Wednesday, March 06, 2013

March 5th Questions


Specialist Questions 5th March 2013

Set by

The Prince of Wales

1. History

2. Sport

3. Science

4. Geography

5. Arts & Entertainment

6. Comedy Capers

7. Musical Geography

8. The Smeg It Is


1. Which English monarch had a horse called White Surrey?

A. Richard III

2. In which year did Paul Revere ride to warn of the British advance?

A. 1735 (ACCEPT 1733-1737)

3. Who was the first Prime Minister to occupy Chequers

A. Lloyd George

4. Which Roman leader was defeated at the battle of Pharsalus in 48 BC?

A. Julius Caesar

5. Which British territory was captured on Christmas Day 1941?

A. Hong Kong

6. Which American President claimed that “The ballot is stronger than the bullet”?

A. Abraham Lincoln

7. What institution did George Williams found in London in 1844?


8. How was Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar better known to history?

A. El Cid


1. In what year did the first public library open in the UK?

A. 1847 (accept three years either way 1844-1850)

2. Who was the victorious Russian commander at Stalingrad?

A. Marshall Zhukov


1. The home of Sunderland F.C. shares its name with which Portuguese club’s stadium?

A. Benfica

2. Modern baseball bats are normally made from which type of wood?

A. Ash

3. What number is associated with NBA legend Michael Jordan during his time with the Chicago Bulls?

A. 23 (Guess what, no leeway)

4. Since its inception in 1895, how many different nationalities have won the US Open Golf tournament?

A. 9 (USA, Scotland, England, South Africa, Jersey, Australia, Northern Ireland, New Zealand, Argentina)

5. Which was the first County Cricket Club to be formed in England, in 1839?

A. Sussex

6. Which Rugby League side are known as The Vikings?

A. Widnes

7. What name is shared by a card game that dates back to the 17th century, and a variation of the game of billiards?

A. Cribbage

8. Who became the first black footballer to be named captain of the England team?

A. Paul Ince


1. In Canadian Football how many attempt are allowed to obtain a first down?

A. 3

2. Traditionally, ten pin bowling pins are made from which wood?

A. Maple

Science & Nature

1. What would you grow if you grew Peruvian Apples?

A. Tomatoes

2. From what fauna is the oil copra obtained

A. Coconut palm

3. Sea fans and sea whips are types of what?

A. Coral

4. What is found in a plant’s anther?

A. Pollen

5. Which flightless bird, as well as the emu, is native to Australia?

A. The Cassowary

6. What colour are the fruits of the deadly nightshade?

A. Black

7. What sort of fruit is a Mirabelle?

A. Plum

8. What is the only member of the giraffe family, other than the giraffe itself?

A. The Okapi


1. What colour tongue does a chow chow have?

A. Blue

2.  What does a whitebait grow into>

A. Sprat



1. Vilnius is the capital of which European country?

A. Lithuania

2. How many islands make up the Cook Islands?

A. 15 (accept 13 – 17)

3. The city of London can be found in three American states, Name One

A. Arkansas, Kentucky, Ohio

4. The town of Macclesfield can be found in which American State?

A. North Carolina

5. What is the capital of the Canadian province of Manitoba?

A. Winnipeg

6. Mt Pico is the highest mountain in which European country?

A. Portugal

7. The Takla Makan desert or Sea of Death is found in which country?

A. China

8. What is the largest and longest of London’s subterranean rivers?

A. Fleet


1. On which river does the city of Ely stand?

A. Ouse

2. What is the largest city within the Arctic Circle?

A. Murmansk

Arts & Entertainment: The World of Books

1. In which book do we find the character of Sophie Neveu, a French Cryptologist?

A. The Da Vinci Code

2. Which book in the Harry Potter series features the Triwizard Tournament?

A. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

3. Which book opens with the line ‘New Year’s Resolutions, I will not drink more than fourteen alcohol units a week. Smoke’?

A. Bridget Jones’s Diary

4. Which American author wrote the best selling novel ‘The Passage’ in 2011 and its sequel ‘The Twelve’?

A. Justin Cronin

5. Which book by Irishman John Boyne tells the story of two young boys befriending each other through a barbed wire fence and the consequences of that friendship?

A. The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas

6. Which Spanish author wrote the Barcelona trilogy, ‘The Shadow of the Wind’, ‘The Angel’s Game’ and ‘The Prisoner of Heaven’?

A. Carlos Ruiz Zafon

7. Rene Goscinny wrote which series of children’s stories?

A. Asterix

8. What is the title of Alan Gardner’s third book in the trilogy that began with ‘The Weirdstone of Brisingamen’ published last year after a gap of thirty years?

