Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November 10th Questions


Round 1: History (The Wild West)
Round 2: Arts & Entertainment
Round 3: Science
Round 4: Geography (European Union)
Round 5: Gunpowder, Treason and Plot
Round 6: Sport (Great sporting cheats)
Round 7: America in Song (Picture Round)
Round 8: Cars and Vans 4 U


1.Where in 1890 were over 200 unarmed Sioux Indians massacred by US cavalry?
2. Who killed Jesse James in Platte City in 1882? (Full Name)
3. In which Arizona town did the Gunfight at the OK Corral take place in 1881?
4. Which banking company, set up in California in 1852, ran the Pony Express mail service? WELLS FARGO
5. Who set up a famous private detective agency in Chicago in 1850, which was responsible for tracking down many of the West’s most wanted outlaws?
6. Which lawman and gunfighter was shot dead while playing poker in a saloon in Deadwood in 1876?
Wild Bill HICKOK
7. Who killed Billy the Kid in Fort Sumner in 1881?
8. At which battle of 1876 was General George Armstrong Custer killed?

9. What was the surname of the hunter and showman known as Buffalo Bill?
10. Which cemetery in Tombstone gave its name to any burial ground for gunfighters killed in shoot-outs? BOOT HILL


1.Susan Boyle became a worldwide phenomenon in 2009 but was only voted runner up in Britain’s Got Talent. Name the act which won the title.
2. The film Slumdog Millionaire won 8 Oscars in 2009. Who won the 2009 Oscar Best Director award for this film?
 Danny BOYLE
3. Sir Ludovic Kennedy died recently. To which renowned dancer (who died in 2006) was he married? Moira SHEARER
4 World famous pianist Diana Krall is married to which singer and musician?
5. Who is the new host of Radio 4 programme “I’m Sorry I haven’t a clue”?
 Jack DEE
6. The play entitled ‘The Rise and Fall of Little Voice’ previously starred Jane Horrocks in the title role, but which 2008 X Factor finalist replaced her when the play recently reopened at The Vaudeville Theatre, London ?
7. Which comedienne’s recent book is entitled ‘Look Back in Hunger?
8 The Daily Mail printed an article relating to the sudden death of Stephen Gately which generated over 21,000 complaints to the Press Complaints Commission. Which female journalist was the author of this contentious article?

9 BBC 1 recently screened a series of 6 comedy road shows. Which comedian was the star of the shows? Michael McINTYRE
10. Who is the director of the soon to be released science fiction blockbuster Avatar?


1. What is the common name given to animals of the phylum “porifera”?
2. What is the most common variety of sedimentary rock?
3. Emerald is a green variety of which mineral?
4. What name is given in meteorology to a place where a cold front has overtaken a warm front? OCCLUDED FRONT
5. What name is given to the science of classification of organisms?
6. What is cynophobia the fear of?
7. What are classified into gauge bosons, baryons, leptons and mesons?
8. In fluid dynamics, whose law states that an increase in the speed of a fluid occurs simultaneously with a decrease in pressure?

9. By what name is the metal wolfram better known?
10. What name is given to the ratio of power to area in light?


In this round you will receive 2 clues to help you identify a member state of the EU.

1. Longest river is the Iskar, currency is the Lev.
2. Second & third largest cities are Espoo and Vantaa. Length from north to south almost identical to distance from Land’s End to John O’Groats.
3. Highest gross domestic product per head in the world. Major industrial heartland known as the Red Lands.         LUXEMBOURG
4. An independent republic since 1960, home of the Troodos mountains.
5. Capital city Ljubljana, highest mountain Triglav.
6 Capital city famous for its own Statue of Liberty known as the Milda. Parliament known as the Saiema. LATVIA
7. Includes the island of Comino. The only EU state whose native language is a member of the Semitic family of languages.
8. The Carpathian Mountains extend almost across its entire breadth. River Tisa forms its border with Hungary.

9. Name means Eastern Realm. Composed of 9 states including Styria and Carinthia.
10. First Soviet Republic to declare renewed independence in 1990. Principal port is Klaipeda. LITHUANIA


A round about Bonfire Night, just 5 days late!

