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25th February–The Questions


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Set by the Chester Road Tavern


Art and Culture
A Colourful Life
Trigger Points


1.    Who was Prime Minister when Queen Victoria was crowned?
A.    Lord Melbourne (William Lamb)

2.    Who assassinated Abraham Lincoln?
A.    John Wilkes Booth

3.    Who was "the young pretender"? (Both names required)
A.    Prince Charles Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie)

4.    Which former mayor of Birmingham became prime minister in 1937?
A.    Neville Chamberlain

5.    Who was the last viceroy of India?
A.    Lord Mountbatten

6.    Which English queen was reputed to have six fingers on one hand?
A.    Anne Boleyn

7.    By what name did Josip Broz become better known?
A.    Tito

8.    What was Lord Haw-Haw’s real name?
A.    William Joyce


1.    Who was the last monarch of Italy?
A.    Umberto II

2.    Who was the first monarch of the house of Tudor?
A.    Henry VII


Art & Culture

1.    Who painted ‘The Persistence of Memory’, which depicted melting clocks?
A.    Salvador Dali

2.    Which artist had a genetic disorder leaving him with child size legs, the syndrome he suffered from is now named after him?
A.    Toulouse Lautrec

3.    Who wrote the play ‘The Crucible’, based on the Salem witch trials?
A.    Arthur Miller

4.    Which poet’s works include ‘Do not go gently into that good night’ and ‘And death shall have no dominion’?
A.    Dylan Thomas

5.    Which author was the youngest ever recipient of the Nobel prize for literature in 1907?
A.    Rudyard Kipling

6.    Which sculptor’s work includes ‘Another Place’ on Crosby Beach?
A.    Anthony Gormley

7.    Which technique in painting sees distinct dots of pure colour applied in patterns to form an image?
A.    Pointillism

8.    What word describes the technique of mural painting of freshly laid lime plaster?
A.    Fresco


1.    Who wrote the poem ‘Dulce et Decorum est’?
A.    Wilfred Owen

2.    Who sculpted ‘The Burghers of Calais’ in 1889?
A.    Rodin



1.    In which region of the atmosphere is the ozone layer?
A.    Stratosphere

2.    Hyperion and Rhea are two of the moons of which planet?
A.    Saturn

3.    Who, while working at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, pioneered antiseptic surgery?
A.    Joseph Lister

4.    Which element is used on luminous watch dials?
A.    Radium

5.    Who is commonly credited with designing the first computer?
A.    Charles Babbage

6.    Which small rodent, which is often kept as a pet, is also known as a jird or sand rat?
A.    Gerbil

7.    What name is given to a swelling of the thyroid gland?
A.    Goitre

8.    What was developed shortly before World War II by a British team led by Sir Robert Watson-Watt?
A.    Radar


1.    On the Mohs scale what is the softest mineral?
A.    Talc

2.    Fred Hoyle is credited with coining which term regarding the universe during a 1949 radio broadcast?
A.    Big Bang Theory


1.    Which British Athlete won a gold medal in the Skeleton event at the 2010 Winter Olympics?
A.    Amy Williams

2.    Nicknamed ‘The Thunder from Down Under’, who is the current (at 9/2/14) snooker world no. 1?
A.    Neil Robertson

3.    In January, who knocked Manchester United out of this year’s FA Cup?
A.    Swansea City

4.    Mark Ramprakash played over 400 first class cricket matches for Middlesex and which other county?
A.    Surrey

5.    Name either of the teams that contested this year’s Superbowl XLVIII (48)?
A.    Seattle Seahawks or Denver Broncos

6.    In what year did Damon Hill win his only Formula 1 Drivers Championship?
A.    1996 (accept 1995-1997)

7.    Which Rugby Union team play their home games at Kingsholm?
A.    Gloucester

8.    In which sport are competitors required to change lanes after every lap?
A.    Speed Skating


1.    Name the England cricketer that was killed in a car accident, aged 24, in Perth, Australia in 2002?
A.    Ben Hollioake