A. Boneland


1. What is the name of the new Dan Brown novel to be published in May 2013?

A. Inferno

2. Which Australian writer’s best selling books include ‘Seven Ancient Wonders’, ‘Six Sacred Stones’ and ‘Five Greatest Warriors’?

A. Matthew Reilly

Musical Trips Around The World

Simply put, a series of music questions that feature towns, cities and countries from around this little old planet we call home!

1. Bonnie Tyler found herself ‘Lost In’ which European country in 1976?

A. France

2. Which seaside resort were Chas n’ Dave singing about in 1982?

A. Margate

3. ‘Knutsford’ is a song by which infamous punk band?

A. The Macc Lads

4. This theme tune to a long running political show was a single and album for rock band Mountain and features a Sleighride?

A. Nantucket

5. Who sang about ‘Old Durham Town’ in 1969?

A. Roger Whittaker

6. Which country were Alphaville ‘Big In’ according to their 1984 debut single?

A. Japan

7. In which city was there a mining disaster, according to the Bee Gee’s?

A. New York

8. Where did The Beautiful South end up according to their 1996 hit single, but it wasn’t London or Rome?

A. Rotterdam


1. Indiana wanted whom in 1970?

A. R. Dean Taylor

2. What did Tony Orlando & Dawn want you to do in 1970?

A. Knock Three Times

Comedy Capers

1. Which Brummie comedian was born Christopher Graham Collins and has ended up in charge of Room 101?

A. Frank Skinner

2. Who was The Rochdale Cowboy?

A. Mike Harding

3. The Pub Landlord, played by Al Murray, featured in which award winning TV series?

A. Time Gentlemen, Please

4. Who starred as Mad Gerald in Blackadder, and Robin Hood in Blackadder: Back and Forth?

A. Rik Mayall

5. In which country was comedian Mike Myers born?

A. Canada

6. Which British-born Iranian comedian starred in such films as “Gladiator”, “Mean Machine” and “The Mummy”?

A. Omid Djalili

7. Which TV comedy sketch show launched the career of Pamela Stephenson?

A. Not The Nine O’Clock News

8. Who played the part of Brenda Furlong in the BBC comedy ‘Dinnerladies’?

A. Victoria Wood


1. Adrian Edmondson is married to which comedian?

A. Jennifer Saunders

2. Who had live stand-up shows called Animals, Politics, Fame and Science?

A. Ricky Gervais

The Smeg It Is!

After years of answering (or not as the case may be) questions on obscure monuments in Ireland, historical events that took place on a Sunday some time in the 18th century and even to identify Rugby League players from 1962. I’ve decided to take the plunge with a round I’ve considered for many years…. Yes… it’s a round on that legendary TV series Red Dwarf… oh I can hear the hearty cheers now!!

1. What is the ‘New Testament’ middle name of character Arnold Rimmer?

A. Judas

2. The actor David Ross played the original Kryten before being replaced, however he returned to voice the character of which annoying kitchen appliance?

A. Talkie Toaster (accept Toaster)

3. Ed Bye directed many of the early episodes, but to which ‘loud mouth’ comedienne is he married?

A. Ruby Wax

4. Which planet in the solar system makes up the name of the corporation that Red Dwarf is owned by?

A. Jupiter (Mining Corporation)

5. What did Dave Lister lose on the Bootle Municipal Council golf course when he was twelve years old?

A. His Virginity (He was so excited, he even dropped his skateboard!!)

6. Which song was performed by the cast that reached Number 17 in the charts in October 1993?

A. Tongue Tied

7. The character Kochanski was originally played by Clare Grogan who was the lead singer of which 1980s pop group?

A. Altered Images

8. Whilst trying to impress officers at a meal what culinary delight did Arnold Rimmer tell the chef to take away and mistakenly tell him to serve ‘piping hot’?

A. Gazpacho soup (do not accept just soup)


1. The production company that makes Red Dwarf is made up of the surnames of both creators of the show, what are those two surnames?

A. Grant & Naylor

2. When Dave Lister eventually gets back to Earth, which South Pacific country does he aim to settle in to breed sheep and horses?

