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5th November Cup Questions


Set & Vetted by:

The Dolphin Dragons


The Lamb Shanks


Round 1

1. Who wrote a (famously bad) poem about the Tay Bridge Disaster?

A: William McGonnagall

2. Name 1 of the only 2 labour MPs who were in the cabinet for the whole of the last labour administration - other than Gordon Brown

A: Jack Straw, Alistair Darling

3. Name the English county with the longest coastline

A: Cornwall

4. What is Ascorbic Acid more commonly called?

A: Vinegar

see blog – should be Vitamin C

5. In golf, what is the other term for a Double Eagle (3 under par?)

A: An Albatross

6. By what name is the guitarist Brian Rankin, born in Newcastle in 1941 better known?

A: Hank Marvin

7. What is the name for the salary of a clergyman?

A: A Stipend

8. What is the distinctive feature of a wooden ship which is described as “clinker built”?

A: The planks overlap

9. In which decade of the 19th Century did public executions stop in UK?

A: 1860’s (1868)

10. What kind of garden crop can be beefsteak or moneymaker?

A: Tomato

11. Where would you find the part of the body, called the pinna?

A: (The external part of) The ear

12. Why was the performing of King Lear banned in Britain between 1810 and 1820?

A: It dealt with a mad King and at the time King George III was mad.

13. What sauce is used in an Eggs Benedict?

A: Hollandaise

14. What was the name of the daughter of Priam, King of Troy who was granted the gift of prophesy, but condemned never to be believed?

A: Cassandra

15. Atlas, Colossus, and Baba were all early forms of…?

A: Computer

16. Who was the cricketer who captained England 23 times but was never captain of his county?

A: Sir Len Hutton

17. In which US city was the House of the Rising Sun?

A: New Orleans

18. In Wuthering Heights what was the maiden name of Heathcliffe’s Cathy?

A: Earnshaw

19. Who is the current Secretary of State for Transport?

A: Patrick Mc Cloughlin

20. Near which city is the Gower Peninsula?

A: Swansea

Round 2

21. What was a glaive?

A: A Sword

22. What was the name of the priest who buried Eleanor Rigby?

A: Father McKenzie

23. What is the origin of the word Salary?

A: Latin for salt (Sal) (as that, in part, is what Roman soldiers were paid in.)

24. What is the word for 100,000 in India?

A: A Lakh

25. Which Lion was declared Man of the Series after the successful 2013 tour of Australia?

A: Leigh Halfpenny

26. What position does Chris Grayling hold?

A: Secretary of State for Justice / Lord Chancellor (accept either)

27. What is the surname of Jane Austen’s eponymous heroine, Emma?

A: Woodhouse

28. Who would you expect to wear Motley?

A: A jester or clown

29. In which county are the Wrekin and the Long Mynd?

A: Shropshire

30. What country does chorizo sausage come from?

A: Spain

31. In the RAF, how many squadrons are there in a wing?


32. How is Frederick Augustus, the second son of George III and queen Charlotte, best remembered (in song)?

A: The Grand Old Duke of York

33. What kind of garden crop has varieties Pink Lady and James Grieves?

A: Apple

34. What does Welsh mean in the language of the Anglo –Saxons?

A: Foreigner (typical of the English – go abroad, and call the natives foreigners!)

35. In Benny Hill’s hit, Ernie, what was the name of Ernie’s horse?

A: Trigger

36. Home of the Tor and the festival - in which county is Glastonbury?

A: Somerset.

37. What is the largest living species of lizard?

A: The Komodo Dragon

38. What did Sabine Lissiki accomplish in June 2013?

A: Knocked Serena Williams out of Wimbledon/ finalist there (accept either)

39. What company was founded by Cypriot business man Stelious Haji- Ioannou in 1995?

A: Easy Jet

40. In Alice in Wonderland what does Alice use as a croquet mallet?

A: A flamingo.

Round 3.

