Wednesday, November 19, 2014

18th November–The Questions


Specialist rounds set by the Cock-A-2


1. Who played Billy Elliot in the film of that name?


2. Who is the creator of Horrible Histories?


3 Born Bernard Jewry in 1942, which Glam Rock Star died on 23 October 2014?


4 Which actress is the only South African to win Best Actress Oscar for playing Aileen Wuornos in the film ‘Monster’?


5 Name Austria’s bearded lady drag queen who won Eurovision 2014.


6 The 1970’s rock band Ugly Rumours comprised Mark Ellen, Adam Sharples and who was the third member?


7 Which song opens: Once upon a time you dressed so fine, you threw the bums a dime in your prime, didn’t you


8 The character Allan Quatermain first appeared in which 1885 novel?



1. Who played Gene Hunt in T.V. series ‘Life on Mars’ and Ashes to Ashes’?


2) The remaining four copies of Magna Carta are to be briefly united at the British Library. So complete this classic from Tony Hancock by adding the last five words. ‘Does Magna Carta mean nothing to you?




1. The Anderton Boat Lift connects the River Weaver to which other waterway?


2. Called the Matterhorn of Cheshire how high in feet is Shutlingsloe – with some leeway?

1660 feet – (accept 1600 – 1700 feet)

3. Which village church is this – the oldest timber framed church in Europe, founded in 1343, it is a black and white church which stands on a rise overlooking the A34 approximately 5 miles south west of Macclesfield.


4. In which village in Cheshire can you see a stained glass window in the parish church depicting the Cheshire Cat?


5. What is the name of the hill on which White Nancy stands?


1. In which year was Quarry Bank Mill Styal built by Samuel Gregg – with some leeway?

1784(accept 1774 to 1794)

7) Which area of the City of Chester takes its name from an old word for a cross ( the base of which can still be seen ) and the word ‘EYE’ meaning land partly surrounded by water?


8) What is the name of the Cheshire stately home of the Grosvenor family?



1 The façade of which stately home in Siddington is longer than that of Buckingham Palace?


2) In which Cheshire parish would you find Maggoty Johnson’s Wood and a monument to Mary Fitton (the Dark Lady)?



1 The first 2 VCs of World War I were both won by soldiers of the Royal Fusiliers at which battle, fought in August 1914?


2 Which ship was torpedoed and sunk by U-20 off the coast of Ireland on 7th May 1915?

RMS Lusitania

3 After the death of President Hindenburg, in what year did Adolf Hitler declare himself Fuhrer of Germany?

1934 (accept 1933-1935)

4 In what year did the Zeppelin Hindenburg burst into flames and crash at Lakehurst, New Jersey?

1937 (accept 1936-1938)

5 In 1951 the Treaty of San Francisco formally ended hostilities between the United States and which other country?


6 In 1954 the US Supreme Court decided the case Brown vs Topeka Board of Education, ordering an end to what?

Segregation by race in US schools

7 Which terrorist organisation was responsible for the killing of 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympics in Munich?

Black September

8 Which terrorist organisation was responsible for the 1978 kidnap and murder of Aldo Moro, former Italian Prime Minister?

Red Brigades


1) In 1992 the Treaty on European Unity, to integrate Europe, was signed in which Dutch city?


2) In 1990 the space shuttle Discovery launched which optical instrument into orbit?

Hubble Space Telescope


1) Which oriental leader wrote in 1964: “every Communist must grasp the truth: political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”

Mao Zedong (accept Chairman Mao)

2) The lamps are going out all over Europe. We shall not see them lit again in our lifetime” Which British politician said those words in August 1914?

Edward Grey (British Foreign Secretary)

3) Which German war hero said in 1936: “Guns will make us powerful, butter will only make us fat”?

Herman Goering

4) “Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will bury you!” Which Russian politician said these words in 1956?

Nikita Kruschev

5) “The wind of change is blowing through this continent” Which British Prime Minister said those words in a speech in South Africa in 1960?

Harold MacMillan

6) “My good friends, this is the second time there has come back from Germany to Downing Street peace with honour..” Which British Prime Minister said these words in 1938?

Neville Chamberlain

7) “From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic an Iron Curtain has descended across the Continent” Which British politician said those words in a speech in 1946?

Winston Churchill

8) “Ich bin ein Berliner” Which American President said those words in 1961?

John Fitzgerald Kennedy


9) Which American President said: “They say hard work never hurt anybody, but I figured “Why take a chance?”


