Wednesday, November 13, 2013

12 November The Questions

Specialist Set by the Park Timers
Vetted by the Cock-A-2 and the Dolphin Dragons


This round is all about 1974.

Q1. Following the terms of the Sunningdale Agreement, where was self-government established in January 1974 but had collapsed by May 1974?

A1. Northern Ireland

Q2. In which country did the Carnation Revolution take place, with a military coup overturning the authoritarian Estado Novo established by Salazar?

A2. Portugal

Q3. Which country experienced a coup in favour of union with Greece, then two invasions by Turkey, and ended up with the green line buffer zone?

A3. Cyprus

Q4. What was Abba's 1974 Eurovision winning song called?

A4. Waterloo

Q5. From 1 January to 7 March how many consecutive days per week of electricity were commercial users allowed in the UK?

A5. Three

Q6. Throughout January and February 1974 what was the highest speed limit applying to any British road?

A6. 50 mph

Q7. What was the first teletext service called, established in September 1974?

A7. Ceefax

Q8. Richard John Bingham disappeared without trace in November 1974. What was his title?

A8. Lord Lucan


Q9. Grenada achieved independence from which country?

A9. United Kingdom

Q10. What happened to Rutland and Cumberland in 1974?

A10. They were abolished as separate counties


Q1. Which central America country has San Jose as its capital?

A1. Costa Rica

Q2. The Schengen Agreement allows what between certain European countries?

A2. Free travel; no border checks; no need for a passport to be shown (accept anything along these lines)

Q3. What is England's most Easterly town?

A3. Lowestoft

Q4. The A57 road between Glossop and Sheffield is more commonly known as what?

A4. Snake Pass

Q5. The ghost town of Pripyat is in which European country?

A5. Ukraine (scene of the Chernobyl disaster)

Q6. Which UK airport has the code LCY?

A6. London City

Q7. Which London football ground is also the name of a battle that took place in September 1066?

A7. Stamford Bridge

Q8. In which British City would you find Temple Meads and Parkway railway stations?

A8. Bristol


Q9. Which Florida National Park has a highway called 'Alligator Alley?'

A9. Everglades

Q10. Which Derbyshire town is famous for a church with a crooked spire?

A10. Chesterfield

Art and Culture

Q1. Who is young Dolores Haze transformed into by Humbert Humbert?

A1. Lolita

Q2. Which room was Winston Smith told contained the worst thing in the world?

A2. Room 101

Q3. What capital city provides the setting for Puccini's 'La Boheme'?

A3. Paris

Q4. Which busy duo famously gave us the Savoy Operas?

A4. Gilbert and Sullivan

Q5. How many times does Shakespeare mention the Bible in his works?

A5. None

Q6. Whan is the name of the weaver who is given an ass's head in Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream?

A6. Bottom

Q7. What nationality was the 'Laughing Cavalier' painter Frans Hals?

A7. Dutch

Q8. Which post impressionist's celebrated works include 'The Tahitians'?

A8. Paul Gaugin's


Q9. Designed by Edwin Lutyens, what London monument has a name meaning empty tomb?

A9. The Cenotaph

Q10. Which 19th Century English architect connects St Alban's Roman Catholic Church in Macclesfield to the interior of the Palace of Westminster?

A10. Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin (accept Pugin)


Q1. What would you measure in Pascals?

A1. Pressure

Q2. Which German Engineer gives his name to a type of rotary engine?

A2. Felix Wankel

Q3. It was announced in September 2013 that Microsoft are to buy which mobile phone manufacturer?

A3. Nokia

Q4. Which everyday material is made of limestone heated with sand and sodium carbonate?

A4. Glass

Q5. Who invented the jet engine?

A5. Sir Frank Whittle

Q6. What is lowered by a beta blocker?

A6. Blood pressure

Q7. Edwin Beard Budding invented the adjustable spanner and what other labour saving device for use in the garden?

A7. Lawnmower

Q8. How many terminals does a diode have?

A8. Two


Q9. Where in the body would you find the alveoli?

A9. Lungs

Q10. During exercise which acid builds up in the muscles

A10. Lactic


Q1. Who won the 2013 Wimbledon women's single championship?

A1. Marion Bartoli

Q2. Who won the 2013 U.S open golf tournament?

A2. Justin Rose

Q3. What is the maximum number of days a test cricket match can be played over ?

A3. Five

Q4. How long is a rugby union game in minutes?

