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11th October–The Questions


Specialist Questions

Set by The Chester Road Tavern

1. Double History

2. Sport

3. Arts and Entertainment

4. It’s a Dogs Life

5. Gone but not Forgotten

6. Name That Tune

7. Geography

8. Science

Double History

Give the alliterative name of the historical figure based on the description. FULL NAME REQUIRED.


Q: Communist dictator of Kampuchea.

A: Pol Pot.

1. SS Reichsfuhrer from 1929-45.

A. Heinrich Himmler

2. US President from 1929-33.

A. Herbert Hoover

3. English anti-slavery activist, born 1759.

A. William Wilberforce

4. Born 1886, author of Memoirs of an Infantry Officer.

A. Siegried Sassoon

5. Commander of the Grand Fleet at the Battle of Jutland.

A. John Jellicoe

6. Founder and leader of the People’s Temple, died in 1978.

A. James 'Jim' Jones

7. Irish schoolteacher and leader in the Easter Rising.

A. Patrick/Padraig Pearse

8. Designer of the Menai Suspension Bridge and first president of the Institution of Civil Engineers.

A. Thomas Telford


9. First female speaker of the house of commons.

A. Betty Boothroyd

10. Iconic Scottish soldier, executed in 1305.

A. William Wallace


1. Who won this year's Arc de Triomphe horse race?

A. Found

2. Which team ended Man City's winning run in all competitions this season?

A. Celtic

3. Who won this year's county cricket championship?

A. Middlesex

4. Who won the most points for Europe in this years Ryder Cup?

A. Thomas Pieters

5. Chris Froome has won three of last four Tours de France. Who won the other?

A. Vincenzo Nibali

6. Who is England's current rugby union coach?

A. Eddie Jones

7. Who is Lewis Hamilton's co driver with Mercedes in this year's Formula 1 championship?

A. Nico Rosberg

8. Who won this year's world snooker championship?

A. Mark Selby


9. Who won the men's 5000m and 10000m in this year's Olympics?

A. Mo Farah

10. How many medals did David Weir win in this year's Paralympics?

A. None

Arts & Entertainment

1. Who wrote The Night of the Iguana?

A. Tennessee Williams

2. Which British author created Gunga Din?

A. Rudyard Kipling

3. Who illustrated Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice's Adventures in Wonderland’?

A. Sir John Tenniel

4. Whose shoulder did Captain Flint sit on?

A. Long John Silver

5. What was the name of Quint’s boat in Peter Benchley’s novel Jaws?

A. The Orca

6. According to Sue Townsend, exactly how old was Adrian Mole when he first started writing his diary?

A. 13 and three quarters

7. Which actor plays Antonius Proximo, an old gladiator trainer who buys Maximus, in the film Gladiator?

A. Oliver Reed

8. ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ is a film about the quest to find which person?

A. Osama Bin Laden


9. Phillip Glass wrote an Opera about which scientist?

A. Albert Einstein

10. What type of dog is Marmaduke, eponymous character of 2010 film?

A. Great Dane

It’s a Dogs Life

All the answers include the name of a breed of dog. Only the dog breed is required for a correct answer.

1. Ship used by Charles Darwin.

A. HMS Beagle

2. The largest state by area in Mexico.

A. Chihuahua

3. Name of a range of die-cast toy vehicles produced by Mettoy.

A. Corgi toys

4. American pop group whose original three members were June Bonnie and Anita.

A. The Pointer sisters

5. Single released by ‘Simon and Garfunkel’ in March 1969.

A. The Boxer

6. Intercity bus service in the USA.

A. Greyhound

7. Childrens game that involves running between two points while avoiding capture by other players.

A. British Bulldog

8. A native inhabitant of the southern coastal region of Croatia.

A. Dalmatian


9. Confectionery company that produces liquorice allsorts.

A. Bassetts

10. A dialect spoken in a region of eastern France that has passed between German and French control five times since the 17th century.

A. Alsatian (Alsace)

Gone but Hopefully Not Forgotten

Name the celebrity who passed away in 2016

1. Often working with Mel Brookes, this comedy actor was one of the main stars of Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein.

A. Gene Wilder

2. 'Mrs Merton' died on July 2nd aged 52; what was her real name?

