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Vetted by: Pack Horse Bowling Club

Specialist Rounds are :



Arts and Entertainment



Sporting Movies

Ship Ahoy

On a First Name Basis


Q1 In which city did the first test take place in the 2009 Ashes series between England and Australia ?

A1 Cardiff

Q2 In which city did David Haye defeat Nikolay Valuev last November to become WBA world heavyweight boxing champion ?

A2 Nuremberg

Q3 Kauto Star won the King George VI chase at Kempton Park for a record 4th consecutive time on Boxing Day 2009. Which is the only other horse to have won the race four times, though not consecutively ?

A3 Desert Orchid

Q4 Situated some five miles north of Llanelli, what is the name of the U.K.'s latest horse racing course that opened officially on August 28th last year (2009) ?

A4 Ffos Las

Q5 The national Rugby Union team from which country are nicknamed “The Eagles” ?

A5 U.S.A.

Q6 On which ground does the Republic of Ireland currently play its home International Rugby Union games ?

A6 Croke Park

Q7 At the BBC sports personality of the year awards 2009, which golfer was honoured with the lifetime achievement award ?

A7 Seve Ballesteros

Q8 As in the previous question, who, for completing 43 marathons in 51 days in aid of Sports Relief was honoured with the special achievement award ?

A8 Eddie Izzard

Supplementary Questions

Q9 Which event, at the 2012 Olympic Games is to take place at Lords Cricket Ground ?

A9 Archery

Q10 Who won snooker's U.K. Championship at Telford in December last year (2009) ?

A10 Ding Junhui

Q11 Which English Premiership football club are nicknamed “The Tigers” ?

A11 Hull City


Q1 In 1907, who was the first woman to receive the Order of merit ?

A1 Florence Nightingale

Q2 What name did Franklin D. Roosevelt give to his programme of economic recovery during the Great Depression in the U.S.A. ?

A2 The New Deal

Q3 Who was assassinated by Ramon Mercader in Mexico in 1940 ?

A3 Leon Trotsky

Q4 Which European country was ruled by the House Of Braganza from 1640 until 1910 ?

A4 Portugal

Q5 The House of Bernadotte is the ruling royal house in which European country ?

A5 Sweden

Q6 Who was assassinated by Leon Czolgosz (pronounced Solgas) in Buffalo, New York State, in 1901 ?

A6 William McKinley (25th President of U.S.A.)

Q7Who was on the British throne at the time of the Battle of Trafalgar ?

A7 George III

Q8 How many children did Queen Victoria have ?

A8 Nine

Supplementary Questions

Q9 The International Brigade was formed to fight in which war ?

A9 Spanish Civil War

Q10 Which Pope was in office for the duration of World War II ?

A10 Pius XII

Q11 Which country in 1893 was the first to give women the vote in a national election ?

A11 New Zealand

Q12 In what year did Roger Bannister run the first sub four minute mile ?

A12 1954 (accept 1953 to 1955)


Q1 Represented by Alexander Rybak which country won the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest ?

A1 Norway

Q2 According to the bookshop Waterstones, what was the No. 1 best selling book at Christmas 2009 ?

A2 The Lost Symbol (Dan Brown)

Q3 Which BBC2 show was the most watched programme of the year on BBC iPlayer last year (2009) ?

A3 Top Gear

Q4The TV sitcom “The Green Green Grass” is a spin off from which other TV sitcom ?

A4 Only Fools and Horses

Q5 For what do either of the initial letters in P.G. Wodehouse's name stand ?

A5 Pelham Grenville

Q6 Chris Evans has replaced Terry Wogan as presenter of Radio Two's breakfast show but who has replaced Chris Evans presenting Radio Two's early evening show “Drivetime” ?

A6 Simon Mayo

Q7 As part of which U.S. TV variety show did the Simpsons first appear on television ?

A7 The Tracey Ullman Show

Q8 What official position does Carol Ann Duffy currently hold ?

A8 Poet Laureate

Supplementary Questions

Q9 Which actor provides the voice of Stuart Little in the movie Stuart Little ?

A9 Michael J Fox

Q10 “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” is the opening line to which poem by John Keats ?

A10 Endymion

Q11 What is the postcode of the fictional London borough of Walford in the soap Eastenders ?

A11 E20


Q1 What is the brightest star in the night sky ?

A1 Sirius or Dog Star

Q2 Centigrade and Fahrenheit scales give the same reading at what value ?

