Wednesday, February 10, 2016

9th February - The Questions

Specialist Rounds

These rounds have been set by the Park Timers. We thank the Church House, Bollington and the Waters Green Rams for their vetting.

Tonight’s specialist rounds comprise:

1. History

2. Geography: Formerly known as

3. Sport

4. Routes

5. Arts and Entertainment

6. Famous Johns

7. Science

8. A Local Round


All questions are taken from the 1989 Weetabix Illustrated British History book.

Q1. Who was next crowned King of England after Harold II?

A1. William I (the Conqueror)

Q2. Which brother of King John was also a king of England?

A2. Richard I (the Lionheart)

Q3. Around 4000 years ago, which people first appeared in Britain, named after their decorated pottery grave goods?

A3. The beaker people

Q4. In 1835 who published the first 4 of his 168 children's stories?

A4. Hans Christian Andersen

Q5. In which year was the French fleet defeated at Trafalgar?

A5. 1805

Q6. On the 4th July of which year was the American Declaration of Independence ratified?

A6. 1776

Q7. Who founded the Boy Scout movement?

A7. Robert Baden-Powell

Q8. What device did Jethro Tull develop in 1701?

A8. Seed drill


Q9. What did Wat Tyler and John Ball lead in 1381?

A9. The Peasants' Revolt [also called Wat Tyler's Rebellion or the Great Rising]

Q10. Which future king hid in an oak tree during the civil war?

A10. Charles II

Geography: Formerly known as

For each question give the country that principally corresponds to the former country name referred to.

Q1. Which country now forms the largest part of what until 1898 was the Spanish East Indies?

A1. Philippines

Q2. In 1950 the Dutch East Indies became which new country?

A2. Indonesia

Q3. The capital of New Spain is now the capital of which country?

A3. Mexico

Q4. If you were unfortunate enough to be transported to New Holland which modern country would you find yourself in?

A4. Australia

Q5. The former colony previously known as German South-West Africa is now which country?

A5. Namibia

Q6. French is still the official language of French Sudan but what is this independent state now called?

A6. Mali

Q7. The British Mandate of Mesopotamia is now which country?

A7. Iraq

Q8. In 1957 the Gold Coast became which independent African state?

A8. Ghana


Q9. What kingdom was previously known as Siam?

A9. Thailand

Q10. Bohemia is now which European nation?

A10. Czech Republic


Q1. Who did Muhammad Ali fight in the "rumble in the jungle"?

A1. George Foreman

Q2. Who in 2009 broke Michael Johnson's 200m record?

A2. Usain Bolt

Q3. How many players are there in a rugby league team?

A3. 13

Q4. In darts how many points is the outer bull worth?

A4. 25

Q5. Which team did Barcelona defeat in the 2015 UEFA Champions League final?

A5. Juventus

Q6. Which team did Chelsea defeat in the 2015 Capital One Cup Final?

A6. Tottenham Hotspur

Q7. Which British cyclist won the gold medal at the 2015 women's world Championship road race?

A7. Lizzie Armitstead

Q8. What is the name for the second rowing crew of Oxford University Boat Club?

A8. Isis


Q9. Who will captain Europe at the 2016 Ryder Cup

A9. Darren Clarke

Q10. Who was the last woman to win the BBC Sports Personality Of The Year award?

A10. Zara Phillips


A picture round of transport-related questions that do not mention the London Underground at all. For the visually-impaired the quiz master should read out the relevant stations in order.

Q1. Which town and seaside resort lies at the end of this direct train route from Macclesfield
Brockenhurst > Southampton Central> Southampton Airport Parkway> ?

