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17th March - all questions set by the Ox-Fford


Specialist Questions 


1. Science – Feeling a bit “ic”

2. Down Under

3. World Football

4. Geography – Around Britain…

5. Unusual Links…

6. Arts & Entertainment – Love Songs

7. History – The horror, the horror…

8. Sport – Picture Round



Science - Feeling a bit “ic”


The answer to these questions is a word that you'll be given a short definition of. All of the answers are loosely science-based (very loosely in some cases) and end in either -ic or -ics.


Example - An agent which produces insensibility, either local or general.

Answer - Anaesthetic


1. The science and art of reasoning correctly.


Ans - Logic


2. The means by which Governments conduct their business, also defined as “the conduct of social relations involving authority or power”.


Ans - Politics


3. A medicine that is used to stop vomiting or nausea.


Ans – Antiemetic


4. A word for a philosophy that encompasses proper conduct and good living.


Ans - Ethics


5. A substance used to prevent or cure infectious diseases.


Ans - Antibiotic (Not antiseptic, which is a substance which merely destroys bacteria)


6. The science of the properties of matter and energy etc.


Ans - Physics


7. A type of acid also known as oil of vitriol.


Ans - Sulphuric (acid)


8. A type of “white noise” that can interfere with radio reception.


Ans - Static




S1. The science of midwifery.


Ans - Obstetrics


S2. Apparatus used for detecting submarines or other underwater objects using ultrasonic waves.


Ans – Asdic

Down Under


Not a round about sexually transmitted diseases, but a set of questions connected to the great country full of historical criminals that is Australia.


1. Coober Pedy (Koo-ber Pee-dee) in South Australia is famous for mining which semi-precious stones?                       


Ans - Opals


2. What's the first name of the late Steve Irwin's daughter who has taken over many of her father’s television roles?


Ans - Bindi (Full name – Bindi Sue Irwin)


3. During the First and Second World Wars, British soldiers were commonly known as "Tommies". What slang term was used for Australian soldiers?


Ans - Diggers


4. Which source of vitamin B, invented by Fred Walker and Cyril Callister, first appeared on Australian shelves in 1923?


Ans - Vegemite


5. What's the name of the stomach-churningly repulsive "Australian Cultural Attaché" created by Barry Humphries?


Ans - (Sir) Les Patterson


6. Run on the first Tuesday in November and known as "the race that stops a nation", what is the name of Australia's premier horse race?


Ans - The Melbourne Cup


7. Which organisation, established in 1928, operates 47 aircraft from 21 bases around Australia?


Ans – The Royal Flying Doctor Service (Accept anything which includes "Flying Doctor")


8. When executed at Melbourne in 1880, whose last words were purportedly, "Such is life"?


Ans - Ned Kelly




S1. What's the name of the train that traverses the country from Darwin to Adelaide?


Ans - The Ghan


S2. If you were watching Melbourne Victory against Perth Glory, what sport would they be playing?


Ans - Football (or Soccer, as they insist on calling it down there)

World Football


Not as specialised as it sounds. You'll be given the name of a well-known football team. You just have to say which country it's from…


1. Boca Juniors.


Ans - Argentina


2. Grasshoppers.


Ans - Switzerland


3. Kaiser Chiefs.


Ans - South Africa


4. Benfica.


Ans - Portugal


5. Anderlecht.


Ans - Belgium


6. Galatasaray.


Ans - Turkey


7. Feyenoord.


Ans – Holland / The Netherlands


8. Rosenborg.


Ans - Norway





1. Metz.


Ans - France


2. Crusaders.


Ans - Republic of Ireland (NOT Northern Ireland)




Geography – Around Britain…


1. What is the county town of Suffolk?


Ans – Ipswich


2. Which town, birthplace of Charles Dickens, houses a museum in his honour?


Ans – Portsmouth


3. Which city boasts a fabulous School of Art designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh?


Ans – Glasgow


4. The BALTIC Centre for contemporary art opened a few years ago in which North Eastern town?


Ans – Gateshead


5. Two cities lie with the boundary of the county of Devon. Name either.


Ans – Exeter or Plymouth


6. Which English town is often referred to, especially in literary works, as Old Sarum?


Ans - Salisbury


7. Which city to the North of London was a major Roman centre called Verulamium?


Ans – St Albans


8. Which holiday resort town is at the heart of the Devon coastal area known as “The English Riviera”?


Ans – Torquay




S1. From which English city would you take a ferry to the Isle of Wight?


