Saturday, February 27, 2010

23rd February – All Questions Set by The Harrington Academicals



1. Great Britain gained which strategic possession through the treaty of Utrecht
A1 Gibraltar

2 What was formed as the result of the Continental Congress of 1775

A2 The United States of America

3.Which Archbishop of Canterbury introduced the Book of Common Prayer into the Church of England

A3 Thomas Cranmer

4. Cranmer was Archbishop of Canterbury during the reign of 2 monarchs. Name either

A4 Henry VIII and Edward VI

5. Where is Horatio Nelson buried

A5 St. Paul's Cathedral

6. Buckingham Palace became the official royal palace on the ascension of which monarch?

A6 Queen Victoria

7. Who is the only prime minister to die at 10 Downing Street

A7 Sir Henry Campbell Bannerman

8. Who said in 1876 "All the world over, I will back the masses against the classes"

A8 William Gladstone


SQ1 Where is the nearest original copy of Magna Carta to Macclesfield usually displayed

AQ1 Lincoln Cathedral

SQ2 What was introduced in USA by the Volstead Act of 1919

AQ2 Prohibition ( accept banning sale of alcohol)



1. Which brewery brews Bosley Cloud
A1 Storm (of Macclesfleld)

2.  What name for cured belly pork is derived from the Italian for "little belly",

A2 Pancetta

3. Which Indian actress and cookery writer introduced James Ivory to Ismail Merchant

A3 Madhur Jaffrey

4. Ben and Gerry produce an ice cream named after the lead guitarist of the Grateful Dead. Name the Guitarist or the ice cream.

A4 Gerry Garcia (Cherry Garcia)

5. What is the name of the dried cured meat, usually beef from South Africa
A5 Biltong

6. Bacalao - spelt and pronounced slightly differently in Portuguese, Basque, Italian and Croatian is what Mediterranean foodstuff

A6 Dried salt cod

7. What is the traditional bonfire night cake, coloured with dark brown sugar or treacle and flavoured with ginger

A7 Parkin

8. What is the main ingredient added to potato to make bubble and squeak
A8 Cabbage


SQ1 What is Aloo in Indian cookery

AQ1 Potatoes

SQ2 What is traditionally drunk from a copita

AQ2 Sherry



1. The gulf of Riga is an inlet of which sea
A1 The Baltic

2. Where in Britain are the Gladstone and Royal Seaforth docks
A2 Liverpool

3.  Name the Scottish island famous for the production of a distinctive style of jersey said to have been derived from survivors of the Spanish Armada

A3 Fair Isle

4 Anglo-Saxon England was divided into seven kingdoms - East Anglia, Essex, Kent, Sussex and Northumbria were 5. Name either of the other two

A4 Mercia or Wessex

5. Which of the Great Lakes of North America is the only one wholly in the United states

A5 Michigan

6. What sea does the river Volga empty into
A6 Caspian Sea

7. In which English County do these rivers flow - Teme, Frome, Lugg, Dore, Arrow and Monnow

A7 Herefordshire

8. In which English County are the rivers - Taw, Torridge and Teign

A8 Devon


SQ1 The Erskine bridge in Scotland spans which river

AQ1 Clyde

SQ2 Which river does the Clifton suspension bridge span

AQ2 Avon




From their middle name and other hints name these famous people

1. Middle name Aaron - Rock singer - The king
A1 Elvis Aaron Presley

2. Middle name - Albert - crooner - 'ole blue eyes'

A2 Francis Albert Sinatra ( Frank Sinatra )

3. Middle name Fitzgerald - President

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

4. Middle name - Millhous - president

A4 Richard Millhous Nixon

5. Middle name Luther - Civil rights dreamer

AS Martin Luther King

6. Original middle name Marcellus - Boxing's the greatest

A6 Cassius Marcellus Clay ( Muhammad Ali)

7. Middle name Law - English field marshal

A7 Bernard Law Montgomery (Viscount Montgomery of Alamein )

8. Antartic explorer - Falcon

A8 Robert Falcon Scott ( Scott of the Antartic)


SQ1 Middle name Winston - singer & airport

SA1 John Winston Lennon

SQ2 Middle name Manuel - 5 times Motor racing world champion SA2 Juan Manuel Fangio




1.What is the common name for the molecule O3?

A1 Ozone

2. The parsec is a unit of measurement of what?

A2 Astronomical distance (accept distance)

3. Flies belong to the insect class. To what class do spiders belong?

A3 Arthropods

4. Where in the body would you find cells called astrocytes?

A4 Brain or spinal Column (accept either)

5. What is the name of the pouch in which marsupials carry their young?
A5 Marsupium

6. What is the tallest grass?

A6 Bamboo

7. What is the hardest material in the human body

A7 Tooth enamel

8. The Ishihara test is used to detect what?

A8 Colour blindness


SQ1 The moons of Uranus are all named after what?