A. Caroline Aherne

3. This ska pioneer was a major influence on The Specials and Madness; he died in September aged 79.

A. Prince Buster

4. Writer of TV Sitcoms 'The Liver Birds' and 'Bread'?

A. Carla Lane

5. Best known for playing 'Cato' alongside Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther films?

A. Bert Kwouk

6. Comedian famous for her series 'As seen on TV' and her role in 'dinnerladies'?

A. Victoria Wood

7. He died in march aged 85 and was most famous for his part in a double act with a partner who shared the same Christian name?

A. Ronnie Corbett

8. He died in March aged 77. His magic show in the 80's attracted TV audiences of over 15 million viewers?

A. Paul Daniels


9. The creator of Coronation Street?

A. Tony Warren

10. He played professor Snape in the Harry Potter films and The Sheriff of Nottingham in 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves'

A. Alan Rickman

11. West Indian cricket writer and commentator often heard on Test Match Special?

A. Tony Cozier

Name That Tune.

Simply give the title of the song that contains the lyrics in the question.

1. You believe in things you don't understand, and you suffer.

A. Superstition

2. There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold.

A. Stairway to Heaven

3. Once upon a time, you dressed so fine, threw the bums a dime, in your prime.

A. Like a Rolling Stone

4. We'll be fighting in the streets, with our children at our feet, and the morals that they worship will be gone.

A. Won't Get Fooled Again

5. For well, you know that it's a fool who plays it cool, by making his world a little colder.

A. Hey Jude

6. I met a gin soaked bar room queen in Memphis, she tried to take me upstairs for a ride.

A. Honky Tonk Women

7. I've paid my dues, time after time. I've done my sentence but committed no crime.

A. We Are the Champions

8. Well East Coast girls are hip, I really dig those clothes they wear.

A. California Girls


9. My mother was a tailor, she sewed my new blue jeans. My father was a gambling man..

A. House of the Rising Sun

10. I want to run, I want to hide, I want to tear down the walls that hold me inside.

A. Where the Streets Have No Name


1. In which English County would you find a hill called The Wrekin?

A. Shropshire

2. What is the capital of Slovakia?

A. Bratislava

3. Which waterway links the North Sea and the Baltic Sea?

A. The Kiel Canal

4. Outside which town is the Eden Project located?

A. St Austell (also accept St Blazey)

5. What is the capital and largest city of the Spanish region Andalucia?

A. Seville

6. Which city did the Romans know as Eboracum?

A. York

7. Which tree appears on the flag of Lebanon?

A. Cedar

8. Three countries have coastlines on both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. France, Spain and which other?

A. Morocco


9. St Petersburg is on which river?

A. The Neva

10. What is the closest seaside resort to London?

A. Southend

Science & Nature

1. What colour results from mixing red, blue and green light?

A. White

2. Usually due to an infection what is inflammation of the urinary bladder called?

A. Cystisis

3. In which organ is the Bowman’s capsule to be found?

A. Kidneys

4. What potentially life saving device was patented in 1872 by Thomas J Martin?

A. Fire Extinguisher

5. What is the common name for the aquatic rodent Castor fiber?

A. Beaver

6. Who, in Glasgow in 1865, was the first British person to use antiseptic in surgery?

A. Joseph Lister

7. Gout is caused by a build-up of which acid in and around joints?

A. Uric

8. Discovered in 1978, Charon is a satellite of which planet?

A. Pluto


9. The butcher bird is more correctly known as what?

A. Shrike

10. Tinca Tinca is the Latin name for what fish?

A. Tench


Set by Waters Green Rams

Vetted by Chester Road Tavern & Church House, Bollington.


Of which U.S. state was Ronald Reagan governor from 1967 to 1975?



Which band had success with Piper At The Gates Of Dawn in the 1960s and The Dark Side Of The Moon in the 1970s?

Pink Floyd


What name do we give to what Americans call “zucchini”?



Which London district is in the name of the Parliamentary constituency represented by Jeremy Corbyn?

Islington (North)


What is the only avenue in the standard UK version of Monopoly?



Who composed the opera Turandot?

Giacomo Puccini


Machu Pichu, a centre of the Inca civilisation, is in which country?



In Imperial measure, what is the weight of a gallon of water?

10 lbs


Which racecourse, later the site of an airport, staged runnings of the Grand National during World War One?



Which stadium, built for the 1908 Olympic Games, staged a match during the 1966 football World Cup?

White City (London)


What was the name of the Warrington-based band killed in a road accident in Sweden in February 2016, that had a posthumous no. 1 album in July 2016?

