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5th February–The Questions

Specialist Questions

Set by: The Dolphin Dragons

Vetted by:

The Park Timers


The Robin Hood

Round 1: Science

Q1.  What is the name of the larger bone in the upper arm? 
A1.  The Humerus

Q2.  Henry Cavendish was the first to recognise which gas as a separate element?
A2.  Hydrogen (He called it flammable air)

Q3.  Which acid is secreted into the stomach (by the parietal (AKA oxynic) cells?)
A3.  Hydrochloric Acid

Q4. The luminous flux of an electric light bulb is now given in what units?        
A4. Lumens

Q5.  What is the unit of electrical resistance? 
A5.  The Ohm

Q6.  Haemoglobin found in blood contains which metallic element?
A6.   Iron

Q7.  What is the former planet Pluto now defined as?
A7.  Dwarf Planet   

Q8.  Which ligaments in the human body are so named because they form an    X shaped cross?
A8.  Cruciate


S1.Q.  Which drug used to treat malaria is obtained from the bark of the cinchona tree?
S1 A.   Quinine

S2.Q.  What is the name most generally given to the geocentric theory of  the arrangement of the solar system, ie that the earth is in the middle and the sun moon and planets move round it
S2 A.   The Ptolemaic System



Round 2: Arts & Entertainment

Q1. Who writes about Tracey Beaker?
A1.(Dame) Jackie Wilson

Q2. In which city are most of the surviving works of Charles Rennie Mackintosh?
A2. Glasgow

Q3. Who was Poet Laureate between C Day Lewis and Ted Hughes?
A3. John Betjeman

Q4. Shadrack, Marlon, Cain and Mandy are all members of which TV family?
A4. The Dingles (Emmerdale)

Q5. Who composed Rhapsody in Blue?
A5. Gershwin

Q6. In which play by Arthur Miller do we meet Willie Loman?
A6. Death of a Salesman

Q7. Chief Wiggum controls law and order in which fictional TV town?
A7. Springfield (The Simpsons)

Q8. Which famous US Actress joined the cast of Downton Abbey this last autumn?
A8. Shirley McClain



S1.Q   What politically sensitive music album celebrated its 25year anniversary in August 2012?
S1.A.  Graceland (Paul Simon)

S2.Q.  In which fictional county is The Archers set?
S2.A.  Borsetshire

Round 3: Sport

Q1.  The equestrian events at the Olympics are usually held “out of town”. At which Olympic host city were they held furthest away?
A1.   Melbourne 1956 (held in Stockholm!)

Q2.   Elli Simmonds was one of three para-olympians nominated for BBC Sports Personality of 2012. Name one of the other two.
A1.   Sarah Storey or David Weir

Q3.   Which Wimbledon men’s singles champion won on a wild card?
A3.   Goran Ivanisevic.

Q4.   Which team will Lewis Hamilton drive for in the forthcoming season?
A4.   Mercedes

Q5.   What sporting venue is colloquially known as "Billy Williams' cabbage patch?
A5.   Twickenham

Q6.   Where was the Derby held during both World Wars?
A6.   Newmarket

Q7.   In which city would you find the two English league grounds which are closest to each other?
A7.   Nottingham

Q8.  Only 5 disciplines have been in every Olympics of the modern era (ie since Athens in 1896). Swimming, Gymnastics and Athletics are 3. Name 1 of the other 2.
A8.   Cycling or Fencing


S1Q.   What notable sporting feat did Lukas Rossel achieve in summer 2012?
S1A.   He beat Nadal at Wimbledon

S2Q.   Where was the Test Match played in November which saw both Alistair Cook and Kevin Pieterson equalling the English record for the number of test centuries  - within 10 minutes of each other?
S2A.   Mumbai ( accept, reluctantly) Bombay

Round 4: Geography

Q1.   Which river runs through Kendal in the Lake District?
A1.   The River Kent (The name Kendal is a variation on Kent Dale!)

Q2.   The British Sugar Loaf mountain overlooks Abergavenny.  Which foreign city is also overlooked by the Sugar Loaf?
A2.   Rio de Janeiro

Q3.   What is the state capital of Oregon?
A3.   Salem

Q4.   Which is the first English county entered by the river Severn?
A4.   Shropshire

Q5.   On which Hawaiian island is Pearl Harbour?
A5.   Oahu

Q6.   Apart from the small city airport, which city’s airport do travellers to Florence use?
A6.   Pisa

Q7.   What is the capital of Belarus?
A7.   Minsk

Q8.   What is the state capital of Maine?
A8.   Augusta


S1.Q.   What is the most southerly point of mainland Europe?
S1A.    Tarife (not Gibralter)

S2.Q.   What is the highest point of Bodmin moor?
S2.A.   Brown Willie


Round 5: History.