A2 -40 (minus 40 degrees)

Q3 Who, in 1628, discovered circulation of blood in the human body ?

A3 William Harvey

Q4 Which astronomer discovered the planet Uranus ?

A4 Sir William Herschel (13th March, 1781)

Q5 What is the most abundant element in the Universe ?

A5 Hydrogen

Q6 In what way are sharks and rays different from most other fish ?

A6 They do not have bones (just cartilage)

Q7 How many sides does a hendecagon have ?

A7 11 (eleven)

Q8 Which chemical element has the shortest name ?

A8 Tin

Supplementary Questions

Q9 By what name is the Pleiades star cluster better known ?

A9 The seven sisters

Q10 What name is given to the home of a squirrel ?

A10 Drey

Q11 How many sides does an Icosahedron have ?

A11 Twenty

Q12 Herpes Zoster is the medical name for what illness ?

A12 Shingles


Q1 On which river is Warsaw located ?

A1 Vistula

Q2 Which city is the capital of Slovakia ?

A2 Bratislava

Q3 By area, what is the worlds largest body of fresh water ?

A3 Lake Superior

Q4 Which state of the U.S.A. has the smallest population ?

A4 Wyoming (544,270 U.S. Census estimate for 2009)

Q5 Which county is the largest landlocked county in England ?

A5 Shropshire

Q6 Which canal links the North Sea and the Baltic Sea ?

A6 Kiel Canal

Q7 The shipping forecast area formerly named Finistere has, since 2002, been known by what name ?

A7 Fitzroy

Q8 Which county is the most southerly county in the Republic of Ireland ?

A8 Cork

Supplementary Questions

Q9 Where in the world would you find the Queen Maud, Queen Alexandra, and Queen Elizabeth mountain ranges ?

A9 Antarctica

Q10 Name either of the two countries separated by the Palk Strait

A10 India and Sri Lanka

Q11 Exeter is one of the only two cities in England to begin with the letter “E”. What is the other ?

A11 Ely (Cambridgeshire)


Many movies are based on various sports. You will be given the movie title. Name the sport involved in each case.

Q1 Million Dollar Baby

A1 Boxing

Q2 The Hustler

A2 Pool

Q3 Cool Runnings

A3 Bobsleighing (accept winter sports)

Q4 Slap Shot

A4 Ice hockey

Q5 Field of Dreams

A5 Baseball

Q6 Days Of Thunder

A6 Stock car racing (accept motor racing)

Q7 Space Jam

A7 Basketball

Q8 This Sporting Life

A8 Rugby league (precise answer required)

Supplementary Questions

Q9 Escape to Victory

A9 Football

Q10 The Mean Machine

A10 American football

Q11 Chariots of Fire

A11 Athletics

Q12 Enter the Dragon

A12 Martial arts


Give the name of the ship from the following clues:-

Q1 Greenpeace ship sank in the Auckland Harbour in 1985 by French Agents.

A1 Rainbow Warrior

Q2 German battleship of World War II, responsible for sinking HMS Hood

A2 Bismarck

Q3 Captain Ahab's ship in the novel Moby Dick

A3 Pequod

Q4 Jim Hawkins, Long John Silver et al sailed on her in the novel Treasure Island

A4 Hispaniola

Q5 The ship featured in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie originally named “The Wicked Wench”, captained by Jack Sparrow

A5 Black Pearl

Q6 The shark hunters boat in the 1975 movie “Jaws”

A6 Orca

Q7 Jacques Cousteau's research vessel, remembered in song by John Denver

A7 Calypso

Q8 British submarine responsible for sinking the Argentinian warship General Belgrano in the Falklands conflict

A8 HMS Conqueror

Supplementary Questions

Q9 Thor Heyerdahl's balsa wood raft, also the title of a Shadows U.K. No. 1 hit of 1961

A9 Kon Tiki

Q10 Ghost ship said to be seen around the Cape of Good Hope

A10 The Flying Dutchman

Q11 Captain Pugwash's pirate ship

A11 The Black Pig

Q12 She was found abandoned in mysterious circumstances in the Atlantic in 1872

A12 Mary Celeste


In each question you will be asked to provide the first name of a person popularly known by their surname.

