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1. SCIENCE with a capital S

All answers in this science of anatomy round begin with an S

Ql/ Found at the base of the vertebral column and made up of 5 fused bones (to form the back of the pelvis).

Ans. Sacrum

Q2/ A triangular shaped bone connecting the collar bone to the humorous. (

Also known as the shoulder blade.)


Q3/ The breastbone Ans. Sternum

Q4/ One of three bones in the middle ear, the smallest in the body. Ans. Stapes or Stirrup bone

Q5/ An abdominal organ, of the lymphatic system, which destroys old red blood cells and produces certain white blood cells.

Ans. Spleen

Q6/ Broad structured nerve beginning in the lower back, runs through the pelvis and down to the lower leg.

Ans. Sciatic nerve

Q7/ A soft, superficial organ. It contains hair follicles, glands and blood vessels. Ans. Skin

Q8/ Organ located at the base of the oesophagus which digests matter through enzyme action.

Ans. Stomach

Sup1 The white outer layer of the eyeball.
Ans. Sclera

Sup2/ A structure which contains two glands in the male of the species.
Ans. Scrotum

Sup3/ Fluid which aids digestion (by lubricating food)
Ans. Saliva


Ql/ Of which British river is the ISIS the upper reach?

A. The Thames.

Q2/ The Aleutian Islands are part of which US state?

A. Alaska.

Q3/ Which is the only us state named after an English county?

A. New Hampshire

Q4/ Brunei is one of 3 countries which share which Island?

A. Borneo

Q5/ The 886-metre (2,907ft) high Pen-y-Fan, is the highest point in which UK range of hills?

A. The Brecon Beacons

Q6/ Clearwell Caves and the viewpoint of Symonds Yat are located on the edge of which UK forest?

A. The Forest of Dean

OJ/ Which is the main river that flows through Hamburg?

A. The Elbe

Q8/ Who developed the most used projection for maps developed in 1569?

A. Geradus Mercator (first to use lines of latitude and longitude)

SUP1/ Which European city was called Christiania from 1624-1924?

A. Oslo

SUP2/ Which is Scotland's only lake?

A. Lake Menteith (in the Trossachs)

SUP3 / Which home of champagne in France was also where the German high
command surrendered in WW2?

A. Reims


A round about children's literature

Ql/ In 1931 Jean de Brunhoff published the first story about which royal elephant?

Ans. Babar

Q2/ The woodland adventures of which bear were brought to life by illustrator EH Shepard?

Ans. Winne-the-Pooh ( accept Pooh Bear)

Q3/ 'Morton Hears a Who1, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas' and 'The Lorax1 are all films based on the stories of which US writer and illustrator?

Ans. DrSeuss

Q4/ 'Fungus the Bogeyman' and 'The Bear1 author Raymond Briggs is best known for which book and beloved children's film animation first shown in 1982?

Ans. The Snowman

Q5/ What is the name of Martin Handforth's illustrated series of books featuring a difficult to find character?

Ans. Where's Wally?

Q6/ Which children's character was created by Mary Tourtel and first appeared in the Daily Express in 1920?

Ans. Rupert the Bear

Q7/ Quentin Blake has illustrated dozens of books by which famous author?

Ans. Roald Dahl

Q8/ Which well known writer and illustrator was based in the Lake District and used her many pets as models to ensure her drawings were accurate?

Ans. Beatrix Potter

Sup1 Lauren Child has written and illustrated a series of funny picture books about the adventures of a brother and sister. Name either of them.

Ans. Charlie and Lola

Sup2/ Eric Carle wrote and illustrated a now classic book about a hungry what..?

Ans. Caterpillar


Ql. In which year did Charles Lindbergh make his famous flight across the Atlantic? (there is leeway)

A. 1927 (allow 1 year either way)

Q2. Where was the Duke of Wellington when he said "Night or the Prussians must come"?

