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28th February 2012-02-25

Questions set by

The Church House, Bollington


Harrington B, Gawsworth

1. What is the only Shakespeare play to mention America?


2. Who was the first cricketer to play 100 test matches?   

3. Which TV western series starred Leif Ericsson as a rancher and Cameron Mitchell as his brother?                   

4. In which film did Kane, Parker, Lambert, Ash, Dallas and Brett all fail to make it to the end?                       

5. On which river, also the name of a local beer, does Amsterdam stand?

6. A tangelo is a hybrid of a tangerine and which other fruit?   

7. Which prophetess and witch lived in a cave near Knaresborough?  MOTHER SHIPTON

8.What is removed in the process of excortication?  

9. What German word means pleasure in another’s misfortune?  SCHADENFREUDE

10. Capers are the pickled seeds of which flower?   

11. Which train did Casey Jones drive?       

12. Which actress is the mother of film star Melanie Griffith?  

13. In literature, who was the son of the giant Pantagruel?   

14. Which TV character’s catchphrase was “You’ve all done very well”?  (YOUNG) MR GRACE

15. Which city was known by the Romans as Durovernum?   

16. Who wrote the novel I Know Why The Caged Bird sings?   MAYA ANGELOU

17. Who or what was referred to in the early 20th century as The Sick Man of Europe?   

18. On what product can a painting of the Barnum & Bailey’s Circus animal Old Joe be seen?                       

19. What was Casanova’s main profession?           

20. Who was the manager of Arsenal when they won the double in 1971?  BERTIE MEE

21. Which secret society took its name from the Greek word for circle? 

22. Which Canadian territory forms most of the border with Alaska?   

23. By what name is Lake Tiberias also known?       

24. What code was invented by Depillon and developed by Popham and Pasley? 

25. In a pack of playing cards, what are the queens holding?   

26. What did the Combination Laws of 1799 & 1800 prohibit?   

27. As in Galapagos Islands, what does the word Galapagos mean?  TORTOISES/TURTLES

28. What is the more common name for a lycanthrope?   

29. What poison is obtained from the seed nux vomica?   

30. What was Kevin Keegan’s first football league club as a player?  SCUNTHORPE UNITED

31. Who was Israel’s Defence Minister during the Six-day War?   

32. Which liqueur is flavoured with caraway seeds?       

33. What is made in the process of nidification?       

34. Which Englishman became Pope Adrian IV?       

35. Which country was liberated in the 19th century by Bernardo O’Higgins?  CHILE

36. Which flower is also known as the rose-mallow?   

37. From which TV programme did the hit songs Hi-Fidelity and Starmaker come? 

38. Which breed of dog was originally bred to hunt badgers?  

39. What is the purpose of the process of kyanisation?   

40. Which old name for Britain derives from the Latin word for white?

41. In Elizabethan times, what profession was followed by the Admiral’s Men?  ACTORS

42. Which James Herbert novel features a man who is reincarnated as a dog? FLUKE

43. What would be most distinctive about someone suffering from calivity? THEY’D BE BALD

44. Which spice comes from the berry of the pimento?       

45. Whom did Frank Bruno defeat to win the WBC heavyweight Championship?

46. Who would use a cockabondy?                   

47. By what name is a loupe better known?           
48. By what name is the drug methylene dioxy methamphetamine better known?

49. Where in Britain is a figure supposed to represent Hercules carved into the earth? 

50. A proposed merger between Oxford United and Reading very nearly took place a few years ago. By what name would the new club have been known? THAMES VALLEY ROYALS

51. Which poem by Milton tells the story of Christ’s temptation by Satan? PARADISE REGAINED

52. Of which bay is the Andamam Sea a part?        

53. On which London street is the Stock Exchange?       

54. Who won both an FA Cup winners medal and a cricket County Championship winners medal in cricket in 1964?           

55. In which book does Bustopher Jones appear?   

56. What animal is used to represent the Egyptian god of death and evil?     CROCODILE

57. What is Kent Cap?                   

58. Which range of mountains in Germany is supposedly haunted by Spectre of the Brocken?                       

59. Which great general was finally defeated by Scipio in 202 BC?   HANNIBAL

60. By what name was the artist Jacopo Robusti, the son of a dyer, better known?

61.    What does the “M” represent in MRI scanner?

62.    Which singer’s real name is Gordon Sumner?

63.    What is the STD dialling code for Leeds?

64.    Who won the Apprentice 2011 to become Lord Sugar’s business partner?

65.    What was the name of the Detective played by Philip Glenister in Ashes to Ashes and Life on Mars?

66.    On which island does Thomas the Tank Engine work?

67.    Who provides the voice of Lightning McQueen in Cars and Cars 2? OWEN WILSON

68.    If you were offered “Kaugummi” (cow-gummy) in Germany, what would you do with it?   
CHEW IT (chewing gum)

69.    Who won the first series of X-Factor?

70.    In which county is the 9 square mile area known as the Rhubarb Triangle? 

71.    In gambling, what odds are sometimes referred to as “Double Carpet”?   THIRTY-THREE TO ONE

72.    In Sky One’s drama, what are Max Beesley, Marc Warren, Philip Glenister and John Simm collectively known as? 
73.    In Celtic mythology, what name is given to the Land of the Young, whose inhabitants enjoy eternal youth?       

