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10th November Home to the Robin Hood


All questions set by

 Waters Green Rams

and vetted by the Church House and Park Timers


1. Arts and Entertainment
2. A Life On The Ocean Waves
3. Science
4. History
5. 2015 so far
6. Geography
7. The Phonetic Alphabet
8. Sport






Q1    One half of a double act: who married his manager Ali Astall in the Summer of 2015 – (full name required) ?
A    Declan Donnelly

Q2    In popular music which duo have the surnames Peacock and Hodges?
A    Chas and Dave

Q3    How is the painting ‘Arrangement In Grey And Black No.1’ better-known?             
A    Whistler’s Mother

Q4    What is the title of Ellie Goulding’s 2015 British number one hit single that featured on the soundtrack of the film ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’?
A    Love Me Like You Do

Q5    At 12 years and 178 days who is the longest serving presenter of the children’s television programme ‘Blue Peter’?
A    John Noakes

Q6    Which Gilbert & Sullivan opera has the alternative title The Prince And The Peri?
A    Iolanthe

Q7    Which Gilbert & Sullivan opera has the alternative title The Town Of Titipu?
A    The Mikado

Q8    Whose immortalised painting of Guernica depicted the German bombing of the town in 1937?
A    Pablo Picasso



S 1    Which Austrian composer’s works are given K numbers according to the 19th century Kochel catalogue?
A    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

S2    Who played the part of Bernard Woolley in the TV series Yes Minister and the part of policeman Oscar Blaketon in the series Heartbeat?
A    Derek Fowlds

A LIFE ON THE OCEAN WAVES – a round about ships.

Q1.    In Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, what is the name of the ship that carries people to and from the island?                                                                                                                                                                                    
A    The Hispaniola

Q2    All operated by Royal Caribbean International, the names of each of the world’s 4 largest cruise liners contain which 3 words?
A    Of The Seas (also accept Of The Sea) – namely:  Allure, Oasis, Quantum & Anthem Of The Seas.

Q3    In May-June 1819 which American hybrid steam-sailing ship became the first steam powered vessel to cross the Atlantic though steam power was only used for a fraction of the journey?
A    SS Savannah

Q4    In works by John Ryan, who was the captain of the Black Pig? 
A    Horatio Pugwash

Q5    Which port was the intended final destination of the Titanic on its maiden voyage in 1912?
A    New York

Q6    Which ship spilt a huge oil load in Prince William Sound, Alaska in 1989?
A    Exxon Valdez

Q7    Which ship, with an animal name, was the scene of discussions between Harold Wilson and Ian Smith of Rhodesia in 1966?
A    HMS Tiger

Q8    The site of the surrender of the Japanese at the end of World War Two, which battleship, named after a US state, is now a museum in Pearl Harbour?
A     USS Missouri


S1    In what decade did the submarine Nautilus become the first to sail under the North Pole?
A    1950s (1958)

S2    What was the name of the Ship that transported the Pilgrims from Plymouth, England, to Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts in 1620?
A    Mayflower


Q1    In July 2015 in his one-seater Cri Cri aircraft Frenchman Hugues Duval became the first person to fly across the Channel using what means of propulsion?
A    Electricity – Solar Power (Accept either)

Q2    What is measured by a sphygmomanometer?
A    Blood pressure

Q3    His name now being synonymous with raincoats, which Scottish chemist invented waterproof fabrics?
A    Charles Mackintosh

Q4    Which kitchen appliance was invented by Nobel Prize winning Swedish physicist Gustaf Dalén in 1922?
A    Aga

Q5    What colour are crystals of copper sulphate?
A    Blue

Q6    Bronze is an alloy of copper and, most commonly, which other metal?
A    Tin

Q7    Characterized by two pairs of continuously growing incisors 40% of all mammal species belong to which order of animals?
A    Rodents – Rodentia

Q8    Which is the hottest planet in our Solar System?
A    Venus


S1    In astronomy, The North Celestial Pole is currently located in which constellation?
Ursa Minor
A    (1 deg. from Polaris)

S2    What is the name of the new particle discovered by scientists at the Large Hadron Collider in July 2015?
A    Pentaquark



Q1    Aged 64 who is the oldest person to accede to the British throne?
A    William IV – if Prince Charles accedes to the throne, he will take the record.