A. At Waterloo (when it seemed the French were gaining the upper hand)

Q3. Who, in the 8th and early 9th century, founded the Carolingian Empire in Western Europe?

A. Charlemagne.

Q4. The Potsdam Conference, which took place at the end of the war with Germany, was attended by the "Big Three" i.e. the leaders of the victorious alliance. When the conference ended, the Big Three consisted of Stalin, Truman and who else?

A. Clement Attlee (It was Churchill at the start, but he lost the general election to Attlee during the conference)

Q5. Which French soldier in World War One was made a Marshall of France and was known as The Lion of Verdun?

A. Henri Petain.

Q6. What name was given to the cultural movement, led by scientists and intellectuals, which took place in the late 17th and early 18th centuries in Europe?

A. The Enlightenment OR the Age of Reason.

Q7. In which city in Northern England would you find Clifford's Tower?

A. York.

Q8. Where would you be if you were reading the following words etched in bronze ; "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses"

A. At the Statue of Liberty.

Sup I/ Name either of the two Russian ports the Arctic convoys sailed to bringing war supplies in World War Two. 

A. Murmansk or Archangel.

Sup2/ (THIS IS A HISTORY QUESTION) What kind of flowers are going to be planted later this year in the wildflower meadow on the Middlewood Way at Adlington?

A. Poppies


Ql. What was the name of the Irish-born British Ballerina, born 1898, known as the "Godmother of English ballet." She was awarded the Order of Merit in 1992 and lived until she was 102.

A. Dame Ninette deValois

Q2. In which novel of 1922 does the character Leopold Bloom appear?

A. Ulysses.

Q3. Which British composer wrote "The Lark Ascending"?

A. (Ralph) Vaughan Williams

Q4. Which British poet's work includes "As I walked out one evening" and "Night Mail" which was used on the soundtrack of a film of the same name?

A. (W.H.)Auden.

Q5. In Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, what was the name of Shylock's daughter?

A. Jessica

Q6. In which branch of the Arts did Gustav Klimt work?

A. Painting

Q7. Which English conductor was the founder of the Royal Albert Hall Promenade Concerts?

A7. (Sir Henry) Wood.

Q8. Which English city has been nominated to be Britain's next capital of Culture (in 2017)?

A8. Hull

Supl/ The musical West Side Story was loosely based on which of Shakespeare's plays?

A. Romeo and Juliet.

Sup2/ What hymn did Emily Sande sing at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics.

A. Abide With Me


Many quotes and phases are so well known and well used that their original context has been lost. You are about to hear the line which either preceded or followed such a quote. In some cases you will also be given the general time and field it was originally used. You're job is to identify the quote.

(Note to question master. The answer needn't be 100% accurate so long as they have identified the right quote.)

Ql/ Film, 1970's. What follows :- "All right, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system, and public health,....... "

A. what have the Romans ever done for us? (Life of Brian)

Q2/ 1960's. What precedes:-"........... The surface is fine and powdery. I can pick it up loosely with my toe."

A. "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

Q3/ Politics, 1960's. What follows :- "Two thousand years ago the proudest boast was "civis Romanus sum." Today, in the world of freedom, the proudest boast is...... "

A. Ich bin ein Berliner.

Q4/ Literature, 17th Century. What follows :- "Heaven has no Rage, like Love to Hatred turned,...... "

A. Nor hell no fury like a woman scorned

Q5/ Politics 1950's. What follows :- "Indeed let us be frank about it, most of our people....

A. " Have never had it so good."

Q6/ Film 1990's. What follows :-" 'What's my destiny, Mama? 'You're going to have to figure that out for yourself.'

A/ "Life is a box of chocolates, Forrest. You never know what you're gonna get."

