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20th November

Specialist Questions
Set by the Prince Of Wales


1. If you had a beard which male Olympic event would you be unable to enter

2. In 1957 which American Baseball team moved from the east coast to the west coast
The Dodgers (Brooklyn/New York - Los Angeles)

3. In cricket which county is known as the Spitfires

4. In which sport is defence called 'The Back Pocket' and attack 'The Front Pocket'
Aussie Rules Football

5. Which is the only American Gridiron team owned by its fans
Green Bay Packers

6. Which hurdler won The BBC Sports Personality of The Year in 1968
David Hemery

7. In which sport would you compete for The Thomas Cup and The Uber Cup
Badminton (Mens and Womens World Team Championship)

8. Beach Volleyball made its first appearance at which Olympics - name the Year or City
Atlanta 1996

1. 'The Don' is a book about which cricketer
Sir Donald Bradman

2. 'Don't Tell Kath' is a book about which cricketer
Sir Ian Botham


1. What is the only letter of the alphabet not used as a symbol in the periodic table

2. In the name of what kind of algebra do 'variables express logical statements and relationships rather than numbers'
Boolean Algebra

3. How many sides does a Nonagon have

4. What is the junction between two nerve cells

5. What is the distinguishing characteristic of Apterous insects
They have no wings

6. Which ape has a name that means 'Man of the Forest'

7. Jackass, Macaroni and Emperor are all species of which bird

8. Which acid occurs in ant bites and nettle stings
Formic Acid

1. What is the term for a negatively charged electrode

2. Name either of the two main gases that make up our Sun
Hydrogen and Helium

History - WWII in Europe

1. What was the name given to the most westerly of the three British beaches on D-Day

2. Rydz-Smigly was in charge of which country's army in 1939

3. Which German city was the target of the first 1,000 bomber raid on the night of 30th May 1942

4. Where did the Americans secure their first bridgehead across the Rhine on 7th March 1945
Remagen (Ludendorff Bridge)

5. Of which operation did Churchill write 'I had hoped that we would be hurling a wildcat ashore, but all we got was a stranded whale
Anzio landings

6. What was the single word answer that Brigader-General McAucliffe gave to the Bastogne when called upon to surrender during The Battle of the Bulge

7. The German Sixth Army became trapped within which city

8. In February 1942 two German Battle-crusiers escaped in 'The Channel Dash', name either
Scharnhorst, Gueisenau

1. What did Lieutenant Prien's U-Boat achieve on 14th October 1939
Sinking of Royal Oak in Scapa Flow

2. What were the Yugoslav resistance fighters called


1. Which South American city has a name meaning 'I see the mountain'

2. Which body of water has shores in Europe, Asia and Africa
The Mediterranean Sea

3. Which Alpine peak translates into English as 'Ogre'
The Eiger

4. In which English city are the canals called 'The Backs'

5. On which Scottish peninsula is Campbeltown

6. Which county do you enter when travelling North at The Dartford Crossing

7. Which sea is known as Huang Hai to the Chinese
The Yellow Sea

8. Name either of the two larger seas that the Sea of Marmara connects
The Black Sea or The Aegean Sea


1. What is the French name for The English Channel
La Manche

2. Which Australian state or territory would you find Cairns

Are You Board Yet? or I'm Game If You Are

1. How many tiles are used to play Man Jong

2. If you were classed as a Patzer, a very poor player, what game would you be playing

3. Which game on its release in 1957 was called 'The Conquest of The World'

4. How many secret passages are there on a Cluedo board

5. In the game Carcassone, what is unique about the playing pieces
All are people shaped

6. How many counters of each colour are used in the game of Chinese Chequers

7. Scott Abbott and Chris Honey are two Canadians credited with the invention of which popular board game
Trivial Pursuit

8. Which game is played on a grid of black lines, using stones placed on the intersections of the lines

1. In Monopoly how much is received from each player if it is your birthday

2. What colour is Art and Literature in Trivial Pursuit

Arts and Entertainment

1. Nathan, Clare, Peter, Sylar and Issac are characters in which eponymous hit US TV series

2. In Brad Anderson's comic strip 'Marmaduke', what breed of dog was Marmaduke
Great Dane

3. Which TV Quiz show returned to British screens in 1994 after a seven year break
University Challenge

4. Which sequence of films was 'Wes Craven's New Nightmare' a part of
Nightmare of Elm Street

5. Which theatre company did Kenneth Brannagh form in 1987
Renaissance Theatre Company

6. Which Austrian composer's music was featured in the 1971 film 'Death in Venice'

7. Which classic comedian's catchprase was 'I thank you'
Arthur Askey

8. On which H.G. Wells novel was the musical 'Half a Sixpence' based

1. Who was the rabbit friend of Bambi

2. Who took the title role in the film 'Ghost'
Patrick Swayze

The Bear Necessities

1. What were the magic words used to help Sooty perform his tricks
Izzy Wizzy Let's Get Busy

2. What was the name of the bear that was the mascot of the 1980 Moscow Olympics

3. What is the name of the United States Fire Prevention mascot, used since 1944
Smokey Bear

4. What was the name of the 'rude' bear who partnered Roger De Courcey
Nookie Bear

5. Jimmy Kennedy wrote the lyrics to this well known song about bears on a trip out in 1930, but what was it called
The Teddy Bears Picnic