Q1 Dr. Watson, assistant to Sherlock Holmes

A1 John

Q2 Arkwright, Ronnie Barker's character in “Open All Hours”

A2 Albert

Q3 Captain Peacock, Frank Thornton's character in “Are You Being Served”

A3 Stephen

Q4 Dr. Jekyll, in Robert Louis Stevenson's novel “the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde”

A4 Henry

Q5 Mr. Pickwick, the main character in Dicken's “Pickwick Papers”

A5 Samuel

Q6 General Custer, famous for his “last stand” at the Battle of the Little Bighorn

A6 George

Q7 Inspector Morse, John Thaw's character in the series by Colin Dexter

A7 Endeavour

Q8 Rasputin, Russian mystic known as the “Mad Monk”

A8 Grigori

Supplementary Questions

Q9 Stanley – he who allegedly uttered the famous words “Dr. Livingstone I presume”

A9 Henry

Q10 Mrs Beeton, author of Mrs Beeton's “Book of Household Management”

A10 Isabella

Q11 Mrs Doubtfire, Robin Williams character in the 1993 movie of that name

A11 Euphegenia

Q12 “Hutch”, David Soul's character in the TV series “Starsky and Hutch”

A12 Ken


Q1 Alligator Pear is the alternative name for which fruit ?

A1 Avocado

Q2 By what name is the aubergine known in the U.S.A. ?

A2 Egg Plant

Q3 In which town or city would you find the National Library of Wales ?

A3 Aberystwyth

Q4 In which European capital city would you find the H.Q. Of OPEC (Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries) ?

A4 Vienna

Q5 The name of what celestial body is derived from the Greek word for “long hair” ?

A5 Comet

Q6 The name of what branch of mathematics is derived from the Latin for “little stone” ?

A6 Calculus

Q7 Which motorway links Blackpool to the M6 ?

A7 M55

Q8 Which motorway links Glasgow and Edinburgh ?

A8 M8

Q9 Who was the first Tudor king ?

A9 Henry VII

Q10 Who was the last Tsar of Russia ?

A10 Nicholas II

Q11 Which chef is famous for his snail porridge and bacon and egg ice cream, amongst other culinary delights ?

A11 Heston Blumenthal

Q12 TV presenter Fern Britton is married to which chef ?

A12 Phil Vickery

Q13 What name is given to the drink that comprises Vodka, Ginger Beer and a shot of lime juice ?

A13 Moscow Mule

Q14 What name is given to the drink that comprises Brandy, Cointreau and lemon juice ?

A14 Sidecar

Q15 The equivalent of M.P. (Member of Parliament) after a person's name in the U.K., what two letters appear after a person's name in the Republic of Ireland ?

A15 T.D. (Teachta Dail)

Q16 What two letters appear after the name of the representatives of the devolved government body in Wales ?

A16 A.M. (Assembly Member)

Q17 What colour are nature and science questions in the game of Trivial Pursuit ?

A17 Green

Q18 What colour is Coventry Street on a standard Monopoly board ?

A18 Yellow

Q19 As of 27th January who is leading the official inquiry into the Iraq war ?

Q19 Sir John Chilcot

Q20 British adventurer, writer and TV presenter, last July at the age of 35 he was appointed as the youngest ever Chief Scout – his name is ?

A20 Bear Grylls (Edward Michael Grylls)

Q21 What is the name of the Queen's official residence in Scotland ?

A21 The Palace of Holyroodhouse (accept Holyrood)

Q22 In which U.K. City would you find a narrow street named “The Land of Green Ginger” ?

A22 Hull (Kingston Upon Hull)

Q23 Which song do the exhibition basketball team The Harlem Globetrotters use as their theme song ?

A23 Sweet Georgia Brown

Q24 Which piece by Chopin, quite appropriately, is used as the opening theme music to the Radio Four panel game show “Just a Minute” ?

A24 The Minute Waltz

Q25 Other than being the head of a pig or suchlike creature, what is a hogshead ?

A25 A large barrel (for beer, wine etc.)

Q26 Other than being part of the leg of a sheep, what is a sheepshank ?

A26 A knot (used to shorten a rope)

Q27 What is the title of the first novel in Paul Scott's “Raj Quartet” series ?

A27 The Jewel in the Crown

Q28 Complete the title of the final film in the Star Wars prequel trilogy premiered in 2005, “Star Wars Episode III: ….........” ?

A28 Revenge of the Sith

Q29 “The Jam” was one of the two bands that Paul Weller performed with in the 1970s and '80s prior to going solo. What was the name of the other band ?