Viola Beach


Michel Temer became president of which country in August 2016?



How many players are there in a netball team?



Which Christian organisation publishes the monthly magazine The Watchtower in 282 languages?

Jehovah’s Witnesses


Which car company produces the Optima, Rio and Sorento models?



Name a capital city on the River Danube

Vienna, Bratislava, Belgrade OR Budapest


Which comedy actor was the first person in the UK to use an ATM machine, doing so in Enfield in 1967?

Reg Varney


In an entertainment sense, who comes next: Paul, Christopher, David, Matt.......?

Peter (Capaldi) – they are the last actors to play Dr Who in the TV series


In which US state was Barack Obama born?



Which Cumbrian town hosts Britain’s largest gathering of the travelling community in June each year?



What name is specifically given to a litter of pigs?



In the acronym NEET sometimes applied to young people, what does the T stand for?

Training (Not In Employment, Education Or Training)


Which 21st century Best Film Oscar winner features Velma Kelly who killed her husband and sister after finding them in bed together?



Give a year in the life of William Shakespeare



What is the name of the cat that lives at 10 Downing Street?



Previously called Wheldon Road, The Jungle is the rugby league ground in which town?



Which England football manager is famous for the quote “Do I not like that”?

Graham Taylor


Which footballer holds the record for most appearances for the Republic Of Ireland, having retired in 2016 with 126 caps?

Robbie Keane


Following gender transition, by what first name is the former decathlete Bruce Jenner now known?



Diamond Joe Quimby is the mayor of which fictional city?

Springfield (in The Simpsons)


Which former postman won the World Snooker Title at his first attempt in 1979?

Terry Griffiths


Who reached the top of the album charts in June 2016 with “50”, issued to coincide with his 50th birthday and 29 years after his greatest chart success?

Rick Astley


Which comedian told tales of Apricot Lil, Slack Alice & Pop-It-In Pete The Postman?

Larry Grayson


Whose last written words were "We shall stick it out to the bitter end but we are getting weaker.... For God's sake look after our people."?

Captain Robert Scott


Who is the Vice-President of the United States?

Joe Biden


Which cartoon character was frequently heard singing 'Clementine'?

Huckleberry Hound


What is the main port of Tokyo?



Cindy, Melanie & Laura were first names of the first three wives of which soap character?

Ian Beale (Eastenders)


Which motorway runs from the M25 near Denham to junction 3A of the M42?



Name an Australian state or territory which has a coastline on the Gulf Of Carpentaria?

Queensland OR Northern Territory


A statue of comedienne and writer Victoria Wood is to be erected in which town?



Edward Daly died in August 2016. He was pictured on front pages of newspapers in 1972 in connection with what?

Bloody Sunday (In Derry on 29th January. He was the priest waving a white handkerchief)


What portmanteau word is given to leggings styled to look like tight denim jeans?



In traditional pantomime, Widow Twankey has 2 sons – Aladdin and............ whom?

Wishee Washee


The 2016 Ryder Cup took place in which US state?



According to the NBA website, which basketball player, who joined the Chicago Bulls in 1984 and generally wore the number 23 shirt, is considered the greatest player ever?

Michael Jordan


The Swedish video game developer Mojang, bought by Microsoft in 2014, is best-known for which construction-based video game?



The Wanamaker Trophy is awarded annually to the winner of which sporting competition, inaugurated in 1916?

US PGA tournament


Which house in Cumbria was the home of William Wordsworth and his sister Dorothy from 1779 to 1808?

Dove Cottage


Who played Yosser Hughes in a 1980s TV series and Captain Smith in the 1997 film Titanic?

Bernard Hill


In which decade was the 999 telephone number introduced for emergency services?

1930s (1937)


In which century was the Bank Of England founded?

17th cent. (1694)


In September 2016, a one-hour special of The Archers was broadcast. It centred on the court case of domestic abuse within which family? Surname only required.

Titchener (Helen & Rob)


Complete the name of the 2-part play now playing at the Palace Theatre, London – Harry Potter and The ......................?

Cursed Child


Which playwright’s last words were, allegedly, “Either this wallpaper goes or I do”?

Oscar Wilde


Which playwright became Charlie Chaplin’s father-in-law in 1943?

Eugene O’Neill


Which band, formed in 1985, have had band members, Lorraine McIntosh, Ricky Ross and James Prime, amongst others?

