Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Questions for Cup by The Knot Inn and The Pack Horse Bowling Club
1. The recently released film “Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll” is a biopic of whom?
A. Ian Dury
2. Another recently released film covers the childhood and adolescence of John Lennon. What is it called?
A. Nowhere Boy
3. In which war was the battle of Vimy Ridge fought?
A. World War One
4. What is the name of the Wigan Athletic player who scored from his own half in the match against Stoke City on December 12th ’09?
A. (Maynor) Figueroa.
5. What shape is Farfalle pasta?
A. A Bow Tie or a Butterfly (accept either)
6. Who wrote the book “A Farewell to Arms”?
A. Ernest Hemingway
7. Which British composer wrote “The Lark Ascending”?
A. Ralph Vaughan Williams.
8. Hyde, Denton, Ashton and Stalybridge are in which metropolitan borough?
A. Tameside
9. Which place near Macclesfield had the distinction of being the coldest in the country at bracing minus17.6 degrees on the night of 6th January 2010?
A. Woodford
10. Which TV show was voted “Best Television of the Noughties” in a recent Channel 4 poll?
A. Top Gear
11. Which sculptor created “The Burghers of Calais”?
A. (Auguste) Rodin
12. From which country is Bulls Blood wine produced?
A. Hungary
13. Why was Arlene Foster in the news on 11th January this year?
A. She took over (as Northern Ireland’s First Minister) from Peter Robinson.
14. Also on 11th January, Chris Evans took over the morning show on radio 2. What was the first record he played?
A. All You Need Is Love
15. In which U.S. state is Yosemite National Park?
A. California
16. Which Band reach Christmas No. 1 last year following an online campaign to keep the X Factor winner from getting there?
A. Rage Against the Machine.
17. Which Paralympics sport was originally called Murderball?
A. Wheelchair Rugby
18. Who was the first Premier League manager to be sacked this season?
A. Paul Hart (Portsmouth)
19. The Australian Ghan train travels between Darwin and which other city?
A. Adelaide.
20. Who was the first British Prime Minister to be born in the 20th Century?
A. Alec Douglas Home (born 2 July 1903)
21. In which town did Jesus turn water into wine?
A. Cana
22. What is the name of Dan Brown's latest book?
A. The Lost Symbol.
23. Which former Blue Peter presenter has taken over from Simon Mayo in the afternoon slot on Radio 5 Live?
A. Richard Bacon
24. From which Shakespeare play does the phase 'pound of flesh' come from?
A. The Merchant of Venice
25. In which BBC comedy are the two title characters played by Matthew Horne and Joanna Page?
A. Gavin & Stacey
26. What was the name of the creator of Rumpole of the Bailey who died in 2009?
A. John Mortimer
27. In the NATO phonetic alphabet which word represents P?
A. Papa
28. 4-4-2 and 4-5-1 be dammed. Where do football teams only ever line up 1-2-5-3?
A. On a table football set.
29. Name the British hostage who was released on 30th December 2009 after spending 2½ years captive in Iraq?
A. Peter Moore
30. Which town in Tuscany gives its name to a prized form of white marble?
A. Carrara.
31. In which specific area of London is a bell foundry, which, at 539 years of continuous production, is said to be Britain’s oldest manufacturing company?
A. Whitechapel. (Whitechapel Bell Foundry Ltd)
32. In which European city is the Pirelli skyscraper?
A. Milan.
33. In which Ocean are the Comoros Islands?
A. The Indian Ocean.
34. Wyndottes, Light Sussex, Lavender Aruncanas and Orpingtons are all rare breeds of which domesticated animal?
A. Poultry / chickens.
35. Beltex, Llanwenog, Gotland and Herdwick are all rare breeds of which domesticated animal?
A. Sheep.
36. How is the chemical symbol Kr connected to the comic and film hero superman.
A. Kr is the symbol for Krypton, which is superman’s home planet.
37. Which mythical object was sought by medieval alchemists trying to make gold?
A. The philosopher’s stone.
38. Gambia has a land border with only one other country, which one?
A. Senegal.
39. The smallest measurable length is roughly 1.6160 x 10-35 metres, how is it known?
A. The Planck Length
40. Which is the largest mammal to build a nest?
A. Gorilla. (an overnight sleeping nest)
41. What term is given to the formation or use of words such as buzz, bang and murmur that imitate the sounds associated with the objects or actions they refer to?
