Monday, October 08, 2012



All questions set by the Ox-fford C

Specialist rounds:

1. Welcome back!

2. Summer of sport

3. Arts & Entertainment

4. Geography

5. History

6. Science

7. Only Connect

8. Music for the Diamond Jubilee

Round 1: Welcome Back!

As this is the first round of the new quiz season the questions are all about ‘firsts’.

  1. Q Who was the first presenter to be heard on Radio One?
    A Tony Blackburn
  2. Q Who is Scotland’s First Minister?
    A Alex Salmond
  3. Q In the Christian church, what name is given to November 1st?
    A All Saints Day
  4. Q Which US state was the first to ratify the Constitution and is known as the First State?
    A Delaware
  5. Q Who was the first person to swim the English Channel?
    A Matthew Webb
  1. Q Name any of the three actresses who played the eponymous divorced women in the 1996 film The First Wives Club.

A Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler, Diane Keaton

  1. Q Which song begins with the line ‘At first I was afraid, I was petrified?’
    A I will survive
  2. Q What was Britain’s first National Park?
    A Peak District
  1. Q John Flamsteed was the first person to hold what title?
    A Astronomer Royal
  2. Q What is the first sign of the zodiac?
    A Aries

Round 2: Summer of Sport

This round is all about the great British summer of sport 2012.

  1. Q In which sport did local girl Sarah Storey win four Paralympic gold medals?
    A Cycling
  2. Q Which cyclist was runner-up to Bradley Wiggins in the Tour de France and won a bronze medal in the Olympic time trial?
    A Chris Froome
  3. Q Which golfer won the PGA championship in August and is the current world number one (as at September 26th)?
    A Rory McIlroy
  4. Q Who did Chelsea beat in the Champions League final?
    A Bayern Munich
  1. Q Who became Britain’s first Wimbledon men’s doubles champion since 1936?
    A Jonny Marray
  2. Q Which tennis legend coached Andy Murray to success in the US Open?
    A Ivan Lendl
  3. Q What did Nicola Adams become the first woman to do?
    A Win an Olympic boxing gold medal
  4. Q Which native of Macclesfield was the first person to carry the Olympic torch in the UK?
    A Ben Ainslie
  5. Q Apart from Sarah Storey, which other Briton won four Paralympic gold medals?
    A David Weir
  1. Q Which British athlete won Olympic gold in the long jump?
    A Greg Rutherford

Round 3: Arts & Entertainment

  1. Q Which famous work of art is named after the Greek island on which it was found in 1820?
    A The Venus de Milo
  1. Q Who succeeded John Betjeman as Poet Laureate?
    A Ted Hughes
  1. Q Who wrote the song Send in the Clowns?
    A Stephen Sondheim
  1. Q What was the title of Blondie’s last number one single, which also went to number one for Atomic Kitten in 2002?
    A The Tide is High
  2. Q Who became the main presenter of Countdown following Richard Whiteley’s death in 2005?
    A Desmond Lynam
  1. Q Who wrote the novels Frenchman’s Creek and Jamaica Inn?
    A Daphne du Maurier
  1. Q In which Dickens novel do Joe Gargery and Abel Magwitch appear?
    A Great Expectations
  2. Q Which popular TV programme began in Japan in 2001, with a title that translates as Money Tigers?
    A Dragons’ Den
  3. Q Who played the Human Torch in 2005 and 2007, and Captain America in 2011?
    A Chris Evans (No, not that one …)
  4. Q Which TV couple had a daughter called Rita and a son-in-law called Mike?
    A Alf and Else Garnett (in Till Death us do Part)