Q7/ Sport, 1960's. What precedes:-"........... it's four"

A. "They think it's all over, it is now"

Q8/ Politics, 1980's. What follows :- "To those waiting with bated breath for that favourite media catchphrase, the U-turn, I have only one thing to say "

A. "You turn if you want to. The lady's not for turning! "

Supl/ Film 1970's, What follows :-" 'Hey, Mike, are you sure about that? Moe loves the business -- he never said nothin1 to me about selling.1' Yeah, well........ '"

A "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse." Godfather Part II

Sup2/ Sport, 1960's. What Precedes:-"...... You're hands can't hit what your eyes can't see."

A. "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee."


Ql/ Who was the only England batsman to score a century in the recent Ashes series. A. Ben Stokes (120 in the third test in Perth)

Q2/ Eusebio, who died recently at the age of 71, was the top scorer at the 1966 World Cup. How many goals did he score?

A. 9

Q3/ The figure of Abe Mitchell sits on top of which famous sporting trophy?

A. The Ryder Cup

Q4/ Who was the only Para Olympic sports person to make the list of candidates for the 2013 BBC Sports Personality?

A. Hannah Cockroft.

Q5/ What is unusual about the recent sponsorship deal announced between Barcelona and the technology company Intel?

A. The 'Intel Inside1 logo will be displayed on the inside of the shirts and will only be revealed when the players lift their shirts up.

Q6 What does the T.T. stand for in The Isle of Man T.T. races?

A. Tourist Trophy

Q7/ Golfer Rory Mcllroy recently announced his engagement to which sports woman?

A. Tennis player Caroline Wozniacki

Q8/ The 2014 Winter Olympics is about to get under way in Sochi, Russia, but which country will host the 2018 Winter Olympics?

A. South Korea (Pyeongchang)

Supl/ Who did boxer Carl Froch beat to retained his WBA and IBF super-middleweight titles in November 2013?

A. George Groves

Sup2/ What proposed change to the Formula One Scoring system has champion Sebastian Vettel described as 'absurd1?

A. Double points for the last race on the season.

8. Entertainment

Ql. Which controversial figure of 2013, gave the alternate Christmas message on channel 4 this year.

A. Edward Snowdon

Q2. Which game netted British games studio Rockstar $800 million in the first 24 hours of release in 2013.

A. Grand Theft auto 5

Q3. Who was named as the new Batman for the upcoming Batman vs Superman film due for release in 2015, causing much annoyance to fans.

A. Ben Affleck

Q4. Amanda Abbingdon appeared as Mary Morstan/Watson in the new series of Sherlock (BBC), why was her casting particularly apt.

A. She is the real life partner of Martin freeman who plays Watson.

Q5. Microsoft released the third X-box console in November. What misleading/stupid name have they given it.

A. X-Box one ??

Q6. Peter Capaldi is the new Doctor Who, According to the BBC, what number iteration is he.

A. Twelfth

Q7. What was the highest grossing film of 2013 making over 1.2 billion dollars at the box office.

A. Iron Man 3

Q8. In The Transformers series of films, what is their home planet called?

A. Cybertron

SI. Which Japanese animation studio has made the classic films, Princess Mononoke (mon-on-okay), my neighbour Totoro and Spirited away.

A. Studio Ghibli (jeeblee)

S2 Which 2010 science fiction film, stars the character of Dom Cobb, a specialised corporate spy and thief who secretly extracts valuable commercial information from the unconscious minds of his targets while they dream?

A. Inception



Set by the Robin Hood

Vetted by the Pack Horse Bowling Club

General Knowledge Questions,

1. Which actress has recently been responsible for the rapid rise in women wanting gene testing? Angelina Jolie

2. What, in 2013, were allowed into the Chelsea Flower Show for the first time in a 100 years ? Gnomes

3. How many people have beaten TV's "The Cube"? One, Mo Farah for charity

4. How many years is Lee & Perrins Worcester sauce aged before bottling? 2

5. How is a battle site represented on an Ordnance Survey map? Crossed Swords

6. Which UK online retailer announced £4billion in sales in 2013, yet only paid £3million in tax? Amazon

7. There are only 6 cities in Wales, Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Bangor, & St Asaph. Which is the missing one? St Davids