41. Near which British city is Arthur’s Seat?

A: Edinburgh

42. What is a Scaline triangle?

A: One with no side of the same length

43. Which classroom object ultimately derives its name from the Latin for little tail?

A: Pencil

44. What creature did John Lennon claim to be on the B side of Hello Goodbye in 1967?

A: A Walrus

45. A Yarborough is a term in which game?

A: Bridge

46. In which Shakespeare play are there twins called Viola and Sebastian?

A: Twelfth Night

47. In a standard pack of playing cards, what do all the queens hold in their hands?

A: Flowers

48. Who did Ronald Reagan describe as being the “Best man in Britain”?

A: Margaret Thatcher

49. What sort of food is Pumpernickel?

A: Bread

50. Which American’s autobiography was entitled “The Heart has its Reasons”?

A: The Duchess of Windsor / Wallis Simpson (accept either)

51. In which Shakespeare play are there lovers called Beatrice and Benedict?

A: Much Ado About Nothing

52. What country does Leffe Beer come from?

A: Belgium

53. Which was the first credit card?

A: Diner’s Club

54. Name the country with the longest coastline

A: Canada

55. Sir Nigel Gresley designed the locomotive that still holds the world speed record for a steam engine. What was its name?

A: The Mallard

56. In Norse mythology, what is Yggdrasil?

A: The (ash) tree that links heaven and earth

57. Which famous radio service broadcast on 208m medium wave?

A: Radio Luxembourg

58. What is the flap of cartilage called which prevents food entering the windpipe?

A: The Epiglottis

59. Which British statesman became the 1st Earl of Beaconsfield?

A: Benjamin Disraeli

60. Which successful British and Irish Lions coach of the 1970’s never coached his own country?

A: Carwyn James

Round 4

61. The charity Sustrans is associated with what mode of transport?

A. Cycling

62. On a standard, British, QUERTY computer keyboard what number is on the same key as the % (percentage) symbol?

A. 5

63. What is the name of the French National Anthem?

A. The Marseillaise

64. What is bouillabaisse? (Boo ee a bas)

A. Fish stew

65. Nicholas Winterton was MP for Macclesfield until the General Election of which year?

A. 2010

66. Which Frenchman said “When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea”?

A. Eric Cantona

67. Waldorf and Statler are two old gentlemen who sit in the best balcony box to watch what show?

A.The Muppet Show

68.Poly-tetra-fluoro-ethylene is commonly abbreviated to what?


69. Historically, if you telephoned Whitehall 1212 what organisation would answer?

A. Scotland Yard - accept the Police

70. In what year was the 999 telephone number for emergencies introduced? A.1937 (accept any year from 1928 to 1946)

71. Ordnance Survey used to publish maps at a scale of 1 to 63,360. What is this scale in inches to the mile?

A.1 inch to 1 mile

72. What scale are the Landranger series of maps published by Ordnance Survey?

A. 1 to 50,000 / 2cm to 1km / approximately 1¼ inches to a 1 mile (accept any of these)

73. Four of the United States of America have names beginning with the letter A: Alabama, Arizona and two more. Name one of these two.

A. 4 - Arkansas, Alaska

74What does B stand for when it is the first letter on a vehicle registration plate?

A. Birmingham

75 In 1954, who left his job as a truck driver with the Crown Electric Company to become a singer with Sun Records?

A Elvis Presley

76. In the children’s TV series ‘Ivor the Engine’, who was hatched from an egg in Ivor’s firebox?

A. Idris (the Dragon)

77. Scotch bonnet, purple jalapeno and cayenne are types of what fruiting plant (although most people would regard them as vegetables)?

A. Chillis

78. Which organisation can trace its origins back to wireless broadcasts with the call sign 2LO?

A. The BBC

79. Who is supposed to have said, during a cricket commentary: “The bowler's Holding, the batsman's Willey”

A. Brian Johnston

80. Which executive agency of the Department for Transport is responsible for operating, maintaining and improving the strategic road network in England?

A. The Highways Agency

Round 5

81. Who drove a six-wheeled, pink Rolls Royce?

  1. Parker - he was the chauffeur to Lady Penelope in the Thunderbirds TV programme. Nb Not Lady Penelope – she didn’t drive, just owned it!

82. Monochorionic and Dichorionic refer to what type of babies?

A. Twins - or other multiple births

83.What boils at minus 196 degrees celsius, and has been used in cocktails, to make ice cream and treat warts?

A. Liquid Nitrogen

84. What did Mandy Rice-Davies say after hearing Lord Astor had denied sleeping with her?

A. "Well he would, wouldn't he?"

85. What does the initial B in BMW stand for?

A. Bayerische/ Bavarian –accept either

86. What brand name, derived from the Latin “Hominis Vis” (The strength of man) enabled Herbert Grime to win a competiton?

