Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Specialist Questions

Set by the Waters Green Tavern

Arts and Entertainment
1. In which European city would you find the Peggy Guggenheim collection of modern art?
2. “Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem” was the house band on which children’s TV series of the 1970s.
The Muppet Show
3. In which city is the musical Cabaret set?
4. “This Wheel’s on Fire” was the theme tune to which TV series?
Absolutely Fabulous
5 Which work for voices begins with the words “To begin at the beginning, it is spring, a moonless night in the small town, starless and bible black”?
“Under Milk Wood.”
6. She was one of the “Lonely People” in a Beatles song. What was her name?
Eleanor Rigby
7. What is the pseudonym of the largely anonymous graffiti artist whose work has appeared on the Palestinian wall among other places?
8. Who wrote the novel “The Long Dark Teatime Of The Soul”?
Douglas Adams
S1. Who wrote the novel ‘Oranges are Not the Only Fruit’?
Jeanette Winterson
S2. In which suburb of Liverpool was Ken Dodd born?
Knotty Ash
1. In which country would you find the Mojave Dessert
2. Which island group is comprised of the Windward Islands and the Leeward Islands?
The Lesser Antilles
3. The longest ranges of mountains in the world are the Andes at 4,500 miles. What are the second longest at 3,000 miles?
The Rockies.
4. From central Johannesburg, in which direction would you travel to get to SOWETO?
Southwest (SOWETO stands for South Western Township)
5. Delhi and Agra stand on the banks of which river?
6. In which country are the Eastern and Western Ghats?
India (mountain ranges)
7. What is the capital of Taiwan?
8. What is the area between the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov called?
The Crimean Peninsula
S1. Which U.S. state capital stands on the River Jordan?
Salt Lake City (Utah)
S2. In which city is the Verrazano Bridge?
New York
1. Who was the first American to win the Nobel Peace Prize?
Theodore Roosevelt in 1906
2. Sinn Fein was established in 1907, what does “Sinn Fein” mean?
We Ourselves
3. What was the codename of the Allied airborne attack near Arnhem in September 1944?
Operation Market Garden.
4. In which crusade did Richard the Lionheart take part?
The 3rd Crusade.
5. In which year were UK men last called up for National Service?
1960 (leeway 1959-1961)
6. In which decade of the 17th century did Shakespeare die?
1610s (1616 – no leeway)
7. Which Native American tribe was massacred at the Battle of Wounded Knee?
Lakota Sioux (accept Sioux)
8. Whose death warrant was signed by Elizabeth I at Greenwich 1st February 1587?
Mary Queen of Scots
S1. In which year did Margeret Thatcher become leader of the Conservative Party?
1975 (No Leeway)
S2. What was the Christian name of Field -Marshall Montgomery?
1. In the human body, which joint is formed at the junction of the tibia and femur?
The Knee Joint
2. Where are red blood cells formed?
Bone marrow
3. What animal has the Latin name Ursus Maritimus?
The Polar Bear
4. Which scientist gave his name to zones of charged particles ranging from 3,000 to 20,000km above the earth?
Van Allen (the Van Allen Belt)
5. Jean Piaget is known for his work in what field?
Child psychology
6. The SR-N1 was the first practical what?
7. What was the name of the Space Shuttle that broke up during re-entry in February 2004?
8. Which fruit, when fresh, has the highest calorific value?
The avocado
S1. The SOHO spacecraft studies which heavenly body?
The Sun
S2. Which planet is the destination of NASA’s “New Horizons” probe?
1. In which stadium does LA Galaxy play their home games?
The Home Depot Centre
2. Who is the assistant manager of Macclesfield Town?
Asa Hartford
3. In cricket in the 19th century, what article of clothing was given to a bowler for taking three consecutive wickets?
A new hat (hence “Hat-Trick)
4. First held in 1850, which is the oldest competition still contested in international sport?
The Americas Cup.
5. The Leander club has produced World and Olympic champions in which sport?