Q1.   Who assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914, thus triggering WWI?
A1.   (Gavrilo) Princip

Q2.   Which of Napoleon’s generals became King of Sweden?
A2.   Bernadotte

Q3.   What is the War of Northern Aggression more generally called?
A3.   The American Civil War.

Q4.   Of which country was Zog king until forced to flee in 1939?
A4.   Albania

Q5.   Which British PM took UK into WW1?
A5.   Herbert Asquith

Q6.   At the end of which war was Germany united in 1871?
A6.   Franco-Prussian

Q7.   In which castle was Edward II murdered?
A7.   Berkeley

Q8.   Which British PM was in office at the end of WW1?
A8.   David Lloyd-George


S1.Q.   How were Tzar Nicholas II and George V related?
S1.A.   First cousins (their mothers were sisters)

S2.Q.   What was the name of the ruling house of Britain immediately before it was changed to Windsor in 1916?
S2. A.   Saxe-Coburg-Gotha


Round 6: Katherines, Kates, Kittys

Q1.   In which novel do you find Kitty Bennet?
A1.   Pride and Prejudice

Q2.   Give a year in the life of Catherine the Great of Russia.
A2.   1729 to 1796

Q3.   Which Katy sung The Closest Thing to Crazy?
A3.   Katie Melua

Q4.   Which Kate was recently awarded a CBE for services to drama?
A4.   Kate Winslett

Q5.   Who wrote What Katy Did?
A5.   Susan Coolidge

Q6.   In which novel do you find Catherine Earnshaw?
A6.   Wuthering Heights

Q7.   Who was the husband of Catherine of Braganza?
A7.   Charles II

Q8.   Whose pocket did Kitty Fisher find?
A8.   Lucy Locket



S1.Q.   Which KT’s music was behind the opening titles of the Devil Wears Prada (It was Suddenly I See)
S1.A.   KT Tunstall

S2.Q.   What Shakespeare play is Kiss Me Kate based on?
S2.A.   The Taming of the Shrew




Round 7: The History of Geography

Q1.   What is the name given to the Viking map which shows they reached  North America?
A1.   The Vinland Map

Q2.   What was the other name for Constantinople/Istanbul?
A2.   Byzantium

Q3.   Name one of the boats in Columbus’ fleet of three
A3.   The Santa Maria, the Pinta, the Nina (or the Santa Clara, the official name)

Q4.   What is the Roman town of Uriconium now called?
A4.   Wroxeter

Q5.   What was Harare called formerly?
A5.   Salisbury

Q6.   Who, in the 17th Century, produced the first Atlas of the Counties of Great Britain?
A6.   John Speede (Born in Farndon, Cheshire)

Q7.   What do we call the Roman Isca Dumnorium?
A7.   Exeter

Q8.   Name one of the 2 leaders of the expedition that first crossed Australia South to North (in 1860/61)
A8.   Burke and Wills



S1.Q.   Who first rounded the Cape of Good Hope?
S1.A.   Bartholemew Dias

S2.Q.   Who invented the map projection that shows the shape of the countries accurately, but distorts their relative size (Greenland looks bigger than S America!)
S2.A   (Gerardus) Mercator

Round 8: Parks

Q1.    Which 60’s band sang about “Itchycoo Park?”
A1.    (Small) Faces

Q2.   Lyme Park was left to the National Trust by which family?
A2.   The Legh family (in 1946)

Q3.   In which British City is The Parks Cricket Ground?
Q3.   Oxford

Q4.   The South Downs way runs through the South Downs National Park from Eastbourne to which city (approx 100 miles)?
A4.   Winchester

Q5.   Tatton Park was left to the National Trust by which family?
A5.   The Egerton family (in 1958)

Q6.   The sports stadium Candlestick Park is in which US City?
A6.   San Fransisco.

