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Set by The Dolphin Dragons
And Vetted (rigorously) by
The Cock-a-2 and the
Park Timers



Specialist Rounds:
Antiques Road Show
A Colourful Round

(Note to QMs: the information in brackets after an answer is for information only and is not required for the answer)

Specialist Questions.

Round 1: Culture

1  Q  Who composed Carmen?  
  A  Bizet

2  Q  Which Impressionist specialised in horseracing and ballet paintings?
    A Degas

3  Q   Which book of Dickens was unfinished at his death?
    A   (The Mystery of) Edwin Drood

4  Q   What is Anthony Gormley’s installation of sea gazing figures at Formby called?
     A  Another Place

5  Q   What was the surname of sibling artists Augustus and Gwen, born in Tenby?
     A   John

6  Q   Whose unfinished books include The Watsons and Sanditon?
    A   Jane Austen

7  Q   Who created the sculpture of the Thinker?
    A    Rodin

8  Q   Who composed Aida?
     A   Verdi



Q  Who composed The Merry Widow?
A  Lehar

Q  In which Shakespeare play are there 2 sets of identical twins?
A Comedy of Errors

Round 2: Geography

In which country would you find the following?
( NB question masters: stuff in brackets for further info only!)

1.Capitol Hill
USA (Washington DC)

2. Hagia Sophia
Turkey (Istanbul)

3. The Alhambra
Spain (Granada)

4. St. Basil’s Cathedral
Russia (Moscow)

5. Chichen Itza

6. Machu Picchu

7.The Golden Temple
India (Amritsah)

8. The Spanish Steps
Italy (Rome)



The Great Buddha

Temple of Artemis of The Ephesians
Turkey (Ephesus)


Round 3: Entertainment

1 Paul Humphrey and Andy McClusky are which 80’s duo?
2 Who plays Isobel Crawley in Downton Abbey?
   Penelope Wilton

3 In which seminal children’s TV series was there a major character called Bridget  McClusky?
Grange Hill

4  Name the actress who played either Cagney or Lacey
Sharon Gless (Cagney) / Tyne Daly (Lacey)

5 Which “Good Life” Actor died aged 79 in February 2013?
Richard Briers
6 Which cricket commentator/writer died aged 67 on New Year’s Day in 2013?
Christopher Martin Jenkins

7 Which actor plays Mandela in the film “The Long Walk to Freedom” ?
Idris Elba

8 “One way or another “ was a hit single originally for Blondie. Who did a cover version for Comic Relief 2013?
  One Direction


Name one of the male lead actors in the current film “Last Vegas” 
Robert de Niro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline

Who had a “Manic Monday” in the charts of 1986?
The Bangles

Round 4: Sport

1 Which horsewoman was voted BBC's Sports Personality of the Year in 1971?
Princess Anne / Princess Royal

2 At 15 all in a game of tennis, how many points have been played?

3 Who  (as of Jan 13,2013) is the captain of the women’s English cricket team?
Charlotte Edwards

4 Which Welsh footballer has played for, among others, West Ham Liverpool, Manchester City, Norwich and Celtic plus 5 others.
Craig Bellamy

5 In Rugby Union which two teams contest for the MMC trophy, formerly known as the Bowring Bowl?
Oxford & Cambridge

6 Name the Heavyweight boxer who died last year who once beat Mohammad Ali (having broken Ali’s jaw during the fight), but lost a later rematch
Ken Norton

7 Which English footballer has played over 50 times for his country and has turned out for West Ham, Liverpool, Lille and Chelsea?
Joe Cole

8 In sporting terms what are Duke and Kookaburras?
(Leading makes of) Cricket balls.



What links Yeovil, Crystal Palace and Bradford Cty in 2013?
They were the 3 Football League play off final winners.

Who is the only player in English topflight football to have scored (on average) more than a goal a game in one season?
Dixie Dean (60 goals in 39 games for Everton 1927/28)

Round 5: Science

1  What comes next in this sequence: 1,4,9,16…?
25. (Squares of 1,2,3,4,& 5)

2  How many sides has a dodecahedron?

3  What is a female elephant called?
A Cow

4  To which bird family does the jay belong?

5  Fahrenheit and Celsius scales coincide at which point?
Minus 40

6  What makes leaves green?

7  Olympus Mons is a volcano on which celestial body?

8  What name is given to the lowest layer of the atmosphere?


Where in the human body is the lunula located?
Fingernail (The crescent at the base of the nail)

Which scientific word translated means 'disease producer'?

