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April 1st–The Questions



Set By

The Weaver

Vetted by: Pack Horse Bowling Club and Robin Hood

Specialist Rounds are :





Art and Culture


You Got an Ology

Sing Little Birdie


Q1 Which future English king was born in Pembroke Castle on 28th January 1457 ?

A1 Henry VII (seventh)

Q2 Which future English king was born on 25th April 1284 at Caernarfon Castle, prior to becoming king he was the first English Prince of Wales ?

A2 Edward II (second)

Q3 Which Home Secretary created the Metropolitan Police Force in 1829 ?

A3 Sir Robert Peel (hence the nicknames '”bobbies”, “peelers”, etc.)

Q4 The Great Fire of London of 1666 began in which thoroughfare ?

A4 Pudding Lane

Q5 What momentous event in English history took place in Whitehall on 30th January 1649 ?

A5 Execution of Charles I

Q6 Formally abolished in 1859, Oak Apple Day was a public holiday in England to celebrate what event of 1660 ?

A6 Restoration of the monarchy

Q7 England and France were two of the three countries that formed the “Triple Alliance” in the early 20th century. Which country was the third ?

A7 Russia

Q8 The oldest continuously used national flag in the world is that of which European country ?

A8 Denmark

Supplementary Questions

Q9 Which city is shown as being the centre of the world on the medieval “Mappa Mundi” housed in Hereford Cathedral ?

A9 Jerusalem

Q10 Meaning “beautiful” in Portuguese the island of Taiwan was historically known by what name ?

A10 Formosa


Q1 With 198 winners as at 6th March AP McCoy is well on his way to becoming the UK's champion National Hunt jockey yet again – for how many consecutive seasons has he been the UK's champion jockey ?

A1 18 (accept 17 - 19)

Q2 Which other National Hunt jockey has been runner up to AP McCoy on 14 occasions in McCoy's 18 season span ?

A2 Richard Johnson

Q3 Ronnie O'Sullivan holds the record for the fastest 147 total clearance in professional snooker history (made at the World Championship in 1997). In minutes and seconds how long did the break last ?

A3 5 minutes 20 seconds (accept 5 minutes dead to 5 mins 40 secs)

Q4 Stephen Hendry holds the record for the greatest number of competitive century breaks in professional snooker. How many century breaks did he amass in his career ?

A4 775 (accept 750 - 800)

Q5 Which British boxer is nicknamed the ”The Cobra” ?

A5 Carl Froch

Q6 Which cyclist is nicknamed “The Manx Missile” ?

A6 Mark Cavendish

Q7 In the 2012 Olympic Games eight players from what sport were disqualified for trying to lose on purpose ?

A7 Badminton

Q8 The first cricketer to captain his country in over 100 Test Matches retired on 3rd March – who is he ?

A8 Graeme Smith (South Africa)

Supplementary Questions

Q9 Which Rugby Union side share a ground with the Salford Red Devils Rugby League club ?

A9 Sale Sharks

Q10 Which professional darts player is nicknamed “Jackpot” ?

A10 Adrian Lewis (whilst playing in the 2005 Las Vegas Desert Classic he “won” a $72,000 jackpot in a casino but was unable to claim the money because he was underage by US gaming laws)

Q11 Which island in the Firth of Clyde is the source of the stone from which top quality curling stones are made?

A11 Ailsa Craig (60-70% of all curling stones are made from this stone – the only other source of similar granite is from the Trefor quarry in North Wales)


Q1 Into which body of water does the River Volga empty ?

A1 Caspian Sea

Q2 Which European capital city stands on the River Aare ?

A2 Bern (Switzerland)

Q3 Which of the shipping forecast sea areas around the UK is furthest North ?

A3 South-East Iceland

Q4 Gotland is the largest island in which sea ?

A4 Baltic Sea

Q5 Dover is the capital city of which US state ?

A5 Delaware

Q6 Harrisburg is the capital city of which US state ?

A6 Pennsylvania

Q7 Which river, for part of its length, forms the boundary between the cities of Manchester and Salford ?

A7 River Irwell

Q8 Which sea, the northernmost part of the Pacific ocean, is named aster a Danish navigator ?

