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1st December The Questions

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Art and Entertainment

Mr and Mrs


Behind Bars


Q1: Who completed the first translation of the bible into English in 1382?

A1: John Wycliffe (1331 - 1384)

Q2: What name was given to the parliament summoned by Charles I in November 1640?

Q2: The Long parliament

Q3: Which pair of socialist reformers published The History of Trade Unionism in 1894?

A3: Beatrice and Sydney Webb

Q4: Who was dictator of Spain between September 1923 and January 1930?

A4: Miguel Primo de Rivera

Q5: Give a year in the reign of Mary I

A5: 1553 - 1558

Q6: Name the 1783 treaty that ended the American Revolutionary war?

A6: The Treaty of Paris

Q7: Which famous phrase originated with the sinking of HMS Birkenhead?

Q7: Women and children first

Q8: Had he successfully invaded the UK, in which English city did Hitler plan to build a new capital?

A8: Oxford

S1: Give a year in the 17th century English interregnum

A1: 1649 - 1660

S2: What was the name of Belize until 1973?

A2: British Honduras


Q1: When was the first Ryder Cup held?

A1: 1927, in Worcester, MA. (accept 1926-28)

Q2: Including 2015, how many times has Lewis Hamilton won the F1 Championship?

A2: 3 (2008, 2014, 2015)

Q3: In which sport might one nutmeg an opponent?

A3: Football (soccer)

Q4: Which Australian won the Wimbledon Men’s finals in 1956 and 1957?

A4: Lew Hoad

Q5: Which city holds the oldest annual marathon race?

A5: Boston

Q6: In which event did Carl Lewis win his 9th and final gold medal?

A6: Long jump

Q7: In which sport are the following moves performed: Triffus, Miller and Rudolf?

A7: Trampolining

Q8: Which heavyweight champion boxer was known as “The Manassa Mauler”?

A8: Jack Dempsey

S1: In fencing, what is the target area for the sabre?

A1: Entire body except the weapon hand

S2: Which sport was Boris Johnson “playing” earlier this year when he shoulder barged a small boy?

A1: Rugby


Q1: Where in the body would you find rods and cones?

A1: The eye (actually retina)

Q2: Dr Archie McIndoe pioneered what form of surgery?

A2: Reconstructive surgery (servicemen WW1)

Q3: The talus is in which part of the human body?

A3: Ankle

Q4: Which biological process is also known as senescence?

A4: Ageing (senility etc)

Q5: Discovered in 1902, what is the Antikythera Mechanism?

A5: An ancient Greek clockwork device used for astronomical calculations

Q6: Which Scottish engineer and inventor coined the term horsepower?

A6: James Watt

Q7: In the Periodic Table, what is regarded as the most reactive element?

A7: Fluorine

Q8: What property of matter makes it resist changes to its motion?

A8: Inertia

S1: Which electronic device amplifies or switches electronic signals?

A1: Transistor

S2: Which of Newton’s laws of motions states that for every action there exists an equal and opposite reaction?

A2: The third law


Q1: Which Caribbean country is the poorest in the western hemisphere?

A1: Haiti

Q2: Which Caribbean country has an open bible on its flag?

A2: Dominican Republic

Q3: What is the only kingdom in Polynesia?

A3: Tonga (kingdom, not just country)

Q4: Lomé is the capital of which country?

A4: Togo

Q5: In which county would you find the Mendip hills?

A5: Somerset

Q6: In which country is Hilversum?

A6: The Netherlands

Q7: Which form of compressed peat is also known as brown coal?

A7: Lignite

Q8: In which county would you find the town of Bungay?

A8: Suffolk

S1: Name one of the towns to which the A537 links Macclesfield?

A1: Knutsford or Buxton

S2: Which Beatles song contains the word “Hill”?

A2: The Fool on the Hill


Q1: Who wrote the play Hedda Gabler?

A1: Henrik Ibsen

Q2: Who played the role of Jeff Rink in his last film Giant?

A2: James Dean

Q3: Who partnered Dave Ball in Soft Cell?

A3: Marc Almond

Q4: Who composed the piano suite Le Tombeau de Couperin?

A4: Ravel

Q5: The sisters Dorabella and Fiordiligi appear in which Mozart opera?

A5: Cosi Fan Tutti

Q6: The film and musical Kismet takes place in which city?

A6: Baghdad

Q7: Which Scotsman fronted the pop groups Bronski Beat and the Communards?

A7: Jimmy Somerville

Q8: Which British pop star sang The Look Of Love in the 1967 film Casino Royale?

A8: Dusty Springfield

S1: Which Italian composer (1685-1757) is best known for his 555 piano sonatas?