8. What was Black Adder's Christian name in Black Adder II? Edmund

9. Who joined Sting and Rod Stewart in the 1994 song, "All for Love"? Bryan Adams

10. In science, which word describes concealed or hidden heat? Latent

11. In which century was the Mona Lisa painted? 16th 1503-1519

12. Which hypnotist claimed "I can make you thin"? Paul McKenna

13. Who had his statue removed from Red Square in 1991? Lenin

14. Which Punk rock band sang of Lenin "He got an ice pick, that made his ears burn"? The Stranglers

15. What event is at the centre of the Helen Mirren movie "The Queen"? Death of Diana, princess of Wales

16. Which is the largest manufacturing industry in the world?

17. Which is the oldest active trophy in international sport? America's Cup (1851)

18. There are two events in gymnastics done by both men and women. Vault is one, name the other. Floor

19. Who sang the theme tune for the film Ghostbusters? Ray Parker Junior

20. What hymn is the anthem for the Women's Institute? Jerusalem

21. What is the name of the asteroid belt of which Pluto is a part? Kuiper (kyper)

22. Marmite is rich in which vitamin? B

23. The Queen Alexandra Birdwing is the world's biggest what? Butterfly

24. What is the title of music used as the theme tune for 'Monty
Python's Flying Circus'? Liberty Bell

25. In what year did the colour TV licence break the £100 mark? 1999

26. Which is the most common type of falcon in Europe? Kestrel

27. Which scientist was featured on the back of a one pound note? Isaac Newton

28. What is used to depict a post office on an ordinance survey map? Capital “P”

29. What disease afflicted 82 percent of the workers on the Panama Canal in 1906? Malaria

30. The last time there were less than 1 million people unemployed in the UK was during which decade? 70's 1975

31. Pi (used to calculate the area of a circle) comes from which alphabet? Greek

32. The Spanish call it a Cucaracha, what do we call it? Cockroach

33. What is the smallest whale? The Dwarf Sperm Whale, (smaller than the Pygmy Sperm Whale which is a different animal).

34. In which decade did the first supermarket open in Britain? 40's
It was called Wood Green and opened in Manor Park, London in 1948

35. What did the Scottish king, Robert the Bruce die from? He died from Leprosy.

36. In the TV series "The Walton's" how many daughters did John and Olivia Walton have? 3 (Elizabeth, Erin-Esther & Mary-Ellen)