SA1 Shakespearean characters

SQ2 What is the most abundant metal in the Earth's crust?

SA2 Aluminium




1. New Zealander Ivan Mauger ("Major") was a multiple world champion in which sport?

A1 Speedway

2. The modern version of which sport was staged for the first time at Belle Vue, Manchester, in 1926?

A2 Greyhound Racing

3. With a little leeway, in which year was the first Rugby League World Cup played?
A3 1954 (accept 1952-6)

4. In which sport do one team wear blue caps, their opponents white caps, and both goalkeepers red caps?

A4 Water Polo

5. What is the standard distance of a Drag Race?
A5 1/4 mile (so accept 440yds , or 400 m)

6. What major change took place in Ryder Cup golf in 1 979?

A6 It was opened to European golfers - previously the USA had played against a Great Britain team

7. Usain Bolt won in spectacular fashion over which distance in an exhibition race in the centre of Manchester in May 2009?

A7 150m

8. West Indian Franklyn Stephenson was the last to achieve which cricketing feat in 1984?

A8 1000 runs and 100 wickets in the English first-class season - the "Domestic Double".


SQ1 Which Arsenal player scored the famous last-minute goal against Liverpool in 1989 to win the League Championship, though he later went on to score an FA Cup Final goal for Liverpool?

SA1 Michael Thomas

SQ2 Whose career started with a win over Tunney Hunsaker in  1960 and ended with a 1981 defeat at the hands of Trevor Berbick?

SA2 Muhammad Ali (accept Cassius Clay)




1. In the Adrian Mole Diaries, what was the surname of his girlfriend?
A1 Braithwaite

2 In which county is to be found "Constable country", the scenes of Constable's most famous landscapes?

A2 Suffolk

3. Which Scottish painter, born in 1951 painted the "Singing Butler" an evocative scene of four figures on a windswept beach?

A3 Jack Vettriano

4. Who, recently deceased, wrote "Catcher in the Rye"?
A4 JD Salinger

5. Who wrote the opera Don Giovanni?
A5 Mozart

6. Whose Choral Symphony features "The Ode to Joy" by Schiller?
A6 Beethoven (the 9th)

7. In which Oscar -winning movie do the characters Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart appear

A7 Chicago

8. Which band, formed in 1977, named themselves after their financial situation at the time ?

A8 Dire Straits


SQ1 For what is the French town of Sevres famous?

SA1 Porcelain (accept pottery)

SQ2 Which pop singer did Debbie Rowe marry?

SA2 Michael Jackson




This is a round about money

1. Who was the king of Lydia around 550 BC, famous for his fabulous wealth

A1 Croesus

2. Which organization was described recently in Rolling Stone magazine as "A great vampire squid wrapped round the face of humanity"

A2 Goldman Sachs

3. What value of estate do you have to leave for the taxman to demand Inheritance Tax Or more technically, what is the IHT threshold for the tax year 2009/10

A3 £325000 Allow £1 0,000 either way

4. How much can you earn before you have to pay income tax ie what is the basic level of personal allowance for the tax year 2009/10

A4 £6475 Allow £300 either way

5. In which film does the song "Money makes the world go round" feature?

A5 Cabaret

6.  Which author, himself the son of a famous author published the novel "Money" in 1984

A6 Martin Amis

7. How much profit did Barclays report for the last financial year
A7 £11.6bn allow 1 billion either way ( to cover bonuses !!!)

8. What is the term used to describe the bank of England printing money to buy financial assets

AS Quantitative easing


SQ1 The bible (1 Timothy) doesn't say money is the root of all evil. What is?

AQ1 The love of money

SQ2 What is the full basic rate state pension (per week) in 2009/10 AQ2 £95.25 Allow £4 either way



1.  The film Sex and Drugs and Rock n Roll is based on the life of which singer?
A1 Ian Dury

2. Which controversial comedian has sold almost 1/4million copies of his autobiography "My sh*t life so far"?
A2 Frankie Boyle

3. Which countries name translates as "Fragrant Harbour"?
A3 Hong Kong

4. Which squirrel helped promote road safety to children in the 1970's?
A4 Tufty

5. Which football ground shares its name with a Battle of 1066?
A5 Stamford Bridge

6. How is the country formerly called Dutch East Indies now known?
A6 Indonesia

7. Who was the Chief Engineer responsible for the Menai Bridge project?
A7 Thomas Telford

8. Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler were two of the three members of which top UK band of the late 70s and early 80s?
A8 The Jam. Paul Weller was the somewhat better known 3rd member.

