Friday, March 25, 2016

22nd March The Questions


Specialist questions set by Sutton Mutton, General Knowledge by the Brewers Arms, with additional vetting by the Royal Oak

Specialist Rounds are:

Art and Literature

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy


Going Steady



Sport (of a sort)

The Only Way To Travel


1 Who was the Greek playwright of the comedy ‘The Frogs’ that is first recorded as being performed in 405 BC?


2 Which Roman soldier described building bridges over the River Rhine in 53 BC in his book Commentarii de Bello Gallico (English translation: Notebooks about the Gallic War)?

(Gaius Julius Caesar)

3 The 1764 novel The Castle of Otranto is generally regarded as the first gothic novel. Which Whig politician, son of the man regarded as Britain’s first prime minister, wrote it?

(Horace Walpole)

4 Which Irish playwright’s ‘She Stoops to Conquer’ was first staged in 1773?

(Oliver Goldsmith)

5 Which early 20th century book illustrator and cartoonist - noted for a humorous book called Railway Ribaldy showing how the Great Western Railway was built - gives his name to describe an invention or machine that is simultaneously ingenious, overly-complicated and makeshift (and usually involves knotted string and pulleys)?

(William Heath Robinson)

6 In the Great Hall of which building are 12 murals completed by Ford Madox Brown in 1893?

(Manchester Town Hall)

7 Which science fiction writer’s ‘The War in the Air’ was published in 1908?

(HG Wells)

8 Which well-known artist lived at The Elms, 23 Stalybridge Road, Mottram-in-Longdendale?

(LS Lowry)


S1 What is the portrait, painted in Florence between 1503 and 1506, and thought to be of Lisa Gherardini, wife of a Florentine cloth merchant named Francesco del Giocondo known as?

(Mona Lisa)

S2 Which playwright, hated and despised by the question setter, was baptised on the 26 April 1564?

(William Shakespeare – spit)


1 Who won the FA cup in 2015?


2 What is the highest mountain on the Isle of Man?


3 Name the longest river in Africa?

(River Nile)

4 In the 1983 advertisement for Yellow Pages, what was the title of the book written by J.R. Hartley?

(Fly Fishing)

5 Which Hanseatic League city, founded in 1201 and a European Capital of Culture 2014, is the capital of Latvia?


6 Whose thirteenth UK single release was the Eurovision song contest winning “Puppet on a String”

(Sandie Shaw)

7 Who wrote the book ‘The Compleat Angler?

(Izaak Walton)

8 Who was the men’s singles champion at Wimbledon in 2014 and 2015, as well as beaten finalist in 2013, when he lost to Andy Murray?

(Novak Djokovic)


S1 What is the height (in feet) above sea level of Market Place in Macclesfield?

(497 feet – accept 100 foot either side)

S2 Which river runs through Newark in Nottinghamshire?




1 Which country’s southern border follows the 49th parallel for much of its length?


2 Bandar Seri Begawan is the capital of which Sultanate?

(The Sultanate of Brunei)

3 Monsignor James Horan was the ‘father’ to which unlikely international airport?

(Knock International Airport – known since 2006 as Ireland West Airport Knock)

4 Timbuktu (or Tombouctou) is which African republic?


5 Where were Sean Savage, Daniel McCann, and Mairéad (pronounced marade as in parade) Farrell when they were shot dead by undercover British soldiers on the 6 March 1988?


6 Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s terracotta army was found buried about 35km east of which Chinese city?


7 What is the currency of the United Arab Emirates?


8 What motorway is the highest in England?

(The M62 - 1,221 feet (372 m) above sea level at Junction 22)


S1 In what town in Lincolnshire is Batemans Brewery?


S2 Leghorn is the anglicised name for which Italian port city?



1 Which haulage company gives its trucks two female names (e.g. Amy Rose) which are painted on the cab side?

(Eddie Stobart Limited)

2 Which Chelford based haulage company, and former Macclesfield Town FC shirt sponsor, was acquired by Eddie Stobart Limited in 2008?

(James Irlam and Sons Ltd)

3 Who was Going Steady to number 4 in the UK singles charts in 1978, even though he cried all the way to the chip shop when Julie left him for Gordon (the Moron)?