Q2    Henry VIII was outlived by two of the women who married him; Catherine Parr was one, who was the other?
A    Anne of Cleves

Q3    Born in Staffordshire, Reginald Pole became, in 1556, the last Roman Catholic to hold which position in England?
A    Archbishop of Canterbury

Q4    The Battle of Inkerman took place during which war?
A    Crimean War

Q5    In 1874 the Remington No1 went on sale becoming the world’s first commercially successful what?
A    Typewriter

Q6    In 1890 Auburn Prison, New York became the first institution to use what form of capital punishment when William Kemmler was executed?
A    Electric Chair

Q7    Taking its name from the then US Secretary of State what was the name of the economic recovery programme put in place to assist post World War II rebuilding in Europe?
A    Marshall Plan

Q8    Following the Watergate scandal, which US president pardoned Richard Nixon for any crimes he committed while in office?
A    Gerald Ford

S1    Which mark was originally conceived in 1903 as a symbol to identify products manufactured to meet British standards and was first used on tram rails?
A    Kite mark

S2    Now the site of an immigration museum, which island was home to the USA’s busiest immigrant inspection station from 1892 to 1954?
A    Ellis Island (In Upper New York Bay)


Q1    Eleven year old Megan Evans of Cheshire described which event of 2015 thus: ‘It’s a bit like the Jeremy Kyle Show. They’re all arguing on TV and showing themselves up’?
A    General Election TV debate

Q2    On the same day in July 2015 the Hon. Laura Fellowes, Adam Middleton, Thomas van Straubenzee, James Meade and Sophie Carter all performed what function?
A    God parents at Christening of Princess Charlotte

Q3    England finished third beating Germany in the play-off in the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Which team beat Japan in the final?
A    United States of America

Q4    A man much in the news in 2015; what is Sepp Blatter’s real first name?
A    Joseph

Q5    Who played drums with ‘The Who’ on their 2014-15 tour ‘The Who Hits 50’ and also for their 2015 appearance at Glastonbury?
A    Zak Starkey

Q6    Originating in Scandinavia in 2009 which music streaming service was bought by Jay Z, Calvin Harris, Chris Martin and other artists in April 2015?
A    Tidal

Q7    On being given a modernist portrait of herself on a pony during a 2015 visit abroad who allegedly said, ‘That’s a funny colour for a horse’?
A    Queen Elizabeth II

Q8    Which country competed in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in honour of the competition’s 60th edition?
A    Australia


S1    In 2015 who replaced Nick Clegg as leader of the Liberal Democrats?
A    Tim Farron

S2    Driven by Nick Tandy, Earl Bamber and Nico Hulkenberg which make of car won the 2015 Le Mans 24 Hour Race?
A    Porsche


Q1    Which island group in the Indian Ocean, a popular tourist destination, has the city of Victoria as its capital?
A    Seychelles

Q2    Which Irish city lies furthest south?
A    Cork

Q3    Which Canadian territory has the city of Yellowknife as its capital?
A    Northwest Territories

Q4    Which Canadian territory has the city of Whitehorse as its capital?
A    The Yukon

Q5    Which Austronesian language has about 57 million speakers in the Philippines?
A    Tagalog

Q6    What is the 2nd most-spoken Semitic language in the world, after Arabic?
A    Amharic (NOT Aramaic)

Q7    Which southern English coastal town is home to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution?
A    Poole

Q8    Which southern English city has districts called Shirley, Bassett Green, Northam and Thornhill?
A     Southampton


S1    Which island, situated in the Canadian territory of Nunavut, was discovered by Europeans in 1576 and is named after an English navigator who died in 1622?
A    Baffin Island

S2    Which Australian attraction is also known as Uluru?
A    Ayers Rock



All the answers contain words used for letters in the phonetic alphabet
The full answer is required, not just the word.

Q1    What are the Academy Awards more commonly called?
A    The Oscars
Q2    In what month of the year is St Andrew’s Day?
A    November (30th)

Q3    Who is the controversial founder of “Sports Direct” and Chairman of Newcastle United?
A    Mike Ashley

Q4    Charles Stuart, instigator of the 1745 Jacobite Uprising, is often referred to by what name?
A    Bonnie Prince Charlie

Q5    Usually called butter beans in the UK, what are they more commonly called in the USA?
A    Lima Beans

Q6    Which betting company’s series of TV adverts features the founder being hounded by a strange character called Maurice?
A    BetVictor (the founder was Victor Chandler but that is not the name of the company now)

Q7    What were discovered by Wilhelm Rontgen in 1895?
A    X-rays

Q8    Which country is the most-populous democracy in the world?
A    India


S1     In which 1964 film did Michael Caine play the character Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead?
A    Zulu
S2    What sort of residence has been mentioned in the titles of hits by Chris Issak, The Eagles and Elvis Presley?
A    Hotel


Q1    Eddie Merckx is arguably Belgium’s most famous sportsman. In which sport did he achieve fame?
A    Cycling

Q2    England captain Charlotte Edwards has lifted the team to success in which sport?
A    Cricket