2.    What sport is played on a Diamond?
A.    Baseball


1.    What is the largest lake, by area, in mainland Britain?
A.    Loch Lomond

2.    What is the former name of the Vietnamese capital Ho Chi Minh City?
A.    Saigon

3.    Which city has Table Mountain as its backdrop?
A.    Cape Town

4.    The Grimaldi family rules which independent state?
A.    Monaco

5.    In which country is the Serengeti national park?
A.    Tanzania

6.    Melbourne is situated on which river?
A.    The Yarra

7.    Mount Rushmore is in which US state?
A.    South Dakota

8.    Whose capital city is Ajaccio?
A.    Corsica


1.    Leicester stands on which river?
A.    The Soar

2.    In which US state are the Adirondack Mountains found?
A.    New York


1.    Who won the 2014 series of the Channel 4 programme ‘The Jump’?
A.    Joe McElderry

2.    In which US State was Michael Jackson born?
A.    Indiana

3.    Who directed the 1996 film version of ‘Romeo & Juliet’?
A.    Baz Luhrmann

4.    Mark Lamarr, Will Self and Jack Dee have appeared as team captains on which panel quiz show?
A.    Shooting Stars

5.    Which legendary American folk musician died on 27th January 2014
A.    Pete Seeger

6.    Who hosted the 85th Academy Awards in 2013?
A.    Seth MacFarlane

7.    Eric Clapton's drunken rant at a 1976 concert triggered the formation of which organisation?
A.    Rock Against Racism

8.    Who underwent drastic weight loss to play the lead role in the film ‘Dallas Buyers Club’?
A.    Matthew McConaughey


1.    Who, in 2011, played Shylock in the Royal Shakespeare Company's The Merchant of Venice
A.    Sir Patrick Stewart

2.    Whose version of Unchained Melody sold the most copies in the UK?
A.    Robson & Jerome (1.86m copies)



set by The Lamb Inn

01.  According to Mark Anthony in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, who “was the noblest Roman of  them all ?                                                               A.       BRUTUS

02.     Which word for candidates addressing potential voters comes from Old Norse meaning
‘household assembly held by a leader’ ?               A.      HUSTINGS

     03.  Andy Bell and Vince Clark were the members of which chart-topping act ?   A. ERASURE

04.      In human biology, what substances derive their name from the Greek for ‘first’ because
of their primary importance in the body ?            A.       PROTEIN

05.     Which painting by John Everett Millais, originally called ‘A child’s world’, was famously
used in a Pear’s Soap advertisement ?                  A.       BUBBLES

     06.  Stibium is the Latin name for which chemical element ?            A.       ANTIMONY

07.  How many players are there in an Australian Rules football team ?        A.   18

08.    Which magician came on stage to the tune ‘The Sheikh of Araby’ ?   
                                                                          A.      TOMMY COOPER

09.    Which company was formed in 1600 during the reign of Elizabeth I to compete with Spain, Portugal and the Dutch for the spice trade ?        A.   EAST INDIA COMPANY

     10.  Which apostle is the patron saint of tax collectors ?    

A.   ST. MATTHEW (accept LEVI)

     11.  In which country is the active volcano Mount Cotopaxi ?           A.      ECUADOR

12.    Which gemstone mineral has varieties including emerald, morganite, aquamarine and
the colourless goshenite ?                                               A.       BERYL

13.    What is the name for a college of mainly religious instruction which comes from the
Arabic for ‘to study’  ?                                                   A.       MADRASA

     14.  In which county does the river Trent rise  ?                   A.       STAFFORDSHIRE

15.      In the bible, who was Jacob’s second wife, the mother of Joseph and Benjamin ?
                                                                                               A.      RACHEL
     16.  What is the traditional topping of a Simnel cake ?         A.     MARZIPAN or almond paste

17.  Napoleon’s favourite horse was named after which battle in Northern Italy ?  
                                                                                                A.     MARENGO
18.  In which present day country was Jean Sibelius born in 1865 ?      A.       FINLAND