Q7.   Name either creator of South Park
A7.   Trey Parker or Matt Stone

Q8.   Which singer had a hit in the 60’s with Macarthur Park?
A8.   Richard Harris



S1.Q.   Which Band had a hit with Park Life in the 1990’s?
S1.A.   Blur

S2.Q.   Which former UK national sports stadium was named after a local pub?
S2.A.   Cardiff Arms Park


General Knowledge

1Q Who wrote and published a famous series of walking guides
for the Lake District, published in the form of handwritten

A  Alfred Wainwright

2. Q Which fictional family live at 742 evergreen Terrace?
A. The Simpsons

3. Q. For which county does Alistair Cook, England’s highest
century maker, play?
A. Essex

4. Q. Whose words were set to Beethoven’s 9th, and are now
known as to the Ode to Joy?
A. Schiller

5. Q Who was the last British monarch to be born outside Britain?
A. George II

6. Q What is the alternative name for the hedge sparrow?
A. The dunnock

7. Q. Who lost his job as secretary of state over the ramifications of a speeding charge?
A. Chris Huhne

8. Q. ‘Ungood’, ‘Plus good’, ‘Crime think’ and ‘Double think’ are
words and concepts from which fictional language?
A. Newspeak

9. Q. Who was the first Christian martyr?
A. Stephen

10. Q. What was the name of the Shipping area now called Fitzroy?
A. Finesterre

11. Q. Who was the new judge on Strictly Come Dancing in this last
(2012) series?
A. Darcy Bussell

12. Q. Which Premiership Rugby club does Danny Cipriani play for?
A. Sale Sharks

13.Who composed ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’?

14.What is Mitt Romney’s first name?

15. How many Pope Benedicts have there been, including the
present one?

16.Which was the first preserved/heritage railway in the world?
The Tal-y-Llyn in Mid-Wales

17. What was the name of the woman, who by refusing to
give up her seat to a white man sparked the bus boycott in
Montgomery Alabama in1955, as turning point in the civil
rights campaign in the USA?
Rosa Parkes

18. Hejera, The Hissing of Summer Lawns, Court and Spark and
Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter, were all albums by which
singer songwriter and painter?

Joni Mitchel

19. What is the county town of Wiltshire?

20. What are the Hacked Off group hacked off about?
Press intrusion (accept any answer which shows
knowledge of this, however phrased)

21. What toy, originating in China, was originally a military
signalling device?
A kite

22. Which TV channel staged the Paralympics?
Channel 4

23. Which cologne was best when ‘splashed all over’ as advised
by Henry Cooper and Kevin Keegan?

24. In the news recently, how is Chalara fraxinea better known?
Ash die back.

25. How many red balls are there on a snooker table?

26. What is the name given to the small magnifying eyeglass used
by jewellers?
A loupe

27. Which French painter & businessman (b 1848) changed his
lifestyle and moved to Tahiti?
Paul Gauguin

28. In which US Mountain range is Mount Rushmore (The one
with the US Presidents carved on it?)
The Black Hills (of Dakota)

29. Who was given a passport for the first time for 24 years, and
was able to accept the Nobel prize personally, having been
awarded the prize in absentia?

Aung San Suu Kyi (accept close approximation – Suu Kyi
is the ‘surname’)

30. For what is Australian Sir Edmund Barton famous?
He was the first Australian Prime Minister (1901- 1903)

31. What was the name of the rover that successfully landed on
Mars last August?

31. Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck all started their career
with which Rock Band?
The Yardbirds

32. What is the name of the alloy of mercury and other metals
used in dental fillings?

33. Name this just retired ex- captain from the description. Born in Tasmania, known as Punter, fond of greyhound racing?

Ricky Ponting

35. How many noughts are there in a quintillion (using the now
widely accepted American usage?)

36. On which island did Napoleon Bonaparte die?
St Helena

37. Which river flows through Timbuktu?
The Niger

38. How many operas make up Wagner’s Ring Cycle?

39. How many London clubs are the Football Premier League this
Six (QPR, Arsenal, Spurs, Fulham, Chelsea, W Ham)

40. Who was the first king of Israel?

41. Name one of the three Dashwood sisters in Jane Austen’s
Sense and Sensibility
Eleanor, Marianne, Margaret

42. Who won last year's Bradford by-election (maj. 10,140)?
George Galloway

43. What was the currency of Malta before it entered the euro-
The Lira

44.Name the film with the following plotline: this deals with the
life a Nobel Laureate in Economics who as a brilliant but
asocial mathematician accepts secret work in cryptography,
after which his life takes a turn to the nightmarish.

A Beautiful mind

45. What was known in the past as Oil of Vitriol?
Sulphuric Acid

46. What is Mount Kosciuszko’s claim to fame?

Highest mountain in Australia

47. Which Gilbert & Sullivan opera is sub-titled The Slave of Duty?
The Pirates of Penzance

48. A strike of which workers provoked the General Strike of
The Miners.

49. In which year did the first London Under ground train run?
1863 (no leeway as there was enormous media coverage
for the 150th anniversary this January!)