Q3    In Alex Ferguson’s list of the 4 players that he had managed at Manchester United, that he considered ”world class”, who was the only Englishman?
A    Paul Scholes

Q4    Similarly, in Alex Ferguson’s list of the 4 players that he had managed at Manchester United, that he considered “world class”, which one made the most appearances for the club?
A    Ryan Giggs

Q5    What is a solid black flag used for in Formula One?
A    To summon a driver to the pits

Q6    What instruction does a solid yellow flag give to drivers in Formula One?
A    Slow down – due to hazard on the track

Q7    Bill Hoskyns was the first Briton to compete at 6 Olympic Games, 1956 to 1976 inclusive. What was his sport?
A    Fencing

Q8    Mark Foster never won an Olympic medal in his career, yet he carried the British flag at the 2008 opening ceremony. What was his sport?
A    Swimming


S1    Which county won the Cricket County Championship for 7 years in succession from 1952 to 1958?
A    Surrey

S2    Which Welsh golfer won the 1957 award for BBC Sports Personality Of The Year?
A    Dai Rees


1. Who was stabbed to death in 44 B.C. by Cassius, Brutus and others?


2. As you would find redcoats at Butlins, what colour jackets would you expect to find at Pontins?


3. What did Ian Cumming and Tamal Ray most-famously fail to do in October 2015?

WIN THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE-OFF (They were losing finalists)

4. In which British city was the BBC TV gangland drama Peaky Blinders set?


5. U.S. Presidential inaugurations take place in which month?


6. Liverpudlian Craig Phillips became the first winner of what in 2000?


7. Which jazz and blues singer, critic and writer (1926-2007) frequently performed with John Chilton’s Feetwarmers and the Digby Fairweather band?


8. In Holst’s orchestral suite ‘The Planets’ which planet is ‘The bringer of peace’?


9. Which car company has a rhino image on the back of its 4x4’s?


10. Graz is the second most-populous city in which European country?


11. What is the only capital city of a European Union country that begins and ends with the same consonant?


12. What is the name given to an adult male goose?


13. Which city, one of the 10 most-populous in the United States, lies at the northern end of the celebrated Route 66?


14. The largest cities (by population) of the US states of Oregon & Maine both have the same name as a Dorset town. What name is that?


15. What word links a former capital of Jamaica and a 1918 epidemic that killed an estimated 4% of the world’s population?

SPANISH (Spanish Town and Spanish flu)

16. There are 4 passport offices in England – Liverpool and London are two. Name one of the others.


17. Which measurement, mentioned in the Bible, was calculated as the typical distance from the tip of a man’s finger to his elbow?


18. Complete this title of a 1982 best-selling book billed as a “guidebook to all that is truly masculine” – Real Men Don’t Eat……….what?


19. What colour are the seats in the House Of Lords?


20. Prince George of Cambridge lies at what number in line of succession to the throne?


21. What is the family name of Michael, John and Wendy in the Peter Pan works by JM Barrie?


22. Of which WM Thackeray novel is Becky Sharp one of the principal characters?


23. Little-endians and big-endians are terms to describe the storage of bytes in a computer memory. In which work of 1726 did the terms first appear?

GULLIVER’S TRAVELS (they were 2 groups of people arguing over where an egg should be opened)

24. The Torah is a set of instructions to which religion?


25. What was the name of the pub that featured in the Channel 4 TV series Shameless?


26. The food critic and former model Sophie Dahl is married to which musician?


27. Which British entertainer married Canadian jazz pianist and vocalist Diana Krall in 2003?


28. What was the name of the political party founded in 1994 by James Goldsmith?


29. What appropriate name is given to the cloud that often covers the mountain that overlooks Cape Town, South Africa?

TABLE CLOTH (over Table Mountain)

30. In what country is Chernobyl, the site of a nuclear power station fire in 1985?


31. In the second series of which TV sitcom was baby Neil born to Nessa and Smithy in 2008?


32. “Let you fingers do the walking” was a slogan used in advertising what?


33. Who was the UK prime minister at the time of the Apollo 11 moon landings?


34. Who had the distinction of more appearances in “Carry On…..” films than anyone else?


35. Harland David Sanders is best known for founding which chain?


36. “Nothing over sixpence” was the boast of which store that opened its first branch in Britain in 1909?


37. In “The Wizard of Oz”, which character wanted a heart?


38. In the 1967 film the Jungle Book, which character sang “The Bare Necessities” with Mowgli?


39. By area, what is the smallest of the states of Australia?


40. Which team won the Scottish FA Cup for the first time in 2015?

INVERNESS Caledonian Thistle

41. Aljaz Bedene became the number 2 ranked British tennis player in March this year when he switched allegiance from which country?