A1. Bournemouth

Q2. Which Welsh city lies at the end of this direct train route from Macclesfield?
> Patchway>  Severn Tunnel Junction>  Newport

A2. Cardiff

Q3. In which city could you take this tram route?
Arena/Don Valley Stadium> Carbrook> Tynsley> Meadowhall

A3. Sheffield

Q4. In which city could you take this subway route?
St George's Cross>  Buchanan St> Cowcaddens> st Enoch> 

A4. Glasgow

Q5. Which city does this metro route lead to and from?
Monkseaton> Whitley Bay> Cullercoats> Tynemouth

A5. Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Q6. Which town lies at the end of this Manchester tram route?
Sale> Brooklands> Timperley> Navigation Rd

A6. Altrincham

Q7. Which specific railway station lies next on this Manchester tram route?
Piccadilly Gardens> Market St> Shude Hill> 

A7. Victoria

Q8. In which city could you take this tram route?
Murrayfield Stadium> Haymarket> Princes St>St Amdrew Square (for Waverley 

A8. Edinburgh


Q9. Which station was next on the former North Staffordshire railway?
Bosley> Rushton> Rudyard

A9. Leek

Q10. Which small town was next on the former Macclesfield to Marple Railway?
Rose Hill Marple> Middlewood Higher> Higher Poynton

A10. Bollington


Arts and Entertainment

Q1. Whose progress did William Hogarth paint?

A1. The Rake's Progress, and The Harlot's Progress [accept either answer].

Q2. Specifically, what is paint applied to in a fresco?

A2. Wet plaster ( specifically 'Wet')

Q3. Which crime writer disappeared for 10 days in 1926 leading to an extensive search for them by hundreds of police officers?

A3. Agatha Christie

Q4. What was Jeffrey Archer's sequel to 'Kane and Abel' called?

A4. The Prodigal Daughter

Q5. Which performers were a favourite subject for painter/sculptor Degas?

A5. Dancers (accept Ballet)

Q6. Which former Beirut hostage wrote 'An Evil Cradling'?

A6. Brian Keenan

Q7. Part of which Briton's life story is titled 'The Path to Power'?

A7. Margaret Thatcher

Q8. In which county was artist John Constable born?

A8. Suffolk


Q9. Which Spaniard founded the Cubist movement?

A9. Picasso

Q10. Which town is the main setting for the Cadfael novels?

A10. Shrewsbury

Famous Johns

Every question has a ‘John’ in either the question itself or its answer.

Q1. Who was the 2nd president of the USA?

A1. John Adams

Q2. Which city is John Prescott the Baron of?

A2. Kingston upon Hull

Q3. John Bonham was best known was best known as the drummer of which band until his death in 1980?

A3. Led Zeppelin

Q4. Which film did the character John McClane first appear in?

A4. Die Hard

Q5. Which condition is generally called Daltonism after its discoverer John Dalton?

A5. Colour blindness

Q6. Who was the inventor of logarithms?

A6. John Napier

Q7. Which golfer won the 1991 PGA championship and the 1995 Open championship?

A7. John Daly

Q8. Who is the only man to win world championships on two and four wheels, winning both the Formula One championship and the 500cc motorcycle world championship?

A8. John Surtees


Q9. Which captain did Pocahontas save?

A9. John Smith

Q10. Who was the author of the Grapes Of Wrath?

A10. John Steinbeck


Q1. Which are the only mammals able to fly?

A1. Bats

Q2. What did Richard Gatling invent in the 1860s?

A2. Gatling gun (accept machine gun)

Q3. What is a baby elephant called?

A3. Calf

Q4. How many fluid ounces make up an English pint?

A4. 20

Q5. What do kleptomaniacs do?

A5. Steal things

Q6. What name is given to the fat of a whale?

A6. Blubber

Q7. Which gas puts the fizz in lemonade?

A7. Carbon dioxide

Q8. Merino is a breed of what?

A8. Sheep


Q9. What is the common name for epistaxis?

A9. Nose bleed

Q10. What kind of animal is an ibex?

A10. Goat

A Local Round

All these questions have a connection to Macclesfield and the surrounding area

Q1. Designed and built at Woodford, XH558 was the last fully functioning example of what until it was retired in 2015?

A1. Vulcan bomber (accept Vulcan)

Q2. The Stormguard Sill, produced by the company of the same name at Regency Mill is more commonly known locally as what?

A2. Macclesfield Step

Q3. What brand is most associated with the Publicity Works Mill on Union Street in Macclesfield?