A8 The Bering Sea

Supplementary Questions

Q9 Cagliari is the capital city of which Mediterranean island ?

A9 Sardinia

Q10 The shipping forecast sea area formerly known as Finisterre is now known by what name ?

A10 Fitzroy


Q1 Which element has the atomic number 81 and the symbol Tl (T L )?

A1 Thallium

Q2 Which element has the atomic number 104 and the symbol Rf (R F) ?

A2 Rutherfordium

Q3 What is the alternative name for the vitamin B2 ?

A3 Riboflavin

Q4 What is the alternative name for the vitamin B9, formerly known as vitamin M ?

A4 Folic acid

Q5 What sort of animal is a muntjac ?

A5 Deer

Q6 What sort of animal is a chinstrap ?

A6 Penguin

Q7 What is the boiling point of water on the Kelvin scale (to nearest whole kelvin)?

A7 373 K (373.15 K precisely)

Q8 How many claws does a domestic cat have ?

A8 18

Supplementary Questions

Q9 Carline, Meadow and Marsh are varieties of which plant ?

A9 Thistle

Q10 Which fruit has the scientific name Malus Pumila ?

A10 Apple


Q1 Who wrote “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance ?

A1 Robert M. Pirsig

Q2 Who wrote “Sophie's World” ?

A2 Jostein Gaarder

Q3 On which island was Shakespeare's “Much Ado About Nothing” set ?

A3 Sicily

Q4 Who was the first actor to be awarded a knighthood ?

A4 Sir Henry Irving (in 1895)

Q5 Who painted “The Great Wave Off The Coast of Kanagawa” between 1830 and 1832 ?

A5 Katsushika Hokusai

Q6 Who painted “Olympia”, displayed in Paris's Musee d'Orsay, in 1863 ?

A6 Edouard Manet

Q7 Which female poet wrote the poem “Remember”, which opens with “Remember me when I am gone away” , in 1862 ?

A7 Christina Rossetti

Q8 Which American wrote “O Captain! My Captain” in 1865 ?

A8 Walt Whitman

Supplementary Questions

Q9 Which ballet dancer was born in Irkutsk in 1938 and died in France in 1993 ?

A9 Rudolf Nureyev

Q10 Which ballerina was born in Dunfermline in 1926 and died in Oxford in 2006 ?

A10 Moira Shearer


Q1 Complete the title of the BBC reality show “Snog, Marry, _____”

A1 Avoid

Q2 Leanne Mitchell was the first winner of which TV talent show ?

A2 The Voice

Q3 What was the title of the short lived West End musical based on the songs of the Spice Girls ? It closed in June last year with losses in excess of £5M ?

A3 Viva Forever

Q4 Who comes next in the following list: Linda Eastman, Heather Mills, ______ ?

A4 Nancy Shevell (wives of Paul McCartney)

Q5 “Running: The Autobiography” is the title of the 2013 autobiography of which sportsman ?

A5 Ronnie O'Sullivan

Q6 What is the title of the long running West End musical based on the songs of Queen (opened in May 2002 and still running) ?

A6 We Will Rock You

Q7 In which country is this years Eurovision Song Contest to be held in early May ?

A7 Denmark (Copenhagen)

Q8 Who will be singing the U.K. Entry in the Eurovision Song Contest this year ?

A8 Molly Smitten-Downes (accept Molly)

Supplementary Questions

Q9 What is the title of the UK entry in the Eurovision Song Contest this year ?

A9 Children of the Universe

Q10 Which film with seven awards took the most Oscars at this years Academy Awards ceremony ?

A10 Gravity

Q11 The film that took Best Foreign Language film Oscar at this years Academy Awards was in what language ?

A11 Italian (La Grande Bellezza – the Great Beauty)


The suffix “ology” means the scientific study of a particular subject. What are the subjects of these “ologies” ?