10) Which American Vice-President said: “the world is on an irreversible path to democracy – but that could change”?


R5 European sporting venues

1 In which city was the first Russian F1 Grand Prix held in 2014?


2 In which city do the Super league rugby team Catalan Dragons play their homes league games?


3 Near which European city will the 2018 Ryder Cup be held (the next time the event is in Europe)?

Paris (Le Club National)

4 Which F1 motor racing driver has won the Monaco Grand Prix on the most occasions?

Ayrton Senna

5 Which city hosted the 2006 Winter Olympics?


6 Which city has been unsuccessful on three occasions in bidding for the Summer Olympic Games, most recently in 2013 when Tokyo was selected for the 2020 Games?


7 Of the venues used for the Six Nations rugby matches, which ground has the smallest capacity?

Aviva Stadium, Dublin (accept Lansdowne Road)

8 The Parcs de Princes is the home ground of which football team?

Paris St Germain FC

Supplementary questions

1 The Grand Tour of three road cycling races in France, Italy and Spain can take place over a period of up to 23 days. What is the shortest number of days during for which any of these races can be run?

15 (accept 14-16)

2 At which ground do the Northern Ireland Football team play their home games?

Windsor Park, Belfast


R6 Science and nature

1 What is the name of the largest part of the human brain?


2 How many legs has a spider got?

8 legs

3 What is Saturn’s largest moon?


4 What is the name given to substances initially involved in a chemical reaction?


5 What is the study of fungi called?


6 Who first discovered the concept of electrical fields?

Michael Faraday

7 When writing one of his stories, in which branch of science did Isaac Asimov write about the three laws?


8 Which layer of the atmosphere absorbs the majority of the potentially damaging ultra-violet rays from the sun?

Ozone Layer

Supplementary questions

1 The Japanese word “sakura” refers to the blossoming of which tree?

Cherry tree

1 What are the horns of rhinoceros made of?



1 What’s the name of the process by which sand and shingle are transported and deposited along coastal areas to form spits and beaches.

Longshore drift

2 In which county would you find the villages of Upper Slaughter and Lower Slaughter?


3 Which group of islands in the Pacific Ocean is served by Baltra airport?


4 Staying in the Galapagos Islands, what sort of creature found there is a “Sally Lightfoot”?

A large colourful crab

5 Which is the only coastal national park in Britain?

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

6 In which Chinese city would you find the army of terracotta warriors?

Xi’an (pronounced cee ann)

7 If you were visiting the Topkapi Palace, in which city would you be?


8 What is the main port for Athens?



9 Which capital city is served by the port of Constanta?


10 If you were looking at the neon signs, walking along The Bund, in which city would you be?



R8 What’s in a Name?

There is no record of a saint Trevor, nor any known king of that name. But there are a lot of “Trevors” who appear in various guises. In this round, all the questions or answers have “Trevor” in common.

1 Which celebrity chef has Trevor as his middle name?

Jamie Oliver

2 What sort of vehicle is Trevor in the Thomas the Tank Engine stories?

Traction Engine (DO NOT accept tractor, who was called Terence!)

3 Which Trevor had roles in Brief Encounter, Mutiny on the Bounty, Von Ryan’s Express and Gandhi amongst others?

Trevor Howard

4 Which Trevor bowled underarm on the instruction of his brother to deny the opposition the chance of hitting a 6 in a one day international in 1981?

Trevor Chappell

5 Which Trevor played the dishevelled private detective “Shoestring”?

Trevor Eve

6 Which Trevor was a knighted newscaster?

Trevor MacDonald

7 Which Trevor was England’s first footballer to be transferred for £1,000,000?

Trevor Francis

8 Who played Mr. Lucas in “Are You Being Served?”

Trevor Bannister


9 Which Trevor is a major villain in the Grand Theft Auto video game series?

Trevor Philips

10 Which Trevor played cricket in the 1950’s and 1960’s as an all-rounder for Essex and England, taking 132 wickets at Test level, and averaging nearly 30 with the bat? He still holds the record for the slowest half century in first-class cricket, reaching 50 in 3 minutes under 6 hours. He also advertised Brylcreme, Shreaded Wheat and Lucozade, and was a regular on Test Match Special for many years.