A29 The Style Council

Q30 What is the name of the singing group that backed Elvis Presley on almost all of his recordings between 1956 and 1970 ?

A30 The Jordanaires

Q31 The Peninsular War was part of which larger conflict ?

A31 The Napoleonic Wars

Q32 In which war did the Battle of Fredericksburg take place ?

A32 American Civil War

Q33 Le Quattro Stagioni is the Italian name for which 18th century piece of classical music ?

A33 The Four Seasons (Vivaldi)

Q34 Which widely used substance has the chemical name Hydrated Magnesium Silicate ?

A34 Talcum powder

Q35 The 1964 movie “The Killers” has become notable as which actor's final movie ?

A35 Ronald Reagan

Q36 Which “celebrity” who died from cervical cancer on Mothers Day last year (2009) aged 27, once remarked “I am like Marmite. You either love me or hate me” ?

A36 Jade Goody (Tweed)

Q37 What word is used to emphasise the letter “E” in the phonetic or Nato alphabet ?

A37 Echo

Q38 What word is used to emphasise the letter “H” in the phonetic or Nato alphabet ?

A38 Hotel

Q39 Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is the real name of which singer ?

A39 Lady Gaga

Q40 Curtis Jackson is the real name of which singer ?

A40 50 Cent

Q41 In the bible who is the wife of King Ahab ?

A41 Jezebel

Q42 According to the bible how old was Noah when God instructed him to build the Ark ?

A42 600 (accept 550 - 650)

Q43 On which river does Washington D.C. stand ?

A43 Potomac

Q44 Which mountain range forms the traditional natural border between Europe and Asia ?

A44 The Urals

Q45 Correctly spell the word Pharaoh – the ancient Egyptian ruler

A45 Pharaoh

Q46 Correctly spell the word inoculate.

A46 Inoculate

Q47 Footballer Didier Drogba is a native of which country ?

A47 Ivory Coast

Q48 What nationality is Formula One driver Sebastian Vettel ?

A48 German

Q49 “Grits” is a food dish from the southern U.S.A. What is the basic ingredient of Grits ?

A49 Maize/Corn

Q50 What is the essential ingredient of Chow Mein ?

A50 Noodles

Q51 The “G20” is the name given to the gathering of the world's most powerful and influential countries to discuss financial and economic affairs. For what does the letter “G” stand ?

A51 Group (Group of Twenty)

Q52 Which character from Sheridan's play “The Rivals” has given her name to the misuse of words ?

A52 Mrs Malaprop (Malapropism)

Q53 The name of which character from Dicken's “Martin Chuzzlewit” has been adopted as a slang term for an umbrella ?

A53 Mrs Gamp (Sarah Gamp)

Q54 On which Japanese island did the Americans take control of vital Pacific airfields in February 1945 and raise a famously symbolic Stars and Stripes on the islands highest point ?

A54 Iwo Jima

Q55 Which painter became the first president of the Royal Academy in 1768 ?

A55 Sir Joshua Reynolds

Q56 Which poet, in 1668, became the first official Poet Laureate ?

A56 John Dryden

Q57 How many teeth should a healthy human adult have (permanent, the second set of teeth formed in humans) ?

A57 32

Q58 What protein forms hair and nails in humans ?

A58 Keratin

Q59 What collective name did the ancient Greeks give to Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos, the three goddesses who controlled human destiny ?

A59 Fates

Q60 In Norse mythology what is the name of the home of the Gods reached by crossing the Rainbow Bridge ?

A60 Asgard

Q61 The ancient Hittite empire was based in which modern day country ?

A61 Turkey

Q62 What name is given to any book or text printed before 1500 ?

A62 Incunabula

Q63 How is “Tevye the Milkman” known in the title of a popular musical ?

A63 Fiddler on the Roof

Q64 Norma Desmond is the main character in which musical ?

A64 Sunset Boulevard

Q65 Which Victorian reformer is commemorated by the statue of Eros in London's Picadilly Circus ?

A65 Lord Shaftesbury (Anthony Ashley Cooper, 7th Earl of Shaftesbury)

Q66 Whose execution prompted Voltaire's remark that the English occasionally shoot an admiral to encourage the others ?

A66 Admiral Byng

Q67 Who wrote the series of novels entitled “A Dance to the Music of Time” ?

A67 Anthony Powell

Q68 Who wrote the novel “Eating People is Wrong” ?