5. Who won five Olymic golds in athletics in 1924?
Paavo Nurmi
6. Where did the first Cricket World Cup take place in 1975?
7. How many players in a polo team?
8. Yokuzuna is the highest ranking attainable in which sport?
Sumo wrestling
S1. Who was the captain of Lancashire Cricket Club who announced his resignation in October this year?
Mark Chilton
S2. With which sport would you associate Casey Stoner?
Motorcycling (accept Moto GP)
This round is all about Macclesfield and its environs.
1. Which family owned Quarry Bank Mill in Styal and built a village for its workers?
2. Where will you find a church with the steeple standing alongside and not on top?
3. What is the name of Macclesfield’s German twin town?
Eckernforde (pronounced: eck-en-ferd-er)
4. Where was the last Macclesfield workhouse?
Now part of the hospital, formerly West Park hospital.
5. Give a year during the construction of the Macclesfield canal
1826 to 1831
6. In 2004 The Times published research naming Macclesfield and its borough as what?
The most uncultured in Britain.
7. Macclesfield once boasted two railway stations; Central station became the current station, what was the name of the other?
Hibel Road.
8. In which division does Macclesfield’s rugby union team play?
National Division III (North)
S1. Where is the southern end of the Macclesfield Canal?
S2. The Macclesfield Silk Heritage Museum started life as what?
Sunday School
Situations Comical
This round is all about sitcoms. Each question takes the form of a list of characters. Your task is to name the sitcom. For instance, if the question is “Rick, Vivian, Mike and Neil”, the answer is “The Young Ones”.
1. Which classic sitcom featured the Abbot family?
Bless This House
2. Which sitcom featured the exploits of Jack and Stan, the latter of which lived with Mum, Olive and Arthur?
On The Busses
3. Which organic sitcom featured Tom, Margo, Jerry and Barbara?
The Good Life
4. Which flat share sitcom featured Robin, Chrissie and Jo?
Man About The House
5. Which lager-soaked sitcom featured Gary, Tony, Deborah and Dorothy?
Men Behaving Badly
6. Which ecclesiastical sitcom featured Geraldine, Alice, Hugo and David?
The Vicar of Dibley
7. Which catering sitcom featured Brenda, Dolly, Twinkle, Anita and Stan?
8. Which political sitcom featured Ken, Shirley, Tucker, Speed and Wolfie?
Citizen Smith
S1. Which club land sitcom featured Brian, Jerry, Ray, Max, and Paddy?
Phoenix Nights
S2. Which fashionable sitcom featured Eddie, Saffron, Patsy and Bubble?
Absolutely Fabulous
Mods and Rockers
This round is all about genres of popular music.
1. Originating in the southern US states, and generally down in both tempo and mood, this music form made stars of Lead Belly and Blind Mellon.
The Blues
2. You either love it or loathe it, but which form of popular music has sub-genres called Outlaw, Hillbilly and Honky Tonk?
Country (and western)
3. With soaring vocals, strings, horns, electric pianos, guitar and bass, this lush sound was popular in the 1970s.
4. Blending soul, jazz, and rhythm & blues, this bass heavy, style of music made stars of Sly Stone, George Clinton and James Brown.
5. Famous for fans attending “all nighters”, this music form thrived in places like the Blackpool Mecca, Manchester’s Twisted Wheel and the Wigan Casino.
Northern Soul
6. Pioneered by Scott Joplin, this piano-driven genre hit its peak from 1899 to 1918.
7. Usually played in fields, in UK legislation of the early 1990s, this specific form of music was characterised by “a series of repetitive beats”.
Rave (house, acid, trance, etc. are too general)
8. Topping the charts during the dark days of the early 1970s, name this gender bending rock genre.
Glam Rock
S1. Widely credited as the first example of a cultural genre that included breakdancing and graffiti art, “Rappers Delight” by the Sugar Hill Gang was what kind of music?
Hip Hop (not rap)
S2. Crass, Anti-Nowhere League and The Exploited were minor stars of this anti-establishment musical genre.