9. Which role was voiced by Rupert Everett in the Shrek films?
A9 Prince Charming

10. Sponsorship-wise what event links Guinness, Mars, ADT, Flora and Virgin?

a10 The London Marathon

11. Beautiful South vocalist Paul Heaton and dance producer Fatboy Slim, under his real Norman Cook, were both members of which 1980's band?

A1 1 The Housemartins

12. Why were the family names in the TV programme Gavin and Stacey the source of controversy?

A12 Both families were named after notorious killers - the Shipmans (Dr Harold) and the Wests (Rose and Fred). Another major character in the show was named Pete Sutcliffe (as in Yorkshire Ripper)

13. In the world of the internet, what did ITV buy for £120m in December 2005 and sell four years later at a loss of£95m?

A13 The Friends Reunited website

14. In football, which country recently won the African Nations' Cup for a record 7th time?

a14 Egypt

15. Who temporarily made themselves Public Enemy No 1 by kicking out at Diego Simeone?

A15 David Beckham - this led to his red card in the 1998 World Cup vs Argentina.

16. What was the name of the Hanna Barbera cartoon featuring a space-age family?

a.16 The Jetsons

17, The villain of which TV comedy was Den Perry, owner of the Banana Grove nightclub?

A17 Phoenix Nights

18. In which year was the National Lottery launched in the UK A18 1994 (on 19th November)

19. How many different selections do you need for a Yankee bet? A. 19 Four

20. Which company, not usually known for food manufacture, make "Pringles"?

Proctor and Gamble

21. Without the use of any bonus squares, how may points would you score in the game Scrabble for the word "Quiz"?

A21 22-10 points each for Q and Z and 1 point for each of the vowels

22 From which animal is cashmere obtained?

A22 Goat

23. Which creatures live in a formicary?

A23 Ants

24. In computing, how many nibbles are there in a byte?

A24 2

25. Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web is now famously known as ... .?

A25 Yahoo

26 Which electronics company invented the compact disk in 1980?

A26 Philips

27. What was the name of the mongoose in the stories by Rudyard Kipling?

A27 Riki Tiki Tavi

28. Which river flows through Berlin?

A28 The Spree (pron. Spray)

20. In which country has the highest shade temperature been re9orded?

A29 Libya

30. In Britain, which is the only road sign with an inverted triangle (point down)?

A30 Give Way

31. How many time zones are there across China?

A31 1 (was 5 until 1949)

32. How many states had America when first founded?

A32 13

33. In Australia, what profession is a chalkie?

A33 Teacher

34. In which decade did the world's population reach 4 billion? 1970's

35. Who is the Hindu god of creation?

A35 Vishnu

36. Which articulate atheist wrote "The God Delusion"?

A36 Richard Dawkins

37  Which ancient city shares its name with a system for weighing precious metals and gemstones?

A37 Troy

38. Who was on the throne of England 1000 years ago?

Aethelred II (the Unready)

89 How many points are needed to win a game of cribbage?

A39 121

40 In money slang, what is a Pavarotti?

A40 £10 (a tenner)

41. In 1992, which popular British author published "Every Living Thing, his first new novel for 10 years

A41 James Herriot

42. Who was the female star of Charlie Chaplin's 1952 film, Limelight

A42 Claire Bloom

43. What is the second largest city in Syria

A43 Aleppo

44. What is the nationality of Ngaio Marsh, who created the detective Inspector Alleyn of Scotland Yard

A44. New Zealand

45. The Kenyan born athlete Wilson Kipketer , who broke the 800m world record in 1997, represented which European country

A45 Denmark

46. What is the name given to wounds or scars corresponding to those on Christ's body after the crucifixion

A46 Stigmata

47. What is the regional capital of Bavaria

A47 Munich

48. Which northern Italian town was famous for the manufacture of violins by Stradivarius and others

A48 Cremona

49. In 1979, who succeeded Ahmad Hassan al-Bakr as his country's president

A49 Saddam Hussein

50. In 1956, Bedloe's Island was re named. What is it now called A50 Liberty Island - the Statue of Liberty is built there

51.Thomas Selfridge, from the department store family was the first passenger to die in a plane crash. Who was the pilot

A51 Orville Wright

52. In which city was the first motor show held

A52 Paris

53. On which street was Elizabeth Barrett living when she met Robert Browning

A53 Wimpole Street

54. Which British cyclist won 6 stages of the Tour de France in 2009

A54 Mark Cavendish

55. From which city will the 2010 Tour de France start

A55 Rotterdam

56. Slieve Donard, the highest point in Northern Ireland is in which range of hills

A56 Mountains of Mourne

57. What is the name given to the class of roses characterized by large sprays or clusters of flowers

A57 Floribunda

58. Which French writer and statesman who lived from 1768 to 1848 gave his name to a thick steak cut from a fillet of beef

A58 Chateaubriand

59 Who wrote the lyrics for the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical "Whistle down the wind"

A59 Jim Steinman (who wrote Bat out of Hell for Meatloaf)

60. In which movie did Vivien Leigh play Blanche DuBois

A60 A Streetcar Named Desire

61. Who invented the vacuum bottle or flask, which sometimes bears his name

A61 Dewar

62. Stephen Gough was jailed in December 2008 for breach of the peace. By what name is he more commonly known?

A62 The Naked Rambler

63. According to the story, who is the only person to see Lady Godiva riding a horse naked through the streets of Coventry?

