Wednesday, April 30, 2014

30th April–Cup Final–The Questions


Compiled by Knot Arf and the Weaver

1. In the Bible, what is the last book of the Old Testament? Malachi

2. What is the name of the English designer at Apple, widely credited with the design of the iPad? Jonathan Ive

3. If you followed a sign on a Welsh road to ‘AMGUEDDFA’, what would you expect to be led to?

Museum or Gallery

4. If you live in Dover, Kent, what are the first two letters of your postcode?

CT (Canterbury and District)

5. Why are the German word KALT and the Italian word CALDO likely to cause confusion to linguists? Similar sound, opposite meaning (cold and hot)

6. Musician and Mercury Prizewinner Natasha Khan uses what professional name?

Bat for Lashes

7. Which President of France opened the Channel Tunnel together with the Queen?

Francois Mitterand (in 1994)

8. The sacred site of Delphi lies on the southern side of which mountain? Parnassus

9. What is the surname of Irish entertainment sensation Jedward? Grimes

10. Which element is named after the Latin for lime? Calcium

11. Which novel features the character Edgar Linton?

Wuthering Heights (Cathy marries him, not Heathcliff)

12. The Last Battle is the final book in which series of novels? Narnia books of CS Lewis

13. A new theatre, modelled on one from Shakespeare’s time, has opened next to the Globe in London. After which actor/director is it named? Sam Wanamaker

14. Hymns and Arias, which Welsh rugby fans have adopted as their unofficial anthem, was written by which entertainer ? Max Boyce

15. In which sphere of activity was Gertrude Jekyll famous? Gardening/Garden Design

16. More gardening, what was the real first name of Capability Brown? Lancelot

17. Under what name does the official directory of British clergy go? Crockfords

18. On Englands ill-fated tour last winter, who was the only English player to score a test century? Ben Stokes

19. Who was Alistair Cook’s Vice-Captain on the recent cricket tour of Australia? Matt Prior

20. What are the Chekhov characters Irina, Olga and Maria Prozorova known as? The 3 sisters

21. Violin bodies are traditionally made from which wood? Sycamore (can accept maple)

22. What was Spike Milligan’s first name? Terence

23. Eglantine Jebb founded which charity? Save the Children

24. On which island is the city of Alghero? Sardinia

25. According to Ryanair, which capitalcity is served by Torp airport Oslo (70 miles away!)

26. At which stadium did Newcastle manager Alan Pardew ‘lose his head’ in March 2014?

KC Stadium (Accept Hull City)

27. George Galloway MP serves constituents in which city? Bradford

28. Which king led the English to victory at Crecy in 1346? Edward III

29. From the same era, which French city was home to the Popes in the 14thcentury? Avignon

30. Which Scottish town, well known in another context, is home to three of the 2014 UK Olympic curling team? Lockerbie

31. Allium ampeloprasum is the wild form of which vegetable? Leek

32. Beta Vulgaris is the name of which leafy vegetable, also the name of a UK town? Chard

33. Which breed of terrier, originally bred to hunt otters, is the UK’s largest? Airedale

34. Who was the first British PM of the 20th Century? Lord Salisbury

35. To which politician is union leader Jack Dromey married? Harriet Harman

36. In human anatomy, where is the philtrum? Upper Lip

37. Davy Jones and Mickey Dolenz were two members of the Monkees. Name one of the other two. Peter Tork or Michael Nesmith

38. Which Shorthorn Bull, born near Darlington in 1796, is immortalised on pub signs all over England? The Durham Ox

39. Which sporty car manufacturer has a bull as its emblem? Lamborghini

40. In a political context, who is Justine Thornton? Mrs. Ed Milliband

41. AZT is used in the treatment of what? HIV/AIDS

42. Which Liverpool theatre reopened in early 2014 after 2 years of refurbishment? Everyman

43. In fiction, who was the landlord of the Spyglass Inn in Bristol? Long John Silver

44. Which famous landmark is in Griffith Park Los Angeles? The Hollywood Sign

45. Sue Tilly gained fame as subject of a painting, which sold for £17M in 2008. What was her job title? Benefits Supervisor

46. Which BBC announcer famously introduced a boxing match by telling the audience ‘Harry Commentator is your Carpenter’ David Coleman

47. In Buddhism, what is the name given to the final liberation from desire and ignorance? Nirvana

48. Urtica Doica is the genus name for what inconvenient garden item? (Stinging) nettle

49. Matt Damon jointly won an Oscar as the writer of which best original screenplay in 1997?

Good Will Hunting

50. What name is given to the scientific theory that states the earth is exactly the right distance from the sun to support life? Goldilocks Principle

51. Name one of the horses to have beaten Red Rum in the Grand National.

Rag Trade or L’Escargot

52. What is the name of Damien Hirst’s diamond encrusted skull? For the love of God

53. Which King of England was known as Lackland? King John

54. Churchill, Torpedo and Lonsdale are types of what? Cigar

55. What is the name of the non-alcoholic cordial made from pomegranate? Grenadine

56. Which organisation, founded in 1961, received the Nobel Peace prize in 1977?

Amnesty International

57. What is the national flower of Japan? Chrysanthemum

58. What specifically did Dr Johnson describe as the triumph of hope over experience?

Second Marriage

59. Who sponsors the Cheltenham Gold Cup? BetFred

60. Who was the commander of the American forces in the first Gulf war? Norman Schwarzkopf


61. What was the name of Britain’s first nuclear powered submarine? HMS Dreadnought

62. Which major international sporting venue is at Sutton Coldfield? The Belfry (golf)

63. What was the name given to the solitary Galapagos tortoise found on Pinta Island in 1971, who died in 2013? Lonesome George