1. In which country were fireworks invented in the 7th century AD?
2. Who wrote the piece “Music for the Royal Fireworks”?
3. Who was the leader of the Gunpowder Plot?
4. What is the origin of the word “Bonfire”?
Comes from the Celtic practice of BURNING BONES to ward off evil spirits (NOT from the French for good!)
5. What is the technical or scientific name for a firework display?
6. What name is given to a traditional stationary firework which ejects stars or exploding shells at regular intervals?
7. Which firework is named after the method of execution of a 4th century martyr?
8. In which group of islands would you find the Isla Guy Fawkes?

9. Which king was the target of the Gunpowder Plot?
10. In which year did the Gunpowder plot take place?

ROUND 6 - SPORT: Great Sporting Cheats

1. Which Soviet modern pentathlete left the 1976 Olympics in Montreal in disgrace when it was discovered he had fitted his sword with a button that allowed him to trigger the electronic scoring system whenever he wanted?
2. Who bowled an underarm delivery to prevent New Zealand hitting the six needed off the last ball to tie their World Series Cup Final in 1981? (Full Name)
3. Who was the boxing trainer who cut Muhammad Ali’s glove after he had been floored by Henry Cooper's left hook in 1963, giving Ali time to recover while a new glove was found?
4. Which Brazilian footballer pretended to be injured, theatrically clutching his face after a ball hit his leg, resulting in a red card for a Turkish player in the 2002 World Cup?
5. Which South African cricket captain was banned for life after confessing in 2000 to taking bookmakers' bribes to fix games and persuading team-mates to help fix One-Day International matches?
 Hansie CRONJE
6. Which cyclist was disqualified after a failed drug test after winning the 2006 yellow jersey in the Tour de France?
 Floyd LANDIS.
7. Which American figure skater conspired with her ex-husband to have Nancy Kerrigan, her rival for the 1994 US Championships, hit on the knee with a metal bar?
8. Who was the Renault Formula 1 racing manager banned for life by the FIA for race-fixing in the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix?

9. In which city did Ben Johnson's perform his steroid-fuelled gold-medal-winning run in the 100 metres Olympic final in a “world record” 9.79 seconds?
10. In which year did Diego Maradona score his infamous “hand of God” goal against England?


You will be given an outline map of the USA with one town or city shown. This geographical location was in the title of a hit song. You will also be told the artist. Just name the place shown (you don’t need the full title of the song). Simples.(Maps not shown)
 ANS. What made MILWAUKEE famous
 ANS. All the way from MEMPHIS
 ANS. 24 hours from TULSA

 ANS. Is this the way to AMARILLO


Any subliminal advertising in this round is entirely accidental

The questions all include names or words containing the syllables CAR or VAN

1. Who was Vice-President to President Jimmy Carter?
2. Which isotope of carbon is used for the carbon dating process?
 Carbon 14
3. Which saint founded the Carthusian order of monks?
4. Who was the pilot of Supercar in the 1960s TV show?
5. Which painter’s real surname was Van Rijn?
6. Which island was previously known as Van Demon’s Land?
7. What was the name of the character played by Dick Van Dyke in the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? (full name)
8. Name one of the modern day countries in which the tribe the Vandals lived in the 1st & 2nd centuries AD. POLAND / GERMANY / CZECH REPUBLIC

9. Carson City is the capital of which US state?
10. From which club did Manchester Utd sign Edwin Van Der Sar in 2005?

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE                
 Questions set by The Lamb Inn, vetted by Church House, Bollington.

01.  John Phillip Sousa’s famous march ‘Liberty Bell’ was used as the signature-tune to which comedy series ?
       Answer : Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

02.  Britain’s cold war bomber force consisted of aircraft known as the three V’s. 
       Name any one of them.
       Answer :  (Vickers) Valiant : (Handley Paige) Victor : (Avro) Vulcan.

03.  Cairo is Africa’s most populous city – name one of the two next most populated cities in Africa.
       Answer :  Lagos, Kinshasha.

