Wednesday, October 24, 2012

23rd October Cup Round 1 –


Questions set by the Chester Road Tavern and the Knot Originals

1.Who was the famous grandfather of Charles Darwin ? ( Josiah Wedgewood )

2. What relationship is Prince Phillip to Queen Victoria ? ( Great grandson )

3. 3 countries share a border with Luxembourg: France, Germany and where? (Belgium )

4. Which river flows through China, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam to the South China Sea ? ( Mekong )

5.Which planes were used by Guy Gibson and company on the Dambusters raids ? ( Lancaster bombers )

6. What name was given to the army of volunteers from over 50 countries who fought against Franco in the Spanish Civil War ? ( The International Brigade )

7. Cricket bats are traditionally made from willow but which wood is traditionally used for cricket stumps ? ( Ash )

8. Which wood was used to make English longbows ? ( Yew )

9. What's the technical name for a clown's costume ? ( Motley )

10.With which part of the British Isles do you associate the triskellion? ( Isle of Man - it's the 3 legged Manx symbol )

11. Tocophobia is the fear of what? (Childbirth)

12. Who composed 'Zadok the Priest'? (Handel)

13. Which horse won this year's Epsom Derby? (Camelot)

14. In which geological era do we live? (The Cenezoic)

15. What colour is the starboard light on a ship? (Green)

16. Which poem begins with the line "April is the cruellest month"? (The Waste Land – TS Eliot)

17. When was the driving test first introduced in Britain? (1933 – accept 1931-35)

18. Which horse won the Arc de Triomphe earlier this month? (Solemnia)

19. Who first used the phrase "lunatic fringe"? (Both names required) (Theodore Roosevelt)

20. In which century did Wat Tyler lead the Peasants' Revolt ? ( 14th - 1381 )
21. In which century did King Canute die ? ( 11th - 1035 )
22.Which member of the Bee Gees was married to Lulu ? ( Maurice Gibb )

23. Which actress was the wife of cartoonist Gerald Scarfe ? ( Jane Asher )

24.During which year did the following events take place : a) The liner Queen Elizabeth was destroyed by fire in Hong Kong harbour.
b) The Duke of Windsor died
c) The film " The Godfather " was released (1972 – no leeway )

25. In which year did the following occur : a) The Beatles were awarded their MBEs
b) Alexei Leonev made the first space walk
c) The film " Doctor Zhivago " was released ( 1965 – no leeway)

26.In Arthurian legend, who was the son of a nun and a demon ? ( Merlin )

27.Who was the minstrel in Robin Hood's merry men ? ( Alan-a-Dale )

28. In Shakespeare, whose grave was being dug when Yorick's skull was discovered ? ( Ophelia )

29.Name either of the two characters who were waiting for Godot in the play of that name . ( Vladimir and Estragon )

30. What was the final score in this year's Ryder Cup? (Europe 14.5 USA 13.5)

31.How many points did Manchester City accrue as last season's Premier League champions? (89)

32. Prior to Heather Watson's victory earlier this month, who was the last British woman to win a tournament on the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) tour? (Sara Gomer – 1988)

33. Who recently became the first skydiver to travel faster than the speed of sound?

(Felix Baumgartner - reaching a speed of 833mph).

34. Who recorded a version of 'A Hard Day’s Night' in the style of Olivier's Richard III?

(Peter Sellers)

35. Vanessa and Wilja are types of what? (Potato)

36. In which country is Findel airport? (Luxembourg)

37. In which Dickens novel did Ned and Charles Cherryble appear? (Nicholas Nickleby)

38. Which British army general was born at Westerham vicarage in 1788? (James Wolfe)

39. Where would you find the parish of the Reverend Timms? (Greendale (Postman Pat).

There was no 40 and the first supplementary was used

41. Where in Britain would you find Dunvegan Castle ? ( Isle of Skye )

42. In which district of London would you find the Abbey Road studios ? ( St. John's Wood )

43.Which writer created the character Tracy Beaker ? ( Jacqueline Wilson )

44.Who is the current Children's Laureate ? ( Julia Donaldson )

45.Which American state comes first alphabetically ? ( Alabama )

46. Which US state comes last alphabetically? Wyoming

47.In which month of the year is Michaelmas ? ( September - the 29th )

48.May 12th is International Nursing Day and is celebrated worldwide. Why was this date chosen ? ( Florence Nightingale's birthday )

49.Which character in children's fiction lived at Puddelby on the Marsh ? ( Doctor Doolittle )

50.In the film of the same name, how are Doctor Stantz, Doctor Venkman and Doctor Spengler collectively known ? ( Ghostbusters )

51. Which Led Zeppelin drummer died in 1980? (John Bonham)

52. Who was the first Emperor of India? (Edward VII)

53. Who wrote the Seven Pillars of Wisdom? (TE Lawrence (of Arabia)

54. Which Latin phrase means “let the buyer beware”? (Caveat Emptor)

55. Tallahassee is the capital city of which US state? (Florida)

56. Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo were three of them, who was the fourth?

