
73. The rationing of what ended on 15 March 1949? CLOTHING
74. Where on a building would you find headers, stretchers, halfbats and queen closers? IN A BRICK WALL
75. Who played the character Vito Corleone in the film "The Godfather Part II"? ROBERT DE NERO
76. Which book by Harper Lee features the character Boo Radley? TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD
77. Gunpowder can be what kind of think? TEA
78. Where was the 1970 World Cup played? MEXICO

79. Whose political views were set out in the book "My Struggle"? ADOLF HITLER
80. During the B.S.E. scare which government minister made his daughter eat beefburgers for a photo-call? JOHN GUMMER
81. In which battle did Nelson lose his right arm? SANTA CRUZ
82. Which fashion item did Mary Quant invent? THE MINI SKIRT
83. Who wrote Under the Greenwood Tree THOMAS HARDY
84. Of which Prime Minister did Margot Asquith say, "He could never see a belt without hitting below it"? DAVID LLOYD GEORGE
85. Which famous West End musical is based on a collection of children's poems by T.S. Elliot? CATS
86. Which Prime Minister introduced the 3 day week into Britain? TED HEATH
87. The silver hallmark of a harp and crown belongs to which city? DUBLIN
88. "Reader, I married him". To whom did the "I" refer? JANE EYRE
89. Who wrote "A Town Like Alice"? NEVIL SHUTE
90. With which musical instrument do you associate Pablo Cassals? THE CELLO
91. What did Shirley Conran say life was too short to do? STUFF A MUSHROOM
92. Which famous musician owned a film company called Handmade Films? GEORGE HARRISON
93. How many lines are there is a sonnet? 14
94. Which Latin American State was run by the Somoza dictatorship? NICARAGUA

95. What did Neil Kinnock say was the most important book in the Tory Education System.

- 96. Who writes the "At the Bar" column in the Macclesfield Express? JAMES CRISP

1. In the Bible which female was the daughter of Mordecai? ESTHER

2. What is the name of the electrical discharge which occurs round the masts of ships during a thunderstorm? ST. ELMO'S FIRE

3. Used in dentistry an amalgam is an alloy of which metal with other metals? MERCURY


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