Round 6: History through the Centuries

In which century did each of the following occur? (Again, the dates in brackets are for further info only, not as part of the answer!)

(NB. A century may appear more than once.
Be careful in naming: the 1300s are the 14th Century)

The Black Death?
  C14  (1349)

The Jacobite Rebellion under Bonnie Prince Charlie? 
C18 (1745)

The Gunpowder Plot?
C17 (1605)

The Magna Carta?
C13 (1215)

The Battle of Agincourt?
C15 (1415)

The Battle of Bosworth?
C15 (1485)

The Dissolution of the Monasteries?
C16 (1530’s)

The Peasants’ Revolt?
C14 (1381)


The only Assassination of a British PM?
C19 (1812)

The First Printing Press in England? 
C15 (1476)

The first Theatre in Britain?
C16 (1576)

The Spanish Armada?
C16 (1588)


Round 7: Antiques Road Show

1  Always a good seller, what type of antique is known as Moorcroft? 


2  What type of commodity is treen? 
Made of wood

3  Apart from London, name one of the 2 other current  English assay offices.
Sheffield or Birmingham

4  Which animal did Robert Thompson always include carved into his (wooden) furniture?
A mouse

5  What style of the late C19 is characterised by flowing lines and plant motifs?
Art Noveau

6  Who is famous for having produced very desirable – and expensive – glass in the Art Noveau and Art Deco styles?

7  Which ground breaking early C20 pottery designer produced such ranges as Crocus and the brightly coloured Bizarre?
Clarice Cliff

8  Which city on the River Severn is famous for producing much valued porcelain?



Whose name is associated with intricate bejewelled Easter eggs?

What is a Davenport?
A type of desk – or, in parts of the USA, a sofa!


Round 8: A Colourful Round

1  Which painter had a blue period?

2  Which religious order was known as the white friars?

3  Who is the leader of the Green party?
Natalie Bennet

4  Who composed Mood Indigo?
Duke Ellington (accept Barney Bigard, if anyone wants to be picky, but Ellington is sufficient)

5  Churchill referred to what as his black dog?

6  Who wrote a series of children’s books about William Brown?
Richmal Crompton

7  Which composer was known as the Red Priest?

8  Which country had the Orange Revolution in 2004?




Who sang in 1970 about the yellow river?

In the song Deep Purple where does the shade first fall?
Sleepy Garden Walls


1    Q    Which book starts ”Call me Ishmael”
    A    Moby Dick
2    Q    Who wrote Little Women?
    A    Louisa M Alcott
3    Q    From which song do the words “The last thing I remember, I was running for the door” come from?
    A    Hotel California (The Eagles)
4    Q    Which was the first reality show band or artist to reach No1 in the UK Album charts (in 2001)?
    A    Hear’Say (Popstars)
5    Q    In which UK city were the 1958 Commonwealth & Empire Games held?
    A    Cardiff
6    Q    What is the name usually given to a female horse under 24 months of age or in thoroughbred racing, under the age of five?
    A    Filly
7    Q    Which red legged member of the crow family is found of the coast of west Wales and is a symbol of Cornwall?
    A    The Chough
8    Q     Which car manufacturer makes the Sharan?
    A    Volkswagon
9    Q    Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria border the Black Sea. Name 1 of the other countries
    A    Ukraine, Russia, Georgia
10    Q    What was Soletrader Peek a Boo’s claim to fame in 2013?
    A    Best of Show in Crufts
11    Q    Who was the first Celebrity to be eliminated in last autumn’s Strictly Come Dancing?
    A    Tony Jacklin

12    Q    On an OS map what is shown by a blue w?
    A    A well
13    Q     What girl’s name is also the term used to describe a female donkey?
    A    Jenny
14    Q    Which is the largest of the Ionian islands?
    A    Kefalonia
15    Q    Which England bowler conceded a test match record 28 runs in one over during the recent Ashes series?
    A    James Anderson
16    Q    Who, as of 7th Feb 2014, was the second longest serving manager in the Football Premiership?
    A    Alan Pardew (Newcastle)
17    Q     In which Shakespeare play has David Tennant recently been appearing, first in Stratford and then in London?
    A    Richard II
18    Q    What does Con Brio mean?
    A    With Spirit (use your discretion -accept with vigour, or any words which mean this)
19    Q    What is used as the croquet ball in Alice in Wonderland?
    A    A  hedgehog
20    Q    What was Miss Marple’s first name?
    A    Jane
21    Q    What was the name of the cat in 10 Downing Street between 1989 and 1997?
    A    Humphrey
22    Q    What is the Australian National anthem?
    A    Advance Australia Fair