Deacon Blue


In 1984, which song urged us to “Push pineapple, shake the tree”?

Agadoo (by Black Lace)


Which mainland country is closest to the island of Trinidad?

Venezuela (The island is 7 miles off the coast)


Maui, at 700 square miles, is the 2nd largest island in which island group?

Hawaiian Islands (accept Hawaii)


Name a country that borders the sovereign state of Bhutan.

India OR China


The research ship USS Pueblo was seized in 1968 by which country, amid claims that it was on a spying mission?

North Korea (It is still held captive)


The 2016 Tour De France was run over how many stages? (Leeway)

21 (accept 20-22)


In the 1950s, which tennis player entered the Wimbledon Ladies competition 3 times, winning on each occasion?

Maureen Connolly (1952, 1953 & 1954)


Lady Chatterley’s Lover first went on sale in the UK in an unexpurgated edition in 1960. In which decade was it written?



What is the name of the cat, bearing the name of a former Prime Minister, that lives at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office?



Which word can mean both to be anxious and a part of a stringed instrument?



Which city served as the temporary capital of the USA from 1790 until 1800?



Vita Sackville West and Harold Nicholson created the famous White Garden at Sissinghurst Castle – in which county?



Gavin Maxwell’s 1960 book Ring Of Bright Water” is about which creatures?



Which city is in the full name of Robin Hood Airport?

Sheffield (It is Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield but Doncaster is not a city)


Born in Uppsala in 1701, which scientist gave his name to a scientific scale?

Anders Celcius


Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco Bay, took its name from the Spanish word for which bird?



The Great Bitter Lake is a part of which waterway?

Suez Canal


Who is the only male actor to win a Best Actor Oscar on 3 occasions, doing so in 1990, 2008 & 2012?

Daniel Day-Lewis


The village of Goathland in North Yorkshire, is the location for the village at the centre of which TV series, first shown in 1992 and running to 372 episodes?



Which 1950s film starred Rod Steiger and Marlon Brando as brothers Charley and Terry Malloy?

On The Waterfront


The 2015 film I Saw The Light, with Tom Hiddleston as the central character, told the story of which country music legend?

Hank Williams


In Star Trek, what colour blood do Vulcans have?



Birkbeck, Goldsmiths and Queen Mary colleges are part of which University?



Which city, with a population of 350,000, lies 12 miles to the west of the state of Monaco?



John F Kennedy International Airport took its name in 1963. By what name was known until 1963?



Which writer, born on 13th September 1916 in Cardiff, was responsible for such words as swashboggling and frobscottle?

Roald Dahl


Which singer, who lived from 1894 to 1937 was known as the Empress Of The Blues?

Bessie Smith


What is the only country to win both the men’s and women’s football World Cups?



Give the first name of either the male or female winners of the 2016 TV series Make Me An Egghead.

Steve (Cooke) OR Beth (Webster)


Which year made up the title of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest-winning song?

1944 (Ukraine)


Who was US president when Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the British throne?

Harry S. Truman (until January 1953)


In which 1956 John Osborne play is Jimmy Porter one of the central characters?

Look Back In Anger


In the 1976 film The Omen, what is the first name of the child adopted at birth by the American Ambassador, played by Gregory Peck?



In what year did it cease to be compulsory In Great Britain for all dog owners to have a licence? (Leeway)

1987 (allow 1986-1988)


What may be flip, slide, open or clam?

Mobile phone


What is the only country of Central America that does not have a coastline on the Pacific Ocean?



Which former Foreign Secretary has just released the 3rd volume of his memoirs entitled The Long And Winding Road following This Boy and Please, Mister Postman?

Alan Johnson


After whom is Liverpool’s International Lung Cancer Research Centre named?

Roy Castle


Which canal runs from Brentford to Birmingham?

Grand Union





Convallaria Majalis is the national flower of Sweden. What is its more common name?

Lily Of The Valley


William Christopher Handy, born in Alabama in 1873, is credited with creating what genre of music?

The blues


Mulder And Scully and Road Rage were Top Five singles in 1998 for which Welsh band?



The Kings of England from the House Of Lancaster all had which first name?

Henry (4th, 5th & 6th)


Who said, in the 1950s, “Well, George, we knocked the bastard off”?

Edmund Hillary


What is the capital city of Mongolia?

Ulan Bator


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