(Jilted John – accept also Graham Fellows)

4 Whish Essex airport is owned by the Stobart Group?

(London Southend International Airport)

5 Which football team had its kit sponsored by the Stobart Group for nineteen consecutive years?

(Carlisle United)

6 Steady Eddie was the nickname of which Australian professional snooker and billiards player?

(Eddie Charlton)

7 The TV programme entitled "Eddie Stobart: Trucks & Trailers" was first broadcast by which TV station?

(Channel 5)

8 Stobart Energy is the division of the Stobart Group formed to source and supply biomass. What is biomass?

(Material derived from live, or recently living, organisms, such as wood products, dried vegetation, crop residues, and aquatic plants i.e. plant material used as fuel for power stations or boilers)


S1 Eddie Stobart moves trainloads of containers carrying the slogan ‘Less CO2’, for which supermarket?


S2 Featuring tracks written by Howard Devoto, Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle, the 1981 UK album ‘Singles Going Steady’ was a compilation of which punk band’s songs?




1 Which American suspension bridge – then the third longest in the world and only open for four months - collapsed on the 7th November 1940 due to wind induced oscillations?

(The first Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Washington State)

2 Who became king of England on the death of his father in April 1483, and was succeeded by his uncle in June 1483?

(Edward Vth – he was subsequently declared illegitimate and became one of the princes in the tower when his uncle was crowned Richard III)

3 From 24th to 29th April 1916 James Connolly was in charge of the defence of what public building in Dublin?

(The General Post Office on Sackville Street – now O’Connell Street – during the 1916 Easter Rising)

4 Which nation’s fleet set sailed more than 18000 miles to the Sea of Japan, where it was decisively defeated – all 11 battleships were lost - by the Japanese fleet in the battle of Tsushima in May 1905?


5 Which patent holder’s wife made the world’s first long distance car journey in August 1888, as well as becoming the world’s first recorded woman driver?

(Karl Benz – his wife Bertha drove 65 miles to see her mother)

6 What was the main cargo of the SS Politician when it sank in the Outer Hebrides in February 1941?

(Whisky – the sinking inspired the book and ensuing film Whiskey Galore)

7 Which Burmese national replaced Dag Hammarskjöld as Secretary General of the United Nations after the latter died in an air crash in September 1961?

(U Thant)

8 In 1675 a royal warrant by Charles II appointed John Flamsteed as the first holder of what post??

(Astronomer Royal)


S1 Which famous ship dropped anchor at the tip of Cape Cod, in what is now Provincetown Harbour, in November 1620?

(The Mayflower)

S2 Who led the 1907-1909 British Antarctic Expedition to the McMurdo Sound, whose stores include 25 cases of MacKinlays scotch whisky?

(Ernest Shackleton)



1 What colour paint uses Titanium Dioxide as a pigment?


2 Name any one of the ink colours in the subtractive CYMK colour model used for colour printing.

(Cyan, Yellow, Magenta or blacK)

3 What is the speed of light in miles per second?

(186,000 miles per second)

4 Ethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol are common constituents of what automotive product?

(Antifreeze for car cooling systems)

5 In what unit is the explosive yield of a nuclear weapon usually expressed in?

(Megatons of TNT, accept also kilotons)

6 What property of an engine oil is designated by an SAE grading of 15W/40 multigrade?

(The viscosity of the oil at two temperatures - accept also fluidity)

7 Dendrochronology is the science of doing what using the characteristic patterns of annual growth rings in timber and tree trunks?

(Dating events, environmental change, and archaeological artefacts)

8 What is Bentonite?

(A sort of clay, chiefly Montmorillonite, with curious physical properties which are exploited in the oil, steel and construction industries, and lead to its use in winemaking and as a health supplement)


S1 The angle of repose of a granular soil (for example a sand) defines what?

(The angle to the horizontal of the steepest slope the soil can be piled without slumping)

S2 What colour is a solution of Copper Sulphate, or Copper Sulphate crystals in the presence of water?