A63 Peeping Tom

64. On which island would you find Thomas the Tank Engine?

A64 Sodor

65. Which organisation was founded by Chad Varah in 1953?

A65 The Samaritans

66. According to the Bible at what event was the writing on the wall translated by Daniel?

A66 Balshazzar's feast

67. Which novel by William Styron was made into a film version in which Meryl Streep won an Oscar for her role as an Auschwitz survivor who had faced a terrible dilemna?

A67 Sophie's Choice

68. By what name did road protest activist Daniel Hooper become better known?

A68 Swampy

69. Which big cat is sometimes called an ounce?

A69 Snow Leopard

70. Name either of the first two presenters of Top Gear in the late  1970s on BBC2?

A70 Angela Rippon or Noel Edmonds

71. Whose body was exhumed from Westminster Abbey in 1661 , and was then subjected to a posthumous beheading, with the detached head not finally being re-interred until 1960?

A71 Oliver Cromwell

72. Who was the first wicketkeeper to reach 2000 runs and make 200 dismissals in text match cricket?

A72 (Thomas) Godfrey Evans

73. Which novel by Umberto Eco published in 1988 derived its title from an experiment by a French physicist to demonstrate the rotation of the earth?

A73 Foucault's Pendulum

74. What is Gymnophobia the fear of?

A74 Nudity

75. Who is the only non American to have won all the golfing majors?

A75 Gary Player

76. In which country did the Orange Revolution take place in 2004?

A76 Ukraine

77.  Brandon Flowers is the lead singer with which group?

A77 The Killers

78. How is Lord Marmaduke of Bunkerton better known?

A78 Lord Snooty

79. How many points for a touchdown in American football?

A79 6

80 About whom did Bette Davies say "she has slept with every MGM star except Lassie"?

A80 Joan Crawford

81. Shami Chakrabati is the director of which UK organisation? A81 Liberty

82. What is the popular name for the statue, designed in 1893, which is a famous London landmark and was originally entitled The Angel of Christian Charity1

 A82 The statue of Eros in Piccadilly circus

83. What feature is peculiar to the Postage Stamps of Great Britain

A83 They do not bear the name of the country - only the head of the sovereign

84. What book, modelled on Homer's Odyssey, tells the story of a day in Dublin

A84 Ulysses ( by James Joyce )

85" How did Lord Kitchener die?

A85 He was drowned - lost in the cruiser Hampshire when it struck a mine in 1916.

86. What was the tenth part of a legion, consisting of 600 infantrymen called

A86 A cohort

87. The french call it 'La Tapisserie de la Reine Matilde'. What do we call it ?

A87 The Bayeux Tapestry. The tapestry of Queen Matilda - wife of William the Conqueror

88. Giovanni Antonio Canal was born in Venice in 1697. what is he remembered for ?

A88 His paintings - he is better known as Canaletto

89. In what type of space capsule did John Glen first circle the earth

A89 Mercury

90. Queen Victoria lived to see her Silver, Golden and Diamond jubilees. Which one was celebrated in 1887

A90 Her Golden Jubilee

91. What city besides Pompeii was overwhelmed in the earthquake of AD 79

A91 Herculaneum

92 Electrical resistance is measured by the ohm. What unit measures conductance or the reciprocal of resistance ?

A92 The mho ( ohm spelt backwards )

93. What name is sometimes given to the legislative assembly of a country that is derived from the Latin word for old man ?

A93 The senate. Senex is Latin for old man.

04. What is the fruit of the plant ananas comosus

A94 Pineapple

95. What nationality was the painter Edvard Munch

A95 Norwegian

96. What name is usually given to the mounted herdsmen or cowboys of the pampas of South America

A96 Gauchos


SQ1 Who discovered the island of Cuba in 1492

AQ1 Christopher Columbus

SQ2 In February 1940 British naval forces entered Norwegian waters to rescue prisoners from a German ship. What was the name of the ship ?

AQ2 The Altmark

SQ3 In 1927 the Commonwealth Parliament of Australia moved from Melbourne to which city ?

AQ3 Canberra.

SQ4 Which King of Egypt abdicated in 1952

AQ4 Farouk


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