A4. 80 minutes

Q5. Which city is the host of the 2014 Commonwealth Games?

A5. Glasgow.

Q6. At which stadium is the 2014 FIFA football world cup final to be played?

A6. Maracana

Q7. Who currently holds the men's 400 metre sprint world record?

A7. Michael Johnson

Q8. Who currently holds the women's marathon world record?

A8. Paula Radcliffe


Q9. Which country won the 1974 FIFA football world cup?

A9. West Germany

Q10. Which horse won the 1974 Grand National?

A10. Red Rum

New words

This round is based on new entries to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2012 and 2013.

Some are totally new words, some are just new senses, meanings or forms of the word.

Some have actually been around a long time but only just made it into the dictionary.

Q1. Who were the "Iceni"?

A1. An ancient British people [accept anything about Boudicca/Boudicea's tribe etc]

Q2. From Woody Allen's film 'Sleeper', what is an "orgasmatron" ?

A2. A device which induces orgasm (usually hypothetical or in humorous use).

Q3. Whats is "transphobia"?

A3. Fear or hatred of transsexual or transgender people

Q4. In an working environment, what non-touching activity might be meant by "handholding?"

A4. Providing close support or guidance, especially through a learning process of period of change. [Accept mentoring etc]

Q5. In British education, what does it mean to "statement" a child?

A5. To make a statement of the special educational needs of (a child); to assess or designate as as having such needs. [Accept anything getting at this].

Q6. What is "hydraulic fracturing" now commonly shortened to?

A6. Fracking

Q7. In computing, what is an "alpha-tester"?

A7. Some one who tests the product in development in-house, i.e. before the product is made publically available for beta testing. [Accept anything along the lines of initial testing etc.]

Q8. What is an "uplink" ?

A8. A communication link for transmissions from the earth to a satellite, weather balloon, etc


Q9. Via which TV series did Grant & Naylor popularise the word "smeg" ?

A9. Red Dwarf

Q10. If something is 'alegesic' what does it relate to, involve or produce?

A10. The sensation or perception of pain; or sensitivity to it.


Q1. Who was the original host of the quiz show Fifteen to One?

A1. William G Stewart

Q2. Who replaced Carol Vorderman as the co-host of Countdown?

A2. Rachel Riley

Q3. Which band's song 'The Chain' is used by the BBC as the theme tune for its formula 1 coverage?

A3. Fleetwood Mac

Q4. Which band's song 'Whole Lotta Love' was used as the theme tune to Top of the Pops for a number of years?

A4. Led Zeppelin

Q5. Which actress played Sally Albright in the film When Harry met Sally?

A5. Meg Ryan

Q6. Which actress played Ellen Ripley in the Alien series of films?

A6. Sigourney Weaver

Q7. Which Hollywood actress was on the cover of the very first Playboy magazine?

A7. Marilyn Monroe

Q8. Of which magazine is Ian Hislop the editor?

A8. Private Eye


Q9. Which actress played the character D.C.I Jane Tennison in the British TV series Prime Suspect?

A9. Helen Mirren

Q10. To which character is Arkwright engaged in the sitcom Open All Hours?

A10. Nurse Gladys Emmanuel

World Leaders

Q1. Who leads the country with the fastest growing population (in numbers) in Europe?

A1. David Cameron

Q2. Which world leader gets paid his salary in Renminbi?

A2. Xl Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China (accept name or job title)

Q3. Which world leader has the most Twitter followers as at 26 October 2013?

A3. Barack Obama with 38.8m followers

Q4. Who does Forbes Magazine list as the current most powerful woman in the world?

A4. Angela Merkel

Q5. Who is the current head of the International Monetary Fund?

A5. Christine Lagarde

Q6. Which developed country is represented at G7, G8 and G20 summits by its Prime Minister Stephen Harper?

A6. Canada

Q7. Who is the current Taoiseach (pronounced Teashock) (prime minister) of the Republic of Ireland?

A7. Enda Kenny

Q8. Which world leader is a native Pashto speaker but has had to learn Dari, Persian, Uzbeck and Turkmen to help unify his wartorn country?

A8. Hamid Karzai, President of Afganistan [need the name of the President]


Q9. Name the world leader born in 1954, the son of a social worker and a doctor, who took up the cause of the Left while at secondary school. Having obtained a Law Degree he rose through the ranks of his party and was elected to the office of President on 6 May 2012?

A9. Francois Hollande

Q10. With a workforce of 3.2 million which entity is the world's largest employer?