General Knowledge

Set by the Puss Artists

1 How many ‘balls’ must be pitched in Baseball in order for a player to walk?
2 A poniard is a type of what?
3 According to the Big Bang Theory, approximately how old is the Universe in Billions of years?
13.8 billion years (accept 13-15 billion years).
4 Before the Second World War, Boris III was king of which country?
5 In which children's programme did the Why Bird appear?
6 In which decade did Alexander Fleming discover penicillin?
7 Martin Scorsese directed which 2007 Oscar winning film?
The Departed.
8. In which novel does the character Yossarian appear?
Catch 22
9 In which African country is the beach resort of Hammamet?
10 By what name is deuterium oxide commonly known?
Heavy water
11 At what age does a Jewish boy celebrate his Bar Mitzvah?
12 In which English county is Melton Mowbray?
13 Members of which religion celebrate Diwali ?
14 Members of which religion celebrate Tenjin Matsuri?
15 On which French river does the magnificent Chateau of Chenonceaux , stand?
River Cher
16 Robert Gallo was one of the pioneers in the identification of which virus?
17 In which English city is the Mercury Theatre ?
18 In greek mythology who solved the riddle of the Sphinx?
19 In which Scottish town did Thomas Hamilton carry out a shooting atrocity on 13th March 1996?
20 In which sport are the officials called zebras?
American Football
21 On which river is the Three Gorges Dam?
The Yangztse
22 On which river is the famous Hoover Dam?
The Colorado.
23 Spurn Head lies at the estuary to which river?
24 To which city did the Airbus A-380 fly on its first commercial flight?
Sydney (from Singapore).
25 What character did Ed O’Neill play in the TV series ‘Married…. With Children’?
Al Bundy.
26 In the bible how many people were thrown into the fiery furnace?
27 King Zog died in exile in 1961. Which European country did he rule rule from 1928 – 1939?
28 On which date is the Christian feast of Epiphany celebrated?
January 6th
29 The film ‘300’ is a fictionalised retelling of events that occurred during which famous battle?
The battle of Thermopylae (480BC).
30 Richard Fleeshman is releasing his first album this month. In which soap did he star?
Coronation Street
31 What sort of creature is a Pinto?
32 What is the capital of Fiji?
33 What did the 1923 Matrimonial Act allow women to do to men for the first time?
Divorce them (for adultery)
34 In Which decade did the last steam train run on London’s Underground?
35 What is the first name of the Merchant Of Venice?
36 What culinary word describes vegetables cut into very thin pieces?
37 The life of press baron William Randolp Hearst was used as the basis of which Orson Welles film?
Citizen Kane
38 What nickname did 617 Squadron acquire after causing widespread flooding in the Ruhr Valley?
Dam Busters
39 What was the of the 7th Armoured Division which saw action in northern Africa?
Desert Rats
40 What is the name given to the world memory championships organised by the Brains Trust?
41 What sort of creature is a wapiti?
42 What is the largest species of owl?
(Giant) Eagle Owl
43 Where did Queen Victoria die?
Osborne House, Isle of Wight
44 What type of creature is a Tope?
45 What is the technical name for abnormaly high blood pressure?
46 Which British actor plays the title role in the US hit show ‘House’?
Hugh Laurie.
47 Which Championship football team is nicknamed the Tigers?
Hull City.
48 What is the nickname of Leicester City FC?
49 What was the name of the Russian submarine that sank in 2000?
50 Which actress is returning to Eastenders after an eight year absence?
Patsy Palmer.
51 Which carbohydrate is also known as milk sugar?
52 What would you do with ‘winkle pickers’?
Wear them: they are shoes with pointed toes
53 Which social organisation’s name is the Latin word for table?
54 Which Chinese leader became known for his “little red books?”
Mao Zedong (aka Mao Tse-Tung or Chairman Mao)