74.    Under what title was Charles Jaggers immortalised in the words of a song written in 1891?               

75.    On an Indian menu, what does a dish whose name includes ‘Sag’ contain?               

76.    As well as Ayrton Senna, another driver was killed during the weekend of the San Marino Grand Prix in 1994. Who?               

77.    Name the American golfer who won the 2011 US PGA Golf Tournament.

78.    Which religious holiday do the French call ‘Vendredi Saint’?

79.    With which Formula 1 team did Jenson Button start his career?

80.    Who preceded Mervyn King as Governor of the Bank of England?

81.    Which Asian island was formerly known as Formosa?

82.    What name is given to a native of the Orkneys?

83.    What inscription does the George Cross bear?

84.    The establishment of which international organisation was inspired by the Battle of Solferino in 1859?

85.    The mascot for the 2012 Olympic Games is called what?
WENLOCK (do NOT accept Mandeville – this is the Paralympic mascot)

86.    On a pencil, what do the letters ‘HB’ stand for?

87.    Who designed the first Blue peter badge?

88.    Haiti’s President between 1957 and 1971 was known as Papa Doc. What was his real name?

89.    Who was the first Prime Minister of South Africa?

90.    In which sport is John Paramor a leading referee?
GOLF (Chief Referee of the European Tour)

91.    Who was the first woman to referee a World Snooker Championship Final?

92.    Which cathedral city is most closely associated with Edward Elgar?

93.    With which composer would you associate the Aldeburgh Festival?

94.    What kind of creature is a ‘Dik-Dik’?

95.    What kind of creature is a ‘Canvasback’?

96.    In which country is the source of the River Danube?

97.    Which former English county disappeared in 1974, absorbed into the county of Cambridgeshire?

98.    The Isle of Wight has three prisons – name one.

99.    In the TV series ‘The Man from Uncle’, which organisation did the bad guys work for?

100.    Which fictional law enforcement organisation did the 60s TV characters Jason King, Stewart Sullivan and Annabelle Hurst work for?

101.    Cinnabar is the principal ore of which metal?

102.    What name do chemists give to those elements with atomic numbers greater than 92?
TRANSURANIC ELEMENTS (i.e. beyond uranium)

103.    How many children did Queen Victoria and Prince Albert have?

104.    Which unit of measurement was defined for several centuries in England as ‘equal to three barleycorns’?

105.    Which of the six towns that make up the City of Stoke on Trent is missing: Hanley, Stoke, Longton, Burslem, Tunstall and…?

106.    Which is the only church in the centre of Macclesfield (NOT the neighbouring parishes) with a spire?

107.    Seen in sitcom Benidorm, which comedian’s real name is Michael Pennington?

108.    What nationality is actor Donald Sutherland?

109.    Mount Logan is the highest mountain in which country?

110.    Which country borders Syria, Iran, Iraq, Greece, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia?

111.    How many squares are there on a Scrabble board?
225 (15x15)

112.    Which sports name is derived from the French for ‘take it’?
TENNIS (from ‘tenez’)

113.    Shakespeare’s Othello is set in Venice and on which island?

114.    Sam Weller is a character in which Dickens novel?

115.    In which year was the £1 coin introduced in the UK?

116.    In which year was Fawlty Towers first screened?

117.    Name the most easterly town in the UK.

118.    Australian Baz Luhrmann directed a 1996 screen adaptation of which Shakespeare play?

119.    Tsar Kolokol, in Moscow, is the world’s biggest what?
BELL (broken in casting, it has never been rung)

120.    Edo was the former name of which city?



Which bishop of England signs his name ‘Sarum’?

Name the popular confectionery bar that was launched in 1935 as ‘Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp’.

Which is the only country crossed by the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn?

Who had a number one hit single in 1975 with ‘January’?

Who was the second wife of Henry VIII?

Which fruit juice combines with Champagne to make a Bellini?

Near which major American city will this year’s Ryder Cup Matches be held?
CHICAGO (Medinah Country Club)

What can be vulgar, complex or mixed?


According to Wikipedia, the M6 is the longest motorway in Britain, running from Junction 19 of the M1 to the Scottish borders. How long is it in miles?
232.2 miles (373.7km)


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