6. In which year did Pudsey Bear make his first TV appearance

7. Which cartoon series featured the adventures of a Welsh flying bear

8. Who created Paddington Bear
Michael Bond

1. Robert Southey wrote which story about a little girl with blond hair
Goldilocks and the 3 bears

2. Which bear made its first appearance in The Beano in 1948

Science Fiction

1. Richard Basehart and David Hedison starred in which Irvin Allen TV series
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

2. Commander Shore and Phones appeared in which Gerry Anderson TV series

3. Which short story inspired 2001: A Space Oddessy
The Sentinel

4. In which series could you have eaten at Milliways or The Big Bang Burger Bar
The Hitch-Hikers Guide to The Galaxy

5. Which British series featured computers called Orac, Zen and Slave
Blakes 7

6. Which race made their first appearance in the Dr Who story The Moonbase
The Cybermen

7. What nationality was the chief navigator in the original Star Trek
Japenese (Mr Sulu)

8. Liz Skinner and Simon Randal were the main characters in which 1970s sci-fi series

1. Who was the 2nd actor to play Dr Who
Patrick Troughton

2. The Well-Manicured Man featured in which 1990s series
The X-Files

General Knowledge

(Set by the Three Crowns / Vetted by the Prince of Wales)

1. What novel by Ray Bradbury takes its name from the
temperature at which book paper catches fire and burns? "Fahrenheit 451"

2. What sort of creature is a fluke?
A Worm

3. In 2007 which football league team beat the record on winning 9
consecutive games? ( and without conceding a goal)
Stockport County

4. In 1942, which Glen Miller tune became the first record to
officially sell 1 million copies?
Chattanooga Choo Choo

5. During which single military action were the most VC’s won?
Roarkes Drift

6. Which island country did the USA invade in 1983?

7. Which Yorkshire town has a name that means broken bridge?

8. What was the name of the man who attempted to assassinate
President Reagan in March 1981?
John Hinckley Jnr. (accept Hinckley)

9. Some record stores in the US put a warning sticker with the
words "explicit lyrics" on Frank Zappa`s 1986 album "Jazz from
Hell". Why was this unusual?
It was an instrumental album without words

10. Who wrote the novel Whisky Galore?
Compton Mackenzie

11. In the Old Testament, who was the elder brother of Moses?

12. Of which country was King Manuel II the last king, before being
deposed in1910, when he moved to Twickenham ?

13. Which snake is the fastest moving snake in the world, reaching
speeds of up to 23 km per hour?
Black Mamba

14. Which English racecourse has the shortest complete circuit, at
Just seven furlongs?

15. Elaine Bookbinder found fame as which singer?
Elkie Brooks

16. Which product when launched in 1886 was billed as an
Esteemed Brain Tonic and Intellectual Beverage?

17. Which former page 3 model has had a statue of
her erected in Serbia?
Samantha Fox

18. What did Al Capone's business card say was his occupation?
Used furniture dealer

19. Which Charles Dickens novel opens with the line 'Although I am
an old man, night time is generally my time for walking’?
The Old Curiosity Shop

20. On what day is the Eton Wall Game traditionally played?
St Andrew’s Day (30th November)

21. Sphalerite is the principal ore of which metal?

22. Who gave birth to a daughter named Bluebell Madonna on 14th
May 2006?
Geri Halliwell

23. In which country was Mahatma Ghandi imprisoned four times?
South Africa

24. In maths, what is meant by three dots in a triangular

25. Who is Formula 1 McClaren’s team principal?
Ron Dennis

26. What is Sydenhams’s Chorea, (a disorder associated with
rheumatic fever), the medical term for?
St Vitus'Dance

27. Young At Heart was a number 8 hit in 1984 and a number 1 hit
in 1993 for which band?

28. In which town or city are the administrative
headquarters of Lancashire?

29. Who wrote the novels on which the TV series 'Dalziel and
Pascoe' is based?
Reginald Hill

30. Who said "Don't tell those coming in, the result of that fantastic
Match, but let's have another look at Italy's winning goal"?
David Coleman

31. In the 2007 reality TV show Hell’s Kitchen, boxer Barry
McGuigan beat whom in the final?
Adele Silva

32. In which English city would you find an area called The Lace
Market, so called because of its history of lace making?