Q1 Phrenology

A1 The shape and size of the cranium as a supposed guide to character and intellect

Q2 Sinology

A2 Things Chinese

Q3 Hagiology

A3 The lives and writings of saints or sacred people

Q4 Herpetology

A4 The natural history of reptiles

Q5 Oncology

A5 Tumours (accept cancer)

Q6 Limnology

A6 The characteristics of lakes or other bodies of fresh water

Q7 Pomology

A7 Fruit

Q8 Oology

A8 Eggs

Supplementary Questions

Q9 Psephology

A9 Elections

Q10 Eschatology

A10 Events of the end time for humankind


Each answer in this round will be, or will contain the name of, a type/species of bird

Q1 A tournament in which players play against every other player

A1 Round Robin

Q2 Name given to the Lockheed SR-71 long range strategic reconnaissance aircraft flown by the U.S. Air Force 1964 -1998

A2 Blackbird

Q3 Name of the recently deceased General Secretary of the RMT trade union

A3 Bob Crow

Q4 Name of Jodie Foster's character in the film “Silence of the Lambs”

A4 Clarice Starling

Q5 Renee's call sign when he speaks to London via the short wave radio in the sitcom “Allo Allo”

A5 Night Hawk

Q6 Title of the crime fiction novel by J.K. Rowling using the pseudonym Robert Galbraith

A6 The Cuckoo's Calling

Q7 Nickname given to the Hughes H-4 Hercules flying boat type aircraft, made its only flight on 2nd November 1947

A7 Spruce Goose

Q8 The name of the first actor to be awarded a posthumous Oscar in an acting category

A8 Peter Finch

Supplementary Questions

Q9 The name given to achieving three consecutive strikes in Ten Pin Bowling

A9 Turkey

Q10 Children's TV series that ran from 1968-1980, ITV's show intended to compete with Blue Peter on the BBC.

A10 Magpie

Q11 A toy horse consisting of a model of a horse's head attached to a stick

A11 Hobby Horse (Hobby is a small falcon)


Q1 In a zoo what type of creatures would be found in an ophidiarium ?

A1 Snakes

Q2 What name is given to a female salmon ?

A2 Hen (the male is a cock)

Q3 Who is the current emperor of Japan ?

A3 Akahito

Q4 King Willem-Alexander is the current monarch of which country ?

A4 Netherlands (Holland)

Q5 On which river does Chepstow stand ?

A5 Wye

Q6 A former county in North Wales named after it, which river enters into the Irish Sea at Rhyl ?

A6 Clwyd

Q7 As in Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula , Bram is a shortened version of what name ?

A7 Abraham

Q8 John Huffam are the middle names of which 19th century author ?

A8 Charles Dickens

Q9 How often does a hebdomadal event take place ?

A9 Weekly

Q10 How many sides does a hendecagon have ?

A10 Eleven

Q11 What is the county town of Cornwall ?

A11 Truro

Q12 What is the county town of Hampshire ?

A12 Winchester

Q13 In computer terminology for what does the “B” stand in the abbreviation USB ?

A13 Bus (Universal Serial Bus)

Q14 In stock market terms for what does the “Q” stand in the abbreviation NASDAQ ?

A14 Quotations (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations)

Q15 How many degrees does each section on a standard dartboard occupy ?

A15 18

Q16 Bonspiel is the name given to a tournament in what sport or game ?

A16 Curling

Q17 Which band performed the theme song to the James Bond film “The World is not Enough” ?

A17 Garbage

Q18 Other than something edible what are “muttonchops” ?

A18 Side whiskers trimmed in the shape of a chop (accept sideburns)

Q19 How many keys are there on a standard piano keyboard ?

A19 88

Q20 .. and how many black keys are there on a standard piano keyboard ?

A20 36

Q21 “I didn't get where I am today” is a catchphrase from which TV series ?

A21 The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin

Q22 “Its all done in the best possible taste” was a catchphrase used in whose TV shows ?

A22 Kenny Everett

Q23 The first ever winner of BBC TV's sports personality of the year died on 19th January. Who was he ?

A23 Sir Chris Chataway

Q24 Which famous person died on 8th April last year at the Ritz Hotel in London ?

A24 Margaret Thatcher

Q25 In which country was J.R.R. Tolkien born ?

A25 South Africa

Q26 In which country was Rihanna born ?

A26 Barbados

Q27 What is the European emergency telephone number, it can be used in the UK as an alternative to 999 ?