55 Which Eskimo word (meaning a jacket of skin or cloth, with a fur-lined hood) has come into the English language?
Anorak (anoraq, originally)
56 What percentage of 18-carat gold is actually gold?
57 Which drug began to be suspected as the cause of many serious defects in new born babies from 1958 onwards?
58 Which aircraft manufacturer produced the TU-144 ‘Concordski’?
59 Which emperor had the title ‘Lion of Judah’?
Haile Selassie of Ethiopia/Abyssinia
60 Which horse won the British Triple Crown in 1970?
61 Which theme park is near Windsor, Berkshire?
62 Which film starred Tom Cruise as a top sports agent?
Jerry Maguire
63 Which footballer moved from Barcelona to Real Madrid in 2000 for £37m ?
Luis Figo
64 Which female fitness instructor was known as the Green Goddess?
Diane Moran
65 Which impressionist and former Prestbury resident, was famous for his impersonations of Harold Wilson & Edward Heath?
Mike Yarwood
66 Which German footballer played upfront for Liverpool in 1998/99?
Karl-Heinz Riedle
67 Which fundamental force controls the tides?
68 Which king led the Huns from 445 to 450AD
69 Which woodwind instrument is also called the octave flute?
70 Which world wide magazine was conceived by DeWitt Wallace?
Reader’s Digest
71 Which organisations motto is 'courtesy and care'?
The Automobile Association
72 Which small creature can have up to 25,000 teeth ?
73 Which King of England was the eldest son of John Of Gaunt?
Henry IV
74 Which woodland area of Hampshire is noted for its ponies?
New Forest
75 Which football club folded in 1992 after 66 years in the football league?
76 Which parenting guru Doctor wrote “Baby & Child Care”?
Dr Spock
77 Who was the drummer (replaced by Ringo Starr) who was part of the original Beatles line up?
Pete Best
78 Who anointed Saul as the first king of Israel?
79 Who created the flying ace Biggles?
Capt W.E Johns
80 Who wrote “The Great Gatsby”?
F.Scott Fitzgerald
81 Which queen of england was known as the 'Virgin Queen'?
Elizabeth 1
82 Who played the first TV Doctor Who?
William Hartnell
83 Who is the god of love in Hindu mythology?
84 Which western Army was heavily defeated at the battle of Dien Bien Phu in May 1954?
The French.
85 Whose books include 'The No1 ladies detective agency' and 'tears of the giraffe'?
Alexander McCall Smith
86 Who hosted the Radio 4 programme 'Start the Week' until 1987?
Richard Baker
87 Who wrote that “the female of the species is deadlier than the male”
Rudyard Kipling
88 Who wrote the Horatio Hornblower novels?
C S Forrester.
89 Whose auto biography is entitled '1966 and all that'?
Geoff Hurst
90 Who supposedly brought about the downfall of Barings Bank?
Nick Leeson
91 Who won the Jamaican general election in December 1976?
Michael Manley
92 Who succeeded Charles II as King of the UK?
James II.
93 With which sport would you associate TV Presenter Gabby Logan's husband?
94 Who played English master Mr Farthing in the film Kes?
Colin Welland
95 Who wrote the books on which the films ‘Patriot Games’ and ‘The Hunt for Red October’ are based?
Tom Clancy.
96 With which sport would you associate Picabo Street?

Supplementary Questions

S1 In which sport could the (Utah) Jazz take on the (Memphis) Grizzlies & the (Minesota) Timberwolves take on the (Toronto) Raptors
Basketball (NBA)
S2 What is the oldest University in Northern Ireland called – founded in 1908?
Queen’s University
S3 Who did Neil Kinnock succeed as Labour Party leader?
Michael Foot
S4 Paradise Gardens was the last series made by which green fingered TV favourite?
Geoff Hamilton
S5 Lot of Hughes’s have played football for Wales, but who is England’s most capped Hughes?
S6 Which surname of a former British Prime Minister was Ronald Reagan’s middle name
S7 Guernica is a famous painting inspired by the Spanish Civil War. Who painted it?
(Pablo) Picasso
S8 Which post war cricketer played his first England game aged 18 & his last aged 45
Brian Close