Ans - Southampton


S2. Clifford’s Tower is all that remains of which city’s castle?


Ans - York






Unusual Links…


You'll be given three subjects, but they are all linked by a common surname - not the same person, just the same surname. You have to give that surname.


E.G. The Spitfire fighter plane, the Black and White Minstrels, and a Big Yellow Taxi. Ans - Mitchell   (Reginald Mitchell - designed the iconic fighter; George Mitchell - founder of the Black and White Minstrels; Joni Mitchell - Canadian warbler)


1. The Dunblane massacre, “cash for questions” and Lord Nelson.


Ans - Hamilton (Thomas Hamilton - gun-toting maniac; Neil Hamilton - sleaze on a stick; Lady Hamilton - the Admiral's ho… )


2. 101 Dalmatians, Men in Black and Rhodesia.


Ans – Smith (Dodie Smith - wrote the doggy book; Will Smith - co-starred in the film; Ian Smith - former Rhodesian Prime Minister)


3. Astronomy, James Bond and the 1966 World Cup winning team.


Ans – Moore (Patrick Moore - eccentric presenter of "The Sky at Night"; Roger Moore - 007 actor of specialist eyebrow dexterity; Bobby Moore – England captain)


4. Dixon of Dock Green, Bugs Bunny and Marilyn Manson.


Ans – Warner (Jack Warner - played everyone's favourite Policeman; Warner Brothers - produced the Bugs Bunny cartoons; Brian Warner - the notorious rocker's real name)


5. Beyond the Fringe, San Francisco and Pride and Prejudice.


Ans – Bennett (Alan Bennett - lugubrious humorist; Tony Bennett - left his heart there; Elizabeth Bennett - Jane Austen's 19th century bonneted totty)


6. The 28th President of the USA, Dad's Army and The Beach Boys.


Ans – Wilson (Woodrow Wilson - dead president; Sgt Wilson - effortlessly charming NCO; Brian Wilson - troubled genius who can hear music and probably voices too)


7. Elvis Presley, Lady Penelope and Spiderman


Ans – Parker (Colonel Tom Parker - Elvis' dodgy manager; Parker - the posh puppet's glum butler; Peter Parker - Spiderman's alter ego)


8. Tractors, Prince Andrew and Manchester United.


Ans – Ferguson (Harry Ferguson - co-founder of the Massey Ferguson tractor company; Sarah Ferguson - Prince Andrew's ex-wife; Alex Ferguson - twat)




S1. Phoenix Nights, Squirrel Nutkin and Hogwarts School.


Ans – Potter (Brian Potter - hapless manager of the Phoenix nightclub; Beatrix Potter - creator of the stupid squirrel; Harry Potter - star pupil at the imaginary school)


S2. Police brutality, The Shining and James Earl Ray.


Ans – King (Rodney King - threw himself repeatedly at Police batons in LA; Stephen King - wrote the novel; Martin Luther King - murdered by Mr. Ray)


Arts & Entertainment – Love Songs


From the information given, you have to identify these songs which all got to Number One in the UK charts and all have the word "Love" in the title. Each team will get two from each decade - 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's.



1. 1992 - Whitney Houston's fourth number one, theme from the film "The Bodyguard".


Ans - I Will Always Love You


2. 1972 - Donny Osmond's first number one, originally a hit in 1960 for Paul Anka.


Ans – Puppy Love


3. 1988 - Phil Collins' remake of a 1966 hit for The Mindbenders.


Ans - A Groovy Kind of Love


4. 1964 - The Supremes' first and only number one.


Ans - Baby Love


5. 1977 - Donna Summer's only number one, a disco classic, featuring an insistent, repetitive bass line


Ans - I Feel Love


6. 1994 - Wet Wet Wet's number one remake of a 1967 hit for The Troggs.