A. Hovis

87. How do Toucans, Pelicans and Puffins affect the British motorist?

A. They are all types of traffic signal controlled crossing

88. If the Ultimate Question is “What is 6 times 9”, what is the answer to the Ultimate Question?

A. 42 (from the Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy trilogy of six books)

89. What does the B in a JCB digger stand for?

A. Bamford (The company was formed by John C Bamford)

90. And which B was the surname of the shortest serving British Prime Minister of the Twentieth Century?

A. Bonar-Law

91. In 1611,which English explorer was set adrift in a small boat by his crew, when exploring for the NW passage? (He wanted to go on – they didn’t!)

A: Henry Hudson (he of the bay and river)

92. From which London Terminus do direct trains to York leave?

A: Kings Cross

93. James Beattie is the current Player/Manager which League Two football club?

A: Accrington Stanley.

94. The 1974 novel “The Dogs of War” was written by which author?

A: Frederick Forsyth

95. In which European country is the city of Brno?

A: The Czech Republic

96. Which Premier League football club plays its home games at Pride Park Stadium?

A: Derby County

97. In which year did the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet enter commercial service?

A: 1970 (2 years either way)

98. Which species of spider is said to have been responsible for recent attacks on people mainly in the south of England?

A: False Widow (accept Widow or False Black Widow)

99. The1975 Woody Allen film Love and Death was a spoof of which classic novel?

A: War and Peace (Tolstoy)

100. What is Hematite?

A: Iron Ore

Round 6

101. In which country was the composer Richard Strauss born?

A: Germany

102. Name one of the 4 US states with a coastline on Lake Erie.

A: Michigan, New York, Ohio or Pennsylvania (The Canadian province of Ontario also has a coastline on the lake)

103. Which British politician was appointed Secretary of State for War in July 1960?

A: John Profumo

104. Which US State is has the nickname of “The Hoosier State”?

A: Indiana

105. Which European country has the lowest altitude highest point?

A: Denmark (173 metres)

106. Who won the British Open Golf Championship in 2012?

A: Ernie Els

107. Which pop group had a top ten hit in 1972 with “Storm in a teacup”

A: The Fortunes

108. What is the name of the site in Suffolk where a Saxon burial ground and treasure ship were discovered in 1939?

A: Sutton Hoo

109. In the novel by Cervantes who is the companion of Don Quixote?

A: Sancho Panza

110. Which river flows through Winchester?

A: The Itchen

111. Which former professional rugby union player is a contestant in the current series of Strictly Come Dancing?

A: Ben Cohen

112. What breed of animal is a Saanan?

A: Goat

113. On the 9th of October a new extension to Manchester’s Metrolink tram system was opened; what is the terminus of this extension?

A: Ashton-under-Lyne

114. The US rock band Steppenwolf took the name from the title of a novel by which German author?

A: Herman Hesse

115. What was the pop group Queen’s first number one single?

A: Bohemian Rhapsody

116. In which country did the steel company Tata originate?

A: India

117. Which media tycoon was known by the nickname “The bouncing Czech”?

A: Robert Maxwell

118. Which 1977 epic war film was based on Operation Market Garden?

A: A Bridge too Far

119. In what industry would a saggar maker’s bottom knocker have worked in?

A: The pottery industry

120. Which battle took place on the 21st of October 1805?

A: Trafalgar


1. What is the correct name for the dot over an ‘i’ or a ‘j’?

A. A Tittle

2. What is a J worth in Scrabble?

A. 8

3. What is the correct spelling of Millennium?

4. In which county are the Lost Gardens of Heligon?

A. Cornwall

5. Church Flatts Farm near Coton in the Elms, Derbyshire, is said to be the farthest point from the sea in the United Kingdom. How far in miles from the sea is it?

A. 70 miles (accept 65 to 75)

6. Which airliner made its first commercial flight on the 30th of May 1974?

A: The Airbus A300 (The first product by the Airbus consortium)


What is the running time in minutes of the film “Gone with the Wind”?

A: 238 minutes


Blogger IJ said...

The answer supplied for Q4 is not correct as written. It should be 'Vitamin C'. Vinegar is Acetic Acid.

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Glyn said...

I agree about the Vitamin C (see

I think Q96 also had both sides asking since when has Derby County rejoined the Premier League?

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Anonymous Glyn said...

I now understand why it looks like everyone posts to this blog in the middle of the night: it's on US west coast Pacific Time!

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