1 Fictional footballer Roy of the Rovers played centre forward for which (imaginary) football club?

(Melchester Rovers)

2 Billy the Fish, the goalkeeper for Fulchester United FC, made his first appearance in which comic magazine?


3 Centrifugal bumble puppy, Riemann surface tennis and escalator squash are fictional sports in which dystopian 1932 novel?

(Brave New World by Aldous Huxley)

4 Which fictional sport involves a ‘bludger’ and a ‘snitch’


5 The film ‘Cool Runnings’ was inspired by which nation’s 1988 Winter Olympics team?

(Jamaica – the team competed in both the two man and four man Bobsleigh)

6 In the film ‘Slap Shot’ the Charlestown Chiefs are a professional team playing which sport?

(Ice Hockey)

7 Which former jump jockey for Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother wrote turf related crime novels when he retired from racing?

(Dick Francis)

8 Name either of the Slag Brothers who drove the Boulder Mobile in Wacky Races?

(Rock or Gravel)


S1 What was the name of the fictional runner who appeared in the Rover and Victor comics under the soubriquet “the tough of the track”?

(Alf Tupper)

S2 What sport do PG Wodehouse characters Psmith and his friend Mike Jackson both play?




1 It you wished to travel on a direct train to Cheltenham from London, which London terminus would you leave from?


2 If you travel on a local (all stations) train from Macclesfield to Stoke, which is the second station the train stops at?


3 The Flying Scotsman steam locomotive has recently been in the news – but who was its chief designer?

(Sir Nigel Gresley)

4 Crewe station is a well-known railway junction. Railway lines radiate out from the station in how many different directions?

(Six – no leeway – to Chester, Preston (and Scotland), Manchester, Stoke, Stafford (and the South) and Shrewsbury)

5 In Turner’s painting ‘Rail, Steam and Speed’ which railway company is depicted?

(The Great Western Railway – the full title of the painting is Rail, Steam and Speed - The Great Western Railway)

6 Which station in Liverpool replaced the original 1830 Crown Street station of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway in 1836?

(Liverpool Lime Street)

7 The Railways of Britain were nationalised on the1st of January in which year?

(1948 – no leeway)

8 Terence Cuneo, official painter for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, specialised in paintings of railway subjects. After 1956, what small animal was always hidden in his paintings?

(A mouse)


S1 What is the name of the Brunel’s railway bridge over the River Tamar between Plymouth and Saltash?

(Royal Albert Bridge)

S2 What is the most northerly railway station on Britain’s national rail network?


General Knowledge

set by The Brewers Arms

1) Which newspaper group launched the New Day newspaper which hit the streets on February 29th?

A) Trinity Mirror (Accept Mirror)

2 ) Which natural landmark was described by Robert Louis Stevenson as "a hill for magnitude, a mountain in virtue of its bold design"?
A) Arthur`s seat

3) ‘Share Moments. Share Life` is the slogan to which worldwide brand?

A) Kodak

4) Which tortured musician was created by Gustav Leroux?

A) The Phantom of the Opera

5) Who composed: `The Firebird`, `Petrushka` and `The Rite Of Spring`?

A) Igor Stravinsky

6) Which tree appears on the flag of Lebanon?

A Cedar

7) How is the chaparral cock, a bird native to Central America, better known?

A) Roadrunner

8) What is the surname of the two American politicians who lived in Fayetteville, Arkansas after they were married and whose home is now a museum?

A) Clinton (Bill and Hilary)

9) How are the first five books of the bible known?

A) The Pentateuch (accept Torah or Book of Moses)

10) What is the name of Amsterdam`s main airport?

A Schiphol

11) Who was the first poet to be interred in Poet’s Corner at Westminster Abbey?
A) Geoffrey Chaucer

12) What sport would you see at Hall Green Stadium in Birmingham?

A Greyhound Racing

13) How many bells are rung when it is the end of a sailor’s watch?

A) 8

14 ) In a competition in 1829, what beat Cycloped, Novelty, Perseverance and Sans Pareil?

A) Stephenson's Rocket (Rainhill Trials)

The cable cars of San Francisco are one of only two mobile National Landmarks in the USA. In which city is the other one?

New Orleans (Saint Charles streetcar line)

16) Who preceded John F Kennedy as the President of the USA?

A) Dwight Eisenhower

17) What is the name of the home of the otter?