19.    What word of Arabic origin is used for a dry valley in arid regions subject to flash
flooding ?                                                                         A.      WADI
20.    Who won the first of seven Wimbledon Singles titles when he beat Jim Courier in the  1993 final ?                                                                      A.      PETE SAMPRAS.          
     21.  What was the name of the British working class movement that was established in 1838
            to include votes for all men  ?                                                       A.     CHARTISM

22.      Which word, of Norse origin, is used in Scotland to refer to a narrow inlet of the sea or
river inlet ?                                                                                    A.     FIRTH

23.     According to the gospel of St. John, in which town did Jesus turn the water into wine at
a wedding  ?                                                                                   A.     CANA

24.     John Sullivan named which TV sitcom from the title of an episode of his earlier series
‘Citizen Smith’  ?                                                               A.     ONLY FOOLS AND HORSES

25.     Which American inventor was involved in perfecting an electronic keyboard
instrument patented in 1934 and named after him ?          A.     LOURENS HAMMOND

     26.  Which one of Robin Hood’s merry men was a travelling muisician ?   A.   ALAN A’DALE

     27.  The adjective Lupine refers to which animal ?                           A.      WOLF

     28.  Who created the character of Tin Tin ?                            A.    HERGE  (GEORGE REMI)

     29.  Released in 1963, what was the title of The Beatles first LP ?   A.   PLEASE, PLEASE ME

     30.  In the bible, who was the wife of Abraham ?                              A.      SARAH

     31.  What type of animal is a Kerry Blue ?                                        A.      DOG  (TERRIER)

     32.  Who became the world’s first test-tube baby in 1978 ?              A.     LOUISE BROWN

     33.   Robert Ford shot and killed which infamous American outlaw in 1882 ?   A.  JESSE JAMES    

     34.  What kind of creature was Rikki-Tikki-Tavvi  ?                         A.     MONGOOSE

     35.  Which popular biscuit is named after an Italian revolutionary ?       A.      GARIBALDI

     36.  How many colours are there on the Israeli flag ?              A.      TWO  (BLUE & WHITE)

37.    Three countries have both an Atlantic and Mediterranean coastline.  France and Spain are
two, which is the third ?                                                     A.      MOROCCO

38.    Bow Street and Vine Street are two of the orange coloured streets on the Monopoly board.
What is the third ?                                                              A.    MARLBOROUGH STREET

39.    Offa famously built his dyke around 785 AD but of which kingdom was he king ?
                                                                                        A.      MERCIA
40.    When Elizabeth Taylor played Cleopatra in the 1963 film, who played Julius Ceasar ?

     41.  Who created the fictional town of Middlemarch ?     A.   GEORGE ELLIOT (Mary Ann Evans)
       42.  In which US state would you find the infamous San Quentin prison ?   A.   CALIFORNIA

43.    In ships names prefixed with the letters RMS, what does the M stand for ?

44.  Which commercial chain of café restaurants was named after a character in Moby Dick ?
                                                                                                 A.      STARBUCKS
     45.  The name of which common household object derives from the Latin for ‘admire’ or ‘to wonder at’ ?                                                                 A.      MIRROR
46.  Which acid was once known as ‘Aqua Fortis’ meaning strong water ?   A.   NITRIC ACID

     47.  What is the characteristic smell of Hydrogen Sulphide ?    A.       ROTTEN EGGS

     48.  To which family of birds does the Jay belong ?            A.         CORVIDAE  (CROWS)

     49.  From which Gilbert & Sullivan opera does the song ‘Tit Willow’ come ?  A. THE MIKADO

     50.  The Wolseley Hornet and the Riley Elf were fancy versions of which iconic car ?    
                                                                                                   A.          THE MINI
     51.  What is the smallest British bird ?         A.          GOLDCREST or sub-species FIRECREST

     52.  Which Elgar composition is also an aircraft and a ‘Mighty Hunter’  ?     A.       NIMROD
     53.  Who designed Hitler’s ‘peoples car’ the Volkswagen known as ‘The Beetle’ ?
                                                                                                  A.        FERDINAND PORSCHE
     54.  What is the common name of the product of the Froghopper nymph ?     A.   CUCKOO SPIT