23    Q    What does the term chester or caster imply in place names such as Manchester or Lancaster?
    A    A Roman fort (accept fortress/castle. Not town)  (Lancaster is the one on the Lune, and Manchester the one between the breast-shaped hills)
24    Q    Tom Stoppard is marrying an heiress from which drinks dynasty?
    A    Guinness
25    Q     Who was champion racehorse Frankels’ trainer (he died last year)?
    A    Henry Cecil
26    Q    Athens and London have both hosted the Olympic Games on more than one occasion. What is the only other city, to date, to do this?
    A    Paris (in 1900 and 1924. Tokyo will join the list in 2020)
27    Q     Which Greek god is associated with wild nature and has the hindquarters of a goat?
    A    Pan
28    Q    In which Shakespeare play does the eponymous hero have a wife Virgilia and a mother Volumnia?
    A    Coriolanus
29    Q    What type of bean is found in Baked Beans?
    A    Haricot
30    Q    What is the distinguishing factor of vegetables served in the Julienne fashion?
    A    They are served cut in thin strips (3 mm x 3 mm x 3 to 5 cm!)
31    Q    As of 1st Feb 2014, who is Secretary of State for Culture etc?
    A    Maria Miller
32    Q    The Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, is the daughter-in-law of which prominent former British MP?
    A    Neil Kinnock
33    Q    Who was Prime Minister at the time of the General Strike (1926)?
    A    Stanley Baldwin
34    Q    Which earldom did Robert Dudley, favourite of Elizabeth I, hold?
    A    Leicester
35    Q    What is the capital of Angola?
    A    Luanda
36    Q    Sarawak is part of which country?
    A    Malaysia
37    Q     Which car manufacturer makes the Qashqai?
    A    Nissan
38    Q    What is the alternative name for the lapwing, based on its distinctive cry?
    A    The Peewit
39    Q    Which cartoon character sang Oh my Darling Clementine?
    A    Huckleberry Hound
40    Q    The monarch of which country has a part time job as an airline pilot?
    A    The Netherlands  (the newly enthroned Willhelm-Alexander)
41    Q    What event of ecclesiastical importance happened in 2013 for the first time since 1415?
    A    The Resignation of a Pope
42    Q     In the Bond film Goldfinger, what was the name of Goldfinger's bodyguard?
    A    Odd Job
43    Q    Assem Allam wants to change the name of which Premier League football club?
    A    Hull City