A. Fiji

General Knowledge Questions

set by the Waters Green Phoenix

1. Who wrote the novel “The World According to Garp”?

John Irving

2. Jack Dee is the chairman of which Radio 4 antidote to panel games?

“I’m sorry I haven’t a clue”

3. What was the name of the final NASA Space Shuttle to orbit the Earth?


4. In the periodic table, only two elements are liquid at room temperature. Mercury is one, what is the other?

Bromine (not Bromide)

5. Who was the first black, female Member of Parliament?

Diane Abbott

6. To whom would a Nansen Passport be issued?

A stateless refugee

7. Who was the US President of the USA when Queen Elizabeth II acceded to the throne ?

Harry S Truman (April 1945-Jan 1953)

8. Who succeeded Adolf Hitler as Chancellor of Germany?

Admiral Karl Donitz


9.The Limpopo river flows through South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and which other country?


10 If you come across the word “Uxor” in a Latin inscription, what does it mean?


11 Who, according to the song

“Took an axe, and gave her mother forty whacks,

When he had seen what she had done, gave her father forty-one”?

Lizzie Borden

12 Name the SECOND longest reigning English monarch

Elizabeth II

13 Amersham and High Wycombe are in which range of hills?

The Chilterns

14 Which primitive civilisation supposedly prophesised Armageddon for December 2012?

The Mayans

15 On BBC2’s The Eggheads, Dave Rainsford is the only one to have a nickname. What is it?

“Tremendous Knowledge”

16 Which train station was opened in 1837 as the London terminus of the London to Birmingham line?


17 What is the name for the lowest part of a ship’s hull, where the water gathers?

The bilge

18 The 1932 American election was won by Franlin D Roosevelt, which incumbent president did he defeat?

Herbert Hoover

19 In World War II which German concentration camp was situated approximately 50km west of Krackow?


20 According to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle , Moriarty was a professor in which subject?


21 What is the unique characteristic of a “Stargazy Pie”

Pilchard heads sticking up out of the pie crust (accept fish heads)

22 In which Oscar winning film of 1943 were the central characters, Ilsa Lund and Rick Blaine?


23 The Borghese Art Gallery is situated in which European city?


24 What kind of transport is a “Segway”?

It’s a two wheeled self balancing, battery powered electric vehicle.

25 The 1812 Overture was written to celebrate Napoleon’s defeat in which city?


26 A lead pencil and a diamond are both made from carbon atoms arranged differently – what is the name for this feature?


27 In the film ‘The Great Escape’, which actor played the role of ‘The Forger’?

Donald Pleasance

28 In which American state is Arlington National Cemetery?


29 ‘The Outlaws’ is the name of a children’s gang in which series of books?

Just William by Richmal Compton

30 After Alf Ramsey’s departure as England Manager, Joe Mercer was appointed as ‘caretaker manager’. Who took over from Mercer on a full time contract?

Don Revie

31 Which group won the Grammy for ‘Album of the year’ in February 2013.

Mumford and Son (for Babel)

32 The Greek for ‘Circle of life’ gives its name to what?

The Zodiac

33 Which sports personality is known as the ‘Mansfield Mermaid’?

Rebecca Adlington

34 Christiansborg Palace is the seat of the Danish Government. It’s nick name is the title of a TV series shown on BBC 4. What is it?


35 In Greek mythology the jealous Athena turned Arachne into what?

A Spider

36 Who was Margaret Thatcher’s longest serving minister?

Geoffrey Howe

37 Big Diomede Island and Little Diomede Islands are only 4 miles apart but belong to 2 different countries.

Name either country.

Big Diomede – Russia, Little Diomede- USA ( They are located in the Bering Straits, off the coast of Alaska and Siberia)

38 In internet slang what name is given to a person who posts inflammatory messages in an online community, such as a chat room or blog?

A Troll

39 Ralph Vaughan Williams, Sir Stanley Spencer and Neville Shute died in consecutive years in the 20th century. Give one of those years.

1958/59 or60

40 Lionel of Antwerp, John of Gaunt and Edmund of Langley were among the sons of which King?

Edward III


41 The fifth labour of Hercules was to clean which stables?

The Augean

42 Effie Gray was the wife of art critic John Ruskin. After their marriage was annulled which British painter did she marry?

John Millais

43 Who plays the title role in the recently released film ‘Hitchcock’?

Anthony Hopkins

44 ‘My Family and Other Animals’ is an autobiography of naturalist Gerald Durrell which tells of his childhood on which Greek island?


45 Which Opera opened in Cairo in December 1871?

Aida (Verdi)

46 Comic Relief was founded in 1985 by Lenny Henry and which film director?

Richard Curtis

47 The hilltop site of Massada (now a world heritage site) was besieged in 72AD and the 960 inhabitants committee suicide rather than surrender to the Romans. In which modern country is Massada?


48 Logan Airport serves which U.S city?


49 Sir Alex Ferguson has been manager of Manchester United for 23 years. The second longest serving manager in the premiership is Arsene Wenger , in what year did he join Arsenal as manager?