Round 4: Geography

  1. Q Which port serves the city of Athens?
    A Piraeus
  2. Q Which country can be reached by bridge from Singapore?
    A Malaysia
  3. Q In which country is the Nullarbor Plain (so called because there are no trees in it)?
    A Australia
  4. Q Formerly known as the Java Trench, the Sunda Trench is one of the deepest parts of which ocean?
    A The Indian Ocean
  5. Q Which river does the Morava flow into at Bratislava?
    A The Danube
  1. Q What is the capital of Ukraine?
    A Kiev
  1. Q Which country was formerly known as the Gold Coast?
    A Ghana
  2. Q What is the highest mountain in Japan?
    A Mount Fuji
  3. Q In which city are ten of the world’s twenty biggest hotels, including Caesar’s Palace and the MGM Grand?
    A Las Vegas
  4. Q Which South American country is named after a type of wood?
    A Brazil

Round 5: History

  1. Q From which country did the Netherlands gain independence in 1579?

A Spain

  1. Q Which country joined the EEC in 1973 along with the UK and the Republic of Ireland?
    A Denmark
  2. Q Whose death warrant was signed by Elizabeth I on February 1st 1587?
    A Mary Queen of Scots
  3. Q Which British king married Anne Hyde?
    A James II
  4. Q Which country left the Commonwealth in 1949?
    A Republic of Ireland
  1. Q In which city was Martin Luther King assassinated?
    A Memphis
  1. Q By what name is the Ardennes offensive of World War II better known?
    A The Battle of the Bulge
  2. Q In which year did Franklin D. Roosevelt die?
    A 1945 (no leeway)
  3. Q Who was the Republican party candidate in the 2008 US presidential election?
    A John McCain
  4. Q Which king ordered the rebuilding of Westminster Abbey in the 11th century and died eight days after its re-consecration in 1065?
    A Edward (the Confessor)

Round 6: Science

  1. Q Which chemical element has a name derived from the Greek for ‘stranger’?
    A Xenon
  2. Q Which is the first metal in the periodic table?
    A Lithium
  1. Q Which imperial measure is approximately equal to 1.14 litres?
    A A quart
  1. Q What name is given to a quadrilateral with two parallel sides of unequal length?
    A Trapezium
  1. Q Which chemical compound is traditionally used to put the stink in stink bombs?
    A Hydrogen sulphide
  1. Q In the human body, what is the common name for the scapula?
    A Shoulderblade
  1. Q What is the common name for the condition hypermetropia?
    A Long-sightedness
  1. Q What is the less technical name for deuterium oxide?
    A Heavy water
  1. Q Which property of a gas represents the temperature above which it cannot be liquefied at any pressure?
    A Critical temperature (or point)
  2. Q How many elements are there on the first row of the periodic table?
    A Two

Round 7: Only Connect

As in the popular TV show, you need to find the connections.

  1. Q What connects the Roman goddess of love, and the Roman gods of war and the sea? 
    A They all had planets named after them (Venus, Mars, Neptune)
  2. Q Where would you find Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers with the capital of Peru and an Argentinian dance? 
    A In the NATO phonetic alphabet (Romeo, Juliet, Lima, Tango)
  1. Q What is the connection between the comedian host of Celebrity Juice, a mobile phone company and Cluedo’s professor? 
    A Fruits ((Keith) Lemon, Orange, Plum)
  1. Q What literary heroine links the actresses Greta Garbo, Viven Leigh and very recently Keira Knightley?
    A Anna Karenina
  2. Q Which film role links Michael Caine, Alan Price and Jude Law?
    A Alfie (Price played the role in Alfie Darling, the 1975 sequel to the Caine original)
  3. Q What is the connection between the football clubs Norwich City, Notts County and Brighton & Hove Albion?
    A Their nicknames are all birds (Canaries, Magpies, Seagulls)
  4. Q What word can follow Rough, Smooth and Bearded to give three breeds of dog?
    A Collie
  5. Q What achievement is shared by Lord Snowdon, actor Hugh Laurie, and British Olympic Association chairman Colin Moynihan?
    A They have all participated in the University Boat Race
  6. Q What specifically links the racecourses at Chepstow, Ayr and Fairyhouse?
    A ‘National’ horse races (Welsh, Scottish and Irish)
  7. Q What links Margarete (mar-garetta) Steiff and an al-fresco meal (also a pet that was in the news in September)?
    A Teddy bears (Steiff makes them, and the ‘lion’ that was seen in Essex was believed to be a cat called Teddy Bear)

Round 8: Music for the Diamond Jubilee

There is a diamond or other precious stone in either the question or the answer.