A10. US Department of Defense




(Set by the Cock-a-Too)


1) Who, with Athos and Porthos, made up the Three Musketeers?


2) Who was the first US President to visit China?

Richard Nixon

3) Who is the patron saint of Venice?

St Mark

4) In what month of the year do you celebrate “Burn’s Night”?


5) What is the official language of Haiti?


6) In the NATO alphabet, what does the letter J stand for?


7) What was the name of the Greenpeace ship sunk in Auckland in 1985?

Rainbow Warrior

8) What is the name of Edinburgh’s principal shopping street?

Princes St

9) What was the name of the wife of the Egyptian Pharoah Akhenaton?


10) What type of pastry is used to make profiteroles?

Choux pastry

11) On a Monopoly board, what colour is Bond Street?


12) Who authorised the “Authorised Version” of the Bible?

King James I

13) In what city is the HQ of the Mormon Church?

Salt Lake City

14) In 1954 which British trumpet player was the first to sell a million records with “Oh Mein Papa”?

Eddie Calvert

15) What language does the word “tsunami” come from?


16) What is the Russian word for “citadel”


17) What line on a map connects points of the same height?

Contour line

18) Which Irish mountains “sweep down to the sea”?

Mountains of Mourne

19) Who is the patron saint of mountaineers?

St Bernard

20) In which city is the HQ of the IMF (International Monetary Fund)?

Washington DC

21) Who invented the Polaroid Camera in 1947?

Edwin Land

22) Who was the last prisoner to be held at Spandau Prison in Berlin?

Rudolf Hess

23) What London Park lies between the Mall and Birdcage Walk?

St James’s Park

24) What London thoroughfare connects Charing Cross to Fleet Street?

The Strand

25) What is the chief member of a lifeboat crew called?

Coxswain (accept cox)

26) What is the official language of Chile?


27) What Central American country’s name translates as “The Saviour”?

El Salvador

28) Which gas is used in modern airships?


29) In which country did the poet John Keats die?


30) How many French kings were named Louis?


31) What is the French equivalent of the London Stock Exchange?

The Bourse

32) Christine Keeler, who played a prominent part in the Profumo scandal, was sent to prison in 1963. For what offence was she convicted?


33) The Plains of Abraham, notable for an 18th century battle, overlook which Canadian city?


34) Viscountess Lady Astor is the mother of which politician’s wife?

David Cameron (Samantha Cameron)

35) Which country lies between Columbia and Costa Rica?


36) Who in September 2013, was elected Prime Minister of Australia?

Tony Abbott

37) What is the meaning of the suffix “NESS”, as found in British place names e.g. Skegness and Caithness?

A headland or promontory

38) Who was the first American (citizen of the USA) to win a Nobel Prize?

Theodore Roosevelt

39) Antoine Lavoisier is known as the “father of modern chemistry”. How did he die in May 1794?

He was guillotined during the “Terror” (accept executed)

40) Who was the first British racing driver to win the British Grand Prix?

Stirling Moss

41) Three female trainers have won the Grand National. Jenny Pitman is one, name either of the other two?

Venetia Williams (Mon Mome 2009)

Sue Smith (Auroras Encore 2013)

42) What, as of October 2013, is the population of Gibraltar?

29,400 (accept 27,000 to 32,000)

43) What is the name of Richard Branson’s 74-acre paradise island in the British Virgin Islands?

Neckar Island

44) Which famous building takes its name from Pope Sixtus IV?

Sistine Chapel

45) Which pigment is obtained from the inky secretions of the cuttlefish?


46) What is the common name of the flower “bellis perennis”?


47) What type of creature is a Devil’s Coach Horse?

A beetle

48) Which broadcaster announced his retirement from reading out the BBC Saturday football results earlier this year?

James Alexander Gordon

49) What is the minimum age required for a US citizen to become President of the USA?


50) The last King to die in battle on British soil was killed in 1513. Name either the King or the battle

James IV of Scotland at Flodden

51) Which Scottish artist painted the “Singing Butler” in 1992 and “Along came a Spider” in 2004 (this is now owned by Sir Alex Ferguson)

Jack Vetriano

52) The northernmost lighthouse in the UK is situated on which of the Shetland Islands?

Muckle Flugga

53) How long, in miles, is Hadrian’s Wall?

73 (accept 71-75)

54) Batavia was the capital of the Dutch East Indies. Post independance, how is this city known today?


55) Dead Cert, published in 1962, was the first novel by which crime writer?