Ans - Love Is All Around


7. 1964 - The Beatles' fourth number one.


Ans - Can't Buy Me Love


8. 1982 - Renee and Renato's only number one (thankfully…)


Ans - Save Your Love (and I bet someone starts to sing it…)





S1. 1971 - T.Rex's first number one.


Ans - Hot Love


S2. 1982 - Phil Collins' remake of a 1966 hit for The Supremes.


Ans - You Can't Hurry Love

History – The horror, the horror…


To celebrate the regular engagement of some Ox-fford team members with human catastrophe of all types, here is a round of questions about all sorts of disasters.


1. The Exxon Valdez (Val-deez) ran aground in Prince William Sound in March 1989. Which US state is that in?


Ans - Alaska


2. What was the name of the space shuttle that exploded shortly after take-off in January 1986, killing all the crew?


Ans - Challenger


3. Gruinard (Grew-in-ard) Island, off the North West coast of Scotland was abandoned and quarantined for over sixty years because of contamination caused during germ warfare experiments carried out there in 1942. Which disease was it infected with?


Ans - Anthrax


4. In August 1987, gunman Michael Ryan shot and killed 16 people and then shot himself. In and around which Berkshire town did this happen?


Ans - Hungerford


5. In 1978, over 900 men, women and children died in a mass murder / suicide organised by the leader of the People's Temple, Jim Jones, in the community he had established and modestly called Jonestown. In which country was it?


Ans - Guyana


6. In 2001, Timothy McVeigh was executed for his involvement in a 1995 bombing that killed 168 people and left over 800 injured. In which US city was the bombing?


Ans - Oklahoma City


7. In May 1985, 39 people were killed when a wall collapsed following crowd disturbances at the Heysel Stadium during the European Cup Final between Liverpool and Juventus. In which city is the Heysel stadium?


Ans - Brussels


8. In 1995, members of a Japanese cult were involved in a chemical attack on the Tokyo subway which left 12 people dead. What was the name of the gas they released?


Ans - Sarin



S1. In December 1988, a bomb exploded aboard Pan Am flight 103 from London to New York. The remains of the plane landed in and around which Scottish town?

Ans - Lockerbie


S2. What was the name of the leader of the Branch Davidians, who died along with 74 other people when their ranch at Waco, Texas, was raided by the US authorities in 1993?


Ans - David Koresh

Sport – Picture Round

 (Sorry don't have the pictures at present)

This is a picture round, and all you have to do is identify the famous sports person from the photograph.


Just give out the pictures one at a time and the answer is quite simply who is in the picture.


Note to QMs – There are 2 copies of each picture. Please give a copy to each team at the same time.




The answers are:-


1. Colin Montgomerie

2. Gary Lineker

3. Lester Piggott

4. Sally Gunnell

5. Stephen Hendry

6. Steffi Graf

7. Shane Warne

8. Will Carling


S1. Jonathan Edwards

S2. Ian Wright





1. Rugby Union - Which team won the first Rugby World Cup in 1987?


Ans - New Zealand


2. Golf - Who, in 1988, became the first British golfer to win the US Masters?


Ans - Sandy Lyle


General Knowledge 


1                    The sixth President of the United States of America was the son of the second President, a “Father and Son” combination disturbingly continued recently by the Bush family. What was the name of both men?     

A.    Adams (surname only required)

2nd – John Adams, 1797 – 1801

6th – John Quincy Adams, 1825 - 1829


2          The name of which small puff pastry case means “flight in the wind” in French?

            A. Vol-au-vent


3          What kind of creature is a dik-dik?   

A. Antelope (The name apparently derives from the sound of its call rather than anything else…)


4          What is the capital of Croatia?

            A. Zagreb


5          What is the name of the national costume of Japan, a word that in English translates literally as “thing to wear”?