Trevor Bailey

11 Which Trevor wrote “The Last Days of Hitler”?

Hugh Trevor-Roper

General Knowledge Questions

Set by The Chester Road Tavern

1 How many hearts does an earthworm have?

A. 10

2. In which town or city did Roger Banister run the first mile in under 4 minutes?

A. Oxford

3. Donald McGill created 12,000 examples of what type of artwork?

A. Saucy seaside postcards (accept postcards)

4. What is the white frothy blobs of liquid; the product of the Froghopper nymph more commonly known as?

A. Cuckoo Spit

5. On what does a gnomon cast a shadow?

A. Sundial

6. Karl Marx spent the last 34 years of his life in which country?

A. England

7. How much did the EU recently demand that the UK pay by 1 December 2014?

A. £1.7bn

8. Whose record of 71 Champions League goals did Lionel Messi equal on 5 November 2014?

A. Raul


9. Monkswell Manor is the setting for which long running stage play?

A. The Mousetrap

10. What is the only French city that stands on the river Rhine?

A. Strasbourg

11. Which mountain range has a name that when translated means ‘the abode of snow’?

A. The Himalayas

12. How may MP’s are there in the House of Commons?

A. 650 (accept 645 – 655)

13. Over which desert did Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Spaceship recently explode?

A. Mojave

14. Who wrote ‘the darling buds of May’?

A. H.E. Bates

15. Who got in a basket with Teddy and Andy Pandy?

A. Looby Loo

16. On which river is the Kariba Dam?

A. Zambezi

17. Where in the human body is the lacrimal gland?

A. Eye

18. Which bird has the Latin name passer domesticus?

A. House Sparrow (accept sparrow)

19. Goatsucker is the North American name for which bird?

A. Nightjar

20. In Greek mythology who was the daughter of Zeus and Leda?

A. Helen

21. What is the current minimum wage for adults aged 21 and above?

A. £6.50

22. How many clubs is a golfer allowed to carry?

A. 14

23. What was the name of the teacher who was murdered by a pupil in Leeds this year?

A. Ann Maguire

24. Name either of the two wavelengths that BBC5 Live broadcasts on?

A. 693 or 909

25. What is a Madrasa?

A. A school or college specialising in teaching Islamic subjects (accept school)

26. Which antiques show presenter recently appeared on 'Strictly Come Dancing'?

A. Tim Wonnacott

27. Who is the captain of England's mens rugby union team?

A. Chris Robshaw

28. Who wrote the play 'Death of a Salesman'?

A. Arthur Miller

29. In which park is the geyser "old faithful"?

A. Yellowstone

30. Who is Don Diego de la Vega better known as?

A. Zorro

31. What is Tiger Woods real first name?

A. Eldrick

32. In the TV series Yes Minister what was the ministers name?

A. Jim Hacker

33. In which prison was Ronnie Barker doing time in Porridge?

A. Slade prison

34. Which parliamentary constituency was represented by Oliver Cromwell?

A. Huntingdon

35. In which year did Prince Charles and Lady Diana marry?

A. 1981

36. In which group of islands is Scapa Flow?

A. The Orkneys

37. Who wrote Trainspotting?

A. Irvine Welsh

38. What type of creature is a merganser?

A. Duck (accept bird)

39. What is the longest river in Scotland?

A. The Tay

40. Carlos Menem was president of which country?

A. Argentina.

41. What was the name of Quint’s boat in the film “Jaws”?

A. The Orca.

42. What is the proper name for the kneecap?

A. Patella.

43. On which river does Belfast stand?

A. The Lagan river.

44. Who recorded a version of “A Hard Day’s Night” in the style of Olivier’s Richard the Third?

A. Peter Sellers.

45. Which rock star born in 1948 has the real name of Vincent Furnier?

A. Alice Cooper.

46. Which saxophonist was known as “Bird”?

A. Charlie Parker

47. Give any year in the life of Charles Roe, the industrialist who helped to established the silk industry in Macclesfield

A. 1715 to 1781

48. Which 20th century head of state survived the greatest number of assassination attempts?

A. Charles De Gaulle

49. Of which country did Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy become monarchs?

A. Narnia.

50. What does a lepidopterist study?

A. Butterflies/Moths. (accept either)

51. Which General served in Morocco, took the title of “Caudillo” and died in 1975?

A. Franco.

52. What was the name of Pinnochio’s creator/father?

A. Gepetto.

53. Which warm, dry wind blows along the Rocky Mountains and has a name that means “snow eater”?

A. The Chinook Wind

54. Which bird was depicted on the farthing coin?

A. The wren.

55. Two Americans with the first names Duncan and Alonso in invented the portable electric drill in 1917. What were their surnames?