04.  By what name was C. R. Milne better known ?  
       Answer : Christopher Robin.

05.  What does the title Q stand for in the James Bond stories ?
        Answer :  Quartermaster.

06.  Kim Clijsters has recently become the second mother to win a Grand Slam tennis title. Who was the first, winning Wimbledon in 1980?
       Answer : Evonne Goolagong (Cawley).

07.  Other than Hornby model railways, name either of Frank Hornby’s other two famous toys.
       Answer :  Dinky toys and Meccano.

08.  The Hejaz appears on the list of the original members of the League of Nations.  Which country is it part of today ?
       Answer : Saudi Arabia.
09.  Which famous stadium is named after a WW1 flying ace who was first to fly non-stop across the Mediterranean sea?
        Answer : Roland Garros.

10.  What is the old English word for spider ?
       Answer :  Coppe or Cob as in Cobweb.

11.  What is the reason manhole covers are round ?
       Answer :  So they cannot drop through the hole when lifted.

12.  Which Australian F1 driver won the World Championship in 1959, 1960 and 1966 ?
       Answer :  Jack Brabham.

13.  What is a Zeedonk ?
        Answer :  A cross between a Zebra and a Donkey.

14.  Which Nobel Peace Prize winner of 1983 could not personally accept the prize because of fears that he would not have been allowed to return to his native country ?
       Answer :  Lech Walesa.

15.  Who played the Toymaker in the 1968 film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ?
       Answer :  Benny Hill.

16.  Name one of the three members of the Testudine class of carapace bearing creatures with names beginning with ‘T’.
       Answer :  Turtles, Terrapins and Tortoises.
17.  Who was the leader of the British troops at the Siege of Mafeking in the second Boer War of 1899 ?
       Answer  :  Colonel Robert Baden-Powell.

18.  In which prison did Norman Stanley Fletcher do his porridge ?
       Answer  :  Slade.

19.  From which 1965 hit record comes the line “In the jingle jangle morning, I’ll come
       following you”  ?
       Answer :  Mr. Tambourine Man   (by The Byrds)

20.  Why do millions of people tug on a YKK every day ?
       Answer  :  YKK is the largest manufacturer of zips in the world    (Yoshida Kogyo
       Kabushikigaisha  for those who might want to know !)

21.  Which piece of music by Handel has been sung at every coronation since that of George II in 1727 ?
       Answer  :  Zadok the priest.

22.  Which bird, recently re-introduced to Salisbury Plain is reputed to be the heaviest bird capable of flight ?
       Answer  :  The Great Bustard   (accept Bustard)

23.  What is the name of the dragon in ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ ?
       Answer  :  Norbert.

24.  Which sporting flag contains a leaf, a hand, half a bird, an arm holding a sword,
       three crowns, and a harp ?
       Answer  :  The Irish Rugby Football Union (representing UlsterMunsterLeinster and Connaught).

25.  Who was the first person to appear on the cover of ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine ?
       Answer  :  John Lennon.

26.  What is the name of The Merchant of Venice ?
       Answer  :  Antonio.     (Not Shylock, who was the money-lender).

27.  In which English county is there a very large ‘Brown Willy’ ?
       Answer  :  Cornwall.  (the highest point)

28.  Which comedienne wrote ‘The Ballad of Barry and Freda’ and said she thought
       ‘coq-au-vin’ was ‘love in a lorry’ ?
       Answer  :  Victoria Wood.

29.  Whose report, following the Hillsborough disaster of 1989, recommended all major football stadia to be converted to an all-seater model ?
       Answer  :  Lord Taylor of Gosforth  (accept Taylor).

30.  Whose works are collectively known as ‘The Savoy Operas’ ?
       Answer  :  Gilbert & Sullivan.

31.  What was the artist J. M. W. Turner’s second  name ?
       Answer  :  Mallord   (Joseph Mallord William Turner).

32.  With whom did James Watt go into partnership in 1775 to produce his improved steam engine ?
       Answer  :  Matthew Boulton.