A27 112

Q28 What is the name of the virtual currency developed in 2009 by an anonymous group of programmers using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto ?

A28 Bitcoin

Q29 Venezuela shares land borders with Brazil, Columbia and which other country ?

A29 Guyana

Q30 Chile shares land borders with Argentina, Bolivia, and which other country ?

A30 Peru

Q31 A single dot and single dash in Morse code will lead you to the title of which Oscar winning movie of 1982 ?

A31 E.T. (The Extraterrestrial)

Q32 In Germany what is a “krankenwagen” ?

A32 An ambulance

Q33 In which Dickens novel does “Little Nell” feature ?

A33 The Old Curiosity Shop

Q34 In which Dickens novel does “Inspector Bucket” feature ?

A34 Bleak House

Q35 Macclesfield born (5th October 1963) who is the BBC's political editor ?

A35 Nick Robinson

Q36 Former editor of the Sunday Times, who presents BBC TV's political programmes “Daily Politics”, “This Week”, “Straight Talk with _____” ?

A36 Andrew Neil

Q37 The name of which geological period of approx. 542 million years to 488 million years ago is so named from the Latin name for Wales ?

A37 Cambrian

Q38 Which city in New Zealand is named after the old Gaelic name for Edinburgh in Scotland ?

A38 Dunedin

Q39 In fiction how is Patrick Clifton better known ?

A39 Postman Pat

Q40 British film director Duncan Jones is the son of which famous musician ?

A40 David Bowie (original surname was Jones – his son was born Duncan Zowie Haywood Jones)

Q41 Jarlsberg cheese originated in which country ?

A41 Norway

Q42 Miso soup is a culinary item from which country ?

A42 Japan

Q43 What was the flight number of the Malaysian airliner which went missing in early March ?

A43 MH370

Q44 Tony Benn died aged 88 in early March. What title did he renounce in the early 1960's so that he could remain in the House of Commons ?

A44 Viscount Stansgate

Q45 Which of the NASA space shuttles was the first to go into space, launched on 12th April 1981 ?

A45 Columbia (later broke up on re-entry on its 28th mission on Feb 1st 2003

Q46 Who was the first woman to go into space ?

A46 Valentina Tereshkova

Q47 Which city is the capital city of the Netherlands ?

A47 Amsterdam (The Hague is the seat of government but not the capital)

Q48 Finnish is one of the two official languages of Finland. What is the other ?

A48 Swedish

Q49 In numbers of chapters what is the longest book in the Holy Bible ?

A49 Book of Psalms (150 chapters)

Q50 Containing only one chapter, what is the shortest book in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible ?

A50 Obadiah

Q51 “Ambush” is the collective noun for a group of which animals ?

A51 Tigers

Q52 “Convocation” is the collective noun for a group of which birds ?

A52 Eagles

Q53 The name of which football league club is reputedly derived from the name of the consort of King Edward VII ?

A53 Crewe Alexandra

Q54 Under what name does doctor Matthew Hall appear regularly on UK television ?

A54 Harry Hill

Q55 Where in the body would you find Haversian canals ?

A55 In the bones

Q56 Pollex is the medical name for what part of the body ?

A56 Thumb

Q57 BBC Radio Six music presenter Tom Ravenscroft is the son of which late D.J. ?

A57 John Peel

Q58 Who was the lead singer with The Verve until the band split up in 2009 ?

A58 Richard Ashcroft

Q59 What is a tarboosh ?

A59 Type of hat (similar to a Fez)

Q60 In which country is the city of Fez, after which the hat was named ?

A60 Morocco

Q61 When sold as foodstuff in a butchers shop the thymus and pancreas of a beast are given what name ?

A61 Sweetbread

Q62 Which horse won the Cheltenham Gold Cup in March this year ?

A62 Lord Windermere

Q63 Which horse won the Champion Hurdle at this years Cheltenham festival ?

A63 Jezki

Q64 Which fashion designer popularised the mini skirt in the 1960's ?

A64 Mary Quant

Q65 In early March the Economist Group named which city as the world's most expensive city in which to live ?

A65 Singapore

Q66 What breed of dog was named as Best in Show at the recent Crufts Dog Show ?