Q1: Domenico Scarlatti

S2: Which “Mother of Modern Theatre” (1914-2002) founded the Theatre Workshop?

A2: Joan Littlewood

Mr & Mrs

These questions relate to the titles; Mr, Mrs or Miss, followed by a family name. Identify both the title and surname from the description given. For example - Who makes 'exceedingly good cakes' - Mr Kipling

Q1: The first in a long series of books by Roger Hargreaves, the featured character having unusually long arms.

A1: Mr Tickle.

Q2: What was the name of Diana Rigg's character in the TV series The Avengers?

A2: Mrs Peel

Q3: Who was the Housekeeper to Rebecca in Daphne Du Maurier's 1938 novel?

A3: Mrs Danvers

Q4: What is the title of a 1750 painting by Thomas Gainsborough depicting a young married couple under an oak tree?

A4: Mr and Mrs Andrews

Q5: Which classic book features Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy?  Supplementary used


Q1: Which household device features a pan, a float and a trap?

A1: a toilet

Q2: Which comedian and actor hosts the ITV quiz show The Chase?

A2: Bradley Walsh

Q3: In dentistry, which teeth usually sit in the jaw between canines and molars?

A3: Bicuspids (accept pre-molars)

Q4: Whose first novel, published in 1934, was called Burmese Days?

A4: George Orwell

Q5: Which year saw the deaths of musicians Bon Scott, John Bonham and Ian Curtis?

A5: 1980 (also John Lennon)

Q6: In the film Life of Brian, what does Brian assume is meant by the Latin phrase “Romanes Eunt Domus”?

A6: Romans Go Home

Q7: Which Birmingham reggae band had a hit in the 1980s with the single The Earth Dies Screaming?

A7: UB40

Q8: In which US city would you find Knob Hill, The Castro, and The Mission District?

A8: San Francisco

Q9: How many oxen usually comprise a “yoke”?

A9: Two

Q10: In which English county would you find Gatwick Airport?

A10: West Sussex

Q11: Who became Poet Laureate in 1968?

A11: Cecil Day-Lewis (John Betjeman became Laureate in 1972)

Q12: In the early 1980s, at which college would you have found Mike, Vivian, Rik and Neil?

A12: Scumbag College (They were The Young Ones)

Q13: Which atmospheric gas boils at minus 195 degrees centigrade?

A13: Nitrogen

Q14: In the Paddington books by Michael Bond, what is the name of the Brown family’s housekeeper?

A14: Mrs Bird

Q15: Which English king was the father of Queen Ann?

A15: James II

Q16: The character Hengist Pod appears in which Carry On… film?

A16: Carry on Cleo

Q17: Which 1950s singer was billed as “The Girl With the Laugh in her Voice”?

A17: Alma Cogan

Q18: Which UK city has cream-coloured telephone boxes?

A18: Kingston-upon-Hull (accept Hull)

Q19: Which religion celebrates Purim?

A19: Judaism

Q20: How many people are needed to mount a three-legged race?

A20: 4 (two teams of two)

Q21: From which element is the word plumbing derived?

A21: Lead

Q22: In 1990, who had a Big Night Out on Channel 4?

A22: Vic Reeves

Q23: What is the name given to anything used as an inert control in an experiment?

A23: A placebo

Q24: Whose first volume of autobiography was called Moab is my Washpot?

A24: Stephen Fry

Q25: Which type of tree provided shelter to Charles I after the battle of Worcester?

A25: An oak tree

Q26: Which screen star famously wanted to be alone?

A26: Greta Garbo

Q27: Which guitarist completes the line up of Stuart Copeland and Sting?

A27: Andy Summers (The Police)

Q28: Which shipping forecast area is named after the captain of HMS Beagle, upon which Charles Darwin travelled?

A28: Fitzroy

Q29: What type of animal would be looked after by an ostler?

A29: A horse

Q30: Under which astrological sign does the UK May Bank Holiday occur?

A30: Taurus (2nd May in 2016)

Q31: Books by which author feature Harry Palmer?

A31: Len Deighton

Q32: In which BBC3 sitcom would you find drug dealer Moz, played by Johnny Vegas?

A32: Ideal

Q33: The name of which muscle comes from the Latin for “four-headed”?

A33: Quadriceps (quadriceps femoris)

Q34: In the Adrian Mole… books, what is Pandora’s maiden name?

A34: Braithwaite.

Q35: Which queen of England was known as the Flanders Mare?

A35: Anne of Cleves

Q36: Which film and stage musical is about the romance between Danny and Sandy?

A36: Grease

Q37: Which Proclaimers song includes the line “Methil no more”?