A68 Malcolm Bradbury

Q69 Who was seduced by Zeus in the form of a swan ?

A69 Leda

Q70 Which hero of Greek mythology slew the Chimera ?

A70 Bellerophon

Q71 Announced last September, in which county did U.K.s largest ever discovery of Anglo Saxon treasure take place ?

A71 Staffordshire

Q72 Announced last October, Rio de Janeiro was awarded the 2016 summer Olympic Games. Name any one of the other three cities that made up the sort list of four ?

A72 Chicago, Tokyo, Madrid.

Q73 Meaning “red rose” in Persian and “Princess” in Hebrew, what is the somewhat unusual first name of the three year old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes ?

A73 Suri

Q74 What is “Tiger” Woods proper first name ?

A74 Eldrick

Q75 What name is given to the use of two words or terms together , that normally contradict each other – e.g. “deafening silence”

A75 Oxymoron

Q76 What name is given to the change in frequency of a sound wave caused by the motion of the source, e.g. a police car or ambulance siren ?

A76 Doppler effect

Q77 Which Oscar winning fictional duo live at 62 West Wallaby Street, Wigan ?

A77 Wallace and Gromit

Q78 The Spanish city of Granada takes its name from the Spanish word for which fruit ?

A78 Pomegranate

Q79 Which playwright was responsible for the “Talking Heads” series of monologues on television ?

A79 Alan Bennett

Q80 Which author and screenwriter is responsible for the TV drama series “Prime Suspect” ?

A80 Lynda La Plante

Q81 Name any one of the three fruits (or the juice of) that are combined to make the main ingredients of Vimto.

Q81 Grape, Raspberry, Blackcurrant (plus herbs and spices)

Q82 Who currently is depicted on the reverse of a £50 bank note ?

A82 Sir John Houblon (first Governor of Bank of England)

Q83 What name is given to a male whale ?

A83 Bull

Q84 What name is given to a male bear ?

A84 Boar

Q85 What type of food poisoning takes its name from the Latin for sausage ?

A85 Botulism (Botulus “sausage”)

Q86 Why has 48 year old David Rutley been in the local news headlines recently ?

A86 New Tory Candidate to replace Sir Nick Winterton

Q87 Which terrorist organisation kidnapped and murdered Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro in 1978 ?

A87 The Red Brigade

Q88 What was the name of the U.S.A. backed rebels that fought against the Russians in Afghanistan in the late 1970s ?

A88 Mujaheddin

Q89 Following the failure of three attempts to execute him in 1885, under what title did John “Babbacombe” Lee become famous ?

A89 The man they could not hang (the trap door of the scaffold failed to open 3 times at his attempted execution for murder)

Q90 Robert Franklin Stroud, convicted U.S. murderer and the subject of a 1962 movie starring Burt Lancaster became known by what name due to his expertise in ornithology ?

A90 The birdman of Alcatraz

Q91 Which artist painted “Mr and Mrs Andrews” in 1750 ?

A91 Thomas Gainsborough

Q92 Which artist painted “The boyhood of Raleigh” in 1871 ?

A92 John Everett Millais

Q93 The name Lundy, as in the island in the Bristol channel, is thought to be derived from an old Norse word for which bird ?

A93 Puffin

Q94 To which family of birds does the Australian Kookaburra belong ?

A94 Kingfisher

Q95 A statue of which poet is to be seen at St. Pancras International railway station in London ?

A95 Sir John Betjeman

Q96 Although the location work was not actually filmed there, which Cambridge college features in the film “Chariots of Fire” ?

A96 Trinity College

Supplementary Questions

Q1 On a standard Monopoly board what makes up the set with Euston Road and Pentonville Road ?

A1 The Angel Islington

Q2 What name is given to a jesters uniform ?

A2 Motley

Q3 ING is a major world banking organisation. For what does the letter “N” stand ?

A3 Netherlands (International Netherlands Group)

Q4 What is the worlds largest landmass not to contain glaciers ?

A4 Australia

Q5 Which country is the largest country to have a Mediterranean coastline ?

A5 Algeria

Q6 Who first spoke the words “They think it's all over, it is now” ?

A6 Kenneth Wolstenholme (1966 World Cup final)

Q7 “The Last Man in Europe” was the original title of which famous novel ?

A7 1984 (George Orwell)

Q8 What is the capital of Sri Lanka ?

A8 Colombo


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