A66 Standard poodle (accept poodle)

Q67 Which tourist attraction is known as the Torre Pendente in the language of the city of its location ?

A67 Leaning Tower of Pisa

Q68 Which commonwealth city was named in honour of the Queen consort of King William IV ?

A68 Adelaide

Q69 Hinckley Point nuclear power station is in which county ?

A69 Somerset

Q70 Which 18th century U.S. statesman and inventor published a yearly almanac under the pseudonym “Poor Richard” ?

A70 Benjamin Franklin

Q71 Taking place in 1798 the Battle of Aboukir Bay is better known by what title ?

A71 Battle of the Nile (“Bataille d'Aboukir” in French)

Q72 William I (the Conqueror) was succeeded by two of his sons. William II was one, who was the other ?

A72 Henry I

Q73 What is the most common gas in the Earth's atmosphere ?

A73 Nitrogen

Q74 The Galapagos Islands fall under the jurisdiction of which country ?

A74 Ecuador

Q75 The word “yoghurt” came into English in the early 17th century from which language ?

A75 Turkish

Q76 The washing powder name “Persil” means “parsley” in which language ?

A76 French

Q77 From which London prison did Ronnie Biggs escape in 1965 ?

A77 Wandsworth

Q78 Winson Green prison is the historical name for the prison of which U.K. city ?

A78 Birmingham

Q79 How many years is a French Presidential term of office ?

A79 5 (was reduced from 7 years to 5 in 2000)

Q80 “United in Diversity” is the official motto of which organisation ?

A80 The European Union

Q81 The city of Durham stands on which river ?

A81 Wear

Q82 The village of Stilton famous for giving its name to the cheese is situated in which county ?

A82 Cambridgeshire

Q83 In a sporting context, who would be most likely to use an “Acme Thunderer” ?

A83 Referee (or similar official) (It is a type of whistle)

Q84 How is Jorge Mario Bergoglio better known ?

A84 Pope Francis

Q85 King Juan Carlos of Spain belongs to which royal house ?

A85 House of Bourbon

Q86 The theme song for the “Bond” movie “Die Another Day” was written and performed by which singer who also had a cameo role in the film ?

A86 Madonna

Q87 What type of fruit is a Laxton's Fortune ?

A87 Apple

Q88 What was the name of Charles Lindbergh's aircraft in which he made the first solo crossing of the Atlantic ?

A88 Spirit of St. Louis

Q89 Which author wrote the “Poldark” series of historical novels ?

A89 Winston Graham

Q90 Who won the 2013 series of TV's The X-Factor ?

A90 Sam Bailey

Q91 Atlantic City is in which U.S. State ?

A91 New Jersey

Q92 Which city some 129 kms (80 miles) east-northeast of Paris was the traditional site of the crowning of the Kings of France, the cathedral playing the same role as Westminster Abbey in the U.K. ?

A92 Reims

Q93 The current cabinet of the U.K. Government is made up of how many members (excluding the Prime Minister) ?

A93 22 (accept 21-23)

Q94 Which government department provides two members of the cabinet (all other departments provide one each) ?

A94 Treasury (Chancellor and Chief Secretary)

Q95 Co-written by the actor himself, which song was the theme song of Norman Wisdom ?

A95 Don't Laugh at Me 'cause I'm a Fool

Q96 Written and originally performed by Chris Rea in 1978 which song was a U.K. hit single for Elkie Brooks in 1981 ?

A96 Fool (If You Think It's Over)

Supplementary Questions

Q1 The Swaythling cup is contested in what sport ?

A1 Table Tennis

Q2 Cranwell, the RAF Officer training college, is in which county ?

A2 Lincolnshire

Q3 In surfing, who or what are known as “men in grey suits” ?

A3 Sharks

Q4 We are now in the Chinese year of which creature ?

A4 Horse

Q5 Which 18th century painter was the first President of the Royal Academy ?

A5 Joshua Reynolds

Q6 How many squares are there on a standard scrabble board ?

A6 225 (15 X 15)

Q7 In what field is the Stirling prize awarded ?

A7 Architecture

Q8 Who lives at 12 Downing Street ?

A8 The Government Chief Whip


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