  1. Q Diamonds on the soles of her shoes is a track from which classic 1982 album?
    A Graceland
  1. Q Which Beatles song begins with the line: ‘I’ll buy you a diamond ring my friend, if it makes you feel all right’?
    A Can’t buy me love
  1. Q Which Salford-born vocalist had a hit with Pearl’s a Singer and recorded the 1981 album Pearls?
    A Elkie Brooks
  2. Q Who recorded the 1974 album Diamond Dogs?
    A David Bowie
  1. Q The name of which singer, who had seven top ten UK hits in 1955, has become rhyming slang for curry? (Both names required!)
    A Ruby Murray
  1. Q Who composed the opera The Pearl Fishers?
    A Georges Bizet
  2. Q Give the line that follows: ‘A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but ...’

A Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

  1. Q Which Rolling Stones song was a 1970 hit for Melanie?
    A Ruby Tuesday


  1. Q Deleted scenes from the cutting room floor is the best-selling debut album of which Dutch singer? (Both names required!)
    A Caro Emerald
  2. Who wrote Number One hits for both The Monkees and UB40? (Both names required!)
    A Neil Diamond (I’m a Believer and Red Red Wine)


  1. Q In the novel by D H Lawrence, what is Lady Chatterley’s first name?
    A Constance
  1. Q Who wrote the opera Turandot?
    A Giacomo Puccini
  1. Q Which modern city lies across the river Nile from the Valley of the Kings?
    A Luxor
  1. Q Who succeeded Harold Wilson as leader of the Labour Party?
    A James Callaghan
  1. Q Name either of the planets in the solar system that don’t have moons.
    A Venus or Mercury
  1. Q Which word was originally the nickname of London’s Bethlehem Hospital and has come to mean chaos or mayhem?
    A Bedlam
  1. Q If you were lucky enough to start a game of Scrabble with the word QUIZ, how many points would you score?
    A 44 (1st word makes a double word score)
  1. Q Who moved from Culture to Health in David Cameron’s first Cabinet reshuffle?
    A Jeremy Hunt
  1. Q What is Britain’s biggest building society?
    A Nationwide
  1. Q What was the surname of Alice, the inspiration behind the books of Lewis Carroll?
    A Liddell
  1. Q What drink is made by mixing equal volumes of cider and beer or lager?
    A Snakebite
  1. Q Which city is home to the European Court of Human Rights?
    A Strasbourg
  1. Q In comics, who is Steve Rogers’ alter-ego?
    A Captain America
  1. Q Who wrote and performed the song that includes the line ‘Beat me on the bottom with the Woman’s Weekly’?
    A Victoria Wood (in The Ballad of Barry and Freda)
  1. Q In which Italian city is the opera house known as La Scala?
    A Milan
  1. Q Which ship was the first to come to the aid of the Titanic?
    A Carpathia
  1. Q Which type of snake is said to be the world’s largest and has a name that comes from a Tamil term meaning elephant killer?

A Anaconda

  1. Q In what occupation might you use a queen excluder?
    A Beekeeping
  1. Q Who promoted the boxing matches known as the Thriller in Manila and the Rumble in the Jungle?
    A Don King
  1. Q In which city was Cary Grant born?
    A Bristol
  1. Q Who married the baseball star Joe di Maggio in January 1954?
    A Marilyn Monroe
  1. Q Which entertainer successfully sued the Daily Mirror in 1959 for questioning his sexuality?
    A Liberace
  1. Q Which company introduced the teabag to Britain?
    A Tetley
  1. Q What is the SI unit of electric current?
    A Ampere
  1. Q The Bolshoi is Moscow’s most famous ballet company, but what is its St Petersburg counterpart?
    A The Kirov (accept Mariinsky, which is its preferred name - it was known as the Kirov in the Soviet era, and still uses this name outside Russia)
  1. Q In which town or city are the administrative headquarters of Buckinghamshire?