A3. Hovis

Q4. Zoladex is one of the most notable products from which local employer?

A4. Astrazeneca

Q5. After whom is the main dish at Jodrell Bank named

A5. Sir Bernard Lovell

Q6. Which route linking Macclesfield and Marple was opened by David Bellamy on 30 May 1985?

A6. Middlewood Way

Q7. In which year was Arighi Bianchi founded?

A7. 1854 (allow 1849-1859)

Q8. Which 'careful' company started off as a family business of wagonners based at Birches Farm in Poynton?

A8. Pickfords (removal company)


Q9. Used in the perfume industry, a lump of what, found on a beach in Anglesey, was sold at auction in Macclesfield in 2015?

A9. Whale vomit (accept ambergris)

Q10. Which James Bond film features a Vulcan bomber?

A10. Thunderball



1 ‘Well, here’s to us’ is which character’s only line in the James Bond films? JAWS

2 How is Rebecca Rolfe, buried in Gravesend in 1617, better known? POCAHONTAS

3 The medical term ‘hyperkalaemia’ refers to an excess of what in the blood? POTASSIUM

4 For which crime was Joan of Arc burned at the stake? HERESY

5 In the 2015 UK Christmas singles charts, which artist had songs filling the number 2, 3 and 5 slots? JUSTIN BIEBER

6 In chess, which French phrase should be used when a player wishes to touch one of his pieces without making a move? J’ADOUBE (= I dub)

7 In 1885, Tsar Alexander III of Russia gave an anniversary present to his wife – the present was the first example of what? FABERGE EGG

8 Which former US President had the middle name Milhous? Richard NIXON

9 Whose Premier League record of scoring in consecutive games was broken by Jamie Vardy of Leicester City against Manchester United in November of 2015? Ruud VAN NISTELROOY

10 What is the capital city of Paraguay? ASUNCION

11 Who dueted with Serge Gainsbourg on the 1969 hit single “Je t’aime…moi non plus”? Jane BIRKIN

12 Which car manufacturer produces the Auris and the Yaris?


13 Whose bestselling novels include Inconceivable, Popcorn and Stark? Ben ELTON

14 Which actor refused the Best Actor Oscar in 1970 for his portrayal of General George S Patton? George C SCOTT

15 Who is missing from the following list: Piers Morgan, Katie Price, Vinnie Jones, Noel Edmunds? LAWRENCE LLEWELLYN BOWEN (THE ‘STARS’ OF NATIONAL LOTTERY’S ‘DON’T LET IT BE HIM / HER’ ADVERTS)

16 Which sportsman was the recipient of the 2015 BBC Overseas Sports Personality of the Year award? Dan CARTER

17 Which capital city stands on the Chao Phraya river? (pron. Chow Prior) BANGKOK

18 Who wrote the novel Dr Zhivago? Boris PASTERNAK

19 Which dessert started out as a sweet-savoury dish consisting of minced chicken blended with milk, sugar, almonds and eggs? BLANCMANGE

20 As of 3rd February, who is the current Deputy Leader of the Labour Party? Tom WATSON

21 By what name has the A52 between Derby and Nottingham been known since 2005? BRIAN CLOUGH WAY (ACCEPT ANSWERS LIKE ‘BRIAN CLOUGH ROAD’)

22 As a result of which virus have pregnant women been advised against travel to South and Central America? ZICA

23 At which Oxford College is the controversial statue of Cecil Rhodes sited? ORIEL College

24 Which musician was the leader of the band the Tijuana Brass? Herb ALPERT

25 Which vegetable is known as a ‘Zwiebel’ by German speakers? ONION

26 Telly Savalas, Donald Pleasance, Charles Grey, Max Von Sydow and Christoph Waltz have all played which character in films? Ernst Stavro BLOFELD

27 Who is the former chief executive of the charity Kid’s Company which suddenly closed down in December 2015? Camilla BATMANGHELIDJH