37. Where will author Jane Austen replace Charles Darwin in 2017? £10 note

38. Which is the second most spoken language in England? Polish

39. In which decade did Charlie Chaplin die? 70's 1977

40. Which band sang the theme tune to the TV series "Friends"?

41. who is the murder victim in the game of Cluedo? Doctor Black

42. What was Portugal's currency before it was replaced by the Euro? Escudo

43. Which brand of coffee was named after the hotel in which it was first served? Maxwell House

44. In law, what is the minimum number of people that can make a riot? 3 (anagram of trio)

45. Keith Flint is the lead singer of which English electronic dance music group? Prodigy

46. Which British Prime Minister said in 1954 'to jaw-jaw is better than to war-war'? (Winston Churchill)

47. What type of creatures are Bluebelle, Black Rock and Warren?

48. Thomas Arnold was headmaster of which school? (Rugby)

49. Name the only country to have a non-quadrilateral flag (Nepal)

50. Which humanitarian movement was founded in Switzerland in
1873? (International Red Cross)

51. What is the name used to describe a hare of less than one year old? (Leveret)

52. Sir Leicester and Lady Deadlock appear in which Charles Dickens novel? (Bleak House)

53. What is the stage name of the rapper born Shawn Carter in 1969? (JayZ)

54. What is the date of St Swithin's Day? (July 15th)

55. Goscinny and Uderzo wrote which series of comic books? (Asterix the Gaul)

56. An exaltation is the collective noun for which type of birds? (Larks)

57. Who was the stepson of the novelist Elizabeth Jane Howard? (Martin Amis)

58. Tete a tete, chickadee and Cornish chuckler are varieties of which spring flower? (Daffodils)

59. LL Zamenhof invented which international language? (Esperanto)

60. The motto 'Ich Dien' and three feathers form the crest of which
member of the Royal Family (Prince of Wales)

61. Who did Sirhan Sirhan assassinate? Robert Kennedy

62. Who was the first Briton in space? Helen Sharman

63. Who succeeded Harold MacMillan as British Prime Minister? Sir Alec Douglas Home

64. Who is the UK's Secretary of State for Health (as of 5th January 2014) Jeremy Hunt

65. Which British actor plays Nick Brody in the US drama; Homeland? Damian Lewis

66. Who won an Oscar for his role as the Colonel in The Bridge of the River Kwai' Alec Guiness

67. Who wrote the books 'Wilt' and 'Blott on the Landscape'? Tom

68. Which chemical element is represented by the symbol Sn? Tin

69. What is the capital of the US state of Nebraska? Lincoln

70. What is the capital of Jordan? Amman

71. In which year was windsurfing introduced into the Olympics? 1984

72. According to the Nursery rhyme, what is 'Monday's child'? Fair of face

73. Which female poet wrote The Bell Jar', first published in 1963 under the pseudonym Victoria Lucas? Sylvia Plath

74. In the animal kingdom, the hob and the jill are the male and female of which domesticated animal? The ferret

75. Reputedly the birthplace of Saint Patrick, in which town on the north shore of the Forth of Clyde was the Cutty Sark built and launched in 1869? Dumbarton

76. In music, which rap star's real name is Marshall Mathers? Eminem

77. Who did Liverpool beat to win their fifth Champion's
League/European Cup trophy in 2005? AC Milan

78. Who was the wife of Henry II and the mother of Richard the
Lionheart? Eleanor of Aquitaine

79. In history, in which Punjabi city did a massacre of Sikhs by British troops take place in 1919? Amritsar

80. Which actress played the spurned lover in the 1987 film 'Fatal
Attraction'? Glenn Close

 81. Fisherman's Wharf and Nob Hill are landmarks in which US city? San Francisco

82. Who was the fourth president of the USA? James Madison

83. Who was the author of the '50 Shades of Grey' books? E L James

84. What is the name of the parliament of the Isle of Man? Tynwald

85. In which city was the first ever 'Miss World' contest held? London

86. Which actor played Mr. George Banks in the 1964 Disney film version of Mary Poppins? David Tomlinson

87. How many players are there on a volleyball team? 6

88. Who invented logarithms? John Napier

89. On what date do the French celebrate Bastille Day? 14th July

90. The lotus is the national flower of which country? India

91. Who co-founded Microsoft alongside Bill Gates? Paul Allen

92. In the Tour de France, what colour jersey is given to the fastest overall rider who is under the age of 25? White

93. Lady Penelope was a famous Thunderbirds character, but what was her double-barreled surname? Creighton-Ward

94. What is the name for the small dot over a lowercase 'i' or 'j'? Tittle

95. Americans have a 'ZIP' code instead of a 'post code'. What does the I stand for in Zone (blank) Plan?

Zone Improvement Plan

96. When is 'All Souls' Day' celebrated? November 2nd (or November 3rd if 2nd falls on a Sunday; November 1st is All Saints day)

Supplementary Questions

97. Who was the Greek God of the Underworld? Hades (not the Roman God Pluto)

98. In which year were the first Academy Awards (Oscars) held? 1929

99. On the London Underground map, which line is coloured pink?
Hammersmith and City

100. What year did Elvis Presley die? 1977

101. What is the highest non-commissioned rank in the British Army? Warrant Officer Class One/ Regimental Sergeant Major

102. Which famous actress was born Camille Javal in 1934? Brigitte Bardot


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