50. Who wrote the poem which is included in the 1930’s Post
Office documentary Night Mail?
WH Auden

51. Who was the great-nephew of the Roman Emperor Claudius,
who succeeded him?

52. What in traditional art,(apart from a type of cloud) is a Nimbus?
A type of Halo.

53. What is the connection between Test Match Special and
James Bond?

The evil Blofeld gets his name from TMS’s Henry Blofeld
(Ian Fleming was taken with the name)

54. In which London Borough is the Olympic Stadium situated?
London Borough of Newham

55. In which city of the North West is the recently restored – and
prize-winning - Ordsall Hall?
Salford (not Manchester – Salford is a separate city)

56. The body of which historical figure is believed to have been
recently dug up from under a car park?
Richard III

57. What was the name of Mitt Romney’s running mate?
Paul Ryan

58. Q. What is the chemical component predominate in red wine and extracted from the skin and stem that gives the wine it taste
and structure?


59. In Lord of the Rings who is Arwen’s father?

60. Which was the first London Underground line?
The Metropolitan

61. In an Indian restaurant, what would you get if you ordered

62. Who hosts the lunchtime news and music programme on
Radio 2?
Jeremy Vine

63. Apart from France, name 1 0f the 2 European countries
which fought on the side of the colonies in the US War of
Spain or the Dutch Republic

64. What is the name of the developers who are driving the
development of the new Macclesfield Town Plan?
Wilson Bowden

65. Which jazz saxophonist was known as Bird?
Charlie Parker

66. What toy has a name that means come back, come back?

67. To which party does Paul Nuttall, (one of the Macclesfield
MEP’s) belong?

68. Who wrote the Dalziel & Pasco detective books?
Reginald Hill

69. Jimmy Anderson has dismissed Sachin Tendulkar more than
anyone in Tests. How many times?

70. What was the currency of Cyprus before it joined the euro-
The Pound

71. Which fictional family live at 1313 Mockingbird lane,
Mockingbird Heights?
The Munsters

72. Which painter is famous for painting water-lilies?

73. Which member of the royal family abseiled down the new
London landmark, the Shard?
Prince Andrew

74. Who was the Minister for Propaganda in Nazi Germany?
Joseph Goebbels

75. Which lo-cost motor manufacturer, a subsidiary of Renault,
will be launched in UK in 2013 with models called Sandero &


76. Parr and Grilse are the names given to development stages of
which fish?

77. As whom are Valentine and Proteus referred to in the title of a
Shakespeare Play?
Two Gentlemen of Verona

78. What is a cabochon?
A large (convex) precious stone

79. Which cricketer was once offered the throne of Albania?
C.B Fry

80. Which Rugby League team represent Salford – for now?
Salford Reds

81. Name the film with the following plotline: this film is about
an Irish author and artist, born with severe cerebral palsy,
who proved he didn't need a voice to speak to the world. He
turned this impediment into a skill and became one of Ireland's
leading intellectuals
My Left Foot

82. What was the composition that Wallace & Grommit brought to
the proms this last season?
(my) Concerto in Ee lad.

83. Who took over from Gordon Burns on North West tonight?
Roger Johnstone

84. What craft means little hook in French?

85. Which was the first narrow gauge industrial railway in the
The Ffestiniog, in North Wales

86. Who does Rosalind marry in As You Like It?

87. Which Tree do we get turpentine from?
The Pine

88. Until his appointment as Archbishop of Canterbury, where was Justin Welby, bishop?

89. Which objects appear in Andy Warhol’s most famous pop art
Campbell’s soup tins

90. Which company’s trademark of a red triangle was the first ever
to be registered?

91. What is the painting medium called which uses egg-white?

92. Which British painter was given an OM last year?
David Hockney

93. Who took over from Paul Jones as lead singer in Manfred
Mike D’Abo

94. Which motor manufacturer will market the following models
(amongst others) in its range for 2013 – Citigo & Rapid

95. Name one of David Copperfield’s two wives (first name will do)Dora or Agnes

96. One of the earliest TV cooks, what was the name of The
Galloping Gourmet?
Graham Kerr

Supplementary Questions:
1Q . Which singer-song writer was too ill to attend the premiere of his work The Titanic Requiem?

Robin Gibb (both names needed!)

2.Q Who won the second highest number of votes, behind Bradley
Wiggins in BBC’s Sport’s Personality of the Year 1212?

Jessica Ennis

3. Q. On a roulette wheel, what colour is the zero?
White on a Green background (accept either)

4. Q. What is the forename of the son of Dick Francis who’s taken over
writing the racing thrillers?


5. Q. When Chelsea put 8 past Aston Villa in December 2012 how many
different players scored?


6.Q. Michael Parkinson has recently presented a series on the Sky Arts
channel. What was its name?
Master Class.


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