28 Which TV series featured the sinister ‘smoking man’? THE X FILES

29 In the 1963 film The Great Escape, who or what were Tom, Dick and Harry? (ESCAPE) TUNNELS

30 The 3rd Battle of Ypres, which started in July 1917, is more commonly known by what name? PASSCHENDAELE

31 A dish described as a carbonade is cooked in what? BEER

32 Which cocktail is made from Vodka, Galliano and orange juice? HARVEY WALLBANGER

33 Which princess did Theseus abandon on the beach at Crete after slaying the Minotaur with her help? ARIADNE

34 Which Briton won an ice skating gold medal at the 1980 Olympics at Lake Placid? Robin COUSINS

35 Which Oscar-winning actor came to prominence in the early 80’s playing the role of Dr Phillip Chandler in the US TV series ‘St. Elsewhere’? Denzel WASHINGTON

36 A ‘gurdwara’ is primarily a temple used by followers of which religion? SIKH

37 Who was the husband of Lady Jane Grey, whose parents were instrumental in proclaiming her Queen? Lord Guildford DUDLEY

38 Name either of the cities linked by the M27 motorway SOUTHAMPTON / PORTSMOUTH

39 In the main square of which Italian city is the famous horse race known as the Palio run? SIENA

40 The song If Ever I Should Leave You features in which musical? CAMELOT

41 Which drink, made from blending sugar, water and tiger nuts and alternatively known as tiger nut milk is very popular in Spain in the summer months and is used as a milk substitute by the lactose intolerant? HORCHATA

42 What is the name of the Marks and Spencer Chief Executive who resigned after Christmas because of poor clothing sales? Marc BOLLAND

43 During the reign of which English monarch was it said that ‘God and his angels slept’? KING STEPHEN

44 Which island, the world’s sixth largest, is the only one to be shared by three countries (apart from Great Britain)? BORNEO

45 What name is given to atoms of an element with different numbers of neutrons but the same proton number? ISOTOPES

46 Who was Puff the Magic Dragon’s human friend? (LITTLE) JACKIE PAPER

47 In the study of rivers and streams, what is a Thalweg (pron. Tarl-vegg)? (A LINE MARKING THE COURSE OF THE) DEEPEST CHANNEL

48 Who is the only Shakespeare title character to die before the end of Act 3? JULIUS CAESAR

49 What nickname was shared by Dr Kananga in Live and Let Die and John Preston in Sex and the City? MR BIG

50 The singer Margarita Pracatan featured on whose TV shows? CLIVE JAMES

51 In which Russian city were the Romanov royal family imprisoned and murdered in 1918? YEKATERINBURG

52 Which group’s 2007 reunion concert attracted 20 million applications? LED ZEPPELIN

53 What is the name of the chain of boutiques founded in the USA in 2006 by the Kardashian sisters? DASH

54 Which island is linked by causeways to North Uist and South Uist? BENBECULA

55 What is the most northerly (horse) racecourse in the UK?? PERTH

56 Which King was deposed as a result of the Glorious Revolution? JAMES II

57 Which creature appears alongside the illustration of Darwin on the current £10 note? A HUMMINGBIRD

58 Who was the Republican Presidential candidate beaten by Barrack Obama in 2012? Mitt ROMNEY

59 Which Dorset-born musician is the only person to win the Mercury music prize twice? P J HARVEY

60 What name is given to the theory first proposed by Max Trautz in 1916 explaining how chemical reactions occur and why reaction rates differ? COLLISION THEORY

61 In modern football, what is known as a ‘Panenka’? A CHIPPED PENALTY (or suitable explanation/synonym, e.g. lobbed – the idea is it is just chipped slowly into the middle of the goal and if the goalkeeper has already dived he can’t save it) – DO NOT ACCEPT JUST ‘PENALTY’


63 Which art professor and adviser to the Queen was revealed in 1979 as being the 4th man in the Cambridge spy ring? Sir Anthony BLUNT