33.  What is the radiation belt which surrounds the earth called ?
       Answer  :  The Van Allen Belt.

34.  Which American organisation has the motto ‘Fidelity Bravery Integrity’ ?
       Answer  :  The FBI.

35.  Which is the longest river in South Africa ?
       Answer  :  The Orange river.

36.  Which writer was born Konrad Korzeniowski ? (full name)
       Answer  :  Joseph Conrad.

37.  Which unit of liquid measure equals one quarter of a pint ?
       Answer  :  A gill.

38.  Which world figure publicly denounced his divinity in 1946 ?
       Answer  :  Emperor Hirohito of Japan.

39.  Who, in 1978, replaced Bruce Forsyth as presenter of ‘The Generation Game’ ?
       Answer  :  Larry Grayson.

40.  What is also known as Hanson’s Disease ?
       Answer  :  Leprosy.

41.  Which Defence Secretary resigned over the Westland Affair in 1986 ?
       Answer  :  Michael Heseltine.

42.  In which London borough is The Royal Albert Hall ?
       Answer  :  Kensington.

43.  Name the famous fashionable German spa town in the Black Forest.
       Answer  :  Baden-Baden.

44.  Which national park is the setting for Conan Doyle’s ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’?
       Answer  :  Dartmoor.

45.  Who is the spiritual head of the Ismaili Moslems ?
       Answer  :  The Aga Khan.

46.  In the Old Testament, from whom did David steal his wife Bathsheba ?
       Answer  :  Uriah  (The Hittite warrior).

47.  In economics, what is the doctrine where the government avoids controls in economic life ?
       Answer  :  Laissez-faire.

48.  What is the rank equivalent to corporal in the Royal Artillery ?
       Answer  :  Bombardier.

49.  Which 18th century English king was unable to speak English with any degree of fluency ?
       Answer  :  George I.

50.  What was the Roman name for Ireland ?
       Answer  :  Hibernia.

51.  Which leader’s general election slogan was “You know labour government works” ?
       Answer  :  Harold Wilson.

52.  What is an ‘Oak Beauty’ ?
       Answer  :  A moth  (Biston Strataria).

53.  On which cricket ground did Jim Laker take 19 for 90 against Australia in 1956 ?
       Answer  :  Old Trafford.

54.  Other than the European wild cat, what is the only other European member of the cat family to be found in the wild ?
       Answer  :  The lynx.

55.  In which year did Cockerill’s prototype hovercraft make it’s first channel crossing ?
       Answer  :  1959 (1 year leeway, accept 1958-1960)

56.  In 1970, which Briton won the US Open Golf championship being the first in over 50 years ?
       Answer  :  Tony Jacklin.

57.  What part of a bird is the syrinx ?
       Answer  :  The vocal organ.

58.  Who formed the British India Special Force known as the Chindits in WWII ?
        Answer  :  Orde Wingate.

59.  Before her elevation to the peerage, what was Baroness Falkender’s  political role ?
       Answer  :  Political secretary to Harold Wilson, she was Marcia Williams.

60.  Which British craftsman would use a jigger, a buzz, a flagging iron, a round shaver, an adze and a mallet ?
       Answer  :  A cooper  (Barrel maker).

61.  In which sport did Jahangir Khan and Qamar Zaman excel ?
       Answer  :  Squash.

62.  Who recently became advisor on military matters to the Conservative Party ?  He also holds the ceremonial position of Constable of the Tower of London.
       Answer  :  Sir Richard Dannatt.

63.  In the sport of fencing, what name is given to a stroke made in answer to an opponent’s attack which has been parried ?
       Answer  :  A riposte.

64.  In which British town is there a maze of alleys known as ‘The Lanes’ which are full of antique shops ?
       Answer  :  Brighton.

65.  Which was the only film to earn John Wayne an Oscar ?
       Answer  :  True Grit.

66.  A moulin is found in high mountain regions.  What is a moulin ?
       Answer  :  A vertical shaft in a glacier.

67.  In cricket, bodyline was a development of which earlier system of bowling and field
       placement ?
       Answer  :  Leg theory.