A. Onomatopoeia.
42. Which film was promoted with the tagline “As far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a gangster”?
A. Goodfellas.
43. Which band had hits in the 1960’s with “Walk Like a Man” and “Big Girls Don’t Cry”?
A. The Four Seasons. (accept Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons)
44. The first couplet of which famous song, sung by 15 singers, is translated as “It is death. It is death. It is life. It is life. This is the hairy man who caused the sun to shine again for me”?
A. The Haka.
45. There are 4 pairs of them in the human body, the palatine, the lingual, the tubal and the pharyngeal. Their primary function is to combat airborn infections entering the body. What are they?
A. Tonsils (The palatine tonsils are the ones we usually just call “the tonsils”.)
46. In which athletics event is the women’s world record better than the men’s?
A. The discus ( Men’s 74.08 metres, women’s 76.80 metres both set in the 1980’s by East German athletes! The men’s discus is twice as heavy at 2kg)
47. Who painted The Rokeby Venus, now hung in the National Gallery in London? The painting being badly damaged by a suffragette in1914.
A. Velazquez.
48. What term is used to denote a number that cannot be expressed as an exact fraction? For example, the square root of two, three or Pi.
A. Irrational.
49. What new name was given by farmers, to the Chinese gooseberry’s being exported to the USA from New Zealand in the 1960’s?
A. Kiwi Fruit.
50. What word was on all decimal coins when they were introduced in 1971, and was removed from all decimal coins from 1982 onwards?
A. New.
51. What is the name of the small uninhabited island in the middle of the Niagara Falls, named after the animals who used to roam freely there?
A. Goat Island.
52. If you suffer from anosmia what have you lost?
A. Your sense of smell.
53. Which Olympic swimming medallist became better known as Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers.
A. Clarence “Buster” Crabbe
54. In which musical are the gangs the T-Birds and the Scorpions rivals?
A. Grease.
55. Which playwright wrote ‘Caesar and Cleopatra’ and ‘Man and Superman’?
A. George Bernard Shaw.
56. What was each member of the Waffen SS required to have tattooed on the underside of his left arm, 20 centimetres up from the elbow?
A. Their blood group
57. In The Arabian Nights, what kind of bird was so vast and strong it could lift and elephant?
A. The Roc.
58. Who gave a lift to Betty Burke in1746?
A. Flora Macdonald (Betty Burke was the disguise affected by Bonnie Prince Charlie)
59. Which of Henry VIII’s wives is buried beside him?
A. Jane Seymour (She was so rewarded for giving birth to his only son Edward VI)
60. What is a winding hole (wind as in breeze not rotating) on a canal?
A. A place where canal boats and barges can turn round
61. Which country contested the War of Jenkins’ Ear with Britain?
A. Spain
62. In what year was the Panama Canal formally opened (leeway of +/- 5 years)?
A. 1920 – Accept 1915-1925 inclusive
63. Which Austrian psychologist, a collaborator with Freud is most associated with the terms “introvert and extrovert”?
A. Carl Gustav Jung
64. What middle name is shared by Bill Clinton and William Hague?
A. Jefferson
65 In which city did the England cricket team win their last game of 2009?
A. Durban
66. Which non-speaking character in Shakespeare is described as “a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy”? (Yorick – His skull is famously tossed around in Hamlet)
67. What country includes the Provinces of Carinthia, Styria and Voralberg?
A.  (Austria)
68. Which sweet cake, popular in Greece and Turkey, consists of filo pastry stuffed with walnuts and almonds and flavoured with honey?
A. (Baklava)
69. What is the name of the Greek god of the underworld?
A. Hades
70. Which famous figure from the world of boxing passed away on Christmas Eve?
A. Terry Lawless (Trainer of Frank Bruno among others)
71. Who is currently the Shadow Foreign secretary?
A. William Hague
72. Who is currently the Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families?
A. Ed Balls
73. Which song features the lyric: ‘I kept my promise, don’t keep your distance’?
A. Don’t cry for me Argentina
74. Which song features the lyric: ‘A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest’?
A.  The Boxer
75. In broadcasting, what do the initials CNN stand for?
A.  Cable News Network
76. Which country’s national TV station is called NHK?
A.  Japan (Nippon Hoso Kyokai, or Japan Broadcasting Company)
77. Which city is served by Frederic Chopin airport?
A. Warsaw
78. Which city is served by Jose Marti Intl Airport?
A. Havana
79. Which film is described here, tipped to be nominated for the 2010 Best Picture Oscar? ‘Based on the true story of agribusiness executive Mark Whitacre who exposed his company's price-fixing tactics
A. ’ The Informant!
80. Which film, again tipped as a potential 2010 Oscar-winner? A coming-of-age story about a teenage girl in 1960s suburban London, with a screenplay by Nick Hornby.