A. Kimono


6          Who is the Patron Saint of lost causes?         

A. St Jude


7          The axilla is the anatomical term for which part of the body?          

A. Armpit


8          In which film does James Stewart play the character Elwood P. Dowd?      A.Harvey


9          The “Spirit of Ecstasy” is the name of the mascot used by which car manufacturer?

            A. Rolls-Royce


10                The Manhattan Project, whose scientific research was led by J. Robert Oppenheimer, developed the first what?       

A. Atomic or Nuclear Weapon (The project was active between 1942 – 1946)


11        In which film would you find the characters Rick Blaine, Ilsa Lund and Victor Laszlo?    

A. Casablanca


12        In the UK, by what other name is the disease “Rubella” also known?         

A. German Measles

13        Who hosted the 1976 Summer Olympic Games and became the first host nation not to win a single Gold Medal?           

A. Canada (Games held in Montreal)


14        With which instrument was Jazz legend Chet Baker famously associated?  A. Trumpet


15        Who played the part of PC “Fancy” Smith in the original series of Z Cars?

A. Brian Blessed


16        Which Irish County stretches furthest North?

            A. Donegal


17        Which sculptor’s work includes “The Burghers of Calais” and “The Kiss”? A. Rodin


18        The Aswan Dam and the newer Aswan High Dam are both on which river?

            A. Nile (In Egypt, directly South of Luxor)


19        In Greek mythology, what was the fluid that flowed like blood through the veins of the Gods?

            A. Ichor


20        Goose Tatum, Meadowlark Lemon and Curly Neal have all been star players in which famous sporting team?           

A. The Harlem Globetrotters (Basketball Team)


21        From which plant is vanilla obtained?

            A. Orchid


22        What is the name of the famous 15th century canon on display at Edinburgh Castle?

A.        Mons Meg


23        Who, most famously, lived in Dove Cottage, Grasmere?     

A. Wordsworth


24        Which planet has satellites named after Shakespearean characters, including Miranda, Titania and Oberon?           

A. Uranus (You can’t have a quiz without a question about Uranus…)


25        As of Sunday 15/03/2009, who is the oldest surviving former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?

            A. Margaret Thatcher (Mrs T, John Major and Tony Blair are the only former PMs still alive)


26        Dr Robert Bruce Banner is the alter-ego of which famous comic book character?

            A. The Incredible Hulk


27        What is the capital of Libya?

            A. Tripoli


28        Before the telephone Directory Enquiries Service became accessible by a variety of expensive numbers beginning with “118”, what was the 3-digit BT number you used to ring to access the service?     

A. 192


29        Five countries have borders with Switzerland. France and Germany are two; name one of the other three.

            A. Italy, Austria or Liechtenstein

30        Who first spoke the famous phrase “Veni, Vidi, Vici” (I came, I saw, I conquered)?         

A. Julius Caesar (Celebrating victory at the Battle of Zela, 47BC)


31        Which former US Vice President jointly won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 “for his efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change”?

            A. Al Gore (Won jointly with the Swiss Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change)


32        What is the final word of the book of Revelation, the last book of the New Testament?    

A. Amen


33        What image was depicted on the badge of Rover cars?        

A. A Viking longship (Accept ship, boat etc)


34        What is the chemical process by which a solid turns directly to a gas, bypassing the liquid phase? 

A. Sublimation


35        What was the name of the first pitched battle of the English Civil War, which took place on 23rd October 1642? 

A. Edgehill


36        Which name is commonly given to all plants of the genus Helianthus, which can grow up to 3 metres tall?           

A. Sunflower (Helianthus Annuus)


37        From which part of the human body would cerumen be excreted?  

A. Ear (It is ear wax)


38        In which country is the port of Helsingborg?

            A. Sweden


39        What connects Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Alanis Morissette and Joni Mitchell?            

A. They are all Canadian

40        If Prince Charles predeceases his mother Elizabeth II and fails in his efforts to become King, who will become the next monarch?    

A. William (Charles’s son who would be King William V)


41        In which country is Damascus, according to some sources the oldest continually inhabited city in the world?

            A. Syria


42.       Which bird is sometimes known as the “Sea Parrot”?



43        In card games such as poker and brag, what name is given to a hand where all the cards are from the same suit?    

A. Flush


44        Which central London landmark was originally going to be named after King William the Fourth, before its final name was settled upon to commemorate a British naval victory during the Napoleonic Wars?           