A37: Letter From America

Q38: What was the currency of Greece prior to the Euro?

A38: The Drachma

Q39: Founded in 1995, a broken laser pen was the first item purchased on which web site?

A39: eBay (The buyer was a collector of broken laser pointers)

Q40: To which company did Sir Clive Sinclair sell Sinclair Research in 1986?

A40: Amstrad

Q41: Je suis Charlie was a declaration much heard in early 2015, but what is Charlie’s surname?

A41: Hebdo

Q42: Which trade uses a hawk and a screed?

A42: Plastering

Q43: What is the chemical formula for diamond?

A43: C (carbon)

Q44: Which book is about an otter called Mij, short for Mijbil?

A44: Ring of Bright Water

Q45: In 1985, businessman Eddie Shah started which colour newspaper?

A45: Today

Q46: In which film does the US President shout, “You can’t fight in here. This is the war room!”?

A46: Dr Strangelove

Q47: Who had a 1960s hit with “Nowhere To Run”?

A47: Martha Reeves (and the Vandellas)

Q48: In Italy, what is minestra (“min-es-tra”)?

A48: Soup

Q49: In snooker, how many balls are potted in a 147 maximum break?

A49: 36 (15 x red and black = 30, followed by the 6 coloured balls)

Q50: In Formula 1, which team’s supporters are known as the Tifosi?

A50: Ferrari

Q51: In which field of the arts did Flick Colby rise to fame?

A51: Dance (Choreographer on Top of the Pops)

Q52: Which TV show featured The Winchester Club?

A52: Minder

Q53: For what does the letter R stand in the acronym LASER?

A53: Radiation (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation)

Q54: Which area of southwest England provides the main setting for the Sherlock Holmes story The Hound of the Baskervilles?

A54: Dartmoor

Q55: Who was the last king of England to be killed in battle?

A55: Richard III

Q56: Who wrote the musical Blood Brothers?

A56: Willy Russell

Q57: Who had a hit in the 1970s with Gonna Make You A Star?

A57: David Essex

Q58: What is the state capital of Massachusetts?

A58: Boston

Q59: What is a squirrel’s nest more properly called?

A59: A Dray

Q60: Which cheese is usually coated with nettles?

A60: Yarg

Q61: In which country was author and philosopher Albert Camus born?

A61: Algeria

Q62: In Friends, which actress played Phoebe’s identical twin Ursula?

A62: Lisa Kudrow

Q63: What was the pen name of the author Mary Ann Evans (1819-1880)?

A63: George Elliot

Q64: What is the specific purpose of the Kepler space observatory?

A64: Hunting expo-planets (planets orbiting other stars)

Q65: Who is the only British monarch to have all three of their children ascend to the throne?

A65: Henry VIII

Q66: Which Mel Brooks film centres on the town of Rock Ridge?

A66: Blazing Saddles

Q67: Which UK railway station has a plaque commemorating the writing of Paul Simon’s “Homeward Bound”?

A67: Widnes

Q68: By what name is the Santa Clara valley in California better known?

A68: Silicon Valley

Q69: What does the Chorleywood process produce?

A69: Bread

Q70: Upon what does the Speaker sit in the House of Commons?

A70: The Woolsack

Q71: For which TV role is Irish actor Dermot Morgan best remembered?

A71: Father Ted

Q72: In November, what was the first UK storm to be named by the Met Office under its new system of classification?

A72: Abigail

Q73: What do Kepler’s laws describe?

A73: Planetary motion (orbits)

Q74: Which English author famously disappeared for two weeks in 1926?

A74: Agatha Christie

Q75: Who was the last queen of Ancient Egypt?

A75: Cleopatra

Q76: In which language did Samuel Beckett originally write Waiting for Godot?

A76: French (En attendant Godot)

Q77: On the cover of Abbey Road, which Beatle brings up the rear?

A77: George Harrison (Lennon first, then Starr, McCartney, and Harrison)

Q78: What is the longest river to empty into the Mediterranean?

A78: The Nile.

Q79: Which German dramatist wrote The Resistible Rise Of Arturo Ui?

A79: Bertholt Brecht

Q80: Banjo Patterson wrote which patriotic antipodean song?

A80: Waltzing Matilda

Q81: Who hosted the Friday Rock Show on Radio 1 for 15 years from 1978?

A81: Tommy Vance

Q82: Which sitcom was set in the fictional town of Nouvion?

A82: ‘Allo ‘Allo!

Q83: What is the more common name of oil of vitriol?

A83: Sulphuric acid

Q84: Who wrote the 1963 novel The Bell Jar?