1996 (accept 95-97)

50 Who requisitioned Peover Hall, near Knutsford, during World War II?

General George Patton

51 Who wrote the operas ‘Billy Budd’ and ‘Albert Herring’

Benjamin Britten

52 Which Beatles album was released 50 years ago in March 1963?

Please Please me.

53 Who was offered, but turned down, the Presidency of Israel in 1952?

Albert Einstein

54 Who, on being asked for correct ratio of gin to vermouth to make a dry martini, is said to have replied “Take an ice cold glass, fill with gin and wave it in the general direction of Italy”?

Noel Coward

55 What breed of animal is a Charolais?


56 Which TV sports programme is currently hosted by Graham Bell and Ed Leigh?

Ski Sunday

57 Which European river flows through 10 countries and four capital cities?

The Danube

58 Which dinosaurs name translates as ‘swift seizer’?


59 Who commanded the Confederate forces in the American Civil War?

Robert E Lee

60 In which decade of the 17th century was the Bank of England established?


61 In the Harry Potter series of films who played Ron Weasley’s mother?

Julie Walters

62 Which artist has a museum in his home town of Figueres in Catalonia?

Salvador Dali

63 Who had a hit in 2009 with ‘New York’

Paloma Faith

64 Who was the only politician in the 20th century to have held the posts of Chancellor of the Exchequer, Foreign Secretary and Home Secretary but did not go on to become Prime Minister?

R A Butler

65 Who was the original Peeping Tom peeping at?

Lady Godiva

66 Charlie Sheen, Janet Jackson and Phillip Seymour Hoffman were all born in consecutive years. Give one of those years.


67 What phantom ship is said to haunt the seas around the Cape of Good Hope?

The Flying Dutchman

68 Which soup’s name translates as ‘pepper water’


69 The ferry from Southampton lands at which point on the Isle of Wight?


70 Which is the only active volcano in mainland Europe? (last activity 1944)


71 Jonquil is a shade of which colour?


72 In which 2013 Oscar nominated film is the CGI generated character of Richard Parker?

The Life of Pi (Richard Parker is the tiger)

73 The steepest rise in altitude of any narrow gauge railway is on a route in northern India. The lowest point is at Kalka, in which town is the highest terminus?


74 Kelly Jones, Richard Jones and Adam Zindani are the core members of which band?

The Stereophonics

75 What was the surname of Jerry and Margo in the TV series “The Good Life”?


76 Who was King of England during the Seven Years war?

George III

77 Who was the first westerner to discover the Niger River and to reach Timbuktu?

Mungo Park

78 Which spirit is the basis for each of these cocktails: A Churchill, Mint Julep and a Rob Roy


79 Who was found hiding in Abottabad in 2011?

Osama Bin Laden

80 Verdi’s opera La Traviata was set in which city?



81 What colour is the cross of Finland?


82 Where did Matthew Webb drown in 1883?

Niagara Falls (He was the first man to swim the English Channel in 1875)

83 Which film and stage show has the role of Edna Turnbald been played by both John Travolta and Michael Ball

Edna Turnblad in Hairspray

84 Whose last unfinished novel was ‘The Last Tycoon’?

F Scott Fitzgerald

85 In which city is the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome?


86 If an alloy is an amalgam which metal must it contain?


87 Tempura uses water and what to paint with?

Egg white

88 Kandy, Galle and Ratnapura are cities in which country?

Sri Lanka


89 Which record label signed the Rolling Stones in 1991


90 Edward Whymper was the first person to climb which mountain?

The Matterhorn

91 To which family of fish does the minnow belong?


92 What dance is usually performed to ‘Orpheus in the Underworld’?

The Can Can

93 What relation is the Prime Minister of Denmark to Neil Kinnock?

Daughter-in-Law, she is married to Neil Kinnock’s son, Stephen.

94 What was the original profession of Somerset Maughan, A J Cronin and Richard Gordon?

Medicine (Doctors)

95 Maria Nunez and Tony Wyzek are the central characters in which 1961 Oscar winning film?

West Side Story

96 In what year were the Munich Olympics held?




The movie ‘Russian Ark’ was filmed in one take in which museum?...........The Hermitage

Who was the cartoonist in the Monty Python series……………..Terry Gilliam

Distaff is the female family side – what is the male?.................Spear

Karaoke and Cold Lazarus are plays by which author? ………………….. Dennis Potter

Caligari is the capital of which island?....................Sardinia

The song ‘How to handle a woman’ comes from which musical…………Camelot


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