55.    Which BBC reporter famously said during the Falklands conflict “I counted them all out
and I counted them all back”  ?                                   A.         BRIAN HANRAHAN

     56.  Which sportsman was involved in the recent ‘ La Quenelle’ controversy ?
A.  NICOLAS ANELKA used the so-called ‘inverted Nazi salute’ during a Premier League
--------------------------------------------------                                                   Match  (accept ANELKA)
     57.  What is the capital of Chad ?                                       A.        N’DJAMENA   

     58.  Which chemical element has the symbol Sn  ?            A.        TIN

     59.  What is the literal translation of Iceland’s capital city Reykjavik ?       A.   SMOKY BAY

60.    Macclesfield Town FC played in the first round proper of the FA Cup in 1960 losing 7-2
against which team ?                                                     A.        SOUTHPORT

     61.  In which parts of the body would you find the phalanges bones ?      A.    HANDS & FEET

     62.  In which year did ‘Dad’s Army’ first appear on television  ?     A.  1968  (accept 1967-69)

63.    Which group was number one in the charts at the beginning of this century ?
                                                                   A.  WESTLIFE  (I have a dream / Seasons in the sun)
64.  How many ‘Carry on’ films were made ?                    A.      31  (accept 30-32)

     65.  Who wrote ‘The Grapes of Wrath’  ?                             A.      JOHN STEINBECK

66.    Which actor played the character ‘Hoss Cartwright’ in the TV series ‘Bonanza’ ?
                                                                                                A.     DAN BLOCKER
67.  Which actor appeared in the most ‘Carry On’ films ?    A.     KENNETH WILLIAMS

68.      In which year did the Mayflower set sail from Plymouth carrying the Pilgrim Fathers to the
New World ?                                                                    A.    1620

69.      The film ‘United 93’ was about which historic event ?
(the passengers managed to overcome the terrorists on board the ‘plane)

70.    Which well known and much used phrase means ‘bottom of the bag’ in French ?
                                                                                                 A.     CUL DE SAC
71.  How many moons does Uranus have ?                             A.     27  (allow 25-29)

72.  Real Sociedad play football in which Spanish city ?        A.     SAN SEBASTIAN
73.  How many legs do crabs have ?                                        A.     10
74.    If you travelled out of Macclesfield on the A537, at which town would you arrive  ?
                                                                                                  A.     BUXTON
75.  On what date does ‘Groundhog day’ fall ?                        A.     2ND FEBRUARY

76.  What is the capital of Ecuador ?                                        A.     QUITO

77.  In which city were the 1968 Winter Olympics held ?        A.     GRENOBLE

78.  Which school did Billy Bunter attend ?                             A.     GREYFRIARS
79.    What does the legend say will happen to you if you throw a coin into the Trevi fountain in
Rome ?                                                                       A.    YOU WILL RETURN TO ROME

     80.  Give a year in the life of Ivan the Terrible.                       A.      1530 – 1584

81.     Which bird, at a recorded weight of up to 42lb, is considered the heaviest flying animal
       in the world ?
                                                                                           A.     THE GREAT BUSTARD
     82.  Which emblem was on the reverse of the pre-decimal brass threepenny bit and was also on
            the reverse of the first decimal penny ?                           A.      PORT CULLIS

83.      Into what would you be entering if you were ferried through ‘traitor’s gate’ ?
                                                                                                A.     THE TOWER OF LONDON

84.  What is the capital of Liechtenstein ?                             A.      VADUZ

85.      Who composed the music for ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ ; ‘The Lost Chord’ and  ‘The Pirates of Penzance’  ?                                           A.    SIR ARTHUR SULLIVAN
                                                                                                                                             86.  The name of which printing process is derived from the Greek word for stone ?
                                                      A.  LITHOGRAPHY  (accept Litho)   Greek lithos = stone.
87.  In which long running publication would you find the features ‘Laughter, the best medicine’
       ‘It pays to increase your word power’ and ‘Life’s like that’  ?  A.    READERS DIGEST