A84: Sylvia Plath

Q85: Which canal builder served his apprenticeship in Sutton from 1733 to 1740?

A85: James Brindley

Q86: Of which fictional school was Miss Fitton the headmistress?

A86: St Trinians

Q87: Andy Bell and Vince Clark make up which prolific 80s pop duo?

A87: Erasure

Q88: Which Peanuts character pined for the Little Redheaded Girl?

A88: Charlie Brown

Q89: In literature, who is told he will be defeated only when Birnam Wood comes to Dunsinane?

A89: Macbeth

Q90: Alan Rusbridger edited Which UK newspaper from 1995-2015?

A90: The Guardian

Q91: Give a year during the life of the artist Rembrandt?

A91: 1606 - 1669

Q92: Which part of a flower produces pollen?

A92: the stamen

Q93: In which novel would you find Renton, Begby and Sickboy?

A93: Trainspotting

Q94: In which month of 1941 did Japan attack Pearl Harbour?

A94: December

Q95: Which fictional school did Nigel Moleswoth say was “built by a madman in 1836”?

A95: St Custard’s

Q96: Which specific type of musical work are Beethoven‘s Adieux, Hammerklavier and Pathetique?

A96: Piano concertos

S1: St. George’s Channel marks the southern limit of which sea?

A1: The Irish Sea

S2: Officers of which of the UK’s armed services sit during the Loyal Toast?

A2: The Royal Navy

S3: Which poet wrote the wedding favourite I Wanna Be Yours?

A3: John Cooper Clarke

S4: Which Winter Olympic sport takes place on an oval track of 400 metres?

A4: Speed skating

S5: In which decade of the 20th century was there only one UK general election?

A5: The 1940s (The election due by 1940 was not held due to WW2)

S6: In 1945, who took power in Germany upon the death of Adolf Hitler?

A6: Admiral Karl Donitz

S7: What name is given to the green pigment formed by the exposure of copper to environmental pollution?

A: Verdigris

S8: Which is the only landlocked New England state?

A8: Vermont

A6: Little Women

Q6: In which 2006 film does Renee Zellweger play the role of a children's author?

A6: Miss Potter

Q7: From which song do the following lyrics come: 'We got a thing going on. We both know that it's wrong but it's much too strong to let it go now'

A7: Me and Mrs Jones

Q8: In literature, who is the father of Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty and Lydia?

A6: Mr Bennett (Pride and Prejudice)

S1: What is the title of a 1974 hit for Cockney Rebel?

A1: Mr Soft

S2: Jim Carter plays which role in Downton Abbey?

A2: Mr Carson (The butler)


The following questions or their answers contain colors.

Q1: Of the 7 colours in the rainbow, which one is in the middle?

A1: Green

Q2: Who directed and starred in the 1981 film Reds?

A2: Warren Beatty

Q3: Who wrote the song “Blue Suede Shoes”?

A3: Carl Perkins

Q4: Which author wrote “The White Company” and “A Study in Scarlet”?

A4: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Q5: In which Shakespeare play is the tune “Greensleeves” referred to twice?

A5: The Merry Wives of Windsor.

Q6: Who got to No.4 in the UK charts in 1965 with the song “Colours”?

A6: Donovan.

Q7: The Red Brigade was responsible for the kidnap and murder of which Italian Premier?

A7: Aldo Moro

Q8: What is the more precise physics term for "Red Shift"? 

A8: The Doppler Effect.

S1: Who wrote the Western novel “Riders of the Purple Sage”?

A1: Zane Grey.

S2: Sir Humphrey Davy named which element after the ancient Greek for pale green?

A2: Chlorine.


Q1: “Stone walls do not a prison make”, is a well-known line from a poem by Richard Lovelace. What is the next line?

A1: “Nor iron bars a cage.”

Q2: Oscar Wilde wrote the Ballad of which Gaol?

A2: Reading

Q3: What caused the play “Cellmates” to end its 1995 West end run after only 3 weeks?

A3: The sudden disappearance of Stephen Fry.

Q4: In which prison was Rudolph Hess being held at the time of his death?

A4: Spandau.

Q5: Who played the part of The Prisoner in the TV series of the same name?

A5: Patrick McGoohan.

Q6: Which heroine of Italian Opera leaps to her death from a Prison wall?

A6: Tosca.

Q7: As what was Robert Stroud better known?

A7: The Birdman of Alcatraz.

Q8: The name Borstal is synonymous with Young Offenders Institutes. In which county is the original Borstal?

A8: Kent.

S1: From which London prison did Ronnie Biggs escape in 1965?

A: Wandsworth.

S2: Which high-security prison is situated in the city of Glasgow?

A: Barlinnie.


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