A) A holt

18) In Homers Odyssey who recognizes Odysseus on his return from Ithaca?

A) His Dog, Argos

19) With what is the Belgian beer Kriek flavoured with?

A) Cherries

20 Q A Pascal is a measure of what?

A) Pressure

21) Who was the head of the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission of weapons, from March 2000 to June 2003?

A) Hans Blix

22) RAF College Cranwell is located in which county?

A) Lincolnshire

23) What type of material is processed in a ginnery?

A) Cotton

24) What was the name of the hotel in Brighton bombed by the IRA during the Conservative Party conference?

A The Grand Hotel

25) ‘Will anything happen’, ‘Picture This’ and ‘Sunday Girl’ are three tracks from which Album?

A) Parallel Lines (Blondie)

26) Which martial art was introduced as an official Olympic sport at the 2000 Olympic games?

A Taekwondo

27) Which team was Brian Deane playing for when he scored the first Premier League goal in 1992?

A) Sheffield United (DO NOT ACCEPT UNITED)

28) ‘Cracked Actor’, ‘Time’ and ‘Jean Genie’ are three tracks from which Album?

A) Aladdin Sane

29) Sissinghurst Castle has famous gardens designed and originally managed by which famous writer and gardener?

A) Vita Sackville- West

30) Q Which title did Edward VIII take after he abdicated?

A) Duke of Windsor

31) What was the campaign name of the planned German invasion of Britain, which was thwarted by the RAF?

A) Operation Sealion

32) The Mazurka is traditional dance of which country?

A) Poland

33) What appeared for the first time in The Times newspaper in August 1861?

a) The weather forecast

34) What does digamy mean?

A) A second legal marriage after the death or divorce of the first husband or wife

35) To which famous author was archaeologist Sir Max Mallowan married?

A) Agatha Christie

36) What is the final book in the Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis?

A) The Last Battle

37) Which UK car company manufactured the Sprite?

A) Austin (accept also Austin-Healy, this was the brand under which most cars were sold or British Motor Corporation (BMC) as lots of Sprites were made at the MG factory at Abingdon owned by BMC )

38) Which of the Great Lakes is the only one contained completely within the United States?

A Lake Michigan

39) What was Margaret Thatcher`s maiden name?

A) Roberts

40 What would you be doing if you jumped to the left, and then stepped to the right, with your hands on your hips and then bring your knees in tight?

A) The Time Warp

41) What would you be doing if you suffered from bruxism?

A) Grinding of the teeth

42) Which wars were fought between the Rome and Carthage?

A) Punic

43) Which county lies on Irelands East coast, immediately south of the county of Dublin?

A) Wicklow

44) What is the strongest suit in the game of bridge?

A) Spades

45) For what would a chef use a mandolin?

A) Fine slicing of vegetables (accept slicing)

46) What does the Statue of Liberty hold in her right hand?

A) A flaming torch

47) The Hugo award is awarded for books which cover what genre?

A) Science Fiction (accept Fantasy)

48) Who are the current sponsors of the London marathon?

A) Virgin Money (Accept Virgin)

49) Which flower was the work of the American artist Georgia O’Keeffe who died in 1986, aged ninety-eight, and was the subject of a US Postage stamp?

A) Red Poppy (accept Poppy)

50) What is the term for the type of plastic surgery performed on the nose?

A) Rhinoplasty

51) Which charitable organisation has the saying `Train One Save Many`?

A) R.N.L.I. (Royal National Lifeboat Institution)

52) The last Nobel Prize to be introduced was in which subject?

A) Economics

53) The West Indies won the first two cricket world cups, who prevented them winning a hat trick?

A) India (1983)

54) In food and drink what is a Chateaubriand?

A) Steak

55) The Silkie is a breed of what type of farm animal?

A) Chicken

56) Who replaced Nigel Lawson as Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1989?

A) John Major

57) Which leader of Panama was overthrown by the United States in 1989?

A) General Noriega

58) Which English sculptor produced rounded forms such as the ‘Reclining Figure’?

A) Henry Moore

59) What term defines the point when the orbit of the Moon is as its closest point to the Earth?