Raphael (The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

57. Two series' of books contain the characters Moon-face, The Saucepan Man and the Angry Pixie. Name Either.

The Faraway Tree (The Magic Faraway Tree, Up the Faraway Tree, The Folk of the Faraway Tree) or The Enchanted Wood. (Enid Blyton)

58. Australian Chris Holder is the current World Champion in which sport? (Speedway)

59. Greg Davies and American Andy Samberg star in which current BBC3 comedy? (Cuckoo)

60. What is the closest star to the Sun? (Proxima Centauri)

61. A painting medium in which powdered pigments are

bound together, usually with egg yolk and water. What is it? (Tempera)

62. In Scandinavian mythology, where did the gods live? (Asgard)

63. What is the highest natural male voice? (Countertenor)

64. What is the one word that is used to cover the coastal regions

of (Asian) Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Israel? (Levant)

65. Which county is the largest in Ireland? (Cork)

66. The largest area of artesian water in the world is known as what? (The Great Artesian Basin)

67. The international measurement is 1,852 metres. What is it? (A nautical mile)

68. The line-up of a group founded in the 70’s was David Byrne, Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz. What was the name of the group? (Talking Heads)

69. What was the name of Beethoven's only opera? (Fidelio)

70. Cocaine is all too common and produced mainly in S America. But, in which country was it first extracted from the coca plant? (Germany)

71. On what landmark anniversary is the traditional gift China? (20th)

72. Who is Camille Javal better known as? (Brigitte Bardot)

73. Who painted the picture, once owned by Eric Clapton, that was recently sold for £21 million?

(Gerhard Richter)

74. What was the name of Shackleton's ship that was crushed by pack ice in 1914?

(The Endurance)

75. Who is the director of the latest James Bond film Skyfall? (Sam Mendes)

76. In July, Google released their newest 7-inch tablet computer, made by Asus; what is it called?

(Nexus 7 (accept Nexus).

77. Released in July 2012 and with over 470 million views on YouTube, what is the name of the hit single by Korean artist PSY? (Gangnam Style)

78. What is the 'Grotto Chauvet' in France most famous for? (Cave paintings (believed by some to be 32,000 years old).

79. Whom did Carly Simon marry in 1972? (James Taylor)

80. The Congress Party is an important political party in which

Large country? (India)

81. When it was founded, it was known as Port Natal. What has it

been known as since 1835? (Durban)

82. ‘Tetanus’ is the medical name. What did the Victorians call it? (Lockjaw)

83. It used to be known as ‘Carniola’ when it was an Austrian

Province. It is now an independent country. What is its name? (Slovenia)

84. Which television presenter has a current best-selling memoir entitled My Animals and other Family? (Clare Balding)

85. Who wrote the following opening line? I come from Des Moines, somebody has to.

(Bill Bryson (The Lost Continent)

86. Which novel begins with the sentence: Happy families are all alike, every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way – (Anna Karenina)

87. Muscadet, Touraine and Saumur are all wines from which French region? (Loire)

88. Bairrada, Dao and Alentejo wines come from which country? (Portugal)

89. In the Bible, what is the name of the 5th book of the New Testament?

(Acts (of the Apostles)

90. Before taking up the position of US President, Bill Clinton was the governor of which US state? (Arkansas)

91. What is Eric Spear's most famous composition? (The theme music for Coronation Street)

92. In what year was EastEnders first shown on TV? (1985 – no leeway).

93. In which sport is the Harry Sunderland Trophy awarded?

(Rugby League - Grand Final Man of the Match).

94. What word describes the deliberate manipulation of electoral boundaries? (Gerrymandering)

95. Tim Canterbury and Chris Finch were characters in which BBC TV show? (The Office)

96. Calvin Broadis is better known by what name? (Snoop Doggy Dogg (accept Snoop Dogg)

97. According to the offensive comedian Frankie Boyle, who “looks like she is looking at herself in the back of a spoon”? (Rebecca Adlington)

98. Name the actor who portrayed the character Tommy DeVito in Martin Scorsese's film Goodfellas. (Joe Pesci)

99. Give the name of one of the Old Testament’s books named after a woman.

(Esther or Ruth)

100. In the entertainment world, who were Nanker and Phelge?

(The Rolling Stones (writing pseudonym)

101. Paul David Hewson found fame after changing his name to what?

(Bono (singer in U2)

102. Complete the Monopoly set: Pall Mall, Northumberland Avenue and… ? (Whitehall)

103. What was the name of the IBM computer that beat chess champion Garry Kasparov

In 1997? (Deep Blue)

104. Which US president was memorably described by Lyndon Johnson as being unable to break wind and chew gum at the same time? (Gerald Ford)

105. Of which Liberal leader did Michael Foot say ‘He’s gone from being rising hope to elder statesmen with no intervening period whatsoever’? (David Steel)

106. Who became the first player to be sent off during an FA Cup Final? (Kevin Moran)

107. Which parliamentary seat contains the football grounds Villa Park and St Andrews’? (Birmingham Ladywood)

108. The Conservative MP for Congleton shares a name with which TV personality? (Fiona Bruce)

109. Which 90’s band was fronted by Brett Anderson? (Suede)

110. What is the surname of both members of the band the White Stripes? (White – Jack and Meg)

111. In what decade were Trade Unions decriminalised in the United Kingdom?

(1860’s (1867).

112. The method of injecting additional monies into an economy is known as what?

(Quantitative Easing)

113. What is Art Fry's most famous invention? (The Post-it note)

114. Who recently became the first woman to win the Man Booker prize twice? (Hilary Mantel- for Bring Up the Bodies)

115. What name is given to a region of total shadow during an eclipse? (Umbra)

116. Which actor’s middle name is Columcille? (Mel Gibson)

117. Which punk band were ‘Turning Japanese’ in 1980? (The Vapors)

118. Who directed the recent film ‘Frankenweenie’? (Tim Burton)

119. What is the Italian name given to the Mona Lisa? (‘La Gioconda)

120. Which sea did the Romans refer to as ‘Mare Nostrum’? (The Mediterranean)


121. Tinca tinca is the proper name for which fish? (Tench)

122. Justin Welby is one of the main candidates to fill which vacancy? (Archbishop of Canterbury)

123. Which country’s capital is called Podgorica? (Montenegro)

Tiebreaker: According to Wikipedia on Saturday 20th October, what is the current population in millions of the European Union? (503m)


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