A. Trafalgar Square (It was originally going to be called “King William the Fourth’s Square” before it was decided to commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar)


45        Six “Rocky” films starring Sylvester Stallone have thus far been released. What is the title of the sixth (and hopefully) last film?

            A. Rocky Balboa (Full title required)


46        On a standard UK Monopoly board, how much does each of the four railway stations cost?         

A. £200


47        The controversial MMR vaccine has been much in the news in recent years. What does the middle “M” stand for?

            A. Mumps (The whole thing stands for Measles, Mumps and Rubella)


48        The University Boat Race passes under 2 bridges. Hammersmith Bridge is one, what is the other?

            A. Barnes Bridge


49        Which Australian bird is also known as the “Laughing Jackass”?    

A. Kookaburra


50        Which English King is commemorated in a statue situated just outside the House of Lords showing him brandishing his sword whilst sat on a horse? 

A. Richard the Lionheart (or Richard I, in a statue by Carlo Marochetti)


51        Who is the current (as of 15/03/2009) Secretary of State for Northern Ireland?       A. Shaun Woodward


52        Which English poet wrote the following lines about Ramses II, “My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings, Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair”?       

A. Percy Bysshe Shelley


53        Which North of England city’s cathedral and castle were declared a World Heritage Site in 1986?          

A. Durham


54        If you were suffering a myocardial infarction, what would be happening to you?  

A. Having a Heart Attack (Accept anything than mentions heart attack)


55        Cecil Kimber was the engineer and main driving force (no pun intended) behind the establishment which British sports car company?   

A. MG (Kimber built the cars and William Morris later supplied the money having already established the Morris Motor Company. He also donated his name to the company – MG standing for Morris Garages where the cars were first sold)


56        Who wrote the novel “Howard’s End”?

            A. E.M. Forster


57        Which Spanish actor provides the voice for the character Puss in Boots in the Shrek films?           

A. Antonio Banderas


58        Golf – who is the current 2008 Open Champion? (i.e. the British Open)      A. Pádraig Harrington (Who has won for the last two years, 2007 & 2008)


59        Who invented the first “roll film” camera in 1886?

            A. George Eastman


60        Who was the original presenter of the BBC antiques show “Bargain Hunt”?

            A. David Dickenson


61        If you were born on Burns Night, what Star Sign would you be?

            A. Aquarius (Burns Night is the 25th of January)


62        What was the name of the nightclub featured in the film Cabaret?

            A. Kit Kat Club


63        Which Paris fashion designer introduced the famous “New Look” collection in 1947?

            A. Christian Dior

64        What name is given to the fluid that lubricates the movable joints in the human body?      

A. Synovial Fluid


65        The BBC has announced that the Radio 4 show “I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue” will return in 2009 after the death of the show’s host, Humphrey Lyttelton, last year. Three people have been announced by the BBC as presenters for the next series and they will chair a number of programmes each. Name one of the three.   

A. Stephen Fry, Jack Dee or Rob Brydon

66        What is defined in Physics as the distance travelled divided by the time taken to travel that distance?     

A. Speed (Also accept velocity)


67        In Internet and telephony terms, the acronym VoIP is now well known. What does the letter V stand for?           

A. Voice (Voice over Internet Protocol - the routing of voice conversations over the internet)


68        Which American President appears on a one-dollar bill?

            A. George Washington


69        There are 4 colours on the Brazilian flag. Yellow and blue are 2; name either of the other 2.

A.        Green / White


70        Who played El Cid in the 1961 film of that title?     

A. Charlton Heston


71        Which 3-word Latin phrase means literally “In Blazing Crime” and means being caught in the act of doing something?     