64. Willy Loman is the main character in which play? Death of a Salesman

65. Which word appropriately comes from the French for ‘Death Pledge’? Mortgage

66. Theodore Roosevelts recipe for successful diplomacy was to speak softly and carry what?

A Big Stick

67. The Adventures of Tom Bombadil is a book of poetry by which author more famous for writing fantasy? Tolkien

68. Trucks and Diggers are children’s books by which writer more famous for writing fantasy?

Terry Pratchett

69. How was Charles DeVille Wells immortalised in song?

The man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo

70. Which darts player’s nickname is Jackpot? Adrian Lewis

71. Which name is shared by large cities in New York state and Sicily? Syracuse

72. How is Greg Heffley better known in a series of books, the first of which was published in 2007? (Diary of) a Wimpy Kid

73. Vladimir and Estragon are the principal characters in which play, first performed in Paris in 1953? Waiting for Godot

74. Which Scottish city was once known as St John’s Toun, from which its professional football club derives its name? Perth (Team is St Johnstone)

75. Manchester Central Library has recently been closed for refurbishment. Where were the more valuable books and documents stored to preserve them? Salt Mines (in Cheshire)

76. Which songwriter is responsible for One Fine Day, the Locomotion and Crying in the Rain, among many others? Carole King

77. Which London street takes its name from a game, similar to croquet, that was played there in the 17th century? Pall Mall

78. Which hugely popular film series features Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen?

The Hunger Games

79. Which Ivy League university is in Providence, Rhode Island? Brown

80. In grammar, what term means the use of repeated vowel sounds to create a rhyme?


81. Which writer created Reginald Perrin? David Nobbs

82. What name did the queen sign on her mother’s funeral card in 2002? Lilibet

83. Cary Grant had a statue erected in his memory in 2001 in which British city? Bristol

84. What was the nationality of the hotelier Cesar Ritz? Swiss

85. In sporting terms, what links Albert Camus, Luciano Pavarotti and Pope John Paul II?

All goalkeepers

86. The Brenner Pass links Austria with which country? Italy

87. What was George Osbourne’s first name at birth? Gideon

88. In which town is the administrative headquarters of the Isle of Wight? Newport

89. Highclere Castle has gained fame recently as the setting for what? Downton Abbey

90. In which US city are the Rocky films principally set? Philadelphia

91. In which UK city is the National Media Museum? Bradford

92. What is the basic personal tax allowance as at 6th April 2014? £10,000

93. Eleanor Caton won which prize in 2013? Man Booker Prize for fiction

94. In which year was Guinness established? 1759 (no leeway, it is a final)

95. In which town are the headquarters of Stella Artois? Leuven

96. Kian Egan won which event in 2013? I’m a ‘celebrity’ get me out of here

97. Which fish has the latin name Esox Lucius? Pike

98. Which company brews a beer called Lancaster Bomber? Thwaites

99. Beethoven’s Bagatelle no 25 in A Minor is better known as what? Fur Elise

100. Meniere’s syndrome affects which organ of the body? The Ear

101. The liqueur Curacao is flavoured with what? Orange (peel)

102. What was the date of D Day 6 June 1944 (no leeway)

103. On 10th March 1876, who said: ‘Come here Watson, I want you’?

Alexander Graham Bell

104. Which river, whose name translates as ‘plenty of eels’ flows through Sydney?


105. Thorshavn is the capital of which country? Faroes

106. It was the devious sounding Rachel, that in her retracing search after her missing children, only found another orphan’ Closing line from which novel? Moby Dick

107. Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship – closing line from which film? Casablanca

108. In the bible, who was the most famous son of Jesse? King David

109. Which African port’s name is the Arabic for Abode of Peace? Dar es Salaam

110. From which play did Frederick Forsyth get the expression ‘The Dogs of War’?

Julius Caesar

111. Vexillology is the study of what? Flags

112. Which opera begins with the chorus smoking cigarettes and singing about the smoke drifting lazily up into the sky? Carmen

113. Gideon bibles are a feature of hotel rooms, but which book of the Old Testament tells the story of Gideon? Judges

114. Who is the current question master on Radio 4’sBrain of Britain? Russell Davies

115. Which TV quiz show is hosted by Ben Shepherd? Tipping Point

116. Brett Anderson was/is the singer in what British band, who had their biggest successes in the 1990’s? Suede

117. What was the name of the ‘Godfather of House Music’ who died early in 2014?

Frankie Knuckles(pedantically, you can accept Francis Nicholls, his birth name)

118. What word does a muslim attach to his name to indicate he has completed the pilgrimage to Mecca? El Haji/Haj

119. What is the name of the recent Coen Brothers film set in the 1960’s New York folk music scene? Inside Llewyn Davies

120. Cash’s was a Coventry based company that went out of business in early 2104 after more than 160 years manufacturing what? Woven Name Tags

Tie Break: The train journey from Brussels to Berlin involves changing at Cologne. If you were making the journey today, what is the shortest time you would need to complete the journey(answer in minutes)

400 minutes


1. Design Magazine awards a trophy for the worst building of the year – its name is inspired by a comment on a piece of architecture made by Prince Charles. What is the trophy called? The Carbuncle Cup

2. Which Marx brother’s real first name was Julius? Groucho

3. Aldous Huxley took the phrase Brave New World from which Shakespeare play? The Tempest

4. Who was England’s full back in the recent 6 nations rugby tournament, felt by some commentators to be the player of the tournament? Mike Brown


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