42. Kirsch is a colourless fruit brandy made using which fruit?


43. Christmas Island, with a population of 2,000, lies in the Indian Ocean and is a territory of which country?


44. In which county is the M20 motorway?


45. In which county is Dungeness, with its 2 lighthouses and two nuclear power stations?


46. What was the first Asian city to host the summer Olympics?

TOKYO (1964)

47. In the game of scrabble what is the value of the letter J?


48. On the cover of the Beatles album ‘Abbey Road’ which member of the band leads the band crossing the road?


49. Which Beatle had a Top 10 solo hit in 1973 with ‘Give me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)’?


50. Who was the first female tennis player to win all 4 grand slam titles and an Olympic gold medal in the same year?


51. Which town is home to Wallace & Gromit?


52. How many Apollo missions landed men on the moon?

6 (numbers 11 to 17 minus 13)

53. What important food fish has types called Albacore, Yellowfin and Bluefin?


54. The company Wolverine World Wide manufacture boots with the name of which company, the world’s leading manufacturer of mining and construction equipment?


55. Complete this quote by Enoch Powell – “All political lives, unless they are cut off in midstream at a happy juncture, end in…………what?.”


56. By what nickname was Manfred Freiherr Von Richthofen best know?


57. Nick Nack was the diminutive sidekick of which triple-nippled Bond villain?


58. Originally using the tagline “For men who should know better” which ‘lads’ mag’ launched in 1994 and ceased publication in March 2015?


59. In 1946, the Forint replaced the Pengo as the currency of which country?


60. Which disease was once known as ‘The White Death’?


61. Sussex pond pudding contains a whole fruit, which?


62. Who is the actress widow of the late John Thaw?


63. A smolt is a term for the young of what?


64. Footballer Wayne Bridge and rugby union player Ben Foden married Frankie and Una from which girl group?


65. Which grand slam tennis tournament is played on red clay courts?


66. Which British amateur detective, created by Francis Durbridge, was the subject of a radio series that was introduced by the music “Coronation Scot”?


67. Which character, first appearing in 1958, is the most famous creation of Michael Bond?


68. Which organisation produces the Watchtower magazine?


69. Which Roman road linked Lincoln to Exeter via Bath, Leicester and Newark-on-Trent?


70. Based on a true story, which 2014 film depicts a group of gay and lesbian activists who raised money to help support the families affected by the miners’ strike in 1984?


71. Which company supplies tyres to the F1 championships?


72. How many squares are there on a scrabble board?


73. In which city would you find the Uffizi Art Gallery?


74. What connects Ryan, Labbett, Wallace, Hegarty and Sinha?

THE CHASE TV PROGRAMME – They are the surnames of the Chasers.

75. Which musician was known as ‘The King of Swing’?


76. Which politician had the nickname ‘The Chingford Skinhead’?


77. Montego Bay is the second largest city in which country?


78. As 0044 is the international dialling code for the UK, for which country is 007 the code?


79. What is the unit of currency in Turkey?


80. England cricketer Ben Stokes was controversially given out at Lords in September 2015 under which law?


81. In which resort did Banksy open his Dismaland exhibition in August 2015?


82. The singer, songwriter and actress Robyn Fenty uses her middle name as her stage name. What is it?


83. Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott died in April 2015. In which field was he famous?


84. What was the stage name of the performer who was born Helen Porter Mitchell in 1861 in Australia?


85. What was the first English football league club that Bill Shankly managed?


86. The most southerly tip of mainland Australia is Wilson’s Promontory - in which state?


87. In which month of the year were the Titanic and Hillsborough disasters?


88. Which chemical element has the symbol K?


89. Give one of the 2 forenames of the singer Morrissey?


90. David Cameron’s wife Samantha had which British city as her maiden surname?


91. What was the minimum age for voters in the 2014 Scottish Referendum?


92. What is the minimum permissible age required, in the UK, to open an account on Facebook or Instagram?


93. Neil the sloth is a character in TV adverts for which company?


94. Whose birth is the first recorded in the Bible?


95. In the New Testament of the Bible, which book follows the 4 Gospels?


96. The first question asked by Magnus Magnusson on Mastermind, in 1972, was virtually the same as the last question asked by him on his regular TV series in 1997. What was the subject of the question, also the basis of a question in tonight’s quiz?

PICASSO’s painting of GUERNICA


S1. Of which African country is Juba the capital?


S2. Which celebrity chef is the founder of the restaurant 15?


S3. Which forename is common to TV detectives Bergerac, Taggart and Rockford?


S4. ‘Canard’ is the French word for which creature?


S5. What name is given to a gathering of a group of witches?


S6. El Alamein, the scene of a World War II battle, is a town in which country?



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