A. An Education
81. In which country is the Africa Cup of Nations football tournament being played this month?
A. Angola
82. What anniversary is the cause of the current glut of programmes about Elvis Presley?
A. Would have been his 75th birthday on January 8th
83. In which city is the statue known as the Manneken Pis? A. Brussels
84. The locals refer to this statue as the ‘Tart with the Cart’, but which figure is the subject of the statue?
A. Molly Malone (in Dublin)
85. Apart from playing music, what could you do with a mandolin?
A. Slice food
86. Which on-line gambling company has its HQ in Stoke-on-Trent?
A. Bet365
87. Which conflict inspired Hemingway’s a Farewell to Arms, and Picasso’s Guernica?
A.  Spanish Civil War
88. January King, Hispi and Green Express are all varieties of which vegetable?
A. Cabbage
89. Who played the headmistress in the 1950’s St Trinians films? A. Alastair Sim
90. What fish is used to make an Arbroath Smokie?
A. Haddock
91. Which river flows through Bordeaux?
A. Gironde
92. Which major Southern hemisphere city stands on the river Yarra?
A.  Melbourne
93. Who wrote the novels Money and the Rachel Papers?
A. Martin Amis
94. Who wrote the novels On Green Dolphin Street and the recently published A Week in December?
A. Sebastian Faulks
95. Talisker malt whisky is distilled on which island?
A. Skye (it’s the only one on Skye)
96. The grape variety Shiraz originated in which country?
A.  Persia (accept Iran)
97. Who wrote the 1950’s science fiction novels the Chrysalids and The Kraken Wakes?
A.  John Wyndham
98. Which literature genre is MR James best known for?
A. Ghost stories
99. Which philosopher said: I think therefore I am.
A. Rene Descartes
100. What is the smallest breed of British duck?
A.  Teal
101. The river Waveney forms a large part of the boundary between which two counties?
A. Need both: Norfolk and Suffolk (this was challenged as it requires two answers)
102. Lost wax technique is used to do what?
A.  Casting of metal (accept casting)
103. In Greek mythology, who was the father of Hercules?
A. Zeus
104. Which breed of dog originated in the North east of England, and was used by miners to hunt vermin?
A. Bedlington Terrier
105. Into which sea does the River Jordan flow ? 
A. Dead Sea
106. What's the name of the parliament of the Isle of Man ? 
A. Tynwald
107. Which Scandinavian country extends furthest north ?
A. Norway
108. Which two colours are found on the Greek national flag ?  ( Blue and White ) This too was challenged)
109. Who was the first foreign ( ie. non British ) manager to win the F.A. Cup ? 
A. Ruud Gullit
110. Who was the famous footballing uncle of Bobby and Jack Charlton ? 
A. Jackie Milburn
111.On what would you find a bridle, a tail and a wind ? 
A. a kite
112.In the film,what was the name of the family that Mary Poppins went to work for?
A. Banks
113. In which English city would you find the Walker Art Gallery ?  A. Liverpool
114. In which century did Chaucer write the Canterbury Tales ?
A. 14th
115. Who became king of England in 1016; Denmark in 1018 and Norway in 1028 ? 
A. Canute
116. Which insect saw Cock Robin die ?
A.  the fly
117. What was Spike Milligan's real first name ?
A. Terence
118. In slang terms, how much money is a "monkey" ?
A. £500
119. Which Roman Catholic ceremony uses a bell, book and candle? 
A. Excommunication
120.Which metal is used to make shoes for racehorses ?
A. aluminium
1. Which jazz bandleader's father was a butler in the White House ?
A. Duke Ellington
2. What is the name of the disgraced Northern Irish politician, who used her position to obtain money to set up her lover in business (both names needed)
A. Iris Robinson
3. Who created the fictional detective The Saint?
A. Leslie Charteris
4. Which Victorian art critic said that labour without art is brutality?
A. John Ruskin
5. Which famous crime has a possible 324 different combinations ? 
A.  the murder in Cluedo
6. Bronze is an alloy of which two metals ? 
A. Tin and Copper
7. All racehorses share the same birthday. What date is it ? 
A. January 1st
Tiebreaker: According to, how long does it take to drive from the Waters Green Pub to Dover docks by the quickest route?
A. 4 hours and 29 minutes


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