64 Which city is served by O.R. Tambo airport? JOHANNESBURG

65 Temple Meads and which other are the mainline railway stations serving Bristol? PARKWAY

66 In the song ‘Three Coins in the Fountain’, which fountain is being referred to? TREVI FOUNTAIN (in Rome)

67 The ‘Man on the Moon’ 2015 Christmas advert was for which company? JOHN LEWIS

68 Which stew of Moroccan origin shares its name with the earthenware pot in which it is cooked? TAJINE

69 Which fruit is known as a ‘framboise’ by French speakers? RASPBERRY

70 What is the only item of clothing usually worn by Bugs Bunny? GLOVES

71 In which book of the bible would you first find the saying ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’? EXODUS

72 What is the name of the Senator for Vermont currently pushing Hilary Clinton for the Democratic Presidential nomination? Bernie SANDERS

73 Which storm which hit northern England on 5th December 2015 caused very serious flooding in Carlisle and Cockermouth? DESMOND

74 Other than Liverpool and Birkenhead, from which English town is there a direct ferry service to the Isle of Man? HEYSHAM

75 Which word is used in the Hindu faith for the ultimate reality, the final cause of all that exists? BRAHMAN

76 Which former Eastenders actress was found murdered in her garden in London along with her two sons in January this year? Sian BLAKE

77 Which political figure became the new chairman of Norwich City in December 2015? ED BALLS

78 Mainly suffered by adolescent boys, Osgood Schlatter disease affects which part of the body KNEE (accept LEG or SHIN, but not ANKLE / FOOT / THIGH / HIP)

79 Which classic music hall song was adopted by the female impersonator Danny La Rue as his signature tune? ON MOTHER KELLY’S DOORSTEP

80 What is the title of the film for which Leonardo Di Caprio is widely expected to win his first Oscar for the role of Hugh Glass, a frontiersman seeking revenge on those who left him for dead after he was mauled by a bear? THE REVENANT

81 American Yorkshire, Duroc and Forest Mountain are all breeds of which animal? PIG

82 In Greek and Roman mythology, what was the food of the gods, which supposedly conferred immortality? AMBROSIA

83 What is the name of the Environment Agency chief who chose to stay at his home in Barbados during the worst of the December floods which hit northern England? Sir Philip DILLEY

84 As a result of the My Lai massacre, who became the only US serviceman t be convicted of war crimes during the Vietnam War? Lt. William CALLEY

85 What is the capital city of Mozambique? MAPUTO

86 Which plant gave its name to a soft drink, invented in the USA in the 19th century. Originally flavoured with liquorice, vanilla and molasses it was believed to be a cure for blood and skin ailments as well as venereal diseases SARSAPARILLA

87 What name is given to the process by which a metal and a non-metal form a compound, such as sodium chloride? IONIC BONDING

88 What is the name of Dennis the Menace’s pet pig? RASHER

89 Which pop group had a name which translates as ‘beyond these things’? PROCUL HARUM

90 Where in 1692 were 38 members of the MacDonald clan murdered by the Campbell clan, to whom they had given hospitality? GLEN COE

91 As of 1st February, who is the captain of the West Indies test cricket team? Jason HOLDER

92 Name either of the London boroughs represented by the NHS choir who had 2015’s number 1 single at Christmas. LEWISHAM / GREENWICH

93 Give a year in the life of the French seer into the future Michel de Nostradamus. 1503-1566

94 Which entertainers can be either ‘heels’ or ‘faces’? (PROFESSIONAL) WRESTLERS

95 What was the name of the book published in 1979 by the artist Kit Williams which took the form of a treasure hunt to find a real golden hare buried somewhere in the UK? MASQUERADE

96 What is the British equivalent of Singapore’s Black Knights, South Africa’s Silver Falcons and the Philippines’ Blue Diamonds? THE RED ARROWS


Situated on the river Ob in Siberia, what is Russia’s most populous city after Moscow and St Petersburg? NOVOSIBIRSK

What river flows through the city of Norwich? The WENSUM

Who is the Leader of the Green Party? Natalie BENNET

On New Year’s Eve, who was appointed as Manager of Dagenham & Redbridge FC for the third time? John STILL

Which restaurant was original known as ‘Pete’s Super Submarines’? SUBWAY

Super Submarines’? SUBWAY


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