A Aylesbury

  1. Q Who was captain of HMS Bounty at the time of the famous mutiny?

A William Bligh

  1. Q Woodbine is an alternative name for what flowering plant?
    A Honeysuckle
  1. Q Which familiar Russian word can be translated into English as ‘citadel’?
    A Kremlin
  1. Q Who in 1972 became the first Scot to be Champion Jockey?
    A Willie Carson
  1. Q Who said, at a conference in 2002, ‘Do not underestimate the determination of the quiet man’?
    A Ian Duncan-Smith
  1. Q What is Princess Anne’s current surname?
    A Laurence
  1. Q What style of hat is named after a character created by Robert Burns?
    A Tam o’Shanter
  1. Q Which fruit is essential to a Black Forest gateau?
    A Cherries
  1. Q Which Devonshire town is home to the Britannia Royal Naval College?
    A Dartmouth
  1. Q Which Radio One DJ’s name appears as rhyming slang in the title of a Canadian film, released in 2004?
    A (It’s all gone) Pete Tong
  1. Q Which fictional media icon was the star of Network 23?
    A Max Headroom
  1. Q What is the only Australian state capital that is not named after a person?
    A Perth
  1. Q In which city did the grave robbers Burke and Hare operate?
    A Edinburgh
  1. Q What is the sixth letter in the Greek alphabet?
    A Zeta
  1. Q Whose move from Lille to London, for a fee rumoured to be of £32 million, made him the most expensive footballer of the summer?
    A Eden Hazard
  1. Q Which scientist died in August, aged 98, more than fifty years after making his unmistakable mark on the landscape of Cheshire?
    A Sir Bernard Lovell
  1. Q Which UK government agency has the outbound postcode SA99?
    A The DVLA (accept anything mentioning car registration)
  1. Q Which famous actress has joined the cast of Coronation Street as the mother of Michelle Collins’ character Stella?
    A Sue Johnston
  1. Q Why might you be advised not to eat a carpetbag steak in May, June, July or August?
    A It’s stuffed with oysters (you shouldn’t eat them if there’s an R in the month)
  1. Q When measuring horses, how many inches are there in a hand?
    A Four
  1. Q Which of Walt Disney’s seven dwarves had the longest name?

A Bashful

  1. Q Which famous song is the best-known composition of Banjo Paterson?
    A Waltzing Matilda
  1. Q Which city is nicknamed The Big Easy?
    A New Orleans
  1. Q Give a year in the life of architect Inigo Jones.
    A 1573-1652
  1. Q A prickly pear is an example of what type of plant?
    A Cactus
  1. Q According to tradition, what did St Patrick use to explain the Holy Trinity?
    A Shamrock
  1. Q In which sporting context might you use a planting box?
    A Pole vault
  1. Q What does the P stand for in the name of the double Mercury award-winning artist P J Harvey?
    A Polly
  1. Q Their names translate into English as Sunshine and Sweetie. Who or what are they?
    A Pandas (at Edinburgh Zoo)
  1. Q In the world of film, what was the surname of the four brothers Harry, Sam, Albert and Jack?
    A Warner
  1. Q What teatime treat has a name meaning speckled bread in Welsh?
    A Bara brith
  1. Q Who wrote the play She Stoops to Conquer?

A Oliver Goldsmith

  1. Q What was the title of Oasis’ first album?
    A Definitely Maybe
  1. Q Which London borough has the same name as a species of goose?
    A Brent
  1. Q What is the surname of the twin sisters, both of whom are members of Ed Miliband’s shadow cabinet?