Dick Francis

56) Native to Africa and southern parts of Asia, which mammal is also known as the “scaly anteater”?


57) Which film has the following closing line: “It wasn’t the aeroplanes. It was Beauty killed the Beast”?

King Kong

58) Which film has the following closing line: “I do wish we could chat longer, but I’m having an old friend for dinner”?

The Silence of the Lambs

59) The parish church in Daresbury, Cheshire has a stained glass window celebrating which famous author?

Charles Dodgson aka Lewis Carroll (accept either)

60) Which city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was once the capital of the Nabatean kingdom between the Euphrates and the Red Sea?


61) In 2011 the actress Rachel Weisz married which actor?

Daniel Craig

62) The 1953 film The Robe, based on a novel by Lloyd C Douglas, was the first film to be made in which format?


63) Which was the first of the modern Olympic Games to have the Olympic Flame brought from Greece?

Berlin 1936 (accept either venue or date)

64) In which year was the composer Richard Wagner born?

1813 (no leeway as it’s his bicentenary this year)

65) What was the name of the “White Queen” (the wife of Edward IV) featured in the book by Philippa Gregory and also in the recent BBC TV series?

Elizabeth Woodville

66) The AJ Bell Stadium is the new name for which rugby league venue in the North West region?

Salford City Stadium

67) Radox is a popular brand of bathroom, toiletry and similar products. Which company makes this brand?


68) In which US city was Martin Luther King born, raised, began preaching and is now buried?

Atlanta, Georgia

69) How are Octavia Hill, Sir Robert Hunter and Canon Rawnsley connected?

They founded the National Trust

70) Mike Suarez has recently taken up which important local position?

Chief Executive of Cheshire East Borough Council

71) How many feet are there in a mile?

5280 (accept 5260 – 5300)

72) The National Maritime Museum is in which London Borough?


73) Which type of white wine comes principally from around the city of Verona?


74) The top three selling weekly magazines in the UK are all concerned with what type of content?

Listing of TV and radio programmes

75) In 2013 which football team won the League Cup (which is currently sponsored by Capital One)?

Swansea City

76) Who in 1935 was the first person to drive a car at more than 300 MPH, at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah?

Malcolm Campbell

77) At which Olympic Games did Tommy Smith and John Carlos raise black-gloved fists in a “Black Power” salute?

Mexico City in 1968 (accept either year or venue)

78) What is the name of the mythical flying horse of Greek mythology?


79) In which city is the La Scala Opera House?


80) Who designed the Spitfire aircraft?

Reginald (R J) Mitchell

81) Who painted The Rake’s Progress?

William Hogarth

82) Zaire was the former name for which African country?

Democratic Republic of Congo

83) The marching season in Northern Ireland commemorates which historical event?

The Battle of the Boyne (1690)

84) Who write the epic poem Hiawatha?

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

85) The BBC detective series Inspector Montalbano takes place on which island?


86) On which course will the 2014 Open Golf Championship be held?

Royal Liverpool aka Hoylake – accept either

87) What is the capital of Switzerland?


88) “Our version of events” an album released in February 2012 and still in the Top 20 has achieved the most chart weeks by a new artist ever. Who was the singer?

Emeli Sande

89) Who is the only female artist to have had number 1 hits on the US Billboard music charts in each of the last six decades??


90) Sodium Chloride (chemical formula NaCl) is better known as which everyday item?

Salt (accept table salt, common salt etc

91) In which English city is the large aquarium attraction known as The Deep?


92) What is the purpose of the national Blue Badge scheme?

To enable disabled people to park closer to their destination (accept disabled parking)

93) The Manchester Arena is now sponsored by which company (and also known by this name)?

Phones 4 U (Arena)

94) The International Red Cross movement is based in which European city?


95) In which speech did Abraham Lincoln state that the American Government was “of the people, by the people, for the people”?

Gettysburg Address (accept Gettysburg Speech or similar)

96) In what language were the majority of the books of the Old Testament written?



1) How is Middlesex Street in the City of London better known as?

Petticoat Lane

2) What are the shortest wavelengths of radiation?

Gamma Rays

3) “Black Jack Bouvier” was the father of which famous celebrity?

Jackie Kennedy (accept Jackie Onassis)

4) Of which plant genus are swede, turnip and mustard?


5) Who in 1942 was appointed Director of the Los Alamos Laboratory in New Mexico, undertaking research for the Manhattan Project?

Robert Oppenheimer