A) Perigee

60) Name one of the two criteria that women had to meet when they first got the vote in the UK?

A) They had to be over 30 and they had to own their own property

61) If you were a `chalkie` in Australia, what would your profession be?

A) Teacher

62) What would you find at Mount Wilson in California, Siding Spring in Australia and Mauna Kea in Hawaii?

a) Astronomical observatories.

63) How was John George Haigh better known as?

A) The Acid Bath Murderer

64) All three members of the Goodies had worked on which radio comedy, running from 1963 to 1973?

A) I’m sorry I’ll read that again

65) Clifford’s Tower is all that remains of which city’s castle?

A) York

66) The Ishihara test is used to test for which condition?

A) Colour blindness.

67) What was advertised with Eva Herzigovia using the slogan `hello boys`?

A) The wonder-bra (bloody fantastic in my opinion)

68) Which royal opened the main building to the Macclesfield leisure centre in 1981?

A The Duke of Kent

69) Which royal unveiled the Macclesfield Town hall extension in 1992?

A) Prince Andrew

70) Which country’s Parliament is called the Vouli Ton Ellinon?

A) Greece

71) What would you be specifically be part of, if you were in either a team called Goldie or Isis?

A) Reserve crew of the Oxford and Cambridge rowing crews (accept Second Boat)

72) Most commonly, many tiles are there in a Mah Jong set?

A 144


73) What colour knight is Sir Bertilak, a key character in a medieval poem featuring the Arthurian knight, Sir Gawain?

A) Green

74) What was the name of the horse that the Roman emperor Caligula made a member of the senate?

A) Incitatus,

75) In which Parisian square is the Arc de Triomphe?

A) Place de l’Etoile (accept the Place Charles de Gaulle)

76) In Japan what was the name given to, a mercenary or wandering samurai who had no lord or master?

A) Ronin

77) What kind of computer connection uses a trident as its icon?

A) USB (Universal Serial Bus)

78) What does a somnambulist do?

A) Sleepwalks

79) The Babington Plot was a plan to assassinate which English monarch?

A) Elizabeth I

80) How does a hurley differ from a hockey stick?

A) The hurley is flat on both sides

81) If you were training at Norland College what would you hope to become?

A) Professional Nanny (accept other childcare professions)

82) What is the name of the Schoolmaster in Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow?

Ichabod Crane

83) What was introduced in London on 17th February 2003?

A) Congestion charge

84) Which London park lies to the south of The Mall and the north of Birdcage Walk?

A St James Park

85) What term do the Americans use for a stag night?

A) Bachelor Party

86) What is unusual about the Koosh ball?

A It does not bounce
(engineer Scott Stillinger was having trouble teaching his two young kids how to play catch. Balls were too bouncy, and bean bags too heavy. The California resident soon realized he needed a better ball—one that was soft, wouldn’t bounce, and could be grasped easily)

87) What was based on the Victorian game called Magic Square?

A) Crossword puzzle

88) Stamford Raffles founded what port city in 1819?

A) Singapore


89) In Golf, what is a bunker called in the United States?

A) A Sand Trap (Accept Trap)

90) How did the life sentence of Colin Pitchfork in 1988 make history?

A) First murder conviction using DNA

91) What do Germans do with a `handy`?

A) Make a phone call with it (Accept mobile phone)

92) If you are Sinistral what are you?

A) Left handed

93) Kislev, Iyyar and Tammuz are what?

A) Months in the Jewish calendar

94) Which inland sea represents the lowest point below sea level in Europe?

A) The Caspian Sea

95) Which film is this quote taken from: ‘Major Strasser has been shot. Round up the usual suspects’?

A) Casablanca

96) As host of the 1976 Olympics what were Canada the first nation to fail to do?

A) Win a gold medal

1) In the book Fever Pitch which team does the hero support?

A) Arsenal

2) The Swiss Guard are the personal guard of which figure?

A) The Pope

3) What according to urban myth causes nettles to sting? (according to Kew they suggest it is not)

A Formic Acid

4) In mathematics what is the Latin for Pebble?

A) Calculus

5) Which constituency has the largest electorate in the UK?

A) Isle of Wight

6) In what year was Bill Clinton born?

A 1946


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