44    Q    Name any of the 3 cricketers, apart from Alistair Cook who captained England in 2013.
    A    Stuart Broad, Eoin Morgan or James Treadwell.
45    Q    How is the Dickens character Jack Dawkins better known?
    A    The Artful Dodger
46    Q    In the Hans Christian Andersen story, which little girl was found inside the petals of a flower?
    A     Thumbelina
47    Q    How is the combination of Anise, Pepper, Cinnamon, Cloves and Fennel better known?
    A    (Chinese) Five spice
48    Q    What is the confectionary made by setting nuts (most typically hazel and almond) and candied cherries into a caramel disc, which is then often coated on the bottom with chocolate?
    A    A Florentine
49    Q    Who was the Welsh international rugby player and broadcaster who died last August aged 83?
    A    Cliff Morgan
50    Q    And who was the scientist and doctor famous for pioneering IVF treatment  who died last April aged 87
    A     Sir Robert Edwards
51    Q     How many old pennies were there in a groat?
    A    Four
52    Q    What does the word Cheap, or its variants mean in such place names as Cheapside or Chipping Campden?
    A    Market
53    Q    Name one of the two peers suspended from the House of Lords in December after the “Cash for Access” enquiry.
    A    Lord McKenzie or Lord Laird
54    Q    As of 1st Feb 2014, who is shadow Health Minister?
    A    Andy Burnham
55    Q    Which English king was married to Berengaria of Navarre?
    A    Richard I
56    Q    In what month of 1805 was the Battle of Trafalgar?
    A    October
57    Q    What is the name for a word or phrase which is spelled the same forwards as it is backwards?
    A    A palindrome
58    Q     Which Airline is the oldest in the world still to be using its original name?
    A    KLM
59    Q    Of which country, recently swept by corruption scandals is Recep Tayyip Erdogan the PM?
    A    Turkey
60    Q    Inja Beale has become the first female chief executive of which longstanding City of London organisation?
    A    Lloyds of London
61    Q    Name the actress most famous for being Lou Beale in East Enders, who died last July aged 97
    A    Anna Wing
62    Q    And who was the locally born broadcaster and commentator who died last December aged 87?
    A    David Coleman
63    Q    On an OS map what is depicted by a pink rectangle? (As opposed to a Youth Hostel, which is a red triangle?)
    A    A bunkhouse/camping barn/other hostel
64    Q    In which musical, based on a play, does an eccentric teacher exclaim “I think she’s got it…by George, she’s got it!
    A    My Fair Lady (the play is Pygmalion)
65    Q    What is the name of the traditional English dish which is made up of leftover food, usually potato, cabbage and other greens, which are fried?
    A    Bubble and Squeak
66    Q    Hawkes Bay wine comes from which country?
    A    New Zealand
67    Q    What is Britain’s smallest raptor (Bird of  prey)?
    A    The Merlin
68    Q      For what would you use a set of Napier’s Bones?
    A    Mathematical Calculation (esp multiplication and division of various kinds)
69    Q     What does Adagio mean?
    A    In a leisurely manner, but accept slowly
70    Q     In 2008 David Tennant and Patrick Stewart appeared as nephew and uncle in a much praised production of which Shakespeare play?
    A    Hamlet
71    Q    What is the first name of Adrian Mole’s beloved?
    A    Pandora
72    Q    Which Dickens novel includes the characters Lord and Lady Deadlock?
    A    Bleak House
73    Q     Which western TV series featured the characters Jed “Kid” Curry and Hannibal Heyes?
    A    Alias Smith And Jones
74    Q    What is the highest mountain in S. America?
    A    Aconcagua
75    Q    What were found in a cave at Khirbet Qumran between 1947 and 1957?
    A    The Dead Sea Scrolls
76    Q    What linked JD Tippet with President Kennedy on November 22nd 1963?
    A    Both killed by Lee Harvey Oswald (probably)
77    Q    Name one country bordering on Lake Victoria.
    A    Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania
78    Q    Kirsty Allsopp is one of the presenters of Location, Location, Location. Who is the other presenter?
    A    Phil Spencer
79    Q     In which Shakespeare play does the duke of Gloucester have his eyes put out on stage (With the lovely remark “Out, vile jelly!”)?
    A    King Lear
80    Q    What is the name of the Roman god whose smithy is supposedly under Mount Etna?
    A    Vulcan
81    Q    What was investigated by Operation Weeting?
    A    Phone hacking
82    Q    Fiona Bruce, not the newsreader, is MP for which constituency?
    A    Congleton
83    Q    Retsina is a wine mainly from which country?
    A    Greece
84    Q    James Grieves is a variety of which fruit?
    A    Apple
85    Q    Which TV programme attracted the most complaints to Ofcom in 2013, beating the X factor by 231?
    A    Big Brother
86    Q     Who is CEO and founder of Facebook?
    A    Mark Zuckerberg
87    Q    Which modern band consists of Alex Turner, Jamie Cook, Andy Nicholson, Matt Helders?
    A    Arctic Monkeys

88    Q    Who was the first female solo artist to reach No 1 in the UK Album charts (in1980)?
    A    Kate Bush (with Never for Ever)
89    Q    In geometry, what is the name given to the straight line that "just touches" the curve at a particular point?
    A     Tangent
90    Q    Which car manufacturer has a name which means ‘I roll’ in Latin?
    A    Volvo
91    Q     In preparation for the world cup and the Olympics: what is the monetary unit of Brazil?
    A    The (Brazilian) Real
92    Q    Name one of the of the two cartoon mice pursued by the cat Mr. Jinx.
    A    Pixie or Dixie
93    Q    Who was the last English King to lead his troops in battle?
    A    George II
94    Q    Which World War II operation was code named `Dynamo`?
    A    Evacuation of Dunkirk.
95    Q    Zanzibar is part of which country?
    A    Tanzania
96    Q    What is the capital of Mozambique?
    A    Maputo

Supplementary Questions:       
1    Q    The Olympics of which year featured as the setting for the film Chariots of Fire?
    A    1924
2    Q    According to the song, from which track does the Chattanooga choo choo leave Pennsylvania station ?
    A    Track 29
3    Q    What is the name of the cake, originally made for Mother's Day, but which became more identified with Easter over time?
    A    Simnel Cake
4    Q    In historical, military or political terms, what is “Conshie” short for?
    A    Conscientious objector
5    Q    Who was the last French person to win a Grand Prix (F1)
    A    Oliver Panis (Monaco 1996).
6    Q    In which play does Lady Bracknell exclaim “A Handbag?”
    A    The Importance of Being Earnest


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