A. Black and Decker.

56. What was the name given to the scandal involving DJs or radio stations being bribed to play certain records?

A. Payola.

57. What was the name of Mickey Mouse’s first film?

A. Steamboat Willie.

58. Which author has also written books using the name of “Richard Bachman”?

A. Stephen King.

59. What is the name of the elephant headed Hindu god of good luck?

A. Ganesh.

60. What was the name of the transport used to take victims to the guillotine in the French Revolution?

A. The Tumbrel.

61. In which city was Ludvig van Beethoven born?

A. Bonn

62. What is Postman Pats surname?

A. Clifton

63. What is the capital of Iran?

A. Tehran

64. Christopher Cockerill invented what in 1955?

A. Hovercraft

65. In the poem of the same name as the slayer, who slew the monster Grendel?

A. Beowulf

66. Which Bond villain's heart was on the right side of his body?

A. Dr. No

67. New York's 28th Street, known for its musical connection, is affectionately known as what?

A. Tin Pan Alley

68. 'Old Joe' appeared on the packet for which brand of cigarettes?

A. Camel

69. The Slade hit, 'Merry Xmas Everybody', was Xmas No.1 in which year?

A. 1973 (accept 1972-1974)

70. Tinea Pedis is better know as what?

A. Athletes Foot

71. Where do the Karen people come from?

A. Burma

72. What country's most popular make of car is 'The Ambassador'?

A. India

73. Which American Football team plays at the Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts?

A. New England Patriots (accept Patriots or New England)

74. What type of car did Mr Bean drive?

A. Mini

75. Shawn Carter is better known as who?

A. Jay-Z

76. The Cartier Award is handed out in which sport?

A. Horse Racing

77. Who played the character 'Commodus' in Gladiator?

A. Joaquin Phoenix

78. What was the name of the City in which Osama Bin Laden was killed?

A. Abbottabad

79. Which river is a tributary of the River Trent, which it joins South of Derby, after flowing solely in Derbyshire?

A. River Derwent

80. What is the name of the English national football centre in Burton upon Trent?

A. St George's Park

81. Which American multinational corporation was originally going to be called the 'Pequod ' before finally settling on the name of the ship's first mate?

A. Starbucks

82. What did captain Robert Jenkins lose in 1731 leading to a war with Spain?

A. His ear

83. In what city was Leon Trotsky assassinated?

A. Mexico City

84. Which U.S officer was at the centre of the Iran Contra affair?

A. Oliver North

85. Laura Ingalls Wilder most famously wrote which series of books?

A. Little House on the prairie

86. Max Verstappen has recently broken which record previously held by Sebastian Vettel?

A. Youngest formula 1 driver (17yrs and 3 days)

87. Who was the first monarch after the restoration of the monarchy?

A. Charles II

88. Who wrote 'The Master of Ballantrae?

A. Robert Louis Stevenson

89. Which novel is narrated by the second Mrs de Winter?

A. Rebecca

90. In which year was the Jacobite uprising that attempted to put Charles III on the throne?

A. 1745 (accept 1740 - 50)

91. Linda Tripp advised which US intern not to dry clean the “infamous blue dress'?

 A. Monica Lewinsky

92. In an interview with Terry Wogan in 1991 who claimed to be the son of God?

A. David Icke

93. Who spent 5 years alone on an island off the coast of Chile between 1704 and 1709?

A. Alexander Selkirk

94. Boo Radley and Atticus Finch are both characters in which classic novel?

A. To Kill a Mockingbird.

95. In Africa big game hunters christened the 5 most difficult animals to hunt as 'the Big Five'. They are Rhino, Elephant, Lion, Cape Buffalo and what other animal?

A. Leopard

96. Lynda Bellingham took over a role played by Carol Drinkwater; what was the role?

A. Helen Herriot (accept James Herriot's wife/Mrs Herriot)


97. To what family of creatures does a yapok belong?

A. Marsupial

98. In 1930’s America what were known as ‘Black Blizzards’?

A. Dust storms

99. At what age does a filly become a mare?

A. 4 years

100. The predominantly subterranean River Effra runs under which English cricket ground?

A. The Oval

101 In 2013 which country became the newest member of the European Union?

A. Croatia

102 How many acres are there in a square mile?

A. 640 acres


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