88.  Which chemical element, atomic number 74, has the symbol W  ?   A.    TUNGSTEN 
                                                            (W for Wolfram)
89.  Which rodent like piece of computer hardware was invented by Douglas Engelbart of
        Stamford Research Institute in 1963 ?                                      A.     THE MOUSE

90.    Which gland in the human body secretes the hormone responsible for growth ?
                                                                                                          A.     PITUITARY

91.    What is the more commonly called title of Beethoven’s ‘Piano Sonato No. 14 in C sharp
minor’  ?                                                                                     A.   MOONLIGHT SONATA

     92.  Which American company was the first to manufacture Nylon  ?      A.      DU PONT

     93.  Of what is an escritoire a type ?                                                 A.        DESK

     94.  In which country was the explosive ‘Semtex’ developed ?       A.       CZECHOSLOVAKIA

95.      Which word describes seemingly contradictory figures of speech such as ‘bitter sweet’ ;
‘deafening silence’ and ‘serious joke’  ?                                    A.       OXYMORON

     96.  Who composed ‘The Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra’ ?    A.  BENJAMIN BRITTEN


      1.  According to some sources, the largest wine bottle is a ‘Melchizedek’. How many standard
           bottles would it contain ?                                                           A.     40  (accept 38-42)

      2.  In ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ who plays Edina’s mother ?             A.      JUNE WHITFIELD

3.    What was the nick-name of Henry Percy, son of the 1st Earl of Northumberland ?
                                                                                                         A.      HOTSPUR
4.  Name either of the two Americans who won the Formula One World Chapionship ?
                                                                              A.        PHIL HILL and MARIO ANDRETTI
5.  Which ‘Fawlty Towers’ character was played by Ballard Berkeley ?
                                                                              A.      MAJOR GOWAN  (accept The Major)
6.  Who painted ‘The Night Watch’ in 1642 ?                                 A.   REMBRANDT

7.    Which group had hits in the 1960’s with ‘Just one Look’ ; ‘Yes I will’ ; ‘Sorry Suzanne’
and ‘We’re through’  ?                                                                A.     THE HOLLIES

      8.  What class of animal is the Woodlouse ?                                    A.     CRUSTACEAN












A Colourful Life

A colour will feature in the answer to each question. Both names will be required for all answers

1.    Canadian born newspaper publisher
A.    Conrad Black

2.    Author Richmal Crompton’s naughty boy
A.    William Brown

3.    Actor best known as Ben Cartwright in Bonanza
A.    Lorne Greene

4.    Singer dubbed "the walrus of love"
A.    Barry White

5.    Author of the Da Vinci Code
A.    Dan Brown

6.    Actor most famous for sergeant Bilko
A.    Phil Silvers

7.    Texan famous for capping oil wells
A.    Red Adair

8.    The nine days queen
A.    Lady Jane Grey


1.    Actor best known for playing Robin Hood in a long running TV series
A.    Richard Greene

2.    Actress best known for playing Sue Ellen in Dallas
A.    Linda Gray












Trigger Points

A round in memory of Roger Lloyd Pack; all answers linked to the names “Dave” and “Rodney”!
Both names are required for all answers

1.    Entertainer, particularly well known for his feathered friend.
A.    Rod Hull

2.    Leader of group who had a 70s hit with “Hold Your Head Up”.
A.    Rod Argent

3.    Director whose films included “Ryan’s Daughter” and “Doctor Zhivago”.
A.    David Lean

4.    Played football for Newcastle and Spurs, after transfer from Paris St Germain.
A.    David Ginola

5.    Labour home Secretary from 2001 to 2004.
A.    David Blunkett

6.    Australian actor, films include “The Time Machine” and “The Birds”.
A.    Rod Taylor

7.    US golfer, rose to world number one in the late 90s.
A.    David Duval

8.    Star of The X Files series.
A.    David Duchovny


1.    Actor starred in “The Likely Lads”.
A.    Rodney Bewes

2.    Sang with “The Partridge Family”.
A.    David Cassidy


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