68.  The 14th of September, 1752 saw the introduction of what in Britain and the British Empire?
       Answer  :  The Gregorian calendar.

69.  Which world famous landmark is situated on Mount Lee in California ?
       Answer  :  The Hollywood sign.

70.  Which eponymous movie character fell head over heels in love with Anne Darrow ?
       Answer  :  King Kong.

71.  What is inside popcorn which makes it pop ?
       Answer  :  Water.

72.  What is the syrup that remains after the crystals are removed from raw sugar ?
       Answer  :  Molasses.

73.  In which strait did HMS Hood sink in 1941 ?
       Answer  :  The Denmark strait.

74.  Which science deals with the structure of the universe and its origin ?
       Answer  :  Cosmology.

75.  Which muscle is attached to the Hyoid bone ?
       Answer  :  The tongue.

76.  Until 1869, which company owned almost half of Canada ?
       Answer  :  The Hudson Bay company.

77.  What colour are Beluga whales ?
       Answer  :  White.

78.  In which fictional village was TV’s Crossroads set ?
       Answer  :  Kings Oak.

79.  How was someone executed using the method of lapidation ?
       Answer  :  Stoned.

80.  For what does the 40 stand in the trademark WD 40 ?
       Answer  :  40th attempt to perfect product.


81.  In 1760 Englishman John Spilsbury invented which popular game or pastime ?
       Answer  :  The Jigsaw Puzzle.

82.  What is the floral emblem of Australia ?
        Answer  :  Wattle.

83.  Who was Julius Caesar’s wife at the time of his death ? 
       Answer  :  Calpurnia.

84.  Which year saw the emergence of Bangladesh at the end of the third Indo-Pakistan war ?
        Answer  :  1971   (Allow 1970-1972)

85.  In which Beatles song other than ‘She Loves You’ would you find the lyric ‘She loves you, yeah, yeah’ ?        
Answer  :  All you need is love.

86.  Which manned U.S. space programme of 1965-1966 preceded Apollo ?
       Answer  :  Gemini.

87.  The Blues and Royals and The Life Guards make up what ?
       Answer  :  The Household Cavalry.

88.  The 3rd Foot and Mouth regiment featured prominently in which ‘Carry on’ film of the 1960’s?
       Answer  :  Carry on up the Khyber.

89.  Which comic strip hero and ‘Pilot of the Future’ was created by Frank Hampson in 1950 for the Eagle ?      
       Answer  :  Dan Dare.

90.  Which very well known Italian surname means ‘metal worker ’ ?
       Answer  :  Ferrari.

91.  In which London club did Phileas Fogg begin and end his trip around the world ?
       Answer  : The Reform Club.

92.  What was written on the tiny bottle that Alice found in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ ?
       Answer  :  Drink me.

93. What is the geographical term for a ring shaped coral island encircling a lagoon ?
        Answer  :  An Atoll.

94.  Commoners in ancient Rome were ‘plebeians’.  What were elite citizens or aristocracy known as ?     Answer  :  Patricians.

95.  ‘Dash in a real rush, hurry, or else accident’ is an aid to remember what ?
         Answer  :  The spelling of diarrhoea.

96.  In which literary work do two neighbouring countries go to war over the right way to open a boiled egg ?    
Answer  :  Gulliver’s Travels.


a.     The Cutty Sark is a famous clipper moored in Greenwich but what is ‘a cutty sark’ ?
         Answer  :  A chemise or undergarment.

b.     Name the lead singer of ‘Spandau Ballet’ ?
        Answer  :  Tony Hadley.

c.     What is the name of the island off the coast of Scotland opposite Turnberry golf course ?
         Answer  :  Ailsa Craig.

d.     Where is Dick Turpin buried ? His tombstone s the only one which is upright in the cemetery.
        Answer  :  York.

e.     For how long was Lady Jane Grey queen ?
        Answer  :  9 days.

f.     Welwyn Garden City lies in the boundary of which English county ?
        Answer  :  Hertfordshire.


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