A. In Flagrante Delicto (3 words required)


72        Which Australian state borders all the other mainland states?          

A. South Australia


73        Which pleasure craft was sunk by the Bowbelle on the River Thames in 1989?       A. The Marchioness

74        Where in North Carolina did the Wright Brothers make their historic first flight in 1903?  

A. Kitty Hawk


75        Who is the current (2008) Wimbledon Tennis Men’s Singles champion?

            A. Rafael Nadal


76        The sports equipment company Nike take their name from a Greek Goddess. What was Nike the Goddess of?

            A. Victory (Nike was the Greek Goddess of Victory, Victoria was her Roman equivalent)


77        Which band’s early albums included Murmur, Reckoning and Document? 

A. R.E.M.


78        Which American President was born William Blythe III in the town of Hope, Arkansas?  

A. Bill Clinton


79        Which is the only professional football league team in the county of Kent?

            A. Gillingham

80        Which Paul Simon album, whose title was inspired by his visit to a building in Tennessee, originally featured the track “You can call me Al”?        

A. Graceland (Simon took the title from Elvis’s mansion in Memphis after he visited there)


81        Which hormone in the human body stimulates the nervous system, raises your heart rate and triggers the body’s “fight or flight” response?     

A. Adrenaline (Accept also Epinephrine, another name for the same thing)


82        In which film does the character Benjamin Braddock fall in love with Elaine Robinson?

            A. The Graduate


83        What was the name of the character played by Arnold Ridley in Dad’s Army?       A. Godfrey (Private Charles Godfrey)


84        What is the singular of “Opera”?

            A. Opus


85        Who was the Roman Emperor at the time of the birth of Jesus?      

A. Augustus (27BC to 14AD)


86        What is the name of the ground where the Sale Sharks Rugby Union team play their homes games?         

A. Edgeley Park (They ground share with Stockport County FC)


87        Tobermory is the only town on which Scottish island?         

A. Mull


88        Nine celebrities recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for Comic Relief. Two of them were Radio 1 DJs. Name either of them.   

A. Chris Moyles or Fearne Cotton (The others were Gary Barlow, Cheryl Cole, Ben Shephard, Alesha Dixon, Kimberley Walsh, Denise Van Outen and Ronan Keating)


89        The Battle of Aboukir Bay (1798) is also known by what other name?        A. Battle of the Nile


90        In which Italian city would you find Capodichino airport?  

A. Naples


91        What is the name of the air base in Berkshire where demonstrations against the siting of Cruise missiles took place in the 1980’s?   

A. Greenham Common


92        In the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, what was the name of the ship’s computer on the Jupiter Mission?   

A. Hal (HAL 9000 to give it its full name, but accept Hal)


93        Who tried (but sadly failed) to assassinate President Ronald Reagan in 1981?

            A. John Hinckley

94        The Azores is an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. Which country administers the islands?         

A. Portugal


95        Sir Basil Spence, Sir Edwin Lutyens and Clough Williams-Ellis were all noted exponents in which field?

A. Architecture (Spence designed Coventry Cathedral, Lutyens the Cenotaph in London and Williams-Ellis designed Portmeirion amongst many other works)


96        Whose scientific law states that the extension produced in a spring is proportional to the force applied?

            A. Hooke’s law (Robert Hooke, 1635 – 1703)





1          Who collapsed and died on stage at Her Majesty's Theatre, London, on 15th April 1984? 

A. Tommy Cooper

2          Which unit of nautical measurement was devised by Richard Norwood in 1673?   

A. The Knot

3          Father Ted Crilly and Father Dougal McGuire lived on Craggy Island with which other priest?    

A. Father Jack Hackett (Accept Father Jack)


4          Who was Britain's first million pound footballer (in transfer fee terms)?      A. Trevor Francis


5          Whose recent albums include Escapology, Intensive Care and Rudebox?

            A. Robbie Williams

(Accept “fat talentless clayhead”…)


6          In which capital city was actor Russell Crowe born?

            A. Wellington (New Zealand)


7          How was surrealist painter and photographer Emmanuel Radnitzky better known?

A. Man Ray


8          Who lived for the first 25 years of her life at Steventon Rectory, Hampshire?

            A. Jane Austen


9          What is the name of the parliament of the Isle of Man?

            A. The Tynwald


10        Which politician said, "I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me"?

            A. Winston Churchill






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