A Eagle

  1. Q What did the comet Shoemaker Levy crash into in 1994?

A Jupiter

  1. Q What creature is a farfalla in Italian, and a papillon in French?
    A A butterfly
  1. Q Earlier this year, who became the first South African cricketer to score a triple century in a test match?
    A Hashim Amla
  1. Q In which country did John Peel suffer his fatal heart attack?
    A Peru
  1. Q Which Spanish bank bought the Alliance & Leicester in 2008?
    A Santander
  1. Q Which EastEnder carried the Olympic torch through Walford? (Both names required)
    A Billy Mitchell (accept the actor’s name Perry Fenwick)
  1. Q Which Benedictine monk is said to have invented champagne?
    Dom Perignon
  1. Q How many lines are there in a sonnet?
    A Fourteen
  1. Q Which cartoon detective had a sidekick called Penfold and an arch-enemy called Baron Greenback?
    A Dangermouse
  1. Q In music, what is meant by the term coda?
    A The concluding passage (accept ending)
  1. Q Which Spanish town is famous for the running of the bulls?
    A Pamplona
  1. Q Who is supposed to have written the Iliad and the Odyssey?
    A Homer
  1. Q What is the technical name for a kangaroo’s pouch?
    A Marsupium
  1. Q According to legend, who was the wife of King Arthur?
    A Guinevere
  1. Q Which swimmer, in 1962, became the first woman to win the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award?
    A Anita Lonsborough
  1. Q What was the real first name of the fashion designer Coco Chanel?
    A Gabrielle
  1. Q Who owns the French chateau where the Duchess of Cambridge was photographed sunbathing topless?
    A Viscount Linley
  1. Q From the 1960s until the 90s where might you have seen Carole Hersee and Bubbles the clown?
    A On the BBC test card
  1. Q Which actor cut off his daughter’s hair in a celebrated Yellow Pages advert?
    A James Nesbitt
  1. Q By what name was Cape Canaveral known from 1963 to 1973?
    A Cape Kennedy
  1. Q Which word did Warrington Rugby League club add to their name in the 1990s?
    A Wolves
  1. Q Which writer lived and worked in a house at Chawton, near Alton, Hampshire, which is now open to the public?
    A Jane Austen
  1. Q Which Spanish city has given its name to cars produced by both Triumph and Seat?
    A Toledo
  1. Q Who originally played the title role on the London stage in the Phantom of the Opera?
    A Michael Crawford
  1. Q Which drink is distilled from the agave (a-GAY-vee)?
    A Tequila
  1. Q Which long-distance footpath runs from Avebury in Wiltshire to Ivinghoe Beacon in Buckinghamshire?
    A The Ridgeway
  1. Q Which Bond theme did BBC radio listeners recently vote as the greatest ever?
    A Live and Let Die
  1. Q What verb is used for giving birth when referring to pigs?
    A To farrow
  1. Q Which US state is named after the consort of King Charles I?
    A Maryland (named after Henrietta Maria)
  1. Q Who has recently replaced Chris Moyles as presenter of Radio One’s breakfast show?
    A Nick Grimshaw
  1. Q Which group did Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page all play guitar for (at different times)?
    A The Yardbirds
  1. Q In which county are Shitterton, Scratchy Bottom and the Piddle Valley?
    A Dorset
  1. Q Which battle, fought in 1800, gave its name to a famous horse, and also a chicken dish?
    A Marengo
  1. Q If you plug something into your computer using a USB connection, what does the B stand for?
    A Bus
  1. Q Who is Belfast City airport named after?
    A George Best

PTO for supplementaries


  1. Q Which club won the FA Cup in 1950 without having to leave London?
    A Arsenal
  1. Q Who wrote the classic ghost story The Turn of the Screw?
    A Henry James
  1. Q According to the Bible, Jesus said that faith can move a mountain even if your faith is no bigger than what?
    A A mustard seed
  1. Q Which recording artist was killed in a plane crash in 1967, along with most of his backing band the Bar-Kays?
    A Otis Redding
  1. Q San Antonio is the nightlife capital of which Mediterranean island?
    A Ibiza
  1. Q Bulawayo is the second largest city in which country?
    A Zimbabwe


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