33. Which cartoon character was often seen attempting to woo a
widowed hen called Miss Prissy?
Foghorn Leghorn

34. Jamie Murray became the first British tennis player to win a
major Wimbledon title for 20 years when he won the mixed
doubles in 2007 with whom?
Jelena Jankovic

35. By what name is Mickey Mouse known in Italy?

36. The Ganges River empties into what body of water?
Bay of Bengal

37. The Nuremberg war crimes trial opened on November 20th in
1945.Who was Hitler’s deputy who was tried in his absence
although it later transpired he might have already been dead?
Martin Bormann

38. Which 1977 film won seven Oscars but none for acting?
Star Wars

39. What does an entomologist study?

40. What was found in Egypt in 1799,which made the deciphering
of hieroglyphics possible?
The Rosetta Stone

41. What is the name of the capital city whose literal
meaning is "Mud-Yellow Estuary"?
Kuala Lumpur

42. What descriptive term is applied to force 11 on the Beaufort

43. Who was the first Danish king of England?

44. In which activity or event is Pat Gibson from Wigan currently
The World Champion?
He is the World Quiz Champion

45. Which Baltic State’s Consulate is in Charnock Richard?

46. What is the national flower of Portugal?

47. Formed in 1978 by singer Green Gartside, which band had
1980s UK top 10 chart hits with 'The Word Girl' and 'Wood
Scritti Politti

48. In which Shakespeare play would you find Bottom?
A Midsummer Night's Dream

49. Who was the last British monarch to be born outside the British Isles?
George II

50. We all know which country is associated with bagpipes, but in
which country were they invented.

51. In which 1956 film did Elvis make his film debut?
Love Me Tender

52. What are baby squirrels called?

53. Who said "Some people think football is a matter of life and
death. I don't like that attitude. I can assure them it is much
more serious than that"?
Bill Shankly

54. In which Lancashire town or city is Edge Hill University?

55. For what was the first advert screened on channel 5?
Chanel No.5 Perfume

56. What is the title of the book on which the film ‘Kes’ is based?
Kestrel For A Knave

57. Which of Shakespeare's plays is set on a ship and an
The Tempest

58. In The Wizard of Oz, what did Dorothy have to steal from the
wicked witch of the West?
Her broomstick

59. Which range of mountains separates France from Spain?

60. Who created Rip Van Winkle?
Washington Irving

61. Which musical film won the 2002 best picture Oscar?

62. In which English county is Borstal, where the first young
offenders institution opened in 1902?

63. Which former World Rally champion was killed in a helicopter
crash in September 2007?
Colin McRae

64. Which book of the Bible contains the ten commandments?

65. Which animal is also known as a glutton?

66. From which flower or plant is vanilla extracted?

67. In 1549, an inventory taken on which island counted the graves
of 48 Scottish, 8 Norwegian and 4 Irish kings?

68. On 20th November in 1974, which English MP faked his own
death by disappearing after leaving his clothes by the sea in
John Stonehouse

69. In horse racing where is the Lincoln handicap run?

70. Which composer married Constanze Weber on August 4th

71. What is the name given to an integer that is equal to the sum of
all its factors except itself?
Perfect number

72. Of what type of creature is a Barnevalder, a variety?

73. Who said "at least I can wear high heels now" after breaking
up with her husband?
Nicole Kidman

74. In the 1930s who became the first man to win a Best Actor
Oscar in 2 consecutive years?
Spencer Tracy (Captains Courageous 1937 & Boys Town

75. From which country did Mozambique achieve independence in

76. Which game involves taking wooden blocks from a tower and
placing them on top without making the tower fall?

77. Which constellation contains the star Vega?

78. Who wrote “Room at The Top” and “Life at The Top”?
John Braine

79. In World War II, in what French city did the Germans

80. Which Championship football club has an elephant on its
Coventry City

81. Which actress, model and singer served 18 days in prison for
tax evasion in 1982?
Sofia Loren

82. Seventeen year old Paul Drinkhall is Britain's number one in
which sport?
Table Tennis

83. ‘Fire bellied’, ‘Spadefoot’ and ‘Midwife’, are all types of what?

84. In which prison is the TV series ‘Bad Girls’ set?
HMP Larkhall

85. Which song has been a number 1 hit for Tommy Roe in 1969
and Vic Reeves & The Wonder Stuff in 1991?

86. Which toy, part of the Thunderbirds range was voted “Toy Of
The Year” in 1993?
Tracy Island

87. In 1971, which present football pundit made his 569th and last
appearance for Blackpool FC, this being the club's last ever
game in the top flight of English football?
Jimmy Armfield

88. Virginia Patterson Hensley found fame which singer?
Patsy Cline

89. Which well known chocolate bar was originally created from the
wasted chocolate skimmed off the moulds of other bars?
Cadbury’s Flake

90. Which great Carthegian general crossed the Alps in 218?

91. The Rose doesn't just symbolise England; it's also the
national flower of which European country?

92. In the human body, what is the name of the chief muscle used
in breathing, which separates the chest from the abdomen?

93. Who will Rickie Hatton fight in Las Vegas next month for the
World welterweight title?
Floyd Mayweather Jnr.

94. Who designed Italy's national flag?

95. Which novelist wrote Titus Groan?
Mervin Peake

96. What was Buddy Holly's real first name?

Supplementary questions

1. Who was the Chancellor of West Germany from 1969 to 1974?
Willy Brant

2. What is the state capital of New Jersey?

3. What name was given to the followers of the Greek moral
philosopher Diogenes of Sinope?
4. At which event did the ants dance with the fleas whilst the
worms squirmed?
Ugly Bug Ball

5. In Tennis, What was the name of the electronic ‘eye’